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The Vintage Collection / Re: What Would Be "The End" For You?
« on: March 30, 2011, 05:49 PM »
If the quality of sculpt, paint and materials declined to the level of Hasbro's other lines.  For now, figures like the cross-eyed Anderson Cooper B-Wing Pilot are still pretty rare.

Cliegg Lars
Rogwa Wodrata
Amidala (Chancellor's Office)
Boba Fett
Ko Sai
Jar Jar Binks
Pablo Jill
Madame Jocasta Nu

Erdan (giant with black and white face paint from Mos Espa)
Palace Guard (red uniform)
Naboo Pilot (with overcoat)
Handmaiden (purple cloak)
Tarpals (resculpt)
Anakin Skywalker (Tatooine resculpt)
Shmi Skywalker (resculpt)
Padme Amidala (Theed Battle resculpt)
Sei Taria (Valorum's aide)
Tey How

The Legacy Collection / Re: Legacy Wave 9 - Return of the Jedi
« on: July 14, 2009, 07:27 AM »
I'll buy as many Ewoks using that body as they care to make.

Since they're not likely to top the last removable-helmet Vader any time soon, I'd like to see Emperor's Wrath Vader re-done with the VOTC sculpt.  Also, a resculpted hand to hold the staff properly would turn the ROTS Royal Guard into an ideal ROTJ Royal Guard.

The A-Wing Fighter and the Evolutions set with Ten Numb and the B-Wing Pilot are almost singlehandedly responsible for rekindling my interest in Star Wars figures.  There are just so many characters from Home One and the second Death Star that need to be made or re-made.  Sometimes I wonder if the battle above Endor and the search for Shmi Skywalker hold such a mystique for me just because Hasbro hardly ever makes figures representing them (though on both counts they've done an outstanding job catching up this year).

Given the number of figures already announced for this wave, I think I'll continue to toss and turn at night awaiting Mon Mothma, Nien Nunb, Sim Aloo, a Y-Wing Pilot, Ackbar, Ackbar painted brown wearing a hat (AKA Mon Calamari Officers), the spirits of Yoda and Sebastian Shaw and the Emperor's Throne. 

As badly as Office Duel Sidious needs re-done, Senate Duel Sidious is a much more impressive presence, and now that we have excellent Grievous and Dooku figures it's time to round out the villains of Episode III.  I'm actually pretty excited about Agen Kolar.  The last version seemed way too chilled-out, whereas this one gets back to the excitement of the Power of the Jedi Eeth Koth figure and boasts a good range of motion to match 30th Anniversary Mace, Geonosian Arena Kit and everyone's favorite Saga Legend, Saesee Tiin.

Devil-Horns Amidala and Bail with the piece of metal over his chest would anchor the wave and advance the theme of the fall of the Republic.  As a devoted fan of Bail Organa, I'd like to see him in more ROTS waves going forward, since Skywalker and Kenobi are perpetually in Saga Legends.

I suppose I'll be more excited about Ki Adi Mundi when I see him painted.  I do like the idea of the Jedi suffering horrible injuries during the Clone Wars.  If they make bald Anakin with the horrible scars (the name of the concept artist escapes me), he will replace the screen-accurate Mullet Anakin in my display.

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