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The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: August 20, 2012, 05:59 PM »
Spotted the "lost line" wave at Walmart earlier today.  Looks like Walmart is back in the game.

Same here.  The WM I was at had apparently just put out the case before I got there as all 6 figures, both cardbacks, were still there.  Haven't seen that much new TVC stuff since February.  I still haven't seen the Malgus wave or the Tarkin wave.  My buddy did find a Hoth Luke & ANH Vader along with Aayla & the 501st last month & then a week or so later I found Wedge, Evazan & Kithaba.  First new stuff either of us had seen at all since, again, February.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Everything Rebelscum
« on: July 2, 2012, 09:47 PM »

Not bad, not bad.

Also, if you read the little blurb it says it's got "battle action sounds, weaponry & motorized droid deployment"  Oh my!  That's pretty cool.

Star Wars Universe / Re: Star Wars on Blu-Ray
« on: September 7, 2011, 11:01 PM »
If Lucas wants to keep tinkering with the old movies, why not just do a modern reboot with Zac Efron or whoever's popular with the teen girls these days.

No, no, no.  Zac Efron was soooooooo yesterday.  Justin Bieber is the only way to go now :)

I will still be buying up the Blu-Rays.  The "Vader No" scene has actually grown on me a bit the past few days.  Besides I have the unaltered ones on DVD from the "extras" during the last release.  Which buy the way I watched over the weekend to see Greedo shoot first and the Death Stars blow up without halos.  I had forgotten about the brown cloud under Luke's Landspeeder.  Fun stuff.  I don't know why Lucas just does not add that into the Blu-Ray extras?  Oh well. 

I know.  I know.  Burn me at the stake for lining Lucas' pockets...blah...blah...blah.  I probably will go for the Target Lithograph. If nothing else the Complete Saga is the cheapest I have seen so far at $80.

I agree completely.  I've got the unaltered versions on DVD from the last release.  I've also got a couple different versions on VHS still.  And Adywan's version of ANH as well.  I'll wait to judge changes & additions until I actually watch the films when I get them.

And I'd swear I'd signed up here a while back.  Odd.

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