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Modern Trading / Re: Comic-Con trades
« on: July 29, 2004, 04:56 PM »
Have a few extra Comic-con items:

1-cardback Bossk
1-poster near-mint

I might be interested in these 3 items, since I came up just a tad bit short on everyone's requests at the show...

I've got a number of random odds and ends lying around the hobby room, but I know for sure that I've got an extra Queen Amidala Hallmark ornament (unopened) to trade.  Any interest in that?  I'll browse around a little further to see what else I have that may be of interest to ya'...

- Matt

So jjks stumbled upon the new VOTC 12" figures tonight at K-Mart ($30 each), finding a case of 3 Fetts and 3 Lukes, but unfortunately no Stormtroopers.  Looks like Luke's wearing lipstick, and Boba's still got that lame BLUE jumpsuit (which was supposedly being changed to the correct grey).  Anyway, here's the pic Jamie sent along.

Better get those huntin' shoes on 12" collectors.  Finally something new out there!

Look!  It's R2 and Chewie!  Very Small, but so far so good!!!

I can't wait to see more of the RotJ wave at SDCC!


So here's another question (which may have already been asked), are (carded) people going to keep them in their plastic clamshells, which have all the OTC stuff attached to them, or are folks going to pop them out and just display the "vintage-esque" carded figure by itself?  Are the "loose" collectors contemplating grabbing a carded set too?

I'm leaning toward going with the whole clamshell packaging myself, just 'cause it's technically more "complete" that way, and still looks pretty sharp...

Speaking of which, how are people's clam-shells looking?  Initial reports seemed to be saying that the clam-shell was pretty thin and thus was being scrunched straight from the cases...

Jeff, not sure if you caught Jared's post a couple pages back (now in a different thread after the split here), from when he found 'em all at K-mart a couple days ago:

Well, these have shown up at retail. The ones I found all had squished clamshells. You'd think for premium packaging and price Hasbro could have packed them more carefully. The cards inside survived fine, but I'm thinking my carded ones have to stay inside the clamshell because of the OTC silver banner thats incorporated into the front of the shell. How very frustrating...

I got Jared's leftovers, and they were pretty much dinged up too, and in a couple spots, downright smashed.  Haven't found any other examples to compare them to yet.  Hopefully this won't be the case across the board though...   :-\

Feedback / Darth Bonk's feedback
« on: July 8, 2004, 02:23 AM »
Got together tonight with our new JD'er Darth Bonk to swap some loot.  Good guy, who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any of the JD'ers out there for their trading needs.

Nice meeting you Matt, and thanks for the assist on the Luke!  Looking forward to some more local trading with you...   8)

- Matt

Surprised nobody's commented on this one here yet...

The world-renowned GH Swami predicted last week, that the Fan Club would be getting yet another exclusive "figure" in later this year, and that it would be Part 3 in the continuing McQuarrie art/Holiday figure line.  Three Jawas (supposedly setup like the 3 Wise Men according to Mike), apparently inspired by this particular shot:

So, what's everybody think?  I know not everyone's been a huge fan of the previous two Holiday sets (Droids and Santa Yoda), but I thought they were both kinda cool, in a unique EU kinda way...  So I guess I'm fine with getting another one to go along with the other two, and continue on with the line.  Plus, they make fun Christmas displays around the house during the Holiday season...   :P

So I'll definitely be on board for the "3 Wise Jawas", to complete my Holiday set.  Anybody else collecting all of these?

P.S.  I've still got a couple MIMSB Santa Yodas, that I bought from the Fan Club last year for a guy who flaked out on me.  So if anyone needs 'em still (for cost), LMK!   :-*

Feedback / Pistol Pete's feedback
« on: June 5, 2004, 03:52 AM »
Just got a lickety split payment from my new trading partner Pete here.   8)  No worries dealing with this pistol totin', Star Wars buyin' cowboy!  Recommended to all!

Thanks for the smooth transaction Pete.  Hopefully we can do it again some time...

- Matt

Watto's Junk Yard / Chores... What do you do?
« on: June 1, 2004, 06:06 PM »
Ever since we were kids (which several of you still are ;)), we've always hated doing our chores...  Most of us probably still do.  I've noticed myself becoming much more lax with chores over the last several years.  I'm getting lazy in my old age, I think...  Here's some of the stuff I still manage to do, if but only occasionally:

  • Pay the bills - all of 'em, every month

  • Take out the trash - all of it, from every room

  • Laundry - I've done all my own clothes washing since I was about 10

  • Wash the cars - every several weeks, whereas I used to do it every week

  • Water the plants - once a month, rest has been handed over to the Mrs. since we moved

  • Load/unload dishwasher - maybe one out of every 3 or 4 times

  • Clean the house - maybe once a month I'll help out with the vacuuming and dusting, but not nearly as much as the old days when I was a total clean freak

  • Grocery shopping - virtually never now; used to do it at least once a month

  • Cooking (if that's a "chore") - Never.  Used to maybe once a week.

  • No yard work to do anymore, since our HOA provides gardeners  8)
I think that's most of it.  The pattern I'm noticing is that I'm getting lazier and lazier as the years go by, and passing off more and more of my prior duties to Patty (unfortunately for her).  Not very fair/nice of me, since she works nearly as many hours a week at her jobs as I do at mine.  Lazy husband here needs to get his ass in gear and start pitching in a little more, methinks.   :-\

So, what all do you folks do, if anything?  Getting worse/lazier in your old age too?

Feedback / stormie's feedback
« on: May 31, 2004, 12:03 PM »
Just polished off my first official transaction with stormie here, and it was smooth sailin' all the way.  Lightning fast payment from him for some goodies, and I definitely wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.  Highly recommended to all here at JD...   8)

Thanks Bob!

- Matt

Watto's Junk Yard / Favorite movie channels on Cable TV...
« on: May 27, 2004, 03:37 AM »
We've been cruising along with the HBO and Showtime movie channels for our Cable TV since we moved last year.  But after I called up and complained about the cable going out for the second or third time a couple months ago, our Cable company said they'd toss in Cinemax for 3 free months to compensate us for the hassle, which I of course gladly accepted.  Our free Cinemax is going to expire in a few weeks here, but I'm thinking about keeping it, and dumping HBO instead.

HBO's become like MTV now (which rarely shows music videos anymore), where it seems to rarely be showing stuff that the channel was originally based on - Movies.  Instead, they've got all this specialty programming stuff, like their various TV series (Sopranos, Sex and the City, etc.), talk shows (Bob Costas), comedy specials, uninteresting sports (no-name boxing), etc., etc.  Even though there's 8 or 9 different HBO channels to browse through, it seems like barely half of them even have any movies, which is why I have "movie channels" in the first place...  I know a lot of people enjoy the various series on HBO, but in recent years I've personally tried to steer clear of getting involved with any new TV series for the most part, just 'cause they're too addicting, time consuming, and a hassle to make sure I never miss an episode.  Just show me the movies and I'm happy...

Seems that Cinemax is pretty much just ALL movies, all the time, which is what I'm looking for.  Plus, they're affiliated with HBO, so it appears to me that they generally get the same movies HBO has, but just a month or so later, which is fine by me.  Plus, Cinemax obviously has a lot more of those great late night T & A flicks!   :P

We're happy with Showtime, so no complaints there.  Just think we'll be swapping Cinemax for HBO soon.  I actually called our Cable company last week to double check on when the free Cinemax was ending, and the operator surprisingly offered us a free 3-month trial of another movie channel - STARRZ, just out of the blue for no reason whatsoever.   Of course I accepted, so for the next three weeks we've got all 4 of these movie channels, which is actually more like 32 channels in all, since there's like 8 or 9 of each one.   8)  Not terribly impressed with Starrz so far though, so that's going back where it came from in a few months.

But I've definitely learned that it's worth talking to your cable company from time to time, either to complain about something, or just ask some random questions, 'cause they seem to be all too willing to toss those freebies out there hoping to lure you in with 'em.

Only main channel we've yet to preview so far is The Movie Channel, but since it's "only" got 4 total channels, forget that.  And before any of you pervs chimes in with "Get the Playboy channel!", I'll just say that I'd get my ass kicked by a certain Mrs. that roams these parts if I did that.  Certainly an excellent choice in programming though.   ;)

Showtime and Cinemax for us, when all is said and done.  Only $15 for the both of them each month, so not too bad considering what freaking movie rentals go for nowadays...   ::)

So what movie channels do you folks get, and which do you enjoy the most?

Revenge of the Sith / 500th commemorative figure... Vader?
« on: May 16, 2004, 05:25 AM »
It's been quite a while since I've really bothered figuring out where we stand on the total number of basic carded figures to date, just in case Hasbro wanted to surprise us with something cool similar to the 300th Fett from the POTJ line a couple years ago.  So I've put together some rough numbers here, with a few debatable figures and sublines, I'm sure.  I'll try to notate some of those issues at the end here, so you guys can comment and maybe we can come to a general consensus as to where we really stand.

But by my count here, it looks like #500 will actually be the very last Saga figure this year - one of the Bespin figures.  Pull out the questionable Star Tours and animated Clone Wars line though, and you wind up with #500 being somewhere in the middle of the OTC run.  Perhaps Hasbro could instead do a #500 for just the modern era though, which would obviously be a bit further down the line.  So without further ado, here's my preliminary breakdown, based on some quick research.  It's by no means dead-on accurate, I'm sure - so feel free to give me your numbers, and answers to my questions below, so we can make any adjustments to this list, as necessary.  I'll try to break these down as much as possible, just to help further isolate any potential issues or inconsistencies.

Basic Carded Figures:

Vintage - 96
Droids - 13
Ewoks - 6
POTF2 - 82
SOTE - 5
EU - 9
Flashback - 11
Commtech - 9
Episode 1 - 50
POTJ - 58
Star Tours - 9
Saga - 121
HOF - 12
CW regular - 11
CW animated - 8
VOTC - 12 (upcoming)
OTC - 38 (upcoming)
Total - 550

Here's some notes on what I did and didn't include.  Feel free to discuss them!

- Episode 1 - included all 4 Battle Droid variants (clean, dirty, shot, slashed)
- POTJ - included clean and dirty Biker Scout, plus the 300th (boxed) Fett
- Saga - included both head variants for the RFT and IO
- Clone Wars (regular) - includes Red ARC Trooper
- Exclusives - I didn't include any of the Silver anniversary figures, or Jorg Sacul
- I suppose the inclusion of both the Star Tours and the animated Clone Wars figures is up for debate, but I've included them for now.  I also hate to include the stupid vintage Ewoks and Droids lines, but since Hasbro included them for the 300th Fett figure count, I suppose they should be in here too.

Speaking of #500, what would you guys want to potentially see as a figure for this special occassion, should Hasbro actually do something?  Me, I'd say it's got to be an "ultimate" figure, with the most amazing detail, accuracy, articulation, and accessories.  I'm probably thinking either a Tatooine or Jedi Luke, with ALL the fixin's.  Yeah, I know we've had a million Tatooine Lukes already, and we also just got a couple Jedi ones too, but I'd love to get some cool $10 box set here, with a ton of stuff.  A Tatooine Luke similar to the special 100th 12" figure Luke, that came with like a bazillion accessories, pretty much covering him from the entire ANH movie.  Or a Jedi Luke, with enough removable clothing parts, interchangeable hands, and accessories to cover his entire ROTJ role.  Either one of those would be very cool with me.  Rumblings of a 500th Vader are also floating around the net as well.  I think I could handle that figure too!

So, what do you guys think?  What are your numbers on where we stand, and who would you like to get as a figure?  Think Hasbro will actually do something again, or just blow it off?  I think I recall GH running a poll on this topic this last month, so hopefully they're on to something over there, and that a commemorative 500th carded figure is indeed on the way!   8)

Just put a new poll up on JD's main page regarding the new OTC checklist of 38 figures, and your purchasing plans related thereto...  We've all been discussing the matter here in the forums, but stop by and cast your vote in our JD poll too (only 1 per person please), so we can forward the results along to Hasbro and let them know what you all really think of their upcoming OTC line!  Here's your choices:

  • I'm an obsessive compulsive carded completist, so I'll be buying every last one of 'em!
  • Just the NEW stuff.  Dagobah and Bespin waves only for me!
  • Dagobah and Bespin waves of course, plus some more army builders from the rest.
  • Dagobah and Bespin waves, plus some select carded ones just 'cause they look so cool!
  • Screw this.  Hasbro sucks.  I quit!
So stop by and let your voices be heard!   8)

Watto's Junk Yard / Met any other SW forum members?
« on: May 4, 2004, 10:01 PM »
Since I had the good fortune of hanging out with 3 different SW forum members just a week or two ago, I thought I'd toss this question out there, since I don't think we've played this "game" here at JD yet...

Have you met any other SW forum members?  (JD, GH, RS...)  If so, who?

Here's all the folks who I've had the chance to hang out with in person on one or more occasions (updated for 2004 SDCC):

jjks (far too many times now)
Philip Wise
"Sir Steve" Comenzo
Mark Hurray (RS Staff)
Adam Pawlus
Gus Lopez
Duncan Jenkins (RS vintage)
Coheteboy (GH)
Anonymous01 (RS/GH)
Holographic Elvis
RJP (Tammy)
obi 1 L kenobi
Vic Wertz (technically a member here)

My wife's met Darth Kenobi a few times (for trades  ;)), but I still haven't.

Talked on the phone with:   :P
Angry Ewok
Chris Berry
DarthShader (Sharon)
DeathStarDroid (GH)

Probably a few others I'm forgetting as well...  It's just always fun to meet fellow forum members, and I probably go out of my way to make it happen moreso than most people probably would, but it's always worth it.  Really looking forward to meeting a bunch more of you folks at C3 though.   8)  I've always been bummed that I had joined the forums only a few months prior to C2, so I really didn't know anyone well enough at that point to hook up in Indy with.  But I plan to meet everyone who goes to Indy next year though!   ;)

Vintage Kenner / Questions on punched vs. unpunched cards
« on: May 4, 2004, 04:53 PM »
After procrastinating for well over a year now on starting my vintage carded collection, I'm finally getting a little bit closer now.  I was looking through some boxes of old vintage stuff, and to my surprise I discovered that I have a MOMC POTF Imperial Gunner (punched), and a couple ROTJ figures already carded as well.  I must have picked them up at some collecting conventions in the late 80's/early 90's, and just totally forgotten.  Whoopee! I'm really rollin' now...  

Anyway, my questions are as follows: What differences in cost/value and scarcity can I expect to encounter if I decide to go for unpunched cards, instead of punched ones?  What's the general consensus among vintage collectors on the issue - do folks think much less of punched cards as opposed to unpunched ones?  Would they bring shame to my collection later on, once I knew better?  Do people ever mix and match between the two?  Would it be worth the premium (whatever that is) to go solely for unpunched pieces?  Is it safe to assume that punched cards don't technically affect the condition rating of the card?  Is a carded figure considered "less complete" without the punch?  Not that I care much for AFA, but do they grade any lower for a card that's been punched, all other things being equal?

Also, for what it's worth, I'm strongly considering just going for the first 21 carded figures from ANH only (or at least for starters), since those hold the most nostalgic meaning to me.  Great memories with those, as that's where it all started for me as a kid.  Considering the older age and greater popularity of the first 21 ANH figures, are those considerably tougher to find unpunched than the later figures, or are they relatively the same as the rest of the vintage line, or even easier since they were often sold in those tray displays?

Also, I just had the chance to examine a number of carded vintage figures last week when I got together with Jared and Deanpaul at Puzzle Zoo in Santa Monica.  They had about 50 carded figures up on the wall for sale, and I noticed upon closer inspection of the card punch areas is that about a quarter of the punched cards had horrible "perforation marks" leftover where the punch was made, whereas the majority of the punched areas looked perfectly clean/smooth.

The ones with the jagged perforated edge leftovers (for lack of a better description) were definitely an eyesore, and something that I would probably never want to add to my collection.  Is this something that I should always be sure to ask sellers/traders about, when the cards they're offering are punched?  Do you guys concern yourselves much with this issue?  Based on the card punches that I saw, I would almost have a hard time grading the eyesore perforated pieces the same as the ones with a clean/smooth punch.  It seemed that the bad perforations were mostly limited to the 20/21 backs and early ESB cards.  Anyone know if that's the general rule of thumb, or do the unattractive perforations run throughout the course of the line?

Sorry for a million questions there!   :P  Bonus points to anyone who answers them all...  Thanks for the knowledge and any insight fellas!

Feedback / hasek3993's feedback
« on: April 28, 2004, 10:40 PM »
I see Todd's finally shown up here at JD, so I guess I'll get him started with a little positive feedback here.  He and I swapped loot a while back, and it was a perfectly smooth and enjoyable transaction throughout, not to mention I got to check out a ton of pix of his incredible customs in the process!   8)

No worries here - hasek3993 is highly recommended to all!

- Matt

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