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Excellent work. Malgus is awesome. Whats your recipe?

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Hydrospan
« on: December 29, 2008, 11:47 AM »
I've used it, but with very little success.
You would need to make a mold of the existing  ship, then mix and pour the Hydrospan into the mold.
I dont think you could bank on the 2 parts expanding to the same size. You would need to pour from the same batch and have them both in exact same conditions for expanding.
Just my opinion though.

Send him to me afterwards Darth Anton!  PM me for my addy.

Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / Glassman's JLA Customs
« on: April 10, 2008, 01:58 PM »
Dont think i left you guys. I have been focusing on Other customs, but i still customize.

My Customcon entires this spring.

3 3/4" scale Superposable Justice League.

The rest can be seen here. Day 2 of CustomCon19

Aquaman- WWE Build n Brawl Edge, SHS Namor Head Cast.

Batman- WWE Build n Brawl HHH, SHS SilverSurfer Head Cast.

Superman- WWE Build n Brawl Batista, SHS SilverSurfer Head Cast.

Martian Manhunter- WWE Build n Brawl Undertaker, SHS Silver Surfer Head Cast.

Wonder Woman- 25th Ani Scarlet

Flash- WWE Build n Brawl Edge, SHS Namor Head Cast.

Green Lantern- WWE Build n Brawl Edge, SHS Silver Surfer Head Cast.

These are beautiful! excellent work.

Your work is always incredible Fritz.
This is a great figure. Love the show, and the figure.

I now you focus on the militay customs, and this is one of them, in its own right, but any chance of you doing other Heores figs?

This is my comment from fwoosh c&p

Reminds me of my child hood. My parents couldnt afford to get me a AT AT walker, so i built one out of cardboard boxes. Thats the first thing that popped in my head when i saw the construction.
Of course it was nothing as elaborate or professional looking like this.
I love the color, intentional or not. The fisrt color picture, i said nice choice.
Then the detail pics where you can see the rust. Beautiful AT ST!

Always impressive!

Every time i look at this i get taken back to the early 80's . Makes me smile every time.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Ryan, the re-card is at a slight stand still casue i am waiting on some uncommon blisters.
Once i get those i will be back at it in full force. I know i said i'd be done by the end of 2007 but now i'm making it 2008 ;)

Thanks DA,

Well guys, like i mentioned, casting repros was the extent of my customizing for the most part of last year here are the results.

Mostly droids with a couple others. Thanks to Phruby for letting me borrow 3 of these guys.

And lastly, i finally got my hands on a cast of Bantha5's Gargan.  I checked with him to make sure he was ok with me casting it, so here is my result.

Every custom i've seen is painted different.
I chose these colors to make mine unique and cause it was what stood out to me in the reference pics. Its hard not to paint every detail, casue ryan put  so much detail in her, So i had to dumb down the paint job to a few select colors like kenner would have. I think it turned out ok.

Looks good paul, You have to do Isard now.
Hurry casue i'm sure we will see alot of these characters
once these figures hit the pegs everywhere.

Yeah, i'm diggin the chest armor too. Is that custom made or it is from another figure?
either way it looks cool.
And as someone who also hasnt updated in a long time, i know how time can get away from you.  ;D

Patreek, the clear helmet is just another detail. I thought it would be cool to see thru the visor of the helmet.
No other function.

Phruby, you got it. e-mail or PM me and we'll discuss details. Thanks for the comments.

BrentS, long time huh? Thanks for the kind words man.
Darknsour, PM me if you are serious and we'll talk numbers. I would just be making the scuplt and supplying casts to fit one the figure of your choice.

Thanks for looking. I'll keep this tread more active for 2008. Promise.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: MyenShi's Customs
« on: January 5, 2008, 06:48 PM »
MyenShi, i've commented on these at scum, but i want to repeat how much i love the weathering job you do on all your stuff.
Amazing. The custom bases are ingenious!

Thanks DA, I am thinking of taking commissions for this, I just want to get a few more done so i get better at it.

Here is the other custom i did last year. Another customizer asked me to add to his Mandalorian Collection. He wanted something from my imagination. I thought it would be cool to give him a figure made of his likeness. So i asked him to send me a few pics of himself and here is the result. He patiently waited a verrrry Looong time for this.

Tag Brenmont aka "Hellraiser"

I was asked years ago about making removable Fett armor, but never got around to it. So when i was choosing
a base figure i wanted to be able to incorporate that feature as well.

I also had the idea a long time ago when i made those spirits, to make a helmet with a see thru visor.

He was made from an imperial gunner with details sculpted on as well as the custom head sculpt.

I aslo made a custom card for him, which some of you may know is my favorite part of customizing.

Here is a close up of the likeness. Before i added the sketch filter to the image i created the hair was brown in the reference image.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks Brisk and Metal, yes its been a while.

Paul, i am getting back in the saddle. You'll see.

Brent, Hasbro is the reason i've stopped customizing. They are making eu characters now. They have made sooooo many figures that i have made over the years that i lost interest casue sooner or later i'll get the figure i want in plastic.
Some the figures we've done in the Group projects have been made. Rabe, Clone training, Biggs academy, some others alot of us have done... Malak, Infinities leia, and now Female imperials. SO i'll just wait for hasbo.

Here is a better shot of how the mask works. The black strap is packaging rubber band courtesy of hasbo.

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