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[quote author=Darth_FiSTer
One on the left is Darth Yarkon and other is Lord Vel (fan fic names).  Yarkon was a Maul, with Sith Accesory cloak and Battlefield Earth Johnny head. Vel was my first sculpey job. Used a Titan AE body (can't remember the fig) and sculpey'd the head. Then Peter Jackson borrowed my design for the Wraith King  ;D.


Cool looking customs there, the color choice on Yarkon is really wild and the sculpting on Vel is realy slick. That base figure isn't from Titan AE though, it's the bad guy from Xyber 9. Can't remember his name but I thought he would make an interesting sith also...


Toy Reviews / Re: ARC-170 Fighter
« on: July 1, 2005, 04:46 PM »
I just got my ARC170 out of lay-a-way and put it all together last night. Like I expected, this is one cool ship! I did notice I had to tighten the mounting bracket for one of the main cannons, but that wasn't a big deal.

Like others have said, I wish there had been more control display stickers, but over all, I think this is really one of their best efforts. I really like how the handle folds into the ship so it's out of the way. One thing that doesn't really make sence is the front landing skid. It really does nothing more than give the impression that the ship is resting on something other than its nose. I do like how it folds cleanly away though.  I've not put an astromech in the socket so I don't know how that fits yet.

It would have been nice if the wings poped open with a button, but there's only so much we can expect at the $28 price mark. As it is, I think you really get a great ship at a great price. This would really be a great one to build a squad with if they ever mark them down. Given the value of the ship though, I doubt there were be many left to mark down.

Jedi Spyke

Hi JediSpyke, and welcome!

You're right, a CT Stormtrooper head might work just fine... no reason to really destroy a wonderful VOTC Stormtrooper if not necessary.  I was just thinking about the neck knob on the SA Clone, and thought the VOTC Stormtrooper helmet would fit on it better?

thanks, Chewie... You can really tell a lot of the same folks end up making rounds in different customizing forums. I recognize several from here, Rebel Scum and FFURG. I'm sure there's lots more forums but I spend enough time going through just these 3!

As for the storm trooper... Yeah, I couldn't see carving up a $10 figure when a $5 (or cheaper if you use a POTF2 head) figure will do. Granted, you'll have to do more work to get that ball to fit in, but you can get a nice little stone ball sander for dremals...

Jedi Spyke

[quote author=Master_Phruby
Very cool chewie. He is nicely weathered and the Ash head works great! Bruce Campbel makes a great Han Solo. I wonder how he would look as Indiana Jones since Ford is looking really old. What might be cool is to give him a star wars-ish looking chainsaw for a hand.


Hi y'all... figured since I delurked on Rebelscum, I might as well come out into the open over here also.

I agree the figure needs to have some jet black boots or perhaps some dark brown ones; just something to make a more noticable difference. As for a chainsaw hand; if you recall, Lak Sirvak(?) came with some thing that looks very much like a chainsaw and it fit over his arm. Perhaps that could be modified??

The basic Han body is one of those that lends itself very well to various customs. I like the ones were you can take the vest off. I've used one of his vest on some other figure I made and it looked nice.


Quote from: CHEWIE
Anyways, yes I need this figure.  I have the basic parts needed -

- VOTC Stormtrooper head
- ROTS SA Clone
- AT-TE Gunner helmet piece


Why wouldn't a regular stormtrooper head work? Seems to look the same... Otherwise, yeah, sounds great.


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