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Be careful, or else they'll do a 1/6th scale Rancor...yanno, Toddler sized! LOL :o

I really like Hasbro's version and he only has one outfit  :).

Not entirely true...I made a custom Dooku using the outfit from Obi-wan to show what he'd look like before he left the order ;)

(may not be entirely accurate however) LOL

Other Collectibles / Re: Playskool Galactic Heroes Thread
« on: July 20, 2006, 05:22 PM »
I just hope they have a red Guard in the pipeline at SOME point...I gotta get that lando though, i have a mini focus on certain characters (12 inch, 3.75 inch and other like lego, BK, GH etc) So far i got the VOTC lando and the 12 inch version, so a GH version would be perfect. Just gotta wait til they release the SA snowtrooper next year, and i can get the GH version and have that set too! LOL

Guestimates here:  When do we think this stuff will ship?  I would say not until early 2007.  What do you guys think?

i think it said for some of jabba's stuff, early 07, but i'm guessing maybe next summer. Sooner is always great, but this looks like it would be worth waiting for...heck how long have we been waiting for hasbro to do it? LOL


Sweet Jeeebus! That looks awesome...wonder if they'll do a TPM version with Gardulla as well, like a Pod Race Box dio.

Maybe for their first curveball, they'll do the Human version of Jabba that was originally cut from ANH...How weird would THAT be? :P
Lucas never intended that to be Jabba he was going to put a stop motion version in place,he cut it then wanted it back real bad....he got his way. ::)

Which is precisely what would make it a wicked curveball...not at all what people would be expecting. Don't get me wrong, a 1/6th scale Jabba the Hutt would be awesome (as long as they eventually made a slave leia or Oola to go along with it) Anything's better than Prince Xizor (how the heck are you supposed to pronounce that anyway?!):P

My picks would be :
Greedo (probly a given really)
Fett (since they're doing a premium format of him already, they only have to scale it down a little)
Aurra Sing (Make the first Female figure already!:P)
Quinlan Vos (although technically he's a jedi, he still kinda fits)
The Tonnika Sisters (a 2 pack, AND Female! Who cares about even realistic! LOL)
Bo'Shekk (with sideburns to scale! LOL)
Momaw Nadon (who WOULDN'T want a 12" Ithorian? Even though it'd be around 16" if it was to scale, like the VOTC/ROTS Chewie :p)
Lando (i know, i know, another one that's really from the Rebellion series, but still)
Any of the Skiff Guards, or a 3 pack like the old hasbro 4 inch figure set!
Talon Karrde (though he's really EU...and they haven't even done Snowbunny Padme, Kir Kanos or Mara Jade yet)

Maybe for their first curveball, they'll do the Human version of Jabba that was originally cut from ANH...How weird would THAT be? :P

Just thought i'd share one of my newest customs with everyone. It seems to me that a lot of people want an SA Jedi Luke. Sure the Saga1/OTC Jedi luke is one of the better ones, but it could be a LOT better. So i figured, the Pilot obiwan is SA, and it has the right saber hilt (yeah yeah, those of you with FX sabers pipe down all right? LOL) I figured I'd try my hand at making a Jedi Luke from a little later on in the series...not quite Jedi Outcast/Academy Luke, or NJO luke, but just maybe what luke would look like in regular Jedi robes. This is my first attempt at painting a figure...EVER, and it needs a few tweaks to look right. I'm going to take some flat black paint and redo the body itself, i'll leave the boots glossy black, cause that's just how they are LOL. If the links don't work, the main page is here :

Here's what i started with:

It doesn't really show too well in the pictures, cause my camera's crap, but i took a razor blade and "shaved" the beard and mustache off obiwan's face. The only problem is, he no longer looks like he has a mouth, but it's another little rough edge that needs to be worked on. LOL  Like it? Hate it? Feel free to post.

That looks awesome stormtripper! One minor quibble tho...the blue is a little TOO bright/vibrant for was almost a purpley/bluish gray, for the bodysuit at least, I like the way you managed to make the Boba and Jango parts mesh though.

Wow, so again a Skywalker derails, huh? Looks good D_E and great use of parts of various figures!

I too think Legacy will provide lots of ideas and characters. I mean, look at those ugly dudes (the Zabrak, Twi'lek and strange black big monster-man).

He's actually wearing Yuuzhan Vong armor, according to wookieepedia. In a way i thought they were kinda cool, a little lame the way they turned out to just be (spoilers) Stripped from the force, and they were just part of the regular scheme of things. (/spoilers) I'd be curious to see how things turned out, and if they were mentioned in the Dark Nest series of books. Something i don't get though is how Cade came across the lower half of Vader's Armor...I could understand he had spare sets, but you'd think it would have all been found/destroyed in the years between Endor and the Legacy era.

I've got another quick update. Finally after months of dissappointment, I finally have my Fe-Mando 90% complete. All that is missing is her human head. I accidently broke peices off when I went to take this picture. :( >:( So I will post it at another time.

Un-Named Female Mandalorian

I decided to go for a pink and black color scheme. I think it makes her look very feminine ( Sp?). My roommate on the other hand beleives she beat up Brett "The Hitman" Hart and stole his tights. Sadly I have to agree with him, though that was not what I intended. ;)

I have to give special thanks to two people for the inspiration for this. CommanderKorbora and aeSeven. I saw their awesome Femandos and I had to do my own. Thanks guys.

Hmm, get a squad of those and call em Jodo and the PussyKasts? :P

Seriously, personally, the pink isn't what i'd go with off the bat, but it DOES work nicely...I like the way you got the smaller details on the helmet nice and clean (the vents on the back for example) Looks really good overall tho :)

Dremel the helmet from the Kamino escape jango a bit so it'll fit over the Slave 1 Pilot head (or take an EVO clone head :p) on the VOTC body, or just boil/pop the final battle legs onto the VOTC body...

OR... (and this is REALLY original)

Repaint the Titanium Boba! LOL ;D

What the heck, I'll even throw in a parts list this time ;)

Head: Ewok Princess Leia
Torso : Barriss Offee, w/ sculpty collar & 'chest flap'
Rank Badge : Ozzel
Arms : Sub5 agent, Ankia (blue)
Hands: none yet
Gloves: Sub5 agent, Ankia (black - when I get another black one)
Belt(s) : Sub5 agent, Ankia (black) & a strip cut from a $0.98 WallyWorld "For Sale" sign (THANK YOU to whoever posted that idea here or at 'Scum or FFURG!)
Legs : Adi Gallia - with heavy dremel work
Pouches : some BBi dude
JumpSuit Trim: w/ the exception of the chest flap (sculpty), the pouches (bbi), and the forarms (Anika), all the rest of the trim was made from the "For Sale" sign

Things that I think still need work:
- black gloves
- regular hands
- dull Coat
- hair color needs tweaking
- belt needs touch up
- secondary forearm straps need ... something, but not silver
- eye brows need work
- chest trim touch up
- tighten bicep joints


click to enlarge

click to enlarge

click to enlarge


Not exactly dead on, but I'm OK with her  ;)

As always, thoughts, conjecture and derisive laughter are welcome; constructive criticism, helpful comments, & any ideas for improvements are quite appreciated!

Oh man Pen...that is beyond AWESOME!!! Now you need to put her next to Tarkin, or a bust-up like that one cover with the two of them.

That Daala looks almost Comic identical glassman! :o  Awesome work. I almost envy old Ozzel there...maybe that's the REAL reason Vader wasted him LOL.

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