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Star Wars Universe / Re: Revenge of the Sith made all EU wrong!
« on: October 11, 2005, 03:45 PM »
lots of great "point of views" here, but all in all nobody from tim zahn on had any idea what lucas had in store for the prequels they only did their best guess and effort to continue the series and i'm sure a lot of us out there appreciate their efforts even if you're not a big EU fan.  their efforts have brought about the rebirth of the Star Wars franchise who knows if tim hadn't written anything or if others hadn't followed him if there would even had been prequels, it was what over 10 years since rotj had come out till heir to the empire.  star wars had all but been forgoten about.  BUT and it's a big BUT after the prequels are now complete there are big flaws in the connections between the films and the EU.
if anybody wants to make a list please do, i'm tempted to start my own but i don't think i'd have the time. 
so here's a couple things:
the emporer doesn't look like that cause he's so filled with the dark side, that it has scewed up his face he got shot in the face with lightning, and following that why would his clones begin to look like that even if they aged faster or were flawed.

r2-d2 knows everything-do i have to say anymore.

midichlorians?  has that even been brought up in the EU?  i'm sure there's not a that big of mystery as to what they are.

clone(s)/ing-big deal made in dark force rising about them running around but it's been going on for years and according to that guy on Kamino in EP II it was there "finest yet" so it's not even like the Republic was the first to have a clone army.  i know somewhere they tried to come up with an explanation for this but to me it came off really really weak.

luke & leia have real family out there and i'm not talking adoptive or step family but blood relatives.  padme's family was at her funeral.  well they don't know who there mother was so how are they supposed to know about?  them you might say.  once again R2, and you're not telling me that obi, yoda, and especially Anakin seeing how important family was to him didn't tell luke or leia about that.  none of them could give the super twins her name?

now i know i'm ranting and raving here and it's not to put down the EU world or those who are fans of it, i myself was one until the whole Vong thing came about.  but the EU seems outdated if that's even the right term to use, now i know you can't just say okay let's start over again, but something has to change.

chewie once again total admiration of your collection.  while i was staring and drooling over it i noticed the Quarren you have that look like from the clone wars cartoon, and also you have a fig. with a red saber between a$$ kicked Ani and holo sids who is that?  and one more quick question the luke you have dueling vader in Bespin dio is that a custom or standard fig any closeup's of these figs i mentioned would be greatly appreciated.  the seats that Rykrof is sitting are those the same design as the niub numb's, spelling?, used in his DS conf room because they look really great and add just that much more detail to the shot.  is that like a sat. dish next to the shuttle i could totally see that being in a shot from the movies.  i have so many comments/questions/requests for closeups on all your stuff i could fill up this board so i better stop while i'm ahead.  great stuff can't wait for #15 to be up and ready.

The Original Trilogy / HOW MUCH DOES LUKE KNOW
« on: September 27, 2005, 06:55 PM »
Okay my very first topic, it might be a long one but please bare with me as it's a question i feel really needs to be asked and answered.  now that the final movie is over and everybody knows basically everything that leads up to EP IV what is it that luke knows about his family tree?  so when luke & obi are in the Falcon on their way to Alderaan luke never asks so what's my mom's name?  so we obviously know there is no conversing with Yoda about the whole Ani/Vader turning, but in ROTJ when spirit Obi & Luke are talking there couldn't possibly be a longer conversation there before it cuts to the rebel fleet where Obi tells Luke everything plane as day none of that point of view B.S.  Now also the coming back from the netherwold stuff this would obviosly continue into the EU realm but no continuing Luke's training from the afterlife, i know all about the i can't talk anymore bit from Tim Zahn's book, but that all seems like a great big cop out to me because Lucas didn't let anybody touch the prequel era stuff and it just seems like a chitty way around everything.  oh and i forgot the greatest one of all, r2 never gets his memory wiped so here's lil r2 running around with the biggest secrect in the star wars universe and he hasn't told anybody yet?  i guess this all kind of stems from my past love the EU.  I read all the books and with the prequels now complete it seems like just about everything i've read was a waste of time.  the EU should be completely rewritten.  anyway what's  everybody's opinion EU not really counting here but how do you think it should be?

i'd buy that, it's freaking awesome.

awesome ubese bounty hunter great use of parts and paint scheme, i may have to try my hand at it.  i just finished a, i guess AU, version of bespin luke this looks really good definate improv to hasbro's.  what arms are those?  also  i have my luke with a VOTC han holster if you have a spare you should try it on him, it kind of looks like he's missing something.  and finally onto jango, off to a good start i can't wait to see what this will finally  look like i've been trying to think of a way to do this but have come up dry, this looks very very promising.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: RE #14 - SURVIVAL
« on: September 22, 2005, 04:09 PM »
oh man you're wetting my appetite, about the witch.  that is such an awesome custom, i'm still looking for that base figure, but alas no go.

Photonovels and Movies / Re: RE #14 - SURVIVAL
« on: September 21, 2005, 04:16 PM »
awesome Chewie!!!  so psyched when I saw it was up, good read and visuals.  moving the words didn't take away from it at all, and if it means you get to finish them that much faster then I'm all for it.  more specific comments the first picture with Alyssa I was like who's the bald dude, the hair color on her kind of blends in to the wall a little too much, but not a big deal it just through me off a little till I read below.  love love the gen grev holo, nice touch.  i also like how you can see in the background in the first shot with dooku and sora the battle droid foot on the stair, it kind of makes it look i don't know i guess "lived in" but not overdoing it by putting people/droids all in the scene when there is no need for them to be there.  the witch now that's my favorite shot very creepy, i remember that custom and have been waiting to see what you'd do with her, I thought Sid's mom or something, ha ha ha!!!  i'd remove the burned skeleton in the shot with the droids chasing after the clone, it almost looks like he was on fire and somebody came along in a AT-TE  and tried to stomp him out.  this is an awesome story and the visuals are getting better and better, keep up the good work.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Your First custom...
« on: August 26, 2005, 11:58 AM »
well my first custom was pretty simple i used an xacto and cut off sec. cerem. Ani's robot hand and gave him a saga endor han hand, it looked pretty good.

oh my.  dressel damn i laughed out loud at that one.  i like your since of humor.

sorry chewie newbie mistake I've resent.

chewie pm'd you feel free to share it if you think it's a good idea.

 WOW  and my wife gets on my case for the star wars stuff i have.  maybe if i show her those pics she'll leave me alone.  that has to be the most impressive custom/collection/museum i've ever seen. 

this is a good idea i think i'll be throwing my hat in on this one.  head of dagobah handstand luke for me.  i kind of got messy spiky hair going on.  how do i post a picture of myself?  chewie you've told me before but i can't find which thread it was in.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: AT-ST upgrade for 4" scale
« on: August 19, 2005, 03:25 PM »
that is really awesome.  i've seen that foam stuff before and i've been wondering how well it works, but haven't gotten around to trying it out myself.  it's good to see that it works very well, and i'll be buying lots of it when i'm ready to start doing more larger scale customs.  did you change the angle of the legs?  they look to be higher than the original.  do you have any close ups of what you added to the legs to make them beefier?  once again awesome and i wish more people did vehicle customs besides repaints.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Disneyland!
« on: August 8, 2005, 06:47 PM »
dress for very warm weather but bring a jacket for your daughter.  i'm a season pass holder and go all the time.  go to california adventure for lunch in  ariel's grotto your daughter will love it try to sit by the water it can be relaxing.  also go to the Alladin play, it's cool even for adults but don't sit to close as there is a giant snake jafar that comes out of the stage, my daughter got scared out of her mind.  besides some stuff at the bugs land for kids that's about it.  ca advent kinda sucks.  anyway for d-land if your going to be there for four days now is the time with the 50th bday thing going on you can't miss the fireworks show in front of the castle is where you'll want to see them but they also have something going on over at a small world.  try to see Fantasmic it's very cool.  it's a good time just remember bring/drink lots of water because standing in those lines in this heat is killer especially with kids.  definatley try to go during the week if you can avoid going on Sat. at all cost unless that's the day you go to California Adven.  rides to go on: indy jones, star tours, matterhorn, alice n wonderland, snow white can be scary for kids, small world, pretty much all the rides you go on are going to be good.  check out for a good d-land website.  my 2 cents.

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