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Congrats Spectre, looks really great.  It would be intresting if you could give it some sort of crack in the glass or bullet/blaster hole in it.  great weathering none the less.

pm sent your way.

zoran looks to be a good head to use as a ep. 1 obi head, just a some braids.  love the obi, just started on mine this weekend.  and fisto is great, can't get enough of him.

great work hemble, i'd thought of that idea as well based off of chewie's work with rykrof.  another option i'd thought of was to give him the snowtrooper skirt, and the chest armor/with an AT-AT or AT-ST helmet.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Casting of the Twins
« on: February 27, 2006, 03:20 PM »
intrested in getting any of your casts?  yes i am.  sorry if i asked the question for you.  but i didn't get my hands on the twins either.

does anybody know the return policy for target?  i kept a bunch of receipts for TSC stuff that i bought at $6.99, if i bring them the receipts will they give me the difference or do i have to actually bring in the product?  if i have to bring the figs that sucks as i'm an opener.

same for me saw $5.89 at target  :o.  too bad there was nothing on the pegs.  hopefully the price stays at this point, because not much point on a sale if there's nothing to buy.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Battle of Geonosis Wave
« on: February 17, 2006, 08:05 PM »
slothus where s cali?  i still haven't seen anything in local walmarts in significant numbers worth mentioning.

Hall of Justice / Re: DC Direct Figures
« on: February 17, 2006, 04:52 PM »
willpower?  :-\  sorry unfamiliar with this concept.

THAT IS INSANE.   :o  WOW I just can't believe how amazing that is.  blown away again by those with far more talent then i'll ever have.  :-\

great gonk chewie, can't ever go wrong with a repaint of them.  I likey the imp officer.  is there a reference anywhere online that shows all the different imp officer uniforms/colorations/rank badges?  d4 looks really cool, i'd add some "eyes" to him and paint the feet wires a different color.  i love the mace and i've been planing on using that head on mine but with a pilot obi.  my only suggestion for this one would be to switch out the arms with the jumping ROTS obi that came with the damaged battle droid.  those arms at least have more shoulder articulation.  I used those arms on my jedi council guy the one with the long neck grey skin, sorry forgot his name, and they worked really good.  love the mygeeto force, you never cease to amaze.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: 2006 vOTC (or vTSC) - now with pics!
« on: February 9, 2006, 01:58 PM »
great points, but if they can give a ROTS prisoner palpy articulated knees, even though he wears a robe that i almost tore to get off of him, for $4.99 and look @ pilot obi i think we all can agree that he's votc/evo and above quality without a doubt.  why can't this be done with these knew figure  >:( and the price is higher then anything we saw with ROTS.  if hasbro wants to make a figure that's at best should be $6.99 and charge an extra $4 for packaging that's fine, but at least release these figures on a normal cardback for us openers/army builders. basically for army builder/openers/customizers we are throwing away the $4 that we're being charged for the packaging by opening them.   ??? i just don't get it.  like another cantina han but it not being the votc version just on another card WTF??  it's almost enough to make me quit the line.  it just seems like hasbro is contiually giving us the shaft.  what about the BBi line how many vehicle have i seen compared to what we got with Rots and saga 2.  oh wait we don't even have any vehicles from saga 2.  the articulation/paint/and sculpt on the BBi figs and vehicles almost blow anything out of the water that hasbro throws at us and it's at a cheaper price.
 >:( :( ??? :-X :'(  sorry about the rant everybody, but this hobby is getting very frustrating and expensive, but thanks to my star wars OCD i just can't quit.

well if the barc/scout trooper is too small how about filling it in so that it would fit over a ball joint ala AT-TE gunner/tactical trooper so you could at least make them interchangable w/a head or helmet.  I'd say that would be better then nothing considering the VOTC version coming out doesn't look much bigger.  If not possible glassman it's cool i don't know much about molding/casting or how difficult i would be to accomplish this.  Sending pm your way.

how about the maquire concept helmet?

my oh my oh my, now that's impressive.  what is the "fur" made from.  I keep looking at him and i'm totally floored by this hemble i mean really why can't we get hasbro to do this good of a job, it might take the sting out of the $6.99 price tag if they were this good.

spectre these are great, they fit into the star wars line perfectly.  i like your back story especially "urth".  I have a couple of these guys as well and kind of thought of making them part of my SW universe as well.  they're species were basically wiped out except for a few by the jedi because of there savagery.  the original mandalorians were trained by them.  I don't remember where exactly i saw them but there are SA versions of them coming out SW sized.  I think it was on  if i find it i'll forward the link.

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