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But I want this Turbo Tank, where is it? I havn't heard any articles about people seeing this in stores yet. I have all the micro stuff both MS and TS. Yes, even wave one titanium(sorry Matt) it was easy(again,my apologies). But I don't have this...with no other tank released will this be a hard find?

Update: NM, I got it

Collector's Tips / Re: Online coupon codes for e-tailers!
« on: July 25, 2005, 01:01 PM »
Have you seen the new KB toys deal?? I don't know if it's still going but it may be for all this month- Anyway the Palmdale mall KBToys had buy 1 star wars get additional for 50% off. So last week I bought 500th vader for 19.99 and got second for 10 bucks!!

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Why there are no more pictures of Bly
« on: July 25, 2005, 12:41 PM »
Jared? Are you still reading this monster? I think it's very unfortunate this occurred and sure hope it won't affect into a late figure release or something (like we talked about at hooters when you told me how this really sets Hasbro back(from the Hasbro guy)). and....Please, no more Star Trek exclusive forum destroyas'! ;)

Modern Trading / Re: Wanted: Elusive CW kneeling clone trooper
« on: July 25, 2005, 01:10 AM »
yeah, it's the one in the clone wars ( non animated) I think the saesee tinn/kit fisto wave.
There was a regular standing version- and then there was a kneeling one-(the one I need). Why was he in the 3 packs too? I never got any 3 packs.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Commander Cody
« on: July 23, 2005, 09:10 PM »
I asked Hasbro at the Q and A at the comic con
about Cody. I couldn't beleive 12 questions went first with no mention of him. Any way in my question I said" Cody, I need it" then I complained about all the figs they've made that were in the movie for 1 sec. and how Cody was in for all those scenes/has lines and = why don't I have a figure. They gave some bogus reply like how they have big plans for him and " how we really like Cody" Which = to me some muti-pack only I have to buy him in because I'm a collector and Hasbro has collectors by the Balls. Yeah and " we can't reveal what we have planned"= to me- then why a Q an A?? come on Hasbro ,quit playing it up. I'm interested in Figs not games

Revenge of the Sith / Re: "Evolutions" assortment...
« on: July 23, 2005, 08:56 PM »
Isn't it funny Muftak how luke got darker through the classic trilogy as it went on ..LOL I mean think about it
He was a baby=really white

then he was a young buck(NH)=white with yellow and brown
then he was grey(ESB)= getting darker

finally he was ..Black?= like a sith

shoot he was even choking Gam. guards like vader

A 4 pack..! wow! Why did lucas change the jedi apparrel so that they were all wearing light or warm brown robes? even obi-won had a dark robe in (NH)?

Modern Trading / Wanted: Elusive CW kneeling clone trooper
« on: July 23, 2005, 08:45 PM »
Anybody have an extra kneeling version clone trooper I could trade for??It's the only fig. I need to complete the collection(yes, I have all 3 arc trooper versions)

Saga '02-'04 / Emperor wave- tatooine luke,emp, vader
« on: July 23, 2005, 08:38 PM »
 Anybody have "Emperor wave" extras?? I only saw this wave once and an "ebayer" I unfortunately know ran off with the unopened case before I could choke the bastard. My brother saw it in his hometown store and the fool passed on it, thinking they would be there for a couple of days. So then I told him to go get it and they were all gone- then I wanted to slap him around( IMAO what star wars does for me!!!)

still need the Emperor, tatooine luke, and the vader from this wave to complete my saga collection!

Saga '02-'04 / Re: Star Tours Thread - Waves 1-3
« on: July 23, 2005, 08:31 PM »
Matt- I got that "dumb bird" droid for this wave...
maybe I was under the weather when I got it ..Hey I never got the other two droids in this you have any extras??? Also My collecting comrade Steve called the star trader and ordered collection/wave 4 with his visa over the don't HAVE to got to DL to get these ;D

Power of the Jedi / Re: Rare? Medium Rare? Medium?
« on: July 23, 2005, 08:19 PM »
I have a lotta extras in this collection I don't know why maybe it was my fav collection. I really like how hasbro opened up and created lots of original sculpts in this line. Anyway shoot me a PM and I'll reply with what I got. then perhaps we can work something out.
 I'm quite positive I have an extra Dejaric Champion chewy as well for the earlier post.

as for what was rare- some say aurra sing was(not for me)But mostly the army builders like troopers ect were difficult. The masters of the Dark side 2 pack was easy for me (i guess timing) but it went to Wal marts once then was discontinued. And the Q5 astromech was really rare it was shortpacked in the Lando wave

Power of the Jedi / Re: favorite POTJ figure
« on: July 23, 2005, 08:07 PM »
I liked the lando wave the most if only you can X that JarJar bastard. I like some others like the Duros, Amanaman, and the vader dagobah. Some guy wanted my security BD so bad he traded a McQuarrie stormtrooper right across for it! I had extras but he wanted"this" one so bad because it had some ..0 whatever edition number on the back of the card..what an ultimatist?! K say my FAV was the lando-that cape was awesome!

Power of the Jedi / Re: POTJ Aurra Sing-AHHHHHHHHHHH!
« on: July 23, 2005, 07:51 PM »
I may have an extra of those in my area that fig. was actually reshipped(wave reshipment because people at the stores reordered it)Let me call my brother so he can look it up and I'll get back to you

Episode 1 / Re: R2-B1 & TC-14
« on: July 23, 2005, 07:35 PM »
Ok, Ok howz about this...They "weren't difficult to find?" Geography-wise look where I was collecting. Honestly- I had no collecting friends-other than my 11 years younger brother- and really didn't need any since everything"fell in my lap"( there was no competition)--I had to learn about getting collector help when I moved back to this state 3 years ago. I swear collecting star wars in the US is about thirds...One third east coast-(NY,NJ other crammed pop. states) another third southwest including so. Cal..and lastly the last third which comprises the the other 90% of US. geography. Look I had know idea how "whatever-hard to get" these were until months later when the LEES and Tomarts showed price increases. At least I completed my other collections since 95 before I moved( except FF weequay!). I will concede if I lived here.. then I probably would not have got those droids

Episode 1 / Re: How many episode 1 figs do you have?
« on: July 22, 2005, 11:55 AM »
I have everything- I got all my figs at various stores but mainly at Wal Mart at 0200 in the morning when they stocked- my last figs were the (supposedly rare)droids I scored at Kmart grand opening in Abilene, Tx. A buddy of mine just quit his "almost collection" he asked me if I wanted it- his collection included 40 figs. He wanted to sell them for 40$. I told him " no I can't take you that badly" so I gave him $60. Did I fail to mention his collection included the red royal guard,holo emp,amidala asc,droid 2 pck, and bibble? So tell me I scored on that one!!! So anyway now I have extra of these figs listed above with several others on card.

Episode 1 / Re: R2-B1 & TC-14
« on: July 22, 2005, 11:43 AM »
THese droids- the tc14 and r2b1 were easy to find. I saw them once at a KMART grand opening in Texas then again in Idaho at another Kmart. When I discovered them in Idaho( in a town of 14,000 people) the case must have been crushed because the cards were all openers-they were seriously curved and dented in bubbles)  :'(
The real trick is....IF you really WANT the figure bad enough-you actually have to have dementia and go to the stores DAILY! when they open or are stocking! If not well, then.....I'm sorry my friend- then your left crying at this website about why you didn't get one.

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