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Why not plant it on Blondie?!


That way, we can get to Calie and show her how savvy we are, and impress her.


Thing is, since you're presumably going to be spending time with Blondie in the next few scenes, a tracking device that leads to Blondie will effectively lead to you.   The point of giving it to someone else is to throw her off of your track, but giving it to Blondie wouldn't really do that.

Also, I'm not sure I see why she'd be impressed if we found it and confronted her about it -- could someone explain that to me, please?  If I had planted a tracking device on someone and they told me that they'd found out about it, "impressed" doesn't really describe how I'd feel, even if it were a handsome young man.  :p   Angry and vindictive? Maybe.  Or I might be cackling wickedly at my former trackee's utter stupidity in giving himself away.  ;D

I do like the idea of putting it on the sleeping homeless guy.  That could be amusing.  There's something about him that reminds me of the city where I go to school... ;D

... the Findswoman

I've thought about it and I trust Callie. A lot more than I trust blondie. Just because Callie has stormtrooper armor in her office, it doesn't mean she's in league with the Empire. I'd rather suggest she's with the alliance, or something like it. Would she even fit in that armor? Someone ask Karma. ;) No...I don't think she's a threat, we can trust her. Blondie on the other hand has a Wookie and an ******* friend. If her friend so blatantly refused to talk with you, why would she violate that for a stranger so quickly? And I thought wookiees were enslaved by the Empire. Sure, we're on the outer rim, but my money says blondie and her gang is the threat, not Callie. I'd ask Callie about the 3 men outside your ship next chance I got, but for now, I'm keeping the tracker.

The thing is... That Lucen Fang fellow isn't exactly her friend, as I understand it.  He seems to be a mercenary who's working for her somehow.  In fact, she didn't seem too pleased with his services the first time we saw her; she was yelling at him something like "You assured me this facility would be secure..." (Here's the scene -- you may have to scroll down some.)

As far as Callie being with the Alliance... Even that doesn't necessarily make her trustworthy from your point of view.  Whomever's side she's on, she's spying on you. When someone's spying on me, whether they're Rebels or Imperials, that doesn't usually increase my trust in them.

In any case, whether either of them are trustworthy or not, I'm sure I'm not the only one ready for a new scene and new adventure.  :)

... the Findswoman

It's the first of the month, lets get busy making these guys.

Oh gosh, Paul, I wish I could, but for two things:
1) The school year's begun, and...
2) The person who was sending me the Baroness had to evacuate from the New Orleans area, so I may not be able to get it for a while.  (No rush, though!)

But in any case, I'll be watching everyone's contributions with great interest! :)

... the Findswoman

Another fabulous update, Lance!  And the small amount of flirtation was just fine by me, not excessive at all, just cute, especially with the helmet.  :)

All right, analysis time!  8)

So our  fears have been confirmed.  Seems she wasn't quite trustworthy after all.  Sneaking a tracking device into our commlink is not something concerned mother-figures do -- it's something people who are trying to spy on you do.  Though granted, she might have been put up to it against her will by someone else -- the objectionable Wolfell, perhaps.  Both are possibilities.

Well, one thing's for sure, you should dispose of the tracking doohicky ASAP, and then head out to your meeting with Blondie.  One clever and cunning thing you could do is to stick it or drop it onto some random passerby as you bump into them moving through the crowded station, perhaps even while you're still in the restroom.    Of course, plenty of other things are possible -- even if we just destroy it somehow, that's fine with me.  The main thing is getting it off of us.

Then you'd better check on whether your comm unit still works after you've been fiddling with it.  Maybe there's some sort of number that you could call that gives recorded information about the station, etc.; that would be safe ("Welcome to Farspace Station... For transport schedules, press one").  Or some such.

And as you're doing so... head for that meeting with Blondie!  (How much time do we have, by the way?)

Looking forward to more!

... the Findswoman

Well, I just think she's damn flirty, maybe she's just a tease though.  I say flirt back (just a little though at this point).


But how can one flirt "back" when one hasn't been flirted with???  She may have been marginally flirtatious back in the bar, but in this room she's definitely become sensitive and defensive about something.  Which is all the more reason to proceed with caution.

Besides, I, for one, am ready for a change of scene.  On with the adventure!  :D

... the Findswoman

Wow, another super quick update! 8)

When I first saw this one, I wasn't at all sure how to proceed, but now I think I do.  Here's what I recommend.  (To Chewie: Please allow me to respectfully diaagree with you on a number of issues. ;) )

I'm with Chaos on the issue of leaving.  Just pay your respects to Callie, in a friendly manner, and be on your way.  As for the Stormie armor and such, just bear it in mind for later.  If something fishy (or partially fishy) really is up, asking her about it (or any of the other junk) might well only make things worse, and might turn her against you, which means you'd lose the only ally you have.  (And I do believe she is -- at least mostly -- an ally, at least for now.)  After all, who knows whether or not she hasn't already reported you to someone/something while she was on the other side of that door?

Checking the helmet isn't a bad idea, though.  She does have a scanner in the room somewhere, does she not?  You could ask to borrow it -- on some clever pretense, of course.  Maybe you can claim that one of your other gadgets needs fixing.  Or perhaps your excuse could be that there's a sort of interference released by the comm units in older helmets that causes some folks to get migraines, or some such, and you want to double check on that so you don't get a splitting headache when you're hurtling off into hyperspace.  Or whatever.

Now, to both Chewie and Chaos...  You are kidding about winking, sleepovers, asking her if she's doing anything later, right?  ;)  Well, you can probably guess what I think about doing those things.  :)  And while I acknowledge that I sometimes come off as a crotchety grandmother on these issues, there is a very practical reason for my doing so.  (And no, it's not just that she's too old for you, though that's true too.  :) )

Our character flirted with her at one point already, and as I remember, he was basically laughed at.  ("Not bad, sailor" is not a typical response from women who have been successfully "picked up.")   Point is: If Callie perceives you're not taking her earlier hint, continued flirting could well come across as annoying and unpleasant.  And then you really do risk losing an ally.  Trust me, that's how women react to that sort of thing.   

Of course, Lance, it's up to you in the end.  If I'm being too much of a party-pooping curmudgeon, just let me know.   I'm just saying what I think is the best way for the character to proceed at this point.  And it is, after all, just a game! :)

Looking forward to more -- can't wait to see what you've set up for Blondie's scene!  8)

... the Findswoman

Photonovels and Movies / Re: INTERACTIVE Photonovel - UPDATE 8/25
« on: August 25, 2005, 12:41 PM »
Thanks for those detailed photos, Lance!  They're a great help.

Gosh, that's certainly an odd assortment of stuff for a bartender to have.  Binders? Pilot helmet?  Hazmat container?  And ESPECIALLY the Stormie gear. 

It is indeed hard to imagine that she could be anything less than a "good guy" after the way she's helped you so far, especially when she saved you from the Stormtrooper that time.  I would rather be able to just trust her.  But at the same time, there's got to be some story behind all this odd clutter of hers.   Her unwillingness to let our character follow her into the storeroom is another red flag.  If that golden droid could talk, what might he say?

Case in point: the attractiveness and "tease play" mentioned by Chewie.  To me that doesn't necessarily add to her trustworthiness.  Some attractive women have been known to use their "wiles" to ensnare men.  Think of Circe, Medea, Salome, the Sirens...

As for whether to wait for Callie (Chewie) or whether to run off (SLC): I'm personally undecided about that.  Either way we choose will be all right with me.  But whatever we do, we need to keep a close eye on the time, and be punctual for our meeting with Blondie. 

So I guess it would depend on how long Callie's been out of the room. How long has our guy been waiting for her, by the way?  If it's more than just one more panel or so, that might be cause for concern...

... the Findswoman

293, it has been awhile since the last time we chated Esther.   

Welcome to JD.   

DSJ!   Oh my gosh!  How are you?  It has been a long time, indeed.  Hope you're doing well!  :)

Glassman, wow, you too look not a day above 18!  :D  Looking forward to see your self-sculpt -- sounds very ambitious.  I agree, spouse/SO customs would indeed be a fun optional addition.  I have done one or two of my husband, such as this one in Rebel pilot gear, but nothing really serious or involved.  Now if I only had sculpting chops!...

Darth Ennis, I've PMd you about that Baroness.  :)

And Phruby, as for Twi'lek garb... I'll have my people talk to your people.  ;)

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work!

... the Findswoman

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Ben's custom figures
« on: August 16, 2005, 06:26 PM »
Ben, I think those capes suit the clones fantastically.  That fuzzy brown Prune Face cloak fits that one of them better than just about any other figure I've seen - the hood even fits convincingly.  Nice stuff there!

And very fine work on the Masters of the Universe refits too.  I especially like Orko -- that's truly a complete transformation from the silly li'l wind-up one Mattel gave us back in the day. In your version, he really looks like the wizard he is.   8)

... the Findswoman

Wow, Chewie, you do indeed have that boyish look!  :)  Maybe Zett Jukassa for the head, on a non-POTF2 Luke body?

I agree that the ROTS Antilles would be a very likely match for Darth Ennis. Or perhaps also one of the Hans might work, with some long hair sculpted on -- maybe the Commtech Cantina Han or the POTJ Death Star Escape Han.

Now I need a bit more advice too: which Baroness to use?  I know there are a couple of different ones, some with removable glasses and some without, and it also depends what's in my parts box... Bodywise, though, I think it will be one of the taller Leias

Incidentally, what outfits are we all making ourselves in?  Costumes? Everyday clothes?  Anything else? Depends on the fodder we use, I guess...

... the Findswoman

Might as well add my own long and bloated trade list to the mix!  If you would like to trade, please drop me a PM.  You're welcome to buy rather than trade, too, if you'd prefer.

Updated 8/20/05!


Various guns (please order by number!)
No. 11 is pending.

Various large accessories (please order by number!)
No. 14 is PENDING.

Assorted belts, bandoliers, and holsters from 12" Hasbro figures

ROTS stuff
All unopened unless otherwise noted.
NEW Another loose BARC Speeder! reserved
Darth Vader, loose, complete
Palpatine #35, loose, w/ all accessories except for non-deformed head (negotiable)
Anakin #28 (with black eyes)
Emperor Palpatine (#12), loose, with all accessories
Sneak Preview General Grievous, loose, no cape
Preview R4-G9
Polis Massan medic, loose, complete

Figures with all body parts
Loose unless otherwise noted.
NEW POTJ Mas Amedda
General Jan Dodonna, carded w/ accessories
OTC Lobot
Ceremonial Luke from Princess Leia Collection 2-pack
Sand Scorpion from G. I. Joe, with accessories
Darth Maul (Tatooine)
Spy Kids Thumb Thumb
Spy Kids guy in red uniform, cap, & sunglasses
Saga Massiff
Greeata (from Jabba's Dancers Set)
Preview Zam Wesell, w/ all accessories
POTF2 Obi-Wan Kenobi, w/ lightsaber (the really long one!)
Jurassic Park III Billy Brennan body with POTJ Han head

Loose figures missing some body parts:
Saga Jedi Luke (Jabba's Palace), no head
Jedi Council Depa Billaba, no head or arms
Baroness (from G. I. Joe), no head or arms. (This is the blue body with the Cobra logo on the chest.)
ROTS Mon Mothma, no head
Multiples of Djas Puhr, or parts of him. (He has all his body parts, though I need his hands)
POTF2 Greedo, no head or arms
Geonosian (from Saga Massiff), no arms

ROTS Luminara Unduli
ROTS Shaak Ti
Saga Droid Factory Padmé (Yes, the infamous screaming one!)
Ep. I Obi-Wan (clean-shaven, with padawan braid)
POTF2 Flashback Ceremonial Leia
Vintage X-Wing Pilot (Luke?)
Princess Leia Collection Ceremonial Leia
Princess Leia Collection ANH Leia
Princess Leia Collection ANH Leia (w/ sculpey around neck post)
Two Luke heads (not sure which -- ask for pic)
POTF2 X-Wing Luke (in helmet)
Rodian head cast (white Premo!, unpainted)

Wedding Padmé
Scarlett (from G.I. Joe)
Monkey Leia (one without a hand)
Nute Gunray (left only)
unidentified white-sleeved arm (right only)
... and others (mostly female)

Djas Puhr (bit of waist peg caught in bottom)
Rystll (no head or arms)
Stormtrooper (from Saga Imperial set)

Preview Mace Windu (I think -- ask for pic)
Bespin Escape Leia
Rystll (feet cut off)
Scarlett (plus pants waist)

Darth Maul (have a bit of white paint on them)
unidentified black (left only)

Helmets & other headgear:
Adi Gallia's headpiece
Black hood, unidentified
Badly hollowed out Endor Rebel helmet w/ Sculpey additions

Other clothing
NEW POTF2 Flashback Ceremonial Leia's cape, white translucent, x2
POTF2 Mon Mothma's poncho, white
Sly Moore outer cloak, light blue
Droid Factory Chase Padm white cloak
POTF2 Zuckuss cloak, brown

Hands-- ask for list or pic
Hairpieces from female characters -- ask for list or pic. Aurra Sing's ponytail is now included, though it's missing the peg at the bottom that allows it to plug into the head.

1 green (removable blade)
1 blue (removable blade)
1 red
1 unlit base
1 Maul double-bladed saber
1 Maul double-bladed saber, unlit

Small accessories
Chain w/ neckring from Deluxe Slave Leia
Two "phasers" from Spy Kids -- ask for photo
Two backpack/tank things from Spy Kids, one silver, one red
Gray belts from Princess Leia Collection ANH and Ceremonial Leias
Black binoculars x 2
Various Rebel medals (from various Ceremonial Leias, Dodonna, etc.)
Various weapons, accessories, and figures from the Playmobil Pirate set.  Treasure chest + treasure is TAKEN.

And finally, in no particular order...
(loose is best)
Zuckuss from the MicroMachines Bounty Hunters set (I can dream, can't I?)
VOTC Leia (I can dream, can't I?)
Clothing from the following 12" figures: POTF2 12" Emperor, Saga Count Dooku, any females
Rebel pilot bodies, any sort
Any Leias from the Princess Leia Collection.  I use these figures a lot.
Soft goods from any 3.75" or 12" figures
Female figs & parts of almost any kind, 3.75" or 12".  (I think I have enough G.I. Joe ones for now, though!)

the Findswoman

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on Jedi Defender.  Some of you already know me from Rebelscum and FFURG.  I figured this group project would be a perfect excuse for me to finally join up!  :)  I did make one early attempt at a custom self-portrait some years back, but wouldn't mind trying for a new, improved one. 

Good to see some familiar names -- and faces -- already!  Speaking of faces, Phruby, I wonder if heads from Arvel Crynyd or Ric Olié would work.  You seem sort of a composite of those two faces...

And yes, Marlon, your wife is very pretty. :)

All right, as for my own reference pictures.  My options are a bit limited, since there aren't that many female options out there.  Any ideas?  My first attempt used a PLC Ewok Leia head, but I wonder if there isn't anything better out there...

With my husband:

In my $300 coral-colored suit:

Thanks, everyone!  :)

... the Findswoman

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