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You're most welcome!  Glad to help. 

Do show us your Gand custom(s) when you finish them -- I would be very interested to see!  Are they of particular charcters, or just sort of generalized?

... the Findswoman

Straxus, great question -- it's something I've been wondering about too, since I've done a number of Gand customs, and have attempted some without masks.  (And I would love to see yours, too. :) )

Whatever mask or helmet Zuckuss is wearing, it seems to (a) have many of the same organic looking creases, etc. as he does (which seems funny for a helmet) and/or (b) be the same color as he is.  I've always considered that the bit around his neck with the tubes and the black & silver bit of the mask over his mouth are certainly artificial, but it's never been clear how much else is natural and how much not.

Interestingly, the new bust by Gentle Giant almost seems to clarify this issue.  In this piece, it looks as though the mask goes over his eyes & includes goggles, too -- that are the same color as his chitin & with somewhat similar contours -- but doesn't cover the top of his head.  At least that I thought -- here's a photo:

So that curved sort of brown flap right left of his eye could be interpreted the edge of a mask that covers his eyes and mouth and matches his natural coloring.  Just a thought. 

Much of it has to do with the question: other than respiratory equipment, how much protetction do Gands really need in an oxygenous atmosphere?  Does the oxygen get in between their chitin plates and itch, for example?  Would it do so on the head?  There are several RPG stats, etc., on their heavy natural armor, even on the fact that their eyes are armored.  So it seems that even a partial mask could well be superfluous -- in which case maybe just the breathing mask and "collar" are the artificial bits.  Personally, I like having as much as possible be natural!  :D

Incidentally, just for fun, here's a neat sort of hypothetical "anatomical drawing" of a breathing Gand which my friend Beedo Sookcool made some years back when we were discussing these issues with regard to a fanfic of mine on Zuckuss's early years that is still in progress.  He calls it "The Visible Gand." (Either that, or "Zuck nekkid." :D )

... the Findswoman

The Original Trilogy / Re: Oola
« on: May 18, 2007, 11:26 AM »
not really, it didn't show her get eaten.

I know, I am just kidding. 

Right, exactly!  And I once read some interview or something with Femi Taylor in which she said, well, since we never SAW Oola get eaten, she might have escaped somehow!  :D

I like Oola, and I always feel very sorry for her during that scene of ROTJ, yet also admire how she resists Jabba's attentions to the very end.

... the Findswoman

I guess if it's a very, VERY small amount of Krazy Glue, just on the underside of each foot or so, it should be all right, and should be easy to pull the figures back off without doing much damage.  Perhaps another option is to use the Krazy Glue were used ONLY on the really difficult terrains (grass, etc.) and poster tack elsewhere?

Another risk of using super glue -- in the case of my own figures -- is that the stuff stains fabric REALLY BAD.  I can trust you to be REALLY REALLY careful, can't I?  :)

... the Findswoman

Yep, those are they, all right!  Looks like they came through just swimmingly.  Note that EVERYONE in that shipment is a gal. 8)

And God willing, I'll be sending you one or two more things today.  Priority, of course. 

A tiny thing on spelling: it's "Esther Criscuola de Laix," that is, there's an H in "Esther" and an E & a space in "de Laix."  But you got the hardest part right!  :)

... the Findswoman

Great statue!  That 9" figure (or however big it is) is just right. A really neat touch!

... the Findswoman

Can't wait to see, Paul!  I'm already very impressed by the contributions I've seen so far on this thread, and I just feel sorry that I didn't have more time to contribute more.  Looking forward to seeing the whole thing live in 3D at the con, too!

... the Findswoman

Oh excellent!  Thanks so much, Phruby.  Will do!  :)

... the Findswoman

Hi everyone!

Now that I'm back from Germany, I'm reopening my  Trade List

Since it's predominantly parts and loose, taken-apart figures, it's specifically geared toward customizers, and either trades or purchases are great (prices should be listed for most things).  Send me a PM if you see anything that interests you!

As for wants, I am currently in search of the following things:

  • Imperial officers of all sorts, especially from the Saga Imperial Briefing multipack, and especially Tagge and Motti, but anyone's fine.
  • Any furniture, accessories, or props appropriate for a nondescript office environment (think Office Space) or for an Imperial environment (Death Star, etc.)
  • More listed on my site.

Thanks much, all!
the Findswoman

Please ship your items if you havent already.

We thank everyone who has contributed to this enormous project.

Oh gawsh, having just gotten back from Germany last Monday, I seem to have missed the deadline!  Ack!  :o  Will people be working on the diorama on-site at the convention?  If so, I would love even then to just show up and help out.  I can bring a few things then, if needed.

... the Findswoman

Hi everyone!

I have added prices to everything on my Trade List.  In particular, most things in the 3.75"-scale list are between 50˘ and $2! 

Since I am preparing to leave for Germany in a week, and since I would like to move as much stuff as possible before then, here's some guidelines that I would love it if y'all could follow:

1. I would prefer cash transactions to trades at the moment.
2. I would prefer a $2 minimum order for 375"-scale stuff, a $5 minimum order for 12" scale stuff. 
3. This one's important: After January 29, I will NOT be able to accept ANY transactions until the first week of May because I will be far across the ocean from all my stuff.  So come 'n' get it now:) 

PM me if you are interested in setting something up.  I'll be checking.

the Findswoman

Thanks, Ennis!  Glad you enjoy!  Those Triad S1 bodies ARE nice -- and are very reasonable, too, at $12.99.

Yes, I know it's been a while since I have updated here.  It's because (a) I've been quite busy preparing to go to Germany next week and (b) I've recently been doing mostly 12" stuff, some of it non-SW (which doesn't mean that I've given up 3.75" stuff).

I'll do my best to post at least 1 or 2 more things before I leave for Germany, but part of it depends on (a) how quickly I receive some supplies I need and (b) how much time I have outside of preparations, etc. to work on it.  But I will do my best.

Thanks again!
... the Findswoman

Robo-Quack, thanks for your comments.  Yes, you are right about the hair -- it is far from movie-accurate.  That's because this doll uses the head from the Beautiful Braids Padmé doll, which has the hair bun in a somewhat different place.  Even if it didn't match,  I still liked it far better than the cheapo plastic hairdo that came on the Hasbro doll.  If I had more skills in this direction, then maybe I'd be able to achieve the proper look!  But that may not happen for a while...  :o

Thanks again,

Just a very small update -- I gave my 12" Padmé Amidala (arena outfit) a new (& hopefully better) body.  Check her out here:

She had been on the slightly scrawny LOTR Arwen body, but I changed her to one of the new 12" female bodies from, which not only had better proportions with the head, but also gave the clothes a more flattering fit. 

I'll post more photos soon, including of the scratches I painted on her back, as soon as I fix her head (it's been having trouble staying on the neckpost of the new body).  Meanwhile, enjoy!  :)

... the Findswoman

Well, by now you probably all know where to find my current trade list -- namely right here:)

However, I thought I'd specifically mention one very small 12"-scale piece that I would particularly appreciate if anyone has it: the spear from the Saga 12" Geonosian Warrior. 

I'd love to get one of these by the end of this month, if possible, since I'll be off to Germany then and far from all my customizing stuff.  So if anyone has one of these that they'd be willing to part with, do drop me a PM so we can set something up!

Thanks so much,
the Findswoman

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