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Soft goods are on their way to you, Brent!  Expect them very soon!  :)

... the Findswoman

Just a quick bump to let Brent know that I've some of the softgoods he asked for!  :)  Photos forthcoming pending his approval...

... the Findswoman

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Lightsaber Blade Replacements
« on: September 1, 2006, 12:56 AM »
Very neat technique, Allen!  Looking forward to trying this out when mine arrive...  :)

... the Findswoman

Feedback / Re: ars30's feedback
« on: August 26, 2006, 11:44 PM »
I've had several trades with ARS30 (Allen Stephens), and every one has been A-1 in every respect.  I recommend him highly to all!  :)

the Findswoman

Just letting you all know that my most current trade list can now be found on my website at  As always, please PM me if you see anything that strikes your fancy!

As for current urgent-ish wants: I'm currently needing a pair of arms from VTSC Pilot Luke or any other ultra-poseable male figures of that basic sort.  Ultra-poseable is a must!

Thanks, everyone!

... the Findswoman

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Re: Octuptarra Droid
« on: August 18, 2006, 01:06 AM »
I'm not familiar with this droid, but it definitely looks very cool.  Are those lollipop sticks for the guns?  Very clever idea!

What book/comic/story/etc. does this droid appear in, by the way?

... the Findswoman

Wow!  More awesome casts from Glass.  I just wish I could say something more intelligent than that, but I can't.  All I can do is register great awe and admiration.  8)

I really like all the slightly different heads on your group of troopers -- the idea of them being both all the same" (being clones) yet slightly different at the same time is such an intriguing one.  These little details make all the difference.

And, of course, do keep us posted on the advent of your li'l Leia!  :)

... the Findswoman

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: master brisk's customs
« on: August 18, 2006, 01:00 AM »
I too would love to see clearer pictures if at all possible -- the graininess is hurting my eyes!  :(  From what I can see, though the Jawa Jedi looks pretty neat, and it's certainly a very original idea for a Jedi.  However, he doesn't seem to have much of a neck from what I can see.  A taller hood, perhaps?  What parts are you using for the li'l fellow?

... the Findswoman

Oh my gosh, Chewie, I totally missed this response of yours from gosh knows how long ago!  Thanks so much for your kind words -- I respect your work a whole lot, so it's always a great honor to hear from you.   Glad you like the two gals!  (Yes, Wiorkettle is a gal too -- note the secondary sex characteristics. :) )

Gand apologizes profoundly for shamelessly bumping her own thread when she doesn't have anything new to offer.  But she will soon, she promises -- something 12", in fact.  So do keep watching this space... 8)

... the Findswoman

Haven't heard anything from anyone on this project for a little while -- hope everything is going all right and it's still on!

Delicious, I too am rarin' to see your ComiCon photos, but take your time if you need to.  Real life is hard! 

(Quazar, I'm really looking forward to your quintessential L.A. contribution, as well!)

... the Findswoman

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Supportive Spouses...
« on: August 15, 2006, 11:57 AM »
Ooh, I always love threads like this!  It's so nice that so many of us here have been blessed with spouses who support our hobby.   (Even if they do roll their eyes a little -- those things happen in marriage from time to time).  Life is beautiful.

My husband fortunately also enjoys Star Wars, and even has a few figures of his own that I'm not allowed to use as fodder.  Though he's been known to goggle a bit when I come home from Target with even 2 or 3 figures to use as fodder, he's very nice about the whole thing.  At worst he ribs me about cutting up all those poor little plastic figures, etc.  Best of all, he listens very patiently when I start rambling about all the problems, etc. I'm having with the figures I'm working on.

What he really balks at is when I need to stop in at a fabric store, or craft store, or beading store.  (And I frequently have to stop at such places in the course of my custom work.)  Such places are too "girly" for him to stand even a few minutes.  It's kind of funny, really.  ;D

But hey, if that's the worst of it after 5 years of marriage, I thnk we're doing pretty well!

... the Findswoman

Very, very nice new customs, Ripley!  (Well, new to me, since I"ve been out of the loop.  ;) )  LOVE that Obi-Wan -- you really struck gold with that head, it looks just like Ewan MacGregor.  And the saber detail is just superb -- it's little things like that that make a custom extra special.  As Darth Ennis points out, it's always great to see well-done 1:6 customs. 

Roronn Corobb is really adorable, too.  He came out very clean and professional-looking. 

Your current drawing board projects sound excellent too -- can't wait to see the finished products.  I always enjoy your work quite a bit!  :)

... the Findswoman

Wow, this is really coming together nicely, Brent!  I like the props so far.  Maybe the das could use a few cushions and throw blanket type things to give it a luxurious look?  As you very rightly say, only the best for this sexy mama...  In any case, we'll work it out.  Where would you like the rugs to go? The big one in the throne room, I take it?

... the Findswoman

Glass, your trooper looks fabulous, as do those helmets.  They're sublime in their simplicity and professionalism (which, of course, is true of all Glassman creations I have seen to date :) ). 

By the way, has your li'l girlie arrived yet?  If not, I'm sure it's not long now!  Do keep us posted!  :)

... the Findswoman

Wow, Owen, your props are absolutely INCREDIBLE!  They look like they came straight from the Lucasfilm studio -- I'd barely know some of that stuff was 1:18 if it weren't for the figures in the photos.  Excellent work indeed.  :)

... the Findswoman

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