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Well, it was a late night finish... Gotta love insomnia :P Here is my completed Jango.. I would love to add knees etc, but I really don't want to botch this custom and ruin it.

Helmet off:

Helmet on

Stick em up!


Kamino Jango head, I chopped and dropped it in place. I think I gave him a sole patch years ago ;D

Here is my latest, as part of the Jango Fett group project. This is one that I have been wanting to make for a long time now. I used the VOTC fett, torso to the crotch, I cut off the neck stud and dremeled it concave to fit a Kamino Jango head with the neck also slashed off. I Crazy glued the head in place, so it doesn't have a swivel neck. I pulled out the boba fett legs using the boil and pop method. The pegs broke off in the crotch/butt thingy so I used needle nose pliers to split the crotch. I didnt have to remove the torso, and just slipped the jango pilot legs in place and crazy glued the seem again (note, when doing this just continuously move the legs until the glue takes hold, this will prevent the legs from fusing as well as tighten the articulation).
I will update with painted pics when I am complete. Cheers

Here is my Jango Fett work in progress, I doubt that I am going to add any more articulation as I do not want to botch this one. I am A-Ok with the knee's and feet not being all articulated. I used the VOTC Boba Fett and the Pilot Jango, a dremel (head does not rotate, something I am ok with as well) as well as some crazy-ass glue. I will update with pictures when I apply the paint etc...

Here are a couple of easy Daeth Star Troopers I made using Lobots head and the imperial officers bodies:

Here are a couple figs I have for sale on ebay,  ::) yeah I know
I am not an ebay fanatic, so don't worry I wont be dropping any "wink, winks" look at my ebay auction posts! I was just using up parts and was curious....

Hey Darth Ennis, I know what you mean about hating the hasbro version of Tarful, I think that it is one of my favorite customs I have made.

The gun strap was from a dollar-store figure I bought years ago, I just used a couple of rubber "o-rings" to make the straps. They are the rubber bands that connect old GI-Joes together, or used on valve seals.. I crazy glued the holster to the leg... I might paint the jacket btw, I have not yet decided.

Here is my version of the bounty hunter / slave trader Boussh, he is the dude that Leia was impersonating to gain access into jabba's palace. Hope you likey:

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: Next Group Project
« on: June 18, 2006, 05:09 PM »
I am down for a sa jango. I would like to add my twist on the costume though as I am not a huge fan on the shin and boot armour. I like my own spin on characters... I am not a robot ;D

Thanks for your comments guys, nice to get both critisisms and positive feedback! I think that the height is a smidge too tall as well but if I tried to make him a bit shorter I could have messed up the entire custom.

Parts used were only a preview wookiee and a tarful... The head and torso are tarfuls, the rest is the preview wookiee. Tarfuls insides (guts) are a mess and have to be removed, I used a drill, dremel and pliers to get it all out.

I live on the coast and might use some shells from the beach to add some more armour to my tarful, (shells have good texture for figure armour)

here is the tarful, all painted nice like:

with his little buddy gree (notice the holster?)

the arms are easily removed (boil/pop), they are both plugged into the body sockets. The preview wookiee's plug was a little smaller then tarfuls so I use a technique with crazy glue to make the joint tight. I apply glue inside the body socket and continue to mave the arm slowly so that glue will not set to the peg but will still form around it.
( I have used thes technique for years on different customs and have never had the parts fuze together, as long as you are continuously moving them)

The paint job was from a previous snoova custom I made last year..

dressel rebel

I wanted to use the tarful torso as I am not much of a sculptor. I wanted to have tarful extra tall and the way it is, was much easier then shorting it (you have to see the mess that tarfuls torso has inside for its action features)

here is my version of Tarful. I was really unhappy with Hasro's version for some reason? Ah well... I still need to paint this but feel that it is close to completion. Let me know what you think, or don't...but enjoy the pics at least.

with the mighty chewbacca to show scale:

with 2 wookiee goons...

My family and I were at Ikea yesterday and I saw these swedish garden gnomes on sale for $1 each, so I had an idea... and I present jawa garden gnomes :)

Hey, I promised my kid I would post these so go easy on me okay ;D

Here is my WIP dagobah training luke, apparently he was a little freaked out the first time in the cave, "only what you take with you" so this time he was a little better prepared.

This is still a work in progress (my sense of humor will be removed), but it will have a better head sculpt, the arms are going to be repainted with a flesh tone, the little glove do-dads are going to be lobed off as well. The ball and sockets went in with a little elbow grease and the boil and pop method. The batman figure came with 5 or six different pairs of hands so I plan to do a couple pair. I will try and get more pics as I am completeing the stages.

Feedback / Re: BrentS's feedback
« on: June 7, 2006, 03:58 AM »
about 2 weeks late, but here none the less... completed my second trade with brent, great trader, communication is bang on, good guy to deal with absolutly.

Feedback / Re: Sentinel's feedback
« on: June 7, 2006, 03:56 AM »
sentinal shipped fast and no worry. good communication
a+ jay

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