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Other Toy Lines / Marauder Inc.
« on: November 13, 2005, 01:08 AM »
Just want to open everyone's eyes to a GREAT new source of 1/18 scale weaponry!

There's a new company out there called Marauder Inc. that makes BRAND NEW 1/18 scale action figure weapons. I repeat, these are NOT resin casts of weapons from other manufactures, but ORIGINAL SCULPTS made by actual toy industry sculptors. I have several of their products and can personally vouch for their quality not only in sculpting, but in the plastic used to produce them. The weapons are molded in a slightly glossy black plastic that has a feel very reminiscent of old-school "Vintage" Star Wars accessories or 80's G.I.Joe accessories.

So far their product range is almost exclusively military in design, but they are branching out into more sci-fi weapons as well over the next 2 assortments. They currently have 11 different weapons available in various sets via their on-line store ( ) and have an additional 22 different weapons coming in the second series (There's going to be some VERY happy customizers on this site :) )!

Stop by their on-line store and have a look around, I think the "Colonial Marines Gun" will appeal to many on this site. I have one and made it a VERY Star Wars-esque weapon with only some slight mods, but it also works well as-is :)

As a note to customizers, these weapons can be easily modified as they are rigid, but not brittle, and take Krazy Glue without the plastic getting discolored! :D

Marauder Inc.'s products get the "Spectre Seal Of Approval"!

Feedback / These Traders Get "The Spectre Seal Of Approval"!
« on: November 13, 2005, 01:03 AM »
This is a list of traders I have dealt with from FFURG, but since most (if not all) of them are here too.... ;)

The following men and women are GREAT TRADERS (In no particular order :) ):

Darth Delicious

Newbies / The Spectre Has Arrived....
« on: November 13, 2005, 01:00 AM »

I am The Spectre.

Chewie invited me to come over here from FFURG. I have been customizing since 1983 and have done literally thousands of action figures, vehicles, models, miniatures, props, sets, dioramas, etc.

I'm looking forward to interacting with everyone here :D

Modern Trading / Spectre's Swap Shop
« on: November 13, 2005, 12:52 AM »
Due to lack of time to update inventory all over the net (trust me, it takes forever to update this thread on 10 different boards :( ), most branches of the "Swap Shop" have been closed. The last 3 branches are still open at the following locations:

I still have alot of great items, including a ton of Clones and Clone parts just added this evening, so stop by one of the 3 remaining branches and have a look around :D

Here is a Keldor Pirate and his pet. The Keldor is a modified and repainted POTJ Plo Koon. His pet is a repainted monster from the Spawn line.

My friend Greymalken at named them for me:

Si'Mor (pirate) and Awdray Tu (pet)

He's a big fan of "The Little Shop Of Horrors" and said that the monster looks like he's saying "Feed me!" :)

I made this figure several years back, shortly after the Cantina Aliens Cinema Scene came out.

I passed on giving him the Liberace-gay silver disco boots of the original and was unable (at the time I made him anyway) to find any reference pics for the belt buckle emblem, so it's not truly a "Vintage Blue Snaggletooth", but I still think he's pretty cool :D

I very rarely, if ever, make customs of characters that have appeared in the films as I have confidence that Hasbro will get around to them eventually, but this figure was an exception as he is predominantly from a "Return Of The Jedi" scene that ended up on the cutting room floor.

I have seen countless cusoms of this character on the net over the years, ALWAYS using a POTF2 AT-ST Driver figure as a base. They always looked off as the AT-ST Driver was such a bulky figure. I decided to use an Ellors Madak body as a base since he's short and thin. I think you'll agree that it looks much better with the slimmer body.

Over the years, everyone keeps saying he's too tall as he's supposed to be an Ugnaught, but the pic I used as a reference (from Red6's old site) showed him being shoulder height (while stooping a bit- Ellorrs stooped/shrugging shoulders fit the bill almost perfectly :) ) to Luke as Luke is entering Jabba's court. I cut off a small section of each leg to lower his height (as well as a short section of his arms to keep them proportional). I don't think Yoxgit is truly an Ugnaught but just another case of Lucas re-using a mask for background filler (much the same as H'rchk Kal Fas' mask was re-used for Bossk).

The gloves are from Darth Maul (Sith Speeder).

Here's a Wookiee Mehanic and his Droids. They run a shop down by the docking bays and hire themselves out to repair ships during their stays at Mos Eisley.

The Wookiee Mechanic is POTF2 Chewbacca head, hands, and feet attatched to a Final Fantasy Dr. Sid body. I like using all of the different versions of Chewie released to add variety to my Wookiees. The Dr. Sid body was further modified by adding a non-removable toolbelt made from part of a Disney's "Atlantis" Milo backpack and pieces of Joe, SW, and Chap Mei straps. There are several removable tools in the pack as well. His diagnostic scanner is made from art of a Toxo-Viper's chemical sprayer and a modified Padme podrace viewcreen.

This Otuga Series Pit Droid was mde from Ody Mandrel's Pit Droid. I made a huge dent on the left side of his belly by cutting out a wedge of the figure's midsection and sanding the edges. I repainted the entire figure royal purple and drybrushed light grey over it for wear and tear. His magnatool is a modified Exo-Squad weapon.

This first Pit Drod is made from Gasgano's Pit Droid. I cut dents in his "chest" and the top of his head using the same techniqes listed above. I then repainted the figure 2 tone green and drybrushed lime green on for weathering. His tool is Anakin's grease gun.

This Pit Droid is made from one of the Pit Droids from the 2pk that came out near the end of the Episode I line. I cut a dent in the top of his head using the same technique as before. I modfied him by adding a welder's tank made from part of a Joe scuba tank and made straps out of a rubberband. The hose is a vintage Joe hose and the welding torch is a modified welding torch from the Torch Drednok. I repainted the entire figure medium grey with military brown trim. Light grey was drybrushed on or weathering.

This Power Droid is from the 2pk that came with the Jawa. I modified it by adding external tanks with hookups to the top of it's body. The extenal apparatus is made from the bottom halves of 2 Techno-Viper backpacks fused together and glued to the Gonk. I further modified the Droid by using the now familiar dent-making techniques. The entire droid was painted true blue with a custom lighter blue drybrushed over it.

This is my Pacsipthip Prospector and his Dewback pack animal. The Dewback has several saddle bags and removable accessories (mining tools, mineral scanners, flashlight, blaster rifle, electrobinoculars, survival knife, musical instrument, etc.). The Prospector also has removable accessories (blaster pistol in holster, thermal detonator hanging from belt, canteen hanging from vaporator pack).

The Prospector is a Pote Snitkin body with Ketwal head and hands but is further modified with the addition of custom webgear made from bits of Joe webgear as well as Chap Mei and SW Accessory Pack straps. His blaster pistol is a modified SeaQuest DSV pistol. The thermal detonator is mage from part of a Cantina Bandmember's instrument w/ Chap Mei detailing. The staff is a repainted Underwater Accessory Pack Gungan staff. His vaporator is a repainted Mos Espa Accessory Pack backpack. The cateen is a modified and repainted Star Trek TNG accessory.

The Dewback pack animal is a POTF2 Dewback completely repainted and modified through the addition of several Joe, Chap Mei, Starship Troopers, and Star Wars backpacks. All of the removable accessories are custom made from bits and pieces of various Joe, Star Wars and Chap Mei accessories. The shiny stuff on it's left flank are pieces of translucent "ore" in the mesh bag from a POTF2 removable limbs Threepio.





Third planet in system of same name located near edge of known galaxy.

Entire system faces severe communications and navigation difficulties due to it's proximity to a spacial region known as the Colossus Nebula (source of an as of yet unknown form of cosmic radiation).

Latverion system has been generally left alone for most of it's history in part because of the hazards presented by the Colossus Nebula, but also due to it's extreme distance from the "civilized" galaxy.

Prime industries: advanced alloys and explosives



Latverion captured by Separatist forces. Entire population enslaved and forced to manufacture Battledroids and munitions for the Separatist war effort. Planet sustains heavy damage during liberation when Republic capital ships saturation bomb the surface from orbit. Separatist forces are defeated but over one quarter of the civilian population is killed in the bombings.

Republic Naval Captain Tarkin [see entry: "GRAND MOFF TARKIN"] given commendation by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine for his heroic efforts to free the latverions from the iron grip of the Separatists.

The Republic promises to help the people of Latverion rebuild their world, but is waylaid due to the escalating conflict known as the "Clone Wars" [see entry: "CLONE WARS"].

Populace of Latverion left on their own to rebuild their shattered society...


Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declares himself Emperor [see entries: "EMPEROR PALPATINE"; "EMPEROR PALPATINE (CLONE)"] and the Galactic Empire [see entry: "GALACTIC EMPIRE"] is born.

Jedi purge begins [see entry: "JEDI PURGE"]

Latverion is more or less ignored by the galaxy at large due to it's extreme distance and navigational hazards.

Latverions continue to rebuild their world.


Latverion ore processing and munitions factories go back on-line. Life, while hard, returns to some semblance of normalcy.

Prime source of income for Latverion comes from manufacturing armor plate for the Empire's All Terrain Armored Transports [see entry: "AT-AT"].


The fledgeling Alliance To Restore The Republic [see entry: "REBEL ALLIANCE"] reaches out to Latverion for aid in their battle against the Galactic Empire. Latverion leader Sla-Va Vohn Dhume informs the Alliance representative that he wants nothing to do with their movement and does not need to incur the wrath of the Empire. The Alliance representative leaves Latverion but her visit is reported to Emperor Palpatine by an Imperial spy in Vohn Dhume's court. The Galactic Empire uses the Rebels' visit as an excuse to seize the planet's ore processing and munitions plants as "war essentials". During the Empire's raid to capture the planet's resources, Imperial forces decimate nearly half of the population. Vohn Dhume's son, and heir, Vik-Tor Vohn Dhume is gravely injured in a TIE Bomber raid on the royal palace. Latverion's population is again enslaved and forced to manufacture war materials for their cruel masters. Sla-Va Vohn Dhume is publicly executed as an enemy of the empire. Vik-Tor Von Dhume missing and believed dead.

In the ensuing years, Latverion is used as a test bed for new Imperial projects. it is rumored that the advanced armor for the Darktrooper [see entry: "DARKTROOPER PROJECT"] was developed on Latverion.


Emperor Palpatine dies on board the second Deathstar [see entry: "DEATHSTAR II"] during the battle of Endor [see entry: "BATTLE OF ENDOR"].

Imperial forces on Latverion stop transmitting reports to Coruscant. An investigatory force is sent to Latverion but is never heard from again. Embattled Interim Emperor Sate Pestage [see entry: "SATE PESTAGE"] declares Latverion insignificant and far too remote to ever pose a threat to the Imperial Remnant [see entry: "IMPERIAL REMNANT"]. This is the last reference to Latverion in any records for several years.


New Republic exploratory vessel "Fantastic" [see entries: "FANTASTIC"; "FOUR FROM THE FANTASTIC"] lost in region while investigating Colossus Nebula. All four crew members believed dead.


Reports from systems neighboring Latverion report raids by armored troopers with devestating weapons. Communications from these systems cease almost immediately after the attacks begin. New Republic forces responding report total destruction and no survivors in any of the affected systems. Pirate clans are believed to be the source of these raids. Attacks to neighboring systems continue but no pirate ships are ever found in the region.


Commercial freighter "Greymalkin" destroyed in Latverion region by unknown attackers. Distress call garbled due to proximity to Colossus Nebula.

Only one segment was able to be deciphered:

"(STATIC).....We're taking heavy(STATIC)......He's unstoppable........(STATIC)......Doom is coming.....(STATIC)......Noooooo(TRANSMISSION ENDS)"


Vik-Tor Vohn Dhume was the son of Latverion's ruler, Sla-Va Vohn Dhume. Vik-Tor Vohn Dhume, 16 at the time, was gravely wounded and disfigured during a TIE Bomber raid on the Latverion Royal Palace when the Empire siezed his homeworld. Near death, Vik-Tor was secreted out of the rubble of the Royal Palace by his bodyguard, Commander Kree-Stov. During the years in which the Empire enslaved his people, Vik-Tor was recouperating from his wounds and planning his revenge. Revenge not just on the Empire for their crimes against his world, but against the Rebel Alliance for bringing the wrath of the Empire down on his people.

Had Latverion not been ignored for most of it's history, Vik-Tor may even have been discovered and trained by the jedi Order as he has an incredibly strong connection to the Force. Even as a child, he could make others bow to his will and often had insight into the true motives of the visitors to his father's court. But untrained as he was, Vik-Tor was unable to deal with the anger and hatred that now brewed in his heart since his wounding and the subjugation of his people and fell into darkness. Wearing his family's ancestrial mask, Vik-Tor used his Force abilities and natural charisma to gather a throng of followers and began to plan for the future...

When word of the death of Emperor Palpatine spread to Latverion, Vik-Tor knew it was time to come out of hiding. He and his followers began a planet-wide revolt, turning their ore processing tools and advanced munitions against their cruel Imperial masters. Once his world was free, Vik-Tor, now calling himself "Doom" (for the doom he was about to bring to the rest of the galaxy), began formulating his next move.

Doom had his best engineers and metalurgists create a suit of armor for him out of an experimental "energy deflection/absorption" alloy that was being designed for the Empire's "Quantum Armor" project. This armor is nearly impervious to blaster fire, Doom even had his family ceremonial mask coated with the experimental alloy. The armor also contains communications, life support, and a built in repulsorlift unit.

Doom outfitted his second in command, General Kree-Stov and all of his troops (his loyal "Doomtroopers") with armor plate and shields made from this same alloy and his factories began construction of specially designed Battledroids (which he calls "Doombots"), starfighters, and capital ships for his coming campaign against those who had wronged his world.

ROTS Clone Commander (green variant) arms, waist, legs; ROTS Obi Wan Kenobi (craptacular Saber-Slashin' version) torso and lower robe "skirt"; Saga/OTC General Lando Calrissian holster (modded) and pistol, ROTS crispy fried Anakin robe (modded), ARAH Darklon head; ARAH Battle Armor Cobra Commander pistol (non-Accessory Pack, modded).

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Spectre's Custom Vehicles
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:09 PM »
I always felt that Jabba should have had a few smaller, armed vehicles travelling with his Sail Barge as he has alot of enemies who whould jump at the chance to attack him when he is away from the safety of his Palace.

These are just 3 of the Skiff Escorts I have built (I really need to get crackin' on photographing the rest of 100's of customs I have built :)  ). As usual, these craft are entirely kitbashed, this time almost exclusively from model parts. They are both suspended atop clear model stands to simulate flight. The pilots are custom as well :)

Style I:

Style II:

Style III:

I never got the One Man Sand Skimmer (or the other 2 Body-RIGs) as a kid because I had given up playing with toys by the time they were released. When POTF2 came out and I decided to collect them, I always hoped it would be rereleased as an original is far to expensive for me to justify spending on a small toy. I decided to recreate the vehicle with a more "modern/realistic" slant. This vehicle, like my others, is completely kitbashed from various toy and model parts. The pilot is a stand-in, the actual pilot has not been painted yet.

Here for your viewing enjoyment is my rendition of the Endor Security Scout. There is no pilot for this vehicle yet, but as soon as I design and construct him, I'll post pics of him flying the Scout :)

This vehicle is entirely kitbashed from model parts and a G.I.Joe backpack (Annihilator?) and has all of the original toy's features (head clamp, movable tail, support legs, blaster cannons) but adds the most needed one- A PROPULSION SYSTEM! The original toy did not have any engines to propell the vehicle! A major oversight by the toy design team in my eyes that has now been rectified :)

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