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There are many rumors surrounding the masked weapons supplier known only as "Destro":

Some claim that he is on an ancient lineage and can trace his ancestry back to Empress Teta herself.

Others claim that he is a member of a race of immortals as tales of a masked man selling weapons to both sides of a conflict stretch back to before the Great Sith War.

Some say he is the same man cloned time and again apon his death.

It is believed that he has personally killed over one thousand men with his vibrosword.

Still others claim that there are a succession of men who have donned the mask and mantle of Destro throughout the millennia.

Some claim that he is horribly scarred and wears the mask to hide his deformities from the galaxy at large.

Others claim that he is of an ancient race that is so hauntingly beautiful that to glance apon him is to instantly fall into so deep a love that you would take your own life out of dispair if he did not return your look.

There are even those that claim he is an anciend war droid that gained sentience and coats itself in synth-flesh to try to pass as a living organism.

The list goes on and on.

But disregarding all of the rumors, there is only one known fact about Destro: If you have the credits, he has the weapons. If you need anything from a standard sidearm to a high performance starfighter, you call Destro.

Destro runs one of the biggest weapons design/manufacturing/supply companies in the Galaxy, M.A.R.S. (Munitions Armament and Robotics Systems) and has supplied weapons to just about every army within that galaxy.

Accompanied at all times by members of his personal Army, the Durasteel Grenadiers, Destro travels from one war-torn system to another meeting the destructive demands of warlords and gangsters alike without letting any petty morals get in the way of making his fortune. Even without the presence of his Durasteel Grenadiers, I doubt anyone would want to start trouble with a man who carries mini proton torpedoes on his person.

Destro has ties to the the man known as "Cobra" and his "Brotherhood Of The Serpent". Destro's engineers and scientists have supplied the brotherhood with cutting edge technology since it's creation.

head: "Avengers Animated Series" Vision on a VvV Wave 7 Duke neck
body: POTJ Jedi Armor Qui Gon Jinn (modded)
cape: POTF2 Emperor's Royal Guard (modded)
sword: ARAH Destro v2
blaster: custom
wrist missiles: BBI mortar shells

I struggled long and hard over how to paint this figure. I was planning on going with the more well known silver helmeted look, but it just seemed wrong to have him leading his Grenadies if he was not in tradional IG colors.

Coming soon....Troopers galore!

I started a project back in November 2004 to combine the characters and concepts of the old "G.I.Joe" line with those of the Star Wars  Universe.

In this continuity, Cobra is an underworld criminal organization whose power base rivals that of Black Sun.

Cobra (Cobra Commander):

The man known only as "Cobra" rules his organization with an iron fist. Cobra began his rise to power during the early days of the Galactic Civil War but only saw a real opportunity to prosper in the chaotic years following the death of Emperor Palpatine. Cobra has his hands in all elements of the underworld and has amassed a personal army that is feared across the Outer Rim.

Mistress DeCobray (The Baroness):

Impossibly rich and impossibly bored, V'nesa DeCobray fell in love with the criminal warlord known only as "Cobra". Mistress DeCobray enjoys the excitement and power that her position in the Brotherhood commands, but is beginning to think she is just a possession in Cobra's eyes. She has recently begun to notice the attention given to her by the Brotherhood's weapons supplier, a mysterious, metal-masked man known as "Destro"...

To-Max and Xa-Mot (Tomax and Xamot):

While attempting to clone one of the Corporate Sector's most brilliant financial minds, Doctor Mindbender miscalculated and the developing embryo split in two resulting in To-Max and Xa-Mot. To-Max and Xa-Mot seem to share one mind, with one twin finishing the sentences of the other. While this can be unsettling to the rank and file, Cobra keeps both of them close by at all times to monitor his financial holdings. To-Max and Xa-Mot are able to communicate with each other telepathically even over great distances. Xa-Mot bears a scar on his left cheek from an assassins blade intended for Cobra.

Crimson Guardians (Grimson Guardsmen):

Only the most trusted of the Brotherhood Of The Serpent's troopers ever attain the renk of "Crimson Guardian". All of the Crimson Guardians in service rose through the Viper ranks and had to risk their personal safety defending Cobra before they were even concidered for the honor of serving as Cobra's personal bodyguards. Crimson Guardians are the most feared of the Brotherhood's troopers.

Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / Re: The Coming Of Doom
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:23 PM »
The most brutal of all Doomtroopers are those that carry the Plasma Guns. Plasma Gunners carry weapons that harken back to the fateful night when they turned their mining and ore processing tools against their cruel Imperial masters.

The Plasma Guns fire continuous streams of plasma that can burn through armor plate. Doomtrooper Plasma Gunners have been known to wade through a settlement cutting through everything and everyone in their path of destruction!

whole figure: "Army Of Darkness" Knight (modded)
plasma guns: weapons from a "G.I.Joe" Darklon's Evader (modded with trimmings from a "Revenge Of The Sith" Clone Pilot's staff accessory)

Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / Re: The Coming Of Doom
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:22 PM »
Carrying stripped down heavy repeating blaster rifles, the Doomtrooper Heavy Gunners lay down a devestating field of fire as they conquer world after world!

whole figure: "Army Of Darkness" Knight (modded)
heavy repeating blaster rifle: "G.I.Joe" Incinerator flamethrower (modded)

Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / Re: The Coming Of Doom
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:21 PM »
Clad in their blast-resistant armor, the Doomtrooper Squad Leaders lead the men under their command to victory in the name of Latverion and Doom!

The typical firearm carried by Doomtrooper Squad Leaders is an over-under combo heavy blaster rifle/proton grenade launcher with a telescopic sight.

whole body: "Army Of Darkness" Knight (modded)
blaster rifle: "Spawn (movie)" Jessica Priest rifle (modded with "Corps!" M-4 handle)

A typical Doomtrooper Battle Squad:

I constructed 2 such squads for this project!

Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / Re: The Coming Of Doom
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:19 PM »
The backbone of the Latverion Imperium's military forces are the Doomtroopers. Assembled from members of every social class and walk of life, the Doomtroopers' goal is revenge against the galaxy at large for the hardships their world has had to endure.

Clad in blast-resistant armor and carrying devestating weapons, the Doomtroopers, led by General Kree-Stov, cut a swath of destruction across space in the name of Latverion and their ruler, Doom.

The standard Doomtrooper Infantry Soldier carries an over-under combination blaster rifle/micro-grenade launcher as their primary firearm. This already devestating offensive weapon also had an under-mounted vibro blade for close quarters combat.

Doomtrooper Infantrymen also carry a shield made from the same blast-resistant alloy that their armor is made of. The majority of Doomtroopers carry the newer, lighter round shields, but it is not uncommon to see the occasional Doomtrooper Infantryman carrying the older, heavier triangular shields.

whole figure: "Army Of Darkness" Knight (modded)
round shield: "Army Of Darkness" Deadite Centurion (modded)
triangular shield: "Sleeping Beauty" Prince Charming (modded)
rifle: "Halo2" Brute mini-figure Bruteshot (modded)

I made 6 of these guys but only had 5 of the "Army Of Darkness" shields and really didn't feel like buying more of these rather shoddily made figures so I used another medievel shield that I had on hand and just BS'd a backstory excuse ;)

Now that I have completed this project, I can honestly say that I will never purchase another Palisades action figure unless they SERIOUSLY improve the quality of them. The figures themselves are made from a stiff vinyl with less give than either a Star Wars or G.I.Joe figure, which in and of itself is not bad, but the joints are another matter entirely! The joints are made from an incredibly brittle clear plastic that snaps fairly often when just moving the joint! The elbows and knees are most prone to breakage and several of the figures above actually have their elbows and knees Krazy Glued in the position they are in due to the joint breaking irrepairably :(

Other Custom Figures (non Star Wars) / Re: The Coming Of Doom
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:19 PM »
On the fateful night when the Empire subjugated his world, then Commander Kree-Stov was fulfilling his duties as bodyguard to the young Prince Vik-Tor. When a wing of TIE Bombers began their attack on the Latverion Royal Palace, Vik-Tor was gravely wounded by one of the Proton Torpedo volleys. Commander Kree-Stov, seriously wounded himself (he lost his right arm below the elbow), dragged the unconcious and bleeding Prince Vik-Tor into the underground tunnels beneath the Royal Palace and into hiding.

Commander Kree-Stov spent the next few years tending to the horribly scarred Vik-Tor and assembling an underground resistance against their Imperial occupiers. A doctor in the resistance replaced Kree-Stov's lost arm with an appendage from one of the many older model, outdated, ore processing droids from the factories on the surface.

When Vik-Tor was finally healed enough to move on his own again, Kree-Stov began training the boy in military tactics and several forms of armed and unarmed combat, preparing him for the day when he would lead his people against their cruel masters.

After Vik-Tor, now calling himself "Doom", led the revolt that liberated his world, Kree-Stov was rewarded with the rank of General in the newly formed Latverion Imperium military forces.

Clad in his blast resistant armor, Kree-Stov holds the honored position or confidant and military advisor to Doom.

"Army Of Darkness" Knight body, ROTS Royal Guard (blue) head, "Army Of Darkness" Splitting Ash right hand, ROTS Rebuild Darth Vader skirt (modded), POTF2 General Lando Calrissian pistol (modded)





Third planet in system of same name located near edge of known galaxy.

Entire system faces severe communications and navigation difficulties due to it's proximity to a spacial region known as the Colossus Nebula (source of an as of yet unknown form of cosmic radiation).

Latverion system has been generally left alone for most of it's history in part because of the hazards presented by the Colossus Nebula, but also due to it's extreme distance from the "civilized" galaxy.

Prime industries: advanced alloys and explosives



Latverion captured by Separatist forces. Entire population enslaved and forced to manufacture Battledroids and munitions for the Separatist war effort. Planet sustains heavy damage during liberation when Republic capital ships saturation bomb the surface from orbit. Separatist forces are defeated but over one quarter of the civilian population is killed in the bombings.

Republic Naval Captain Tarkin [see entry: "GRAND MOFF TARKIN"] given commendation by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine for his heroic efforts to free the latverions from the iron grip of the Separatists.

The Republic promises to help the people of Latverion rebuild their world, but is waylaid due to the escalating conflict known as the "Clone Wars" [see entry: "CLONE WARS"].

Populace of Latverion left on their own to rebuild their shattered society...


Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declares himself Emperor [see entries: "EMPEROR PALPATINE"; "EMPEROR PALPATINE (CLONE)"] and the Galactic Empire [see entry: "GALACTIC EMPIRE"] is born.

Jedi purge begins [see entry: "JEDI PURGE"]

Latverion is more or less ignored by the galaxy at large due to it's extreme distance and navigational hazards.

Latverions continue to rebuild their world.


Latverion ore processing and munitions factories go back on-line. Life, while hard, returns to some semblance of normalcy.

Prime source of income for Latverion comes from manufacturing armor plate for the Empire's All Terrain Armored Transports [see entry: "AT-AT"].


The fledgeling Alliance To Restore The Republic [see entry: "REBEL ALLIANCE"] reaches out to Latverion for aid in their battle against the Galactic Empire. Latverion leader Sla-Va Vohn Dhume informs the Alliance representative that he wants nothing to do with their movement and does not need to incur the wrath of the Empire. The Alliance representative leaves Latverion but her visit is reported to Emperor Palpatine by an Imperial spy in Vohn Dhume's court. The Galactic Empire uses the Rebels' visit as an excuse to seize the planet's ore processing and munitions plants as "war essentials". During the Empire's raid to capture the planet's resources, Imperial forces decimate nearly half of the population. Vohn Dhume's son, and heir, Vik-Tor Vohn Dhume is gravely injured in a TIE Bomber raid on the royal palace. Latverion's population is again enslaved and forced to manufacture war materials for their cruel masters. Sla-Va Vohn Dhume is publicly executed as an enemy of the empire. Vik-Tor Von Dhume missing and believed dead.

In the ensuing years, Latverion is used as a test bed for new Imperial projects. it is rumored that the advanced armor for the Darktrooper [see entry: "DARKTROOPER PROJECT"] was developed on Latverion.


Emperor Palpatine dies on board the second Deathstar [see entry: "DEATHSTAR II"] during the battle of Endor [see entry: "BATTLE OF ENDOR"].

Imperial forces on Latverion stop transmitting reports to Coruscant. An investigatory force is sent to Latverion but is never heard from again. Embattled Interim Emperor Sate Pestage [see entry: "SATE PESTAGE"] declares Latverion insignificant and far too remote to ever pose a threat to the Imperial Remnant [see entry: "IMPERIAL REMNANT"]. This is the last reference to Latverion in any records for several years.


New Republic exploratory vessel "Fantastic" [see entries: "FANTASTIC"; "FOUR FROM THE FANTASTIC"] lost in region while investigating Colossus Nebula. All four crew members believed dead.


Reports from systems neighboring Latverion report raids by armored troopers with devestating weapons. Communications from these systems cease almost immediately after the attacks begin. New Republic forces responding report total destruction and no survivors in any of the affected systems. Pirate clans are believed to be the source of these raids. Attacks to neighboring systems continue but no pirate ships are ever found in the region.


Commercial freighter "Greymalkin" destroyed in Latverion region by unknown attackers. Distress call garbled due to proximity to Colossus Nebula.

Only one segment was able to be deciphered:

"(STATIC).....We're taking heavy(STATIC)......He's unstoppable........(STATIC)......Doom is coming.....(STATIC)......Noooooo(TRANSMISSION ENDS)"


Vik-Tor Vohn Dhume was the son of Latverion's ruler, Sla-Va Vohn Dhume. Vik-Tor Vohn Dhume, 16 at the time, was gravely wounded and disfigured during a TIE Bomber raid on the Latverion Royal Palace when the Empire siezed his homeworld. Near death, Vik-Tor was secreted out of the rubble of the Royal Palace by his bodyguard, Commander Kree-Stov. During the years in which the Empire enslaved his people, Vik-Tor was recouperating from his wounds and planning his revenge. Revenge not just on the Empire for their crimes against his world, but against the Rebel Alliance for bringing the wrath of the Empire down on his people.

Had Latverion not been ignored for most of it's history, Vik-Tor may even have been discovered and trained by the jedi Order as he has an incredibly strong connection to the Force. Even as a child, he could make others bow to his will and often had insight into the true motives of the visitors to his father's court. But untrained as he was, Vik-Tor was unable to deal with the anger and hatred that now brewed in his heart since his wounding and the subjugation of his people and fell into darkness. Wearing his family's ancestrial mask, Vik-Tor used his Force abilities and natural charisma to gather a throng of followers and began to plan for the future...

When word of the death of Emperor Palpatine spread to Latverion, Vik-Tor knew it was time to come out of hiding. He and his followers began a planet-wide revolt, turning their ore processing tools and advanced munitions against their cruel Imperial masters. Once his world was free, Vik-Tor, now calling himself "Doom" (for the doom he was about to bring to the rest of the galaxy), began formulating his next move.

Doom had his best engineers and metalurgists create a suit of armor for him out of an experimental "energy deflection/absorption" alloy that was being designed for the Empire's "Quantum Armor" project. This armor is nearly impervious to blaster fire, Doom even had his family ceremonial mask coated with the experimental alloy. The armor also contains communications, life support, and a built in repulsorlift unit.

Doom outfitted his second in command, General Kree-Stov and all of his troops (his loyal "Doomtroopers") with armor plate and shields made from this same alloy and his factories began construction of specially designed Battledroids (which he calls "Doombots"), starfighters, and capital ships for his coming campaign against those who had wronged his world.

ROTS Clone Commander (green variant) arms, waist, legs; ROTS Obi Wan Kenobi (craptacular Saber-Slashin' version) torso and lower robe "skirt"; Saga/OTC General Lando Calrissian holster (modded) and pistol, ROTS crispy fried Anakin robe (modded), ARAH Darklon head; ARAH Battle Armor Cobra Commander pistol (non-Accessory Pack, modded).

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Re: Spectre's Custom Vehicles
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:16 PM »
This is the largest custom vehicle I have completed to date, measuring over 2 feet in length and standing over 1 foot high. It is completely kitbashed. The primary components are the front of an "Exo-Squad" plane and the front of a "Voyager" hull. The hardest part of the fabrication of this vehicle was getting the railing to follow the curves of the Voyager hull. I made this vehicle vaguely insectoid like the majority of the Nemoidians' transports (and the Nemoidians themselves).

Here is my latest custom vehicle, a Sand Pirate Combat Airspeeder. Look for this bad boy to appear in an upcoming chapter fo Chewie's Rykof Enlow eries!

The turret features a dedicated gunner as the opening is too narrow to allow the figure to be put in or removed without scratching it up. Also the interior is too shallow to allow the gunner to be inside when the lid is closed so I had to use 3/4 of a figure for the gunner (he has no legs below the knees and is glued inside the turret.

Parts: heavily modded Vintage Imperial Shuttle Mini-Rig, extremely heavily modded Chap Mei armored car, BBI Apache weapons pylons, PTE F-18 bomb racks and bombs, POTF2 X-Wing cannons, tons of model parts, tons of G.I.Joe parts, tons of Star Wars parts, 3/4 of a BBI Apache Pilot, G.I.Joe "Frostbite" head.

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Re: Spectre's Custom Vehicles
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:14 PM »
I designed this T-16 Skyhopper custom around an image on the cover of the "Secrets Of Tattooine" RPG sourcebook. I just fell in love with the markings and wanted to have one of my own for my diorama. I made addtions to the markings in the form of the black an white checkerboards and shield symbols on the sides of the body as well as the trophy images on the front for the races/championships he has won. I wasn't abl to get any shots of it with the wings open as no on was home to hold it for me while I took the pics.

I completely redesigned the interior so that the pilot coul actually see out of the windows. The interior is made from a bunch of Joe parts and part of Luke's Sport Skiff.

The pilot is made from a "Titan A.E." Deluxe Cale with a hole drilled in his back for the seat peg to be inserted into to hold him in the seat. The figure was further modified by adding a helmet made from part of a Xyber-9 figure's head. A Joe mic was also added to the helmet. The entire figure was repainted.

Here is my other T-16 Skyhopper custom. This one is not as flashy as the first one as I intended it to represent Luke's T-16 under a new owner. The entire vehicle was repainted to give it a nice weathered look.

I made a new interior for this one as well, also made from a bunch of Joe parts. I made custom controls out of a couple of POTF2 Han Solo blasters, a POTF2 Greedo rifle, and parts from Nabrun Leeds rifle.

The poor farmboy pilot is made from a Blastshield Luke with a Gunner Station Luke head. His crash harness is made rom Joe webgear. The Naboo helmet is glued to his head. A hole was drilled into his back for the seat peg.

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Re: Spectre's Custom Vehicles
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:13 PM »
This is a kitbashed Rebel starfighter based on the Vipers from the old "Battlestar Gaslactica" tv series. This is one of my very first customs. I made this back in the late 80's.

This ship was made from a vintage '78 X-Wing and lots of G.I. Joe parts. There is a non removeable vintage R5-D4 in the droid socket.

This first swoopbike is made primarily from a G.I.Joe "Cobra Jetpack" with parts from other Joe vehicles added on (Zartan's Swamp Skier, Serpentor's Air Chariot, Pom Pom Gun). There are some Playmates TNG accessories as well. The driver is made from several different SW figures and a McDonalds Happy Meal Action Man head (all modified).

This bike is primarily the pod from Sebelba's Podracer with vintage Speederbike steering vanes attatched. The rear engine exhausts are Krazy Glue caps. The rider is a repainted and modified Podracer Sebulba.

This bike started off life as a "Batman Forever" "Robin's Motorcycle". I added a bunch of different parts to it as I wanted a big-[censored] Harley-styled Swoop. The rider is made out of several different SW figures (all parts modified).

This last bike started out as a "Flash Gordon's Skybike" from the Playmates line. I had to cut off the Flash Gordon figure that was attatched to it and add new handlebars and a seat. I also had to close off several holes in the bottom that were left over after I removed the sparking and pull back and go mechanisms. The rider is made from several different SW figures and a Joe helmet (all parts modified).

All of my Swoops sit atop clear MicroMachines stands to simulate floating above the ground (they are all but invisible under the Swoops and look pretty good :)  ).

Way back in an early issue of "Star Wars: Republic" (possibly back when it was still only titled "Star Wars") there was a story set on Coruscant that had a high-flying Swoop Gang as one of the obstacles the hero had to overcome. I was intrigued by the concept of these flying Swoops, which I dubbed "skybikes" and decided to begin making custom skybikes. This was the first one I designed and constructed.

Left Side:

Right Side:





Parts: Front half of a "Xyber-9" Jack's Skybike, fuselage from an old Ertl X-Wing model, articulated panels from a "Total Justice" Superman's anti-Kryptonite armor, "Wing Commander" Kilrathi guns, lego pieces, etc. I'm not sure why I chose blue for this bike, but I think it looks pretty damn good in blue :D

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Re: Spectre's Custom Vehicles
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:10 PM »
This is one of the many "Uglies" I have made over the years. My Uglies are completely kitbashed. The primary components on this one are a vintage Y-Wing front, the rear section of a vintage Battle Star Galactica model, and vintage X-Wing wings. The rest of the parts are from several different sources, both model kits and toys.

Here's another kitbashed starfighter i have built. The primary components are a G.I. Joe "Cobra Wolf" and the wings from an Ertl Star Trek "Bird Of Prey" model. The wings fold for carrier storage and there are 2 opening cockpits. The overall color scheme is based on a picture of a Vietnam War-era F-4 Phantom my uncle had hanging in his living room.

Here's another "Ugly" I built awhile back. The primary components are a G.I. Joe Skyhawk cockpit (hand laid glass panels), a vintage Ertl Darth Vader's TIE model, vintage Ertl TIE Interceptor model, and lots and lots of model and toy parts :)

Note: the forward landing gear is a last minute replacement as the puppy chewed up the original as I was about to take the pics (damn dog :(  ). The gear will be painted to match the rest of the ship eventually.

The pilot is made from a Duro body and Preview Mace head and hands with a bunch of other odds and ends.

Here is another Ugly that I kitbashed. The primary components are a vintage TIE Interceptor ball and Sebulba's Podracer's engines.

The pilot is a repainted "Robotix" figure with a custom blaster.

Star Wars Ships and Vehicles / Spectre's Custom Vehicles
« on: November 12, 2005, 11:09 PM »
I always felt that Jabba should have had a few smaller, armed vehicles travelling with his Sail Barge as he has alot of enemies who whould jump at the chance to attack him when he is away from the safety of his Palace.

These are just 3 of the Skiff Escorts I have built (I really need to get crackin' on photographing the rest of 100's of customs I have built :)  ). As usual, these craft are entirely kitbashed, this time almost exclusively from model parts. They are both suspended atop clear model stands to simulate flight. The pilots are custom as well :)

Style I:

Style II:

Style III:

I never got the One Man Sand Skimmer (or the other 2 Body-RIGs) as a kid because I had given up playing with toys by the time they were released. When POTF2 came out and I decided to collect them, I always hoped it would be rereleased as an original is far to expensive for me to justify spending on a small toy. I decided to recreate the vehicle with a more "modern/realistic" slant. This vehicle, like my others, is completely kitbashed from various toy and model parts. The pilot is a stand-in, the actual pilot has not been painted yet.

Here for your viewing enjoyment is my rendition of the Endor Security Scout. There is no pilot for this vehicle yet, but as soon as I design and construct him, I'll post pics of him flying the Scout :)

This vehicle is entirely kitbashed from model parts and a G.I.Joe backpack (Annihilator?) and has all of the original toy's features (head clamp, movable tail, support legs, blaster cannons) but adds the most needed one- A PROPULSION SYSTEM! The original toy did not have any engines to propell the vehicle! A major oversight by the toy design team in my eyes that has now been rectified :)

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