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I want to thank everyone for a their hard work in getting this project off the ground. It's one thing to come up with a fantastic idea, but to actually execute an idea of this scale is something else! Amazing job everyone! I can not wait to see the pics.

You guys kick major arse!!!

Star Wars Action Figures / Rebel Intimidator
« on: May 20, 2007, 09:03 PM »
Rebel Intimidators, are not Rebels at all but rather the product of the Imperial propaganda machine. Imperial agents diguised as Rebel terrorist, conduct robberies on finacial institutions, assasinate high profile public figures, and sabatage industrial complexes. Consiquently, most of their targets are people or corporations that challenge Imperial authority or sympathize with the Rebel's cause. Most of thier missions are high profile and receive front page billing from the Imperial controlled news feeds.

Rebel Intimidator

Star Wars Action Figures / Mon Cal Jedi Clone Wars
« on: May 20, 2007, 01:21 PM »
I got such a great response for my first Mon Cal Jedi, that I was insired to make another, LMK what you think.

Mon Cal Jedi Clone Wars

Star Wars Action Figures / Tusken War Cheif
« on: May 20, 2007, 01:11 PM »
Had some spare parts to use up, and this is what I came up with. LMK what you think.

Tusken War Cheif

This is my second attempt at Saesee Tiin. The first version one had a lot more battle damage. LMK what you think.

Saesee Tiin Clone Wars Battle Armor 2.0

Here's a comparison Shot

Star Wars Action Figures / Rebel BARC Courier
« on: May 16, 2007, 10:30 PM »
Here is my latest Vehicle project. I chahged up my weathering technique a little as per Chewie's suggestion. LMK what you think.

Durring the Galactic Civil War. Much of the under funded Rebellions equipment was made up of decommissioned imperial hardware. The BARC Speeders were perticularly plentiful after the Clone Wars ended and were bought and sold regulary in both Civilian and Military after markets. The Rebels used these swift speeders as courier vehicles. Do to advanced Imperial jamming devices Rebel Couriers were often the only line of communication that Rebel Genrals had betwwen them and there troops on the front lines.

Rebel BARC Courier

Star Wars Action Figures / SA Imperial Officer Tutorial
« on: May 16, 2007, 09:51 PM »
Here is my little visual "How-TO" guide for making a SA Imperial Officer.

1.Get your parts together. I chose a Clone head for this one but feel free to pick any generic head you like. I find the Moff Jerjerrod torso to be the easiest for this conversion. Solid torsos are much easier to work with than hollow ones. For the arms I went with my "Go-To" Saw Viper fodder. The articulation is hidden better on the Saw Vipers than most other Joes and he has a great generic head. The bottom half of the tunic is from Jerjerrod aswell. For the legs I went with another "Go-To" fodder favorite, the Saga DS Gunner. And finally for the Cap I'm going to scalp it off of Genral Veers because it is a little wider and fits this Clone better than the others I've tried.

2. Begin Converting parts for assembly. I use a cone shaped grider bit to make 2 shallow sockets in each side of the Jerjerrod torso where the original arms plugged in. Don't just shove the grinder bit in to widen the holes. Hold the Dremel at a 45 Degree angle and place only the very tip of the cone in the hole. Then work your way around the hole shaving away just a couple millimeters around it until you've created a small crater just deep enough for the Ball-Socket to rest in.

3. Now we've got to do something about the DS Gunners oversized Hips and But. Time to perform a little Lipo with your dremel. Using your cone shaped grider, shave away the excess plastic until the hips fit easily into the bottom half of the tunic. Don't worry if it does'nt look pretty the Tunic will hide you butcher job.

4. Be sure to slit the tunic to allow full articulation of the legs. This is something Hasbro needs to do on some of their most recent figures.

5. Now to modify the head to fit on the torso. Fortunatly this head required only a little modification. I used my router bit to widen the socket just a little and it fit perfectly.

7. Time to make him a cap. Now this is where your skills with the Dremel really get tested. First I remove the bulk of Veer's head with a pair of pliers. No need wasting time trying to dremel away all that excess palstic. Then I start to hollow out the cap with the dremel. The only way to do this is to hold the cap in your fingers as you dremel it out, so you can tell when your getting close to going through the palstic. Only the customizers with the most experience with dremels should try this technique. I test fit the cap a couple of time to see if I need to remove more palstic.

8. Now that all of your parts are prepped, microwave yourself a bowl of water. Drop the Torso in. When it's good in soft, fish it out and pop your peices together.

9. Prep for paint. I really like this new Paint I've discovered by Tamiya It's made for plastics and seems to hold up better at the articulation points. I use the Tamiya for the base coat then paint the details using acrylic paint. When he's dry reassemble accessorize and enjoy the Results!


Star Wars Action Figures / Imperial Ranger 2.0
« on: May 16, 2007, 08:42 PM »
I revised my Imperial Ranger Concept, and decided to go with the lighter Scout Trooper armor for the torso, which made the construction a lot more stable on this version.LMK what you think.

Imperial Ranger 2.0
Here's a comparison shot

Star Wars Action Figures / Imperial Artillery Crewman
« on: May 16, 2007, 08:30 PM »
Here is one of my latest Order66Customs projects. LMK what you think.

Imperial Artillery Crewman


well i wasn't expecting theft to be a problem and i can honestly say that i wouldn't have sent some of the customs i sent if i had kno whtis would be a possibility.

There was as much a chance of them being lost or destroyed durring shippment. As long as some one is manning the booth, I think loss will be kept to a minimum. But if the booth is left untended for hours at a time, chances are the coolest pieces will get lifted. I don't think the guys would jepordize or efforts like that. Right guys?

I think as long as the booth is maned, with at least one person throughout the event theft should be minimal. I'm hopeing the members who are attending will be able to workout shifts so they can enjoy the show and support the project. But regardless of wether or not some one is manning the booth at all times or not some loss should be expected. Unfortuanlty not everyone is raised to respect the property of others and it's pretty typical of items to be stolen at these types of events. If you remmeber Toyfair a couple of years ago, someone stole the Clone Commander they had on display. Theft sucks but don't get to bent out of shape over it. 


The building is the only item I don't want back, and of course the items I mentioned to you in an earlier PM that are slated to go to other members of the project.


Star Wars Action Figures / The Snow Beast's New Home
« on: May 9, 2007, 01:37 PM »
This is not one of my customs, but one I commissioned from Owen's Customs.

This thing is even better in person. I highly recommend Owen for any commission jobs. He really pulled this one off for me. I'm going to print out a nice arctic backdrop to give the dio more depth.

Here's a link to Owens website:
 Owens Customs 

Star Wars Action Figures / Rebel Armored Recon Speeder
« on: May 6, 2007, 08:08 PM »
Here is my latest Order66Customs project. LMK what you think.

Rebel Armored Recon Speeder

Star Wars Action Figures / Rykrof "Rock God"
« on: May 6, 2007, 07:57 PM »
This is my entry for the Rykrof Make-Over. LMK what you think.

What if Rykrof was a "Rock God" in the Star Wars Universe?

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