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Updating live from Hasbro's collecting panel right now at the convention, keep checking back as more info is added every few minutes.

These will be on-the-fly notes as it happens, so pardon the crude nature of some of these entries....

- The panel has 5 minutes to start, and the room is bursting. The line started queuing up an hour in advance.

- This is the Fall '07 Preview, some surprises in store.

- Thanks to the fans, SW is having another fantastic year, both due to collectors and kids.

- Still have to difficultly balance kid interest and collectors.

- When they saw Force Unleashed vdieogame, they knew they had to stay with it as it grew, should be the big Spring '08 thing.

- The Clone Wars TV show line is due '08, but Lucasfilm won't say any more.

- Galactic Heroes keeps going, wave 4 due around July 15th.

- Each Vader in G.Heroes Battle Packs line has different decos to reflect different movies.

- First wave of '08, 2 Skiff Guards, Tarkin & Imp Officer (black), Endor Leia w trooper, Luke w/ Yoda on back & Obi-Wan.

- 6 new Cinema Scenes, some with vehicles, 2 each exclusive to the big 3 retailers.

- G.Heroes Cinema Scenes have plenty of new.

- G. Heroes Cantina sets will be WM exclusives.

- G. H Ep 1 & Hoth ESB w/new Leia, TRU in Aug.

- G. Heroes Target exclusives X-wing original, and Jabba's Palace set, November. New Biggs, removable helmet Luke in X-wing set.

- Unleashed Battle Packs, 14 sets this year, some rereleases.

- SW Transformers, been one of their biggest intros, now adding new ship decos. AT-AT/Driver stunned audience, spring gun in jaw. Turbo Tank/Cody has wheels open to reveal guns. Luke/Snowspeeder, rear cannon hinges, saber clips under.

- SW TF Vader in October, lights up, fought for soft goods cape, first time on any TF.

- 3.75" line: intent is to get all 60 basics out by Dec/Jan. They're working on scratched coins, severly messed up can be sent in and replaced. Coins were really tricky, sculpted 1-to-1, hand sculpted.

- Wave 4 on shelf Aug 1. Umpass Stay designed to barely fit on card, 2 sets will make 1 drum. 2 Concept Vader helmets because they couldn't decide.

- Wave 5, mid aug, new C-3PO w/ removable eye. Darth Malak's collar, jaw removable. Pre-cyborg Grievous had leeway into design because style was open to interpretation in comics, removable helmet. McQuarrie lady-luke is "Starkiller Hero" because of odd situation.

- Wave 6, Oct 1, Han Torture Rack has no electronics, no second torso.

- Wave 7, Nov 1, Romba & Garak. New A-wing Pilot Tycho. R2 Ewok net is soft plastic to put all figs in.

- Wave 7.5 is Dec 1, repaint wave on best bodies possible. Clone Wars cloak Ep 2 Clone Trooper, deco on soft goods cloak. #53 Rebel Vanguard from SW Battlefront 2.

- Wave 1 & 2 Saga Legends in July 1 and 15. 4 different Sandtroopers, lots of other deco variations on other figs.

- Survey on future of Vintage in the booth downstairs.

- Comic 2packs are a hit, so will continue. 18 this year, exclus wave of 3.

- Republic #52 Anakin & A-series Assassin Droid is super nice.

- Hope to get to other Purge figures later. Sword will fit into Koffi's chest, has vader's arm.

- WM exclus wave in Oct 1st, ROTS p4 sep of twins 2pack reunited. Marvel #81 Boba's return, sarlacc goo. Republic #79, Commander Keller & Galactic Marine.

- Karnor Jax/Kir Kanos to be rereleased in main line.

- 4 new Battle Packs in late Fall. STAP Attack, Hoth Patrol, Capture at the Droid Factory, Betrayal on Bespin.

- New vehicles on Dec 1st, General Grievous Starfighter (!) w/ opening canopy, side pods pull out missile launchers, will fit Grievous figure.

- New AT-TP Pod Walker, top turret missile launcher, scaled to hold 3 figures, one on top gun 2 inside, center leg retracts up and outer hips pivot up to raise vehicle.

- New vehicles at Comic-Con.

- Exclusives:

- TRU wanted something soon which caused variant non-red deco Bantha by accident.

- Disney Park Exclusive cantina band light up music base, no names, 5 diff versions.

- Father's Day gift pack with card, designed for kids to give to dad, new easy-tear reversible package, WM exclusive on June 1st. Remove top, envelope & card come out, then fold top down and tab into box to become gift box.

- Concept Grievous, StarWarsOnlineShop exclusive, not con exclusive, not McQuarrie but same package concept & blurb.

- Y-wing w/ Lt. Lepira in August, movie-accurate scar face deco.

- 181st TIE Int, baron fel's squad.

- Ep 2 Jedi Starfighter w/ Hyperspace Ring, December, TRU.

- Battlefront II Multipack, 7 droid pack w/ gonk, 6 Clones - your select screen of 'em. Jetpack trooper accurate pack to game, accessories accurate to game, Internet/Diamond Comic exclusives in October.

- Unleashed 7" ARC Trooper tooling refresh, Online & Diamond Exclus, September, Unleashed was requested.

- Unleashed 7" not dead, looking for future opportunities.

- "Show us Your Lightsaber" contest, they're gonna run videos in the booth. Winner is Lee Vehe, congrats! Chrome Silver Spring Activated Vader saber, 1-of-a-kind. Winner also has another movie in SW Atom Films Film Festival.

- A very important project for Hasbro, inspired by Katie Johnson, Katie wanted droid to watch over her like Padme was watched by R2 in AOTC. Droid Builders Club built droid for Katie's room w/ 501st Legion. Katie's sister suggested named after Katie, R2-KT, in pink. Hasbro & LFL supporting Make a Wish of San Diego donating $100k in Katie's memory - Darryl is choked up, Hasbro is very proud. Fans can contribute as well by buying 3.75" R2-KT to inspire similar goodwill to the cause, SDCC and Online in Late July in 501st Package Style.

- Presentation with real R2-KT and 501st procession right now. Big applause, well deserved, ending presentation on a high note.

- Q&A about to start...

Hasbro we need both of these bad, the droid for Vader to ride on, and the platform for both Vader & Obi-Wan to ride on, and the Mustafar Lava Miners.

30th Anniversary Collection / 30AC #32 Yoda with Kybuck
« on: May 12, 2007, 09:35 AM »

2) Will the Bespin Torture Rack included with the upcoming Han Solo figure include any electronics? It really should have some orange or blue LED's to give it that creepy glow. Do you have any pictures to share of it yet?

HASBRO - We looked at it and just couldn't cost it out. In fact, we feel we're very lucky (and in trouble with our financial team because of it) even delivering the substantial heft of the piece in a basic figure pack as
is. There are some super pieces this year between the torture rack, gong, kybuck, moisture vaporator, and bar pieces we have decided to do this year that have been real neat accessory pieces, but enjoy them when they are available because with the constant price increase pressures we're under, it's uncertain whether we'll be able to pack-in many pieces like this in the future.

30th Anniversary Collection / 2007 Battle Pack Rumors
« on: April 26, 2007, 01:07 PM »
From Rebelscum:

# Battle Packs - many of these have already been released and some have been confirmed that they will be back again, but there ARE a few new names on the list

# Battle of Theed
# Jundland Wastelands (*)
# Betrayal at Bespin
# Capture at Droid Factory

# Hunt for Grievous
# Clone Attack on Coruscant
# Ambush on Ilum

* It should be noted that the Capture of Tantive IV battle pack is still showing this name on some store receipts, so it's likely this is what this is.

30th Anniversary Collection / Needa is coming says Hasbro!
« on: April 13, 2007, 06:31 PM »


1. Okay, I love all the Imperial officers that you have been producing over the last few years. But I still have an empty slot in my Empire Strikes Back collection for the ill fated Captain Needa. Any sense on when I might be able to fill that spot with an action figure?

HASBRO: We can't tell you for certain when he will come out, but it's a good bet that in the next two years you will have him in 3-3/4" format.

Watto's Junk Yard / Reptiles as pets?
« on: January 20, 2007, 06:56 PM »
Anyone keep any reptiles as pets?

I have two Leopard Geckos, here they are.

30th Anniversary Collection / 30AC #20 Stormtrooper
« on: October 12, 2006, 01:56 PM »

It doesn't say Concept Stormtrooper, they list it in Wave 1.

They also list the Jawa coming with a LIN Droid.



2) What is the top 3 things that Hasbro has wanted to do, but were shot down, whether it be by LFL, costs, time, etc?

Usually cost, time, and item count limitations are the culprits in having to lay aside a good idea. For 2007, there are two concepts we wanted to pursue but couldn't make work at the time: 1) Poster packs, built around the original theatrical posters matched to 3-3/4" figures, was a victim of item count and costing. These were conceived for '07 because of the widespread anticipation of the 30th Anniversary, but because of their size and cost we had to put them aside. We may look at this some time in the future, possibly as an exclusive farther down the road; and 2) A 3-3/4" Turbo Tank. Yes, it will pain some people to hear that we were working on a model that will not make it to market in 2007, but we just couldn't make the timing work. Now that we are looking at the animation, we will re-visit which large-size hero vehicle or playset we do. It may not be the Turbo Tank first...but we love this vehicle and will eventually get to it...patience will be rewarded.


30th Anniversary Collection / Bothan in 2007 says Hasbro!
« on: September 22, 2006, 05:55 PM »

3) Bothans are widely talked about in the Star Wars universe, yet we have never seen a definitive image of one, nor have we ever gotten a figure of one. Can we ever hope to see some Bothans?

Yes, yes indeed. If the schedule holds, you will see one at the very end of 2007.

Hey Hasbro! / PK Droid
« on: September 20, 2006, 03:39 PM »
The PK Droid can be made just by using the SP-4 body and making a new head.

And be sure to throw in a pile of loose Battle Droid parts.


30th Anniversary Collection / No Neimoidians or Separatists in 2007
« on: September 1, 2006, 05:22 PM »

From Action Figs:

Are you planning on releasing any new Separatist Leader figures in 2007?

We'll be filling the "alien" slots with other figures next year. But fans of the Nemoidians (and other Separtists) neededn't worry…. we do have plans to rotate them into future lines. Of course, this is always subject to change.


1) Hasbro - Hi - The Galactic Hunt Obi-Wan and the Evolutions Anakin are amazing sculpts. Also some of the Episode III sculpts including Ki Adi Mundi and Kit Fisto are fantastic. When will we see some more of these ""super articulated"" Jedi scupts. A Qui-Gonn Jinn akin to the Anakin and Obi-Wan previously mentioned would be very exciting to fans, as would any other SA type Jedi, including Adi Gallia, Eeth Koth, and Bariss Offee. Also, is the upcoming Yarrel Poof figure an improved sculpt over the Jedi Council figure?"

Thanks for the comment. We do have some of the other Jedi that we want to do in an updated, SA (super-articulated) manner, and Qui-Gon is going to get that treatment sometime in 2007. Other that you mention will be updated, but not next year….they are slated for further out figures. Yarael Poof is the same figure as the Jedi Council version, with a lightsaber this time.

edit: formatting fixed...  ;)

30th Anniversary Collection / 2007 #03 Mace Windu
« on: August 25, 2006, 03:42 PM »

JI: Will we see a new version of the Mace Windu figure released thats on par (Articulation wise) with the Evolution of Anakin or the ROTS Obi-Wan pilot figures?

Hasbro: An improved Mace is coming early 2007 - with knee ankle, shoulder, and elbows. The only thing he won't have is ball and socket waist but he'll be a great figure. So….stay tuned!

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