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Hey, I am looking for the following droid parts:

YVH-1 head and gun
HK-50 head -pending
Darktrooper parts: arms, legs, and head

R4-J1 complete
L8-L9 complete
5D6-RA7 head -pending
Droid Factory guide (1 sheet with picture of all 2008-09 droids) <---stored in Gonk droid! Man, I shoulda got more of these!!!

Odds & ends:

need Pre Vizsla darksaber, jetpack, and 1 pistol

Have a loose complete mint Cade Skywalker, need a loose complete Darth Malak

Will trade and or buy, please PM!! Thanks!

Gentle Giant Shocktrooper bust from 2006 Comic-con for sale. MIB. Asking $80. Thanks.

Also selling Saga '06 Walmart wave figures:
SAGA-070: Aurra Sing
SAGA-071: Kitik Keed'kak
SAGA-072: Nabrun Leids & Kabe
SAGA-073: Labria
SAGA-074: R4-M6 (Mace Windu's Astromech Droid)

asking $45

Have Walmart canceled CW dvd 2 pack sets 1 & 2 "Legacy of Terror" and "Brain Invaders" -$22 each

OR will trade for the following:

-TVC Wedge Antilles

-loose complete TAC Darth Malak

-Senate Commando Capt. & Senate Cmdo 2 pack (Target excl.) + 1 phase 2 armor CW basic clone

-BD Bikerscouts from Target excl. Endor UBP

For both sets a combo deal must be arranged of course. Plmk. Thx.

Thanks for looking


moooov this

found it yesterday as well in Culver City.  Another guy on scum (lifeinabox) found it yesterday too.  I found it late though, so he & Phruby beat me.   It's also been spotted in AZ and UT as far as i know.   I submitted the news to RS, but who knows when they'll get to it -theyre all at CV havin a ball.  Lucky ducks!

i want to reply!!!

i vote for Bastila Shan.   

I almost picked Palpatine Office Duel, but he's already on the list in Senate duel form, hope he eventually gets made.

3rd pick was Magnaguard SA, but i know they'll eventually get to him & i hope they don't half-ass it to make us buy it again.  Eg. knees, no ankles or ankles and no knees

The Legacy Collection / Re: 2009 Hasbro Star Wars Fans' Choice
« on: August 3, 2009, 07:58 AM »
 I vote for Emperor Palpatine (senate duel),  but you guys need to be more clear about which Palpatine you're specifying.  On the full story for the front page article you listed Emp. Palpatine (office duel).  This is him in red robes for the Mace +3 Jedi fight.  The one I'm voting for is the dark gray robes for the duel vs. Yoda in the senate chamber.   I wish they'd make both really.  

The Legacy Collection / Re: TLC "Scramble on Yavin" Battle Pack
« on: October 9, 2008, 07:17 AM »
nope, it's Ryan Stiles.  Or a sh&%@y Bill Maher.  Or Pierre Bernard as Matt would like it to be.  :P

The Legacy Collection / Re: TLC "Scramble on Yavin" Battle Pack
« on: October 7, 2008, 07:58 PM »
I want this set for sure, but does anyone else notice the tech looks like Ryan Stiles from the Drew Carey Show/Who's Line is it Anyway?

thought the same.  u beat me to it Sal!!

Feedback / Re: JACKOFTRADZE's feedback
« on: August 9, 2008, 07:27 PM »
just completed my 2nd (i think) trade with the Jack.  Smooth sailing again.  Well packaged, shipped fast, good communication.  Good times.  8)

ROTS Gunship mib (C8.5-9 box) - $40

Target Excl. ROTS Obi-wan w/cup $7
" " " Clone Trooper w/cup $7

Jedi Temple Assault BP mib - $20
Target Excl. Mace's Attack Battallion BP mib -$20

GG Shocktrooper bust w/mini bust-up - $90 shipped

Vintage AT-ST complete - $22

Prices do not include shipping, unless otherwise noted.
M.O. or Paypal preferred.
Please PM with inquiries.

Thanks for lookin!


boy, someone really wants that #4 spot.      bikerscout!!    ;D

let's go up a notch

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