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Wow... Chewie, you never seem to stop impressing me with your part choices on your figures.  CHEEDO looks great. Iwould never have thought to use the Hammerhead torso for a custom like that.  The parts go great together.  BORACCA looks really imposing.  He's freakin' huge.  That is how a wookie should be.  You did a great job on painting him up and the wash you gave him works really well for fur. 

Another great update!

Great looking gunship.  The paints looks pretty good and great job on the weathering/dry brushing.  I like it.

Nice set of updates Brent.  I really like how these turned out.

A'Sharad Hett - This one is my favorite out of the bunch.  Its a nice and simple version of Hett and the parts flow really good together.  Although not comic book acurate, i think he goes better with the look of the other jedi.  I will definitely be "borrowing" your recipe for this one.   ;D

Diva Shaliqua - The part choices on this one is completely amazing.  They all work really well and flow nicely together.  Just a little repaint of the flesh tones and she will be great.

Weequay - Overall a nice looking weequay thug.  He has a great mean scowl to him.

Man chewie, thats a great repaint of the EVO trooper.  That spray paint worked really really well.  It would have been almost impossible to replicate how clean and smooth the white looks with brush on paint.  Nice Job!

Nice looking clone Roton.  I like the contrast of the black and the white.  The weathering and the battle damage looks good. I really like how you have the scratches of white through the black paint. 

As some of you know, in addition to posting my customs here, I also post at  Well CC was recently interviewed by DeathStarDroid over at  The interview is basically in the form of a photo-novel and we were able to submit our self customs to DSD and they would be included in the interview. 

Here is the custom that I submitted.  The design of the custom is basically the same as my previous version of my self custom  but I used a ROTS Kit Fisto base instead of  the ROTS Obi-Wan base. 

Let me know what you think.  You can check out rest of the interview here

Great custom and PN update Chewie.  All of them look really good, but I really like how your updated TRIGG FUUDA turned out.  The part selection for is very creative and they flow together really well.  The addition of the maul skirt really adds alot to the overall figure.  Great job!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Ryan's Customs - Updated 5/07/06
« on: May 11, 2006, 08:13 AM »
Ryan, great job tweaking Cody.  His legs were one of my major gripes with Hasbro's figure and you did a great job correcting them. 

Your pilots look great too. I really like how the Bib Fortuna head looks on that body.  The removal of some of the detail off of the head really help to seperate this figure and make it so much more than just Bib Fortuna in a x-wing uniform.

Thanks for the comments Kit.  Yeah the camera flash did drown out some of the weathering and brighten up the paint color.  As for the helmet, I do have some of Glassman's awesome Mando helmets, but i'm saving those for when i start customize the VOTC fett figures that I have.   :)

After seeing everyone's great Mandalorian customs, I decided it was my turn to make one.   I originally wanted to use a VOTC fett figure, but I decided to first try out some of my color and part choice ideas  on a Saga Fett before customizing the more expensive VOTC figure.  So lets just call this figure my Mandalorian test run.  The helmet to me is a little small and is just the Saga figure's head hollowed out. The figure does have some battle damage/weathering on the armor, but it can't really be seen due to the camera flash.  Let me know what you guys think.  Thanks!

Parts list:
Head: Gung-Ho (G.I.Joe VvV)
Torso/Upper Arms/Legs: Saga Boba Fett
Lower Arms: Major Barrage (G.I.Joe DTC)
Helmet: Hollowed out Saga Boba Fett Head

Back in the late 70's Women's Day Magazine published a couple of Star Wars related articles for parents and children.  These articles include playset projects that could be made fairly easily so that kids would have places to play with their figures.

I had seen the space station playset before and I remember someone recently making an updated verion of it but I hadn't seen the Hoth and Dagobah playsets before.  They look pretty neat for being designed back in the 70's.  Check them out.

Outer Space Station Playset

Hoth & Dagobah Playset

edit - just stopped by to fix the link... Jeff

Great preview Chewie.  I really like the shield effect that you did around your droideka.  It looks awesome.

Those are some really cool lego customs.  You did a job on both the helmets and the body labels

Thats one heck of a WIP.  You did a great job with the foamcore.  The council chamber looks great so far.  I can't wait to see the whole thing finished.

Great looking commando.  I really like the contrast of the light blue visor and the dark color scheme of this uniform.  The boots and the kama are a great touch and make this nice and unique mandalorian custom.

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