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Chewie, I sent some PMs to ya on the Yak, but it seems that you never got them. So I'm letting ya know the official news thru this thread. Sorry about that. But it seemed like the only sure way. :-\

IT'S ALIVE!   I T ' S   A L I V E ! ! !   
Nwaaa Haaa Haa haa haaa haa haaaaaa!!!

So pop on over to the Come see your awesome additions to the Ultimate Group Project displayed for the entire Customizing Community! Come see your name in lights!  ;)

And if you don't see your works, make sure that you post pictures in the Web Site Pictures: thread. We'll get them up as soon as we can.

Likewise, if you don't see your name in lights (under the Artists & Customizers section), then write us a quick note using the on-line "Send Us Your Questions" form in the FAQs section of the website! We'll get such a grievous error corrected ASAP  8)

>Pendragon - comin' at ya live from the beautiful, snow-covered headquarters of, official home to the UGP website  ;D - over & out

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Web Site FAQs:
« on: April 1, 2007, 09:28 AM »
We are ready to launch the web site on Monday.

But there are two things that will need to be added soon after the launch. More Pictures, and all of the FAQs.

This thread will be dedicated to coming up with Questions to populate the FAQ section.

Feel free to post any questions you can think of. And an answer if you have one. The format should be as follows to avoid any confusion:
Q: How do I start participating in the UGP? The forums seem like a haphazard way to start involvement. Plus, there's 2 of them.
A: Go to the Jedi Defender Forums, and check out the "what we still need thread".

[This is an actual question we've already received, btw. The answer presented here is just fluff & was not given]

Project Leads: If you have an answer to a previously asked question that was posted w/out an answer, please Quote the Q, and give the A  8)

Please keep chatter & discussion of the validity of given answers to PM's until a concensus is reached.

On behalf of the web team, this will be a great help! Thanks muchly,

Celebration IV - Ultimate Group Project / Web Site Pictures:
« on: April 1, 2007, 09:18 AM »
We are ready to launch the web site on Monday.

But there are two things that will need to be added soon after the launch. More Pictures, and all of the FAQs.

This thread will be dedicated to organization of the Pictures.

Please post only pictures of your custom figures/vehicles/buildings, and the name of your custom (even if it's generic).

It doesn't matter if the actual piece will be used in the C4 diorama. We just want to put any contribution to the Ultimate Group Project up on the site.

On behalf of the web team, this will be a great help! Thanks muchly,

Jesus PenDragon, you're a pain right in the ass.  ;)

Yes, yes I am ;)

But since you seem to have some similar concerns, I'm still glad I brought it up  ;D

I could slap it together and shoot some stone texture paint on it giving it that Palpatine homage look, reminiscent of the statues being pulled down at the end of ROTJ. I have a full woodshop and could make a base like Roron was discussing out of MDF. Beat the idea around and give me some feedback today. I can knock this out tomorrow if given the go ahead. Let me know.

I was hoping ther might be a way to go that route :)

...There's been a lot of discussions lately that I guess should have been done publically ...
That would have been cool ;)

And I see your points. Guess I'm being kinda idealistic.

Oh, and also for the record, you're jedi are beautiful. Good luck with the moving & start to your baby room. :)


That was a lot to digest.

Yeah, I can get wordy ;)

Oh, and for the record, I think your rebs are beautiful looking Fritz  ;D

Anywho, I just got to thinking about the already established story - the one that (I thought) won the rights to the Official UGP background in the Vote for Planet Story thread.

And I've been trying to keep with in that paradigm. I mean, heck, it's the opening scroll to our web site (to be launched Monday if all goes well). To bring it back & also try to answer your question, Chewie:

Story 9:

Judde Lulos (The Empire's Jewel)...
When Separatists got word of the existence of this world, they secretly provided the native rebels with weapons and training to hopefully overthrow the imperial command center. Doing so would provide a great resource of credits for the growing rebellion against the Empire….

Please understand that all of my concerns are all based on trying to stay true to Glassman's winning story. If that story is no longer the official story, or Glass doesn't care, then I must have missed something and should have read more carefully. And I apologize for rockin' the boat or causing any ill will.   :(

 ;D Sorry - trying to do too many things at once. I'll try to keep my thoughts a bit more ... cohesive ;)

My first concern is that most of the rebs are human. (The human to 'other' species ratio has nothing to do with the feeling of post-Hothiness. It's more the uniformity of the rebels' looks & use of an ATST/ATAT that's giving me that take on it.) I'd love to see more non-humans. Especially ones that didn't look similar in dress to the Fritz's rebs.

This brings up my second concern. This being that the humans & calamari all look enough alike. It feels like they might as well be from an established millitary. I could get behind the exclusive use Fritz's rebels if they didn't look like they all came from the same former military organization (in that they may have different ranks or different jobs, but they all seem to have the same colors & style). So, way more individuality would be something that I'd love to see.

These guys just don't scream rag-tag, assembled from different back-grounds, proto-rebels to me. As a force unto themselves anyway.

The exceptions here being the Wookie & the 2 commandos. They, at least, look different enough. The wookie is wicked awesome - I agree he should definitely be part of it. But the rebel commandos look far too much like comic book Rebel Commandos (in fact, I have two comic-book inspired rebel commandos on the back burner that use a similar recipe to what Fritz has here). So, as different as they look, those 2 just don't do it for me.

My third, final ("thank god, maybe he'll shut up soon"), but most nagging concern is that I can not seem to make myself believe that a band of 6 rebellious military types would ever bring on a mini-assault. Even when backed by 4 Jedi , they'd use stealth, not a hover APC. (On a side note, I thought that 3 jedi was a little much. 4 seems like it's starting to wander into overkill - to me anyway :-[ )

The only way I can seem to make this work in my head, is if a huge group of rebs got together and staged an all-or-nothin'  "lets destroy the Imperial Command Center" kinda shindig.

Unless maybe the Rebs were being held prisoner & the Jedi staged a hit & run rescue. Or, vice versa. Or perhaps your Beat-to-heck Jedi is the prisoner, and the rebs busted down the gate with the help of the other Jedi, and are making a hit & run rescue.

Anywho, there may be a lot of words in my post here, but it's still only my 0.02$ so take it for what it's worth ;)

Well, maybe we don't even need firefighters, it's not like there's going to be a fire in this that they're putting out...

I thought the rebs were in the midst of attacking? Did I miss something? Cuz this is where I was getting the Q about only having 6 (or even 8 for that matter) rebels. And all but 2 are human? And those all ware the same uniform?

I guess, the more I see of this plan, the more it feels like (except for some anachronistic jedi) post-Hoth rather than pre-Yavin.

why the heck are only having 6 rebels?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Senate Guardsman Full Combat Gear
« on: March 29, 2007, 10:26 AM »
Senate Guardsman Full Combat Gear

I love this idea - totally stealing it  ;D

I got a little excited there.... ;D

First, the evolution of a community project:

 - pics & works by p3n, Dsdude9,  & DarthKozy

 - pics & works by Jedi Master Ben (JMB)

The pics above are a prime example of what makes us customizers an awesome group of folks. We have a sense of community. There are many of us who want to make the Elite 41st trooper the right way (since Hasbro screwed it up). And many of us just cant sculpt to save our lives. So we decided to do something about it.

From an idea, we got invaluable input from several customizers on the parts to be used & the way they would fit together. And once JMB committed to this project, all the necessary figures & parts were sent to JMB for casting within a 14 day period. Two weeks after the discussion started, the project is now getting ready to be cast as a kit & put up for sale to whom ever wants one.

Unfortunately, getting a chance to meet up with the folks we know from the boards is an all-too-rare occurrence. So, in order to foster an even better sense of community, the folks at GoodToGo Custom's forums have set up a recurring Special Chat session. The Special Chats will give everyone a chance to meet & talk live with some of our on line friends about how they customize & what the hobby means to them.

The inaugural 'Chat will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, March 28, 2007 at 9 pm (eastern)/ 8 pm (central) at  GTG's chat room.  For the idea's maiden voyage, we'll be talking to Jedi Master Ben. He's one of the very talented sculptors from this community whose work helps all of our custom's boards become amazing places to visit - and has recently become one of GTG's sculptors - so that dosen't hurt either ;).

And to start everyone off, GTG has a Q&A thread to give us all a glimpse into Ben's life, mind & love of customizing. Here's a chunk of what we've gotten him to agree to so far  ;D :

Quote from: crowncoke
Age: 34 (35 this May 10th- God, I feel Old LOL)

Job: Broadcast Engineer for Georgia Southern University

Dream Job: Sculpting toys (Doing it right now)

Favorite Movie: Star Wars: ROTS. I love the Clone Wars story arcs in the comics and to see even a glimpse of it in the movies as awesome. And of course, the finial dual between Vader and Obi Wan was fanominal.

Favorite Activity: Day dreaming. I love to sit back and come up with new project and ways to make the community better.

Music you listen to (examples): I listen to some wierd stuff when I sculpt. It depends on the mood mostly. I like Enya in the envings, movie soundtracks (like Pirates of the Carabian, Doctor Who, ect) amd during the day I like metal stuff like Matalica, Disturb, Rob Zombie. And sometimes I tune into Jack FM for the '80s and '90s music.

Favorite custom you did:
That is a hard one, seeing that they are all my favorites. But if I had to narrow it down, it would be my first attempt at sculpting. It was the head of Djas Puhr. After I was done with it and painted it, my wife said she could not tell the differnce if it was a store bought piece or a sculpted piece. I knew at that point, this was my calling.

The person you would most like to make into a custom (Celeb/family/Co-worker): Man thats a tough one. I don't really have an answer for that one. If I had to choose something off hand, I guess it would be My Dad, from an image of him back in his Air Force days.

I hope you all will take a moment to check out the rest of Ben's answers, sign up for the 'Chat there, & get in on this session.

Dsdude9,  DarthKozy, K1, Crowncoke & Jedi Master Ben - thanks for comming together on this one guys.

Any thoughts on the layout of the wall guys?

Looks good in the sketch, Justin

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