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Thanks Phruby... as far as the casting goes.  I've found that mixing the A + B on the silicone is very forgiving.  I haven't had a mold fail to cure yet.  However, for mixing the resin, I'm using CR-300 (from Micromark) and I've found that I have more success if I have a very slight excess of the "Yellow" part (I think its Part B but I'd have to check).   Now these are the problems I've had (with some of my solutions):

1 - poor filling of the mold by the resin - thats what generates the incomplete beards in the Rykrofs.  Glassman taught me a trick - try squeezing the mold together and sucking in the resin as you add it.  That definitely helps.  Also I've used a toothpick to try and push out any air bubbles that gather in these "underfill" areas.

2 - bubbles in the resin - this leads to bubbles of resin on the cast.  If you look up at the Rykrof heads, you'll see that the eyese have perfect little spheres sticking out - I'm pretty sure that these are a result of bubbles in the mold.  My solution to this was to very carefully pour the first layers on and try to make sure that there are no visible bubbles in the silicon around the problem areas.

Another tip that helps both #1 and #2 - when you mix Part A and B together - try to mix slowly but evenly.  You want to create as few air bubbles as possible as they just cause problems!!!

3 - Molds breaking - the silicon is quite durable, however as you spoon it on, it really runs and this creates very very thin layers.  If the layers are too thin then they will rip as you are demolding either your original or one of your casts.  However, it your mold is too thick, its hard to manipulated and demold.  I think there is a happy medium in mold thickness when I haven't quite yet mastered.  Thats why I echoed Glassman's thoughts - practice, practice, practice.

Anyway, hope those tips help.

Thanks again for the comments - I'm glad everyone seems like the droids.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Greenstuff
« on: March 9, 2006, 11:09 AM »
Thanks for all the tips.  Next time I need to sculpt something I may try this stuff out. 

Whats the cure time on this?  When should I be able to sand, prime (if necessary) and paint?

Sheesh Chewie, its been two days without an update....  I thought your computer was fixed.

Chewie, Thanks for the comments - The Gonk is my favorite (I've been dying to do one of those since I picked him up).  I needed something else to go on top and I didn't want to use a Thermal Detonator  ;)  I just happened to look through my parts bag and the TIE pilot chest piece fit perfect.    Even though the Gonk is my favorite - I really like how the ASP repaint came out.  Too bad the figure doesn't stand very well!

Glassman - also thanks for the compliments - I'm not master and as far as whether or not I'm ready to admit that its easier to caste parts that chase fodder, I'm not ready to go there quite yet  ;)  I still have more mistake pieces than usuable ones.  However, I still think that Casting parts is a great option for people.  I need to really branch outside of casting heads before I'm able to do a full assessment!!

Ron - You are the master painter so any compliments on my repaints from your are very much appreciated!  Although I'm worried that your going to make my Jawas look bad  ;D

Customs Community and Group Projects / Re: Customs Giveaways
« on: March 9, 2006, 09:38 AM »
You know the CW Kit Fisto is a perfect match for Commander Fin with the whole under-water thing going on.  Very nice!


As always, I'm thoroughly impressed by the comments on this site.  I would spend far more time on these boards if there were a custom dioramas forum.  As much as I love custom figures and quality photonovels, I haven't ventured into either arena, so it's easy for me to get lost over here.  However, the elite (or at least the best quality) Star Wars fans can be found here.  Thanks for your comments, and I'll try to post more on the excellent customizing work I find over here. 

I'm a relative newbie here at this site but I have to think that Threads on Custom Dioramas would be quite welcome.  I think Dioramas, Custom Figures, and Photonovels all blend together anyway.  Just different versions of the same hobby.

You know, I think I like this color scheme.  I would suggest a little battle-damaged weathering but I like it.  Also you may want to paint "inside" the leg joints a little.  Depending on the angle of your camera, the white comes through some.

Looking forward to seeing this one finished!

Um.... wow.... um nope... um  Holy Freakin' Cow!  Waaaaay to much to comment on at once.  First, my favorites:

Rebel Briefing room (too bad you can't get some of the background guys to sit with bended legs!)
The Medical Frigate
Tantive IV (ROTS)
and the Senate Holding Office.

Wow Wow Wow.   I can't imagine the time and effort that you put into these!

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: Casting of the Twins - wip
« on: March 8, 2006, 07:04 PM »
practice with it tonight!!! 

It will probably take a few trys to get used to it.
Work time, cure time durability....

Good Luck!

I'll echo this completely.  I've scraped more molds that I've salvaged and I'd practiced a little with Latex before getting my hands on the silicon.  I still need lots more work!

Feedback / Re: roron corobb's feedback
« on: March 8, 2006, 06:17 PM »
Just finished a deal with Harley.  A+ trader!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: I Need a Good Sith body.
« on: March 8, 2006, 05:10 PM »
I've tried to put Dutch Vander on the Evo Palpatine Body, WIP, (I know thats not in your criteria) and its a little too fat.

I think the Utupau solider is a good choice.  Also maybe a ROTS Mas Amedda.

Ha!  Now that one is hysterical.  I love it.  This is how a Scout trooper should have died.  Well done!

I have a few customs that I worked on this weekend and finally got around to taking pictures.

First up - simple Jawa repaints.  As you've seen here , I have a plethora of Jawas in my collection.  I wanted to repaint a few of them to use in the Photonovel I'm planning.  Here is the Jawa Seance:

My jawas needed a few droids at there disposal.



and worker droid (can't remember his number designation):

The droids were fun repaints and it allowed me to experiment with some dry brush and washing techniques with some various colors.  I was really trying to get them to look metallic.  I think it works but I'm always interested in your opinions....

Does anyone have an extra GI Joe Imperial Procession Guard figure?  I really just want to get the head but I can't stomach $20 at TRU to buy a pack of 4 of them.

Modern Trading / Re: Brent's Haves and Wants
« on: March 7, 2006, 11:38 PM »
Bumb with new TSC and ROTS Haves

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