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But don't forget the celebration that ensued at Mast'r B'droom  ;D

Chewie, you were only without a PC for like 4 days.  By my count there are 14 new customs to comment on in that span.  Sheesh.

501st clones - They look great.  I'm not a fan of the #65 clone b/c of the crappy body mold and I don't really like the helmets as is.  I think you've done a good job on improving them with the #41 helmets.   The paint updates look very nice.  As colorblind person, I'll leave the critiques of color shades to someone else :)

Mace Windus- I like the Sora based Mace - very very cool.  I keep wanting to make my "definitive" Mace custom and this may be as good a recipe as any.  Hmmm.  As far as the Clones in Armor - Mace looks good but from the Clone Wars things I've read and watched,  I just don't get the impression that he would want to be hampered by all that armor.  Just look at the way he flicks his saber around to deflect the shots at the end of AOTC.  Mace is a bad-ass that doesn't need armor :)  Just my opinion :) :)

Hagen Daas- I like the custom for what it is, a background Jedi.  However, I just can't get into that snarling head.  I think he works for a Manolorian, Bounty Hunter or another bad guy but I'm not sure sure on a Jedi.  The paint job on him is outstanding.

Clones in Jedi Robes look great - I haven't seen any of those before.  Very nice stable and as always, great paint updates.

Aayla - I like this custom and I think it works.  Too bad we are saddled with less than spectacular arm articulation.

In Rem - I like Saesee Tinn - the weathering came out very well.  I do agree however that a softgoods cape would look better.  I'm looking foward to seeing his (cameo?) in the upcoming addition of KOE

Feedback / Re: EUCustomMan's feedback
« on: March 7, 2006, 12:59 PM »
Completed a third very good trade with James.  Thanks!

Ok, i just finished a marathon weekend getting JLU stuff done for custom con.
5 figures in 2 and a half days.

Can I claim ignorance and ask what is JLU and Custom Con?

Those look freakin' awesome.  Very nice upgrades!  Ben is my favorite.  The paint came out great.

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Aayla Secura naked! - wip
« on: March 6, 2006, 11:15 PM »
That's the technique I use now for curing sculpty. I microwave a cup of water for three minutes and then put the figure in the boiling water for at least five minutes. It works great and I never have a melted mess.

If I can't find some brown cloth or leather, I'll sculpt it. Cloth would work better over the jointed arm.

 I cure my sculpy in boiling water on the stove - 3 minutes for thin pieces attached to figures.  No permenant damage yet. 

As far as leather goes. I've picked up some vinyl table cloth material at Joanne Fabrics.  It looks like it would work pretty well for faux leather.  It may be bit too stiff for this custom though.

So, I picked up some greenstuff at Gamesworkshop this weekend.  I thought I'd give it a try instead of having to boil my sculpy all the time.  Any advice when working with this?    Do you guys use any other brand two-part epoxy modeling putty?  I've heard something of plumber's putty I think but I'm not sure if thats the same thing.

So do all the finished products from this Group Project get collected somewhere?

Modern Trading / Re: Huge New Trade List
« on: March 6, 2006, 12:18 PM »
email sent.

Feedback / bikerscout1's feedback
« on: March 6, 2006, 11:21 AM »
Just completed a trade with bikerscout - great dealer.  Excellent communication and prompt shipping.  Deal with confidence!

Did you loose any data from your old hard drive?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: I need your help!
« on: March 6, 2006, 10:25 AM »
Definitely looking forward to seeing some photos of these!

Kit'chn T'abel --- Ha!  That was great.  I of course didn't get it right away but man thats funny.  You wonder if thats how Lucas thinks up some of these names/places!

I think the clones look good in action - I like the enhancements on Commander Gett. 

BTW, I think your photography skills have improved sinece the first Aurebesh photos.  Keep it up.

DE- I think the Snow Commander is very good idea.  I think the blue cammo probably works.  However, it appears that the paint as gone on a little too thick.  Maybe they can be blended in together a bit more?

I think Captain America looks cool.  I'm not a Marvel collector but I do like your super heroes.

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