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Kubricks / Re: Attack of the Kubricks!
« on: July 31, 2006, 02:19 PM »
madcow is talking out of his posterior orifice.

F. Series 6 - June 2006:

Regular Figures

___ Death Star Trooper - 2:12
___ Luke Skywalker - X-Wing Pilot - 3:12
___ R4-M9 - 1:12
___ RA-7 - 1:12
___ Rebel Trooper - 1:12
___ TIE Fighter Pilot - 4:12

I have no doubt that either Biker Scout or Royal Guards will be 4:12, the Gamorreans at least 2:12 with the others being 1:12.

Other Collectibles / Re: Master Replicas: Mini-sabers
« on: July 30, 2006, 12:43 AM »
Heh, think again. LFL's prop dept is more incompetent than you realize:

That's Obi-Wan's ROTS saber on his upper right arm.  :o

And Anakin's ROTS on his lower left.  :o :o

Note that the sabers on his hands are 3D models and not actual props.

Other Collectibles / Re: Your Interest in the Star Wars Lines
« on: July 30, 2006, 12:03 AM »
My SW interests have shifted to the higher end, and neat uncluttered displays. Less is more.

My holy trinity:
Sideshow- 12" figures This is the definitive Star Wars line for the ages.

Master Replicas When it comes to SW, I'm a stickler for accuracy. MR delivers probably the closest thing to perfection, since most of their products are machined to the exact specs, sometimes looking better than the actual movie props themselves.

Kubricks and super deformed VCD Perhaps my new love. Medicom's aesthetics married to SW makes awesome toys.

Things I don't actively seek, unless on sale:

Gentle Giant Resin isn't my thing. However, these boys do a damn good job.

Star Wars Basic Figures - Modern I'm done with Hasbro, except for the occasional never-before-done figure. Still waiting for a complete KOTOR cast.

Kotobukiya With virtually unlimited production runs, it's best to wait for those deals.

Unleashed (7") Only have Yoda/Sid. I'll pick and choose those with appealing poses.

Things I avoid:
LEGO Not my cup of tea. Expensive, and I disagree with the idea of licensed LEGO sets. LEGO has created many special blocks just for SW. Licenses limit the freedom to imagine.

Titanium - 3" scale, 6" scale, figures, etc. Very cool, but I have my sights set to the higher-end.

Posters Never look for them. I let them find their way to me.

Unleashed Battle Packs (2") Too small to appreciate.

Galactic Heroes Good concept, but not for me.

Code 3 MR will make them useless.

WOTC Miniatures Way too small to appreciate.

Hallmark Ornaments Inferior sculpts and I'd rather adorn my tree with something other than SW.

"Other" Kitsch won't survive in my collection.

Star Wars Basic Figures - Vintage Not worth pursuing. Price puts them way out of my market. Most sculpts are bad, and I have little nostalgic attachment to them.

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