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I got my shipping and tracking emails for Boba today. I just checked and it's on the way to my house.

Once again I ressurect a dead topic (Dejarik Table).

Got my ten day notice for Bubo. I guess I'll pose Bib walking him.

My Dejarik table was delivered yesterday, and it is heavy. Though it  is described as an accessory this piece stands alone just fine especially when all the characters are added onto it. the creatures are very neat and nicely detailed, I hope to see these done in a 3 3/4 scale some time.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Recent 30AC Purchases
« on: September 9, 2007, 11:56 AM »

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Recent 30AC Purchases
« on: September 9, 2007, 04:51 AM »
Found wave 5 (TAC) in Palmdale. This a sweet wave :D, but I'm glad to have it done.

Palpy is ordered! Okay we got no brakes on the price but at least we get a ton of accessories.

Okay, these are looking real good. I'm betting we get 2 complete figures for around $120, but I'm hoping they'll give a break to us big Sideshow fans by bringing the overall price (tax, S&H) to under $100. I hope they're done with the 30th anniversary high end packaging art and return to the original by this release. Acceessories should be few so one figure could be packaged where the accessories normally are which should be great for displaying.

Will there be an exclusive version? What will the freebie be? Maces hand, Yodas lightsaber, Holo Cody...?

Okay, got my 15-20 day notice on this, now I got to think about how to display it. Should I drag out my Hasbro 12" R2, 3PO and Chewy, or should I keep it "all Sideshow" and put my commandos around it like they're kicking back, taking a break.

My Asajj arrived while I was away on a trip. This is one awesome figure. The extra head is a great deal, it's like getting 2 figures for the price of one. I love the magnetic based lightsabers.

Gungan Warrior (Fambaa rider)
Han Solo (AT-ST Driver)
Concept Snowspeeder Pilot
Concept Cloud Car Pilot
Concept Rebel Commando
Imperial Sentinel
Selucamai Trooper

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: San Diego Comic Con 2007
« on: July 30, 2007, 06:16 PM »
It pays to wait I guess.

Sometimes, but my buddy never had a chance to get a Gold Head PD Destro.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: San Diego Comic Con 2007
« on: July 30, 2007, 05:56 PM »
So that was your idea DS!

This is what happened; We got to the Comic Con Saturday and immediately went to the Hasbro Toy Shop where they told us we needed a ticket from the registration area to get in line. So we went back to the registration level were there were 2 lines with ladies holding bags. We got in line and had to reach in a bag to get a ticket. A blue ticket got you a place in line, a gray ticket got you sent to the back of the bag line to try again. Well after doing this cakewalk a couple of times we got our blue tickets and headed back to the HTS.

When we got there we were told that we had the WRONG TICKETS. They didn't know what the tickets we had were for, but they weren't for HTS. So we went back to the registration area. The ladies were gone when we got there and no one else was there to hand out tickets. We went back to HTS where they told us that they would be back at 2:00. We were also shown a list of what ticket numbers they would be taking and at what times they would be taking them. I had only a one day pass so I asked them what if I didn't get a ticket with a number that corresponded on the list for that day, and I was told I would be out of luck.

At 1:30 we went back to the "ticket raffle" area fearing there would be tons of people there waiting for their chance to get a ticket. We were there by ourselves for 20 minutes when a crowd of a bout a hundred people who were following this "guy" aproached us and encircled us. The guy wasn't a celebrity, he was the "ticket guy". He had a good time treating us like kindergarteners. First he told us to make lines. Someone had put lines of tape on the floor so we naturally lined up on three of them them facing his direction. Then he tells us to face the other directon. so we all turn around. Then he tells us to form one line. We form one line, but we weren't fast enough so he started directing individuals where to stand. Then he pulled out like 5 people and made a second line which started to be filled up by latecomers.

Finally they started to move the lines and after doing the cakewalk again a couple of times we got our tickets and headed for the HTS downstairs. When we approached it we saw that people were radomly getting in line, some people going over the ropes to get in. Turns out HTS had just decided to ditch the ticket system. I told the Hasbro guy there that I had just spent an hour getting a ticket to get in line and his response was "They're still doing that?".

My experience with HTS was just lousy. I can't believe how much time and energy I spent just to get in a LINE, that proved in the end to be unnecessary. Thank God the Indy Girls showed up to brighten the day and turn it all around.

I finally got it, I was getting a little worried there for awhile. The figure is awesome. One little problem is that the cannisters for her back dont stay on well. It would have been nice too if they gave her a pouch to put the thermal detonator in.

One thing that sucks is that the styrofoam endcaps designed to protect the corners of the box damaged the sides of the box by causing it to curl.

I got my Leia today, was never too excited about it to begin with but need it to go with Jabba.

I know what you mean. Offering Jabba was a stroke of genius by SS. Bib, Bousch, Bubo and even Crumb weren't high at all on my wish list (not to mention a $200 polystone slab), but getting Jabba made them all more appealling.

Usually I'd get an update by now so I called  SS, and the girl there said they were still "processing the orders". She then asked me If I wanted her to process the order "right now" so I said sure. She said they would ship Leia right away. :)

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