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30th Anniversary Collection / Re: KOTOR Figures Thread
« on: October 10, 2007, 09:54 PM »
I would argue that with the aparent success, or I should say acceptance, of the Wave 5 EU figures, they could probably do one wave next year and be pretty successful.  They don't have to do all KOTOR, much like they mixed KOTOR and Clone Wars for Wave 5.  I for one wouldn't mind seeing another KOTOR and EU mixed wave next year.

Modern Trading / Re: 10/09/07 H: UGH's & Revan, Malak & MQVader!
« on: October 10, 2007, 03:57 PM »
PM Sent.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Recent 30AC Purchases
« on: October 10, 2007, 01:34 PM »
Got my Wave 5 case from BrentS today.  Love this wave!!!  Sucks that I didn't get a McVader with this Rev, but I'm glad I don't have to track this down at retail.

*edit* BrentS just got me a Yellow SL Clone Officer on a run this afternoon and my mother (god love this woman) got me another Yellow SL Clone Officer, a 4-LOM, and a General McQuarrie when she was out shopping this afternoon.  From the conversation, it sounds like she just missed a bunch of McSnowies and Dark Troopers too as there was a woman with a cart full of figures in the aisle when she got there.

Got this e-mail from Hasbro last night:

Free STAR WARS figure with any STAR WARS purchase of $25 or more at The free gift given will be HASBRO'S choice and will be automatically added to your cart. Offer applies to pre-tax and pre-shipping amount. Not valid at retail locations or at any other websites. Cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer expires December 13, 2007 at 11:59 PM (EST) or while supplies last, whichever is earlier. Not valid on previous orders. Offer may expire without notice due to availability, error, fraud, or other unforeseen circumstances. Subject to terms and conditions of use. 2007 HASBRO. All Rights Reserved."

Don't know what we'll get, but it's something...

Went to order some star cases and the Yellow SL AOTC Clones and when my order went over $25, they added a free Vintage Endor Leia to my cart.  Not my first choice of figure, but free none the less.

Jocasta's Reading Room / Re: This week in SW Comics.....
« on: October 10, 2007, 08:33 AM »
For all you Insider subscribers, I just got #97 in the mail yesterday.

Other Collectibles / Star Wars USB Flash Drives
« on: October 10, 2007, 08:31 AM »
I thought that there was already a thread for these, but I couldn't find it.  Sorry if this is a re-post.

Having missed out on the first round of these which included Darth Vader, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and Stormtrooper, I was pleasantly surprised to see the second round of these in the latest Insider (#97).  The next offerings will include:

Boba Fett
ANH Luke Skywalker
ANH Princess Leia (holding a blaster)
ANH Han Solo

I think that I'm going to have to have to get one of the Boba Fetts once they come out.  Anyone else have any of the first wave?

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: 30AC Wave 5 - Expanded Universe
« on: October 10, 2007, 08:27 AM »
Just noticed that StarWarsShop has most of this wave in stock for individual sale, including Hermi, Starkiller, Yoda, and Anakin.  Too bad they want $12/figure  :P

Fan Art / Re: Yoda inked up
« on: October 9, 2007, 10:20 PM »
This is fantastic!  I don't know which one I like more though, this Yoda or the R2 from your previous post.  They are both awesome!

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: 30AC Wave 5 - Expanded Universe
« on: October 9, 2007, 08:12 AM »
Got my wave 5 case today - but it was a revision case.  So now I've got to go out looking for an extra Yoda and McVader to open.  Those two figures being something other than what I was looking for made the whole thing less cost effective for me.   :(

That's distressing.  I should be getting my case today and I really hope that it's not a revision case.  I ran across a crap load of McVaders yesterday.  I'm probably going back again today.  I'll try to grab you one if they still have them.

Kubricks / Re: Kubrick Newbies - Questions and Advice
« on: October 8, 2007, 03:34 PM »
I think with the shipping to the USA, the end price was closer to $80-90 each depending on how you had them shipped here.

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate the response.

*Bump* with new wants as I couldn't get the Han and Luke afterall...

Kubricks / Re: Kubrick Newbies - Questions and Advice
« on: October 8, 2007, 01:09 PM »
Hey guys, for someone who's never looked into these before, what was the original price for the 400% Han and Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise figures?  I'm interested in getting these and want to know what the baseline was before I start looking.  Thanks.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Recent 30AC Purchases
« on: October 8, 2007, 12:24 PM »
Made another huge score at one of the local TRU's.  Got the UGH Mace, Marine, and R2 figures, McVaders, SL Darktroopers, SL Red and Blue AOTC Clones, SL Tan Pit Droids, CZ-4s, Cantina Aliens, and SL Clone Commander.  All told, I bought 34 figures for myself, BrentS and for trades.

They must have had about 10 cases each of 30AC Wave 4.25 and the SL Wave with the Darktroopers.  With the amount they had, I could have easily bought another 34 figs!

*Bump* with updates

Modern Trading / Re: JediDre's haves/needs
« on: October 8, 2007, 08:11 AM »
PM Sent.

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