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Photonovels and Movies / Re: Rykrof Enloe Chapter 22 - INFILTRATION
« on: February 23, 2008, 12:08 PM »
great chapter chew'ika, looking forward to the next chapter!

(nice mando by the way)


anyone else get as scared as i am right now?......wierd comment LOL

seriously thoguth dude those are some VERY sweet customs the imperial airborne is a great idea...may take a look at that idea myself! well done!

Very nice...i almost bought one of these a few days ago...and the BM tumbler...but i didnt....i chose my airsoft stuff first lol....Very well done man i love this....does it still seperate?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by CHEWIE updated 11.14.07
« on: January 17, 2008, 02:54 PM »
very nice crisp clean customs you have there chew'ika...these could totally be hasbro figures...if they wernt better than most hasbro figures...that "airborne" sergeant looks VERY nice man!

thats really cool man well done!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: master brisk's customs
« on: January 10, 2008, 10:00 AM »
finnally i have some progress!!!!

ive been swamped down with commicsions and college work as well as my TA training....and internet going on the fritz every chance it got lol....but i only have one commision hoping he'll see this e-mails are still on the fritz so i cant contact him...but he found me on here so i kinda hope he's looking lol.....anyhow...moving on....

my empirial army is looking good guys...i have 3 squads of 5, a leutenant and a captain to lead them, a staff sergeant for training them and im imperial agent for keeping them in line (think 40k commisar) arial support i have a reconditioned LAAT and a Tie interceptor and i have a hq building in the offing....i have the first half of my phot novel ready for photoshoping (at last) now i have to start on the rebel's for my empire to fight lol...(its set very early during the rise of the empire so the rebel's wont look like the rebels we know...think rag tag malitia ( think star wars rebeliion the comic)  so will be easier to make rebel's that way....any figure can be a rebel then lol as long as it isnt to obvious lol

does that mean they are back?

if so....YAY!

ooooooh.....i have an idea for you!!!!.... a glassman mando!!!!! that would be amazing....nice looking revan man...well done!

its pretty simple really....upon formation of the empire, arc troopers were mostly uthenised, and all the other spec ops troopers from the GAR were either inducted into dark trooper training or became imperial commando's....if i rememeber correctly commander cody becomes one because clone officers were sent there aswell because non-clone officers were preffered in the CO positions.....i think the low ranked officers and NCO stayed with the legions though

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by Fritzkrieg Update 12-23-2007
« on: December 24, 2007, 03:43 PM »
those are really nice man......i especially like the rodian mando...and in mandalorian society it is customary to retrieve a piece of a loved ones armour if they die on the field.....and wear it in memory of the odd chest plate colour WORKS! well done usual you have excelled yourself

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CC-3324's customs
« on: December 18, 2007, 08:49 AM »
wow i really like that gunship man...i'll be doing something similar for my photo novel...a reconditioned one being used by my mando's during the galactic alliance civil war

dude they r sweet!!!!!!!

imnot sure on the last 3...but the first 3 r awsome

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by Fritzkrieg Update 11-28-2007
« on: November 30, 2007, 11:31 AM »
that looks a lot like a halo 2 ODST know becasue i have an odst costume aswell....but still VERY cool man!

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Customs by CHEWIE updated 11.14.07
« on: November 27, 2007, 11:18 AM »
WOW chewie....your customs never fail to inspire!! well done dude...i especially love bledda...though as you have probably noticed im rather fond of the old T visor lol!!! dude your paint app's on the painted figures is as crisp as ever!!!

one thing im not sure about is that rykrof/jango figure...soemthing i cant put my finger on is throwing me off on may be the abnormally wide sholders...but im sure thats just the angle the pic was taekn in with the figure all in all...well done...and keep it up hehe

wow chewie!!! those look pn is progressing slowly..pretty much on stop because if college convention..setting up a costuming clan in my region... and i have quite a few custom figure commisions at the moment!...but its coming along at a tidy reshooting the first chapet...then its ready for photoshopping!

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