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Soontir Fel version 2 is extremely nice.  I love it when customs at this scale have removable helmets that look good...this one is just awesome.  I agree its a tremendous improvement over the already very nice version 1.

Can't wait to see your Dr. Who stuff!

I hope you guys appreciate my 100% movie accurate Skiff railing  ;)  :P

I certainly do!  ;D

Great pics, man.  Which Fett is that?  It looks very nice.


Artoo was very much a fusion of the final design and the early McQuarrie concepts.  I wanted the basic color and compostional elements of the movie Artoo, but I loved the very rough, almost primitive industrial element of the arms jutting out of the dome.

Here's the WIP:

The dome is from a trinket machine, the body is from a Loctite Super Glue container, the bottom "egg" shape is from another trinket machine container, and the legs are from an Alien Racers figure.  The foot pads are door hinges from a McFarlane Toys X-Files figure accessory.  The arm is from a ML Elektra, and the attachments are from a McFarlane Ichabod Cran figure.  The various panels are vinyl that has been cut and glued to the body's surface, and the jet engines on the back are the innards of a pen.


This one's a little more out to lunch.  I went more to the McQuarrie illustrations for this, but went back even further to the initial inspiration for Threepio...the Ultima Futura Automaton from the classic film Metropolis.  I also threw in some of my own ideas. 

The base figure is a Vampire Hunter D female character.  I removes the breasts, the head detail and hair, and the jacket from the figure.  The hands and feet are from a McFarlane Ultima Online figure.  The head has been resculpted with epoxy putty, as has the sides of the torso, back, and chest.  The head detailing has been achieved with strips of vinyl.

I liked the idea of Threepio being androgynous and vaguely humanoid, but more streamlined than what a man in suit would allow.  I do love the film version, but I thought for this project I'd try something a little different.

Let me know what you think, and thanks for looking.


Thanks for the feedback...glad you think the growling mouth looks okay.


Thanks for commenting...these Star Wars customs were (and are) my most ambitious pieces with regard to sculpting...I had kind of decided to really push myself and learn during the process.  While I see many issues with the final pieces, I'm happy with them to a certain degree.  Thanks again.


Thanks for the kind words.  I actually used the Aragorn head for an Indiana Jones custom as well...I know its not much of a likeness to Harrison Ford, but in a pinch, at least they have the same sort of appearance and attitude.


Thanks for the great feedback.  The funnest part of these customs are exactly what you touched upon...generating the parts to make something at this scale that fits into the SW universe, and using the conceptual designs as a basis for the figures.  I have to say that this set was a lot of fun for those two reasons.


Wow, man...thanks for the far too generous feedback  :).  I'll add the other four soon...I figured I should at the very least take some new images of them (especially since I made a few minor adjustments to Yoda). 


Thank you for commenting...and also for the kind welcome.  In some cases, when I can remember, I like to take a few shots of the progress of a custom.  With Grievous, I felt it was particularly important to document the process.

Thanks again for commenting everyone!

That Mara Jade is very nice...I like it more than the officially released figure.

Hey, that looks pretty cool!

Sort of a cross between a Dewback and a Tauntaun...I could totally see this as something from the films.

Love the new hover tank as well...the look and feel are very much Star Wars...the use of bits and pieces from Hasbro accessories really lends to the authenticity of the final piece.

That Prince Xizor is very cool.  What a great way to update the look of the old figure...he will look fantastic next to the modern sculpts.  The paint work on the Kashyykk Scouts is incredible!!!  Man...the weathered effects and overall execution just totally blows me away.  The speeder is well painted, but I think you could punch it up a bit more with some details, decals, or perhaps some additional color/ looks a little bare.

The beauty is, pretty much anything can be a good gift for a customizer.  A certificate to a toy store or hobby shop is a great suggestion...but pretty much any basic supplies are a big help.  Paints and brushes, styrene sheets, Krazy Glue...any of that stuff would make me squeal with delight if I got it for my birthday.

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: ROTS: one year later.....
« on: May 18, 2006, 05:50 PM »
Definitely the most consistently enjoyable of the prequels.

Funnily, I just rewatched it two nights ago...I skipped the parts where Anakin and Padme exchange dialogue (thank goodness those sequences don't consume half of the movie like in AOTC) and found it to be quite watchable.  It is a mixed bag for sure, but its also visually stunning, and the drama actually connects in a handful of scenes.  I do feel that Grievous is wasted, and he could have been much more menacing, but he's such a beautiful design that I just like to watch him in action.

Does anyone else feel that Yoda and Palpatine should be beyond the use of lightsabers?  I always imagined Yoda to be more of a direct conduit of the Force, and that a Saber would be of little use to him in combat.  The same goes for Palpatine...he can fry a person with lightning from his fingers...why would he need a weapon of any sort?  Despite this, I love the senate chamber sequence...very dramatic and effective.

It's a better movie than Phantom Menace, and its lightyears beyond Clones (which is dead last for me in the entire series), and despite its flaws, Episode III is probably my third favoite overall after Empire and Star Wars.


I'll admit it...I was unsure about how to approach Chewie.  I've never been wild about McQuarrie's bug-eyed monster, and so I went for a decidedly more traditional, final film version of the character.  But, I decided to try and imagine what Chewbacca would look like had the first Star Wars coupled the Death Star battle with the ground battle on Kashyyk, and this is what I came up with.

The base figure is a ML Sasquatch.  Basically, all I did was resculpt the head, using the mouth and eyes from the original figure, and add longer fur to the neck, shoulders and chest with epoxy putty.  The shin joint has been sculpted over as well.  The usual fabric and leather elements are present as well.  The tabbard and shoulder covering has been threaded with rough twine, and the bandolier strap has small pieces of copper tubing for Chewie's energy quarrels.  The bowcaster is a ML hawkeye bow attached to a rifle, and the sidearm is a cast off from a Stealth Wolverine.

I know he's not my best, but I was a little lost as to what to do with him.  I'm sure I'll have a better idea down the road, but be too lazy to revisit the character  ;).  I tried to create the illusion of the fur on the neck and shoulders flowing down from the head...not sure if it looks okay or not.  Also, the open mouth concerns me...not sure if I made the right choice.

Han Solo

Again, like Chewie, this was a relatively quick custom to put together.  The base body is a Stealth Wolverine (my favorte base...even moreso than Bullseye), and a Helms Deep Aragorn head.  I sculpted the sleeves, filled in the holes in the legs, gave him a leather vest and flak vest, removed some detailing on the boots, and sculpted the hair and beard. 

The design is derived from the film costume and the early conceptual design...I decided to give him the Flash Gordon-style head piece just...because!  I wanted him to still be very much a scoundrel and a smuggler, but to have that more literal serial-type feel to his design.  The flak vest was sort of a way to reflect the early designs, and to suggest an element of practicality...I liked the idea of him being prepared for anything at any time, which includes wearing all of his piloting gear on the ship and when he's stopping off to switch shipments.  It is also for this reason that I avoided adding to many pouches, back packs, and omitting the cloak...those things would just get in the way of being able to comfortably pilot the Falcon or make fast getaways.  Just the essentials.

And while I would have preferred to use one of the paintings from the first film as a background, I figured this Empire painting could do the trick (the Star Wars portfolio is packed away somewhere):

Let me know what you think, and thanks for looking.


Glassman!!  Great to see you, man.  I think you may be overstating my abilities...don't stop  ;).  Thanks for the way too kind words...I'll have to search out your thread...I've always really enjoyed your work.


Thanks for the kind words, man.  Grievous has his problems, but I'm glad you like him...the scale was important to me for this, especially since the Hasbro figure is so short and wonky.

Thanks again, fellas.

That pancho looks great on the Sideshow Luke.  The belt could use to be made a bit tighter around the waist, but I think it's a great match.

Oh man...I love custom vehicles.  These ones are absolutely incredible.  They remind me of some of the Joe Johnston conceptual designs for Empire Strikes Back...they look completely at hom in the Star Wars universe.

The fact that you have managed to create these credible and in-scale vehicles with such inexpensive fodder is completely to your credit.  I love both versions of the drop ship...the stealth one has some terrific weathering effects, and the second version of the red and white dropship is a HUGE improvement over the previous version (wasn't crazy about the TIE wings attached to the back...good call removing them).  I look forward to checking out the rest of your thread.

An impressive body of work.

The most exceptional aspect of many of your customs is the paint application...the dusty effects and subtle weathering looks great at this scale, which is no small feat.  The kitbashing choices you've made for many of your characters also shows a strong eye for design.

I'd like to also comment quickly on some of your work in the monthly custom challenge thread...definitely some of the most eye-catching entries, showcasing the qualities I've mentioned above with a certain amount of ingenuity.

Incredible stuff.

1:6 Scale Figures and Collectibles / Re: Sideshow 12" EU Poll
« on: May 16, 2006, 11:12 AM »
The result is very interesting.

Seeing as how Sideshow would eventually make a Padme, it seems awfully convenient that they could reuse the head sculpt numerous times, whereas the other characters would be a one-shot deal.


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