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What's the point in not announcing the second figure?

It's gonna be a MSE droid... I just KNOW it! :-\

hey, i have been considering getting back into galaxies and i was just wondering if anyone could tell me how the game is these days? i haven't played for about a year and a half, is it better or worse, still the same amount of people on line, still the same fees, any easier to become a jedi, still a fun game? just curious, thanks!


Hey Erik!   I'm new to JD so I just found this thread.. amazing that the post before yours was back in 2005.   I'm still playing SWG (or at least paying $15/mo to LA for the priviledge to play if I want to) and things are quite different.   First off, of course, is the retooled "classes"  You have only like 9 professions now and you can ONLY do one of them.   My Master Rifle/Master Sword has gone into Bounty Hunting and is having a decent time.   Combat has been totally retooled-  it's "almost" 1st person shooter style... no longer can you just tab/target an enemy.. you have to move the targeting reticle so that it's over the creature (hard to do on small things like Baz Nitches imho).   You can actually start as a Jedi now- it's one of the professions.     I think the changes have caused players to leave in droves but there seems to be an influx of new players and players coming back to the game after 1-2 year hiatus (like yourself).
   I recommend "trying" it out to see whether you like it or not.    If you're character still exists (which it really should), you will be able to convert your current experience to any of the professions.. .and you have a number of "respecs" (10 I think) that you can use to jump from profession to profession and then use your last respec to go back the profession you like best.    Also, you can now have 2 simultaneous characters per server.  For details about the New Gaming Experience check out the website or the SOE forums.   I'm still having fun.. for me, it's a matter of not having time, not lack of enjoyment.

Good luck.. and lmk what you think.. and what server you're on.  I'm on Bria- Na-Weobo



I would be down for the version mentioned above.  By now, we have updated versions of dagobah luke, yoda, obi/spirit and R2.  How about a "updated dagobah playset" to go with all our new toys.  "Hasbro, are you listening?"

I am for that, though the vintage playset has its good points aside from the decomposing quicksand. Ironic for a swamp?

 I really, really want an updated Luke in pilot outfit with Hoth/Dagobah boots and removable/replacable gloves. The damn VSTC doesn't cut it with the uneven pant legs

Ya gotta remember that the VTSC Luke is an homage to the ANH X-wing outfit.... remember he didn't exaclty have time to get a suit tailor-made for him before he had to go blow up the Death Star!

« on: May 24, 2006, 02:00 PM »
Thanks Mitsukara-  I got it.. just forgot to change "Insert Name Here" to what I wanted it to be  ;D
I really liked the Complete Galaxy line- I think all 4 were new sculpts and the planet "playsets" are kinda neat.   The 500th Vader is sweet.. but it was totally based (thematically at least) on the Complete Galaxy one.


Here's the COTF checklist (unofficial until WOTC releases it):

[] 1/60 Bastila Shan (VR)
[] 2/60 Jedi Consular (U)
[] 3/60 Jedi Guardian (U)
[] 4/60 Jedi Sentinel (U)
[] 5/60 Old Republic Commander (U)
[] 6/60 Old Republic Soldier (C)

[] 7/60 Dark Jedi (U)
[] 8/60 Dark Jedi Master (U)
[] 9/60 Dark Jedi Enforcer (U)
[] 10/60 Darth Bane (VR)
[] 11/60 Darth Malak (VR)
[] 12/60 Darth Nihilus (VR)
[] 13/60 Exar Kun (VR)
[] 14/60 Massassi Sith Mutant (U)
[] 15/60 Sith Assault Droid (U)
[] 16/60 Sith Trooper (C)
[] 17/60 Sith Trooper (C)
[] 18/60 Sith Trooper Commander (U)
[] 19/60 Uliq Qel-Droma (VR)

[] 20/60 Barriss Offee (R)
[] 21/60 Clone Commander Bacara (R)
[] 22/60 Clone Commander Cody (R)
[] 23/60 Clone Commander Gree (R)
[] 24/60 Depa Billaba (R)
[] 25/60 Even Piell (R)
[] 26/60 General Windu (R)
[] 27/60 Jedi Padawan (U)
[] 28/60 Jedi Weapon Master (U)
[] 29/60 Kashyyyk Trooper (C)
[] 30/60 Mas Amedda (R)
[] 31/60 Queen Amidala (R)
[] 32/60 Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi Master (R)
[] 33/60 Republic Commando - Boss (U)
[] 34/60 Republic Commando - Fixer (C)
[] 35/60 Republic Commando - Scorch (C)
[] 36/60 Republic Commando - Sev (C)
[] 37/60 Saleucami Trooper (C)
[] 38/60 Utapau Trooper (C)

[] 39/60 Crab Droid (U)
[] 40/60 Darth Maul, Champion of the Sith (R)
[] 41/60 Darth Sidious, Dark Lord of the Sith (R)
[] 42/60 Octuptarra Droid (R)

[] 43/60 Hoth Trooper w/Atgar (R)
[] 44/60 Luke Skywalker, Young Jedi (VR)
[] 45/60 Yoda of Dagobah(VR)

[] 46/60 Coruscant Guard(C)
[] 47/60 Dark Trooper, Phase I (C)
[] 48/60 Dark Trooper, Phase II(U)
[] 49/60 Darth Vader, Champion of the Sith (VR)
[] 50/60 Sandtrooper (C)
[] 51/60 Snowtrooper w/E-Web Blaster (R)

[] 52/60 Corran Horn (R)
[] 53/60 Jacen Solo (VR)
[] 54/60 Jaina Solo (VR)

[] 55/60 Arcona Smuggler (C)
[] 56/60 Gundark (U)
[] 57/60 HK-47 (VR)
[] 58/60 R5 Astromech Droid (C)
[] 59/60 Ugnaught Demolitionist (C)
[] 60/60 Veractyl Wrangler (C)

Looks good- named Clones, TONS of SITH, Jedi Brats......


I actually layed asleep at night wishing they made the rebel fleet trooper.

Captain Antilles

Didn't really want the sandtroopers , just more weapon variety for the regular troopers.

And while not exactly a figure I wanted a bantha

As a kid I remember wanting a Luke Bespin with removable hand (yes, I was morbid like that).


I had a bespin luke that my dog chewed to hand off of. Does that count ?  ;D

Nice custom Luke there!   I think Han Stormtrooper and Cantina Band Member were the two biggies I wanted as a kid.    By the time POTF came around I was kind of off my Star Wars kick- would have loved to see some of the POTF figures earlier too!


« on: May 23, 2006, 01:30 PM »
He's certainly not the most articulated Vader, but my favorite Vader is the Complete Galaxy Vader from the POTF2 line:

Complete Galaxy Vader


Other Collectibles / Re: WOTC Star Wars Miniatures
« on: May 19, 2006, 08:45 AM »
I'm intrigued with the Starship Battles but until I actually see some pictures I'm not getting too excited.  This could be really REALLY cool or it could totally flop... only time will tell....


Other Collectibles / Re: Unleashed figures
« on: May 19, 2006, 08:44 AM »
Just found 'em at my local WalMart in Burke, VA.    3 unopened cases sitting under a pile of other boxes.   Picked up 1 of each of the new ones... not too impressed with the Chewie- pose is too much like the other one... but the Shocktropper and Han are aweseome!

Happy Hunting,


Newbies / Hello from VA!
« on: May 18, 2006, 02:54 PM »
Hey everyone!

Glad to have signed up for the forums here finally!   I've been collecting for a long time and used to be a completist with the 3 3/4 line but have since re-defined my collecting needs to only "new" figures or "radically different sculpts" of existing characters... Hasbro's just made me sick with the deluge of repacks.   

I used to play all the Decipher SW card games, for some reason am STILL playing SWGalaxies, have recently started collecting the FX sabers and am thrilled that the Unleashed have come back in their original form. 
  I also collect  the 12" figures or "dolls" and am quite happy with Sideshow's first product and have been collecting the WOTC SW Minis since they were released (though I don't get to skirmish very often).     

I hope to peruse the forums in depth and am looking forward to spending time at JD!


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