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Modern Classifieds / 212th Battalions wants
« on: June 25, 2006, 12:40 PM »
#17 Battle Droid x2
# 38 AT-TE Tank gunner x1
# 65 Tactical ops trooper x1
Deluxe Figures
Boga with Obi-Wankenobi x1

Battle packs
Jedi Temple Assault

#37 SandTrooper x4
#31 Hammer Head
# 34 Gadrian

Shock Trooperx1
storm Trooperx1
Clone Trooper (any)x1
Jango Fett x1

If these could be unopened that would be awsome  ;D

Modern Classifieds / Clone attack on coruscant
« on: June 23, 2006, 11:47 PM »
i am willing to trade any one of my starwars toys for an unopend clone attack on coruscant battle pack or buy one for 30.00$

Photonovels and Movies / Coruscant Fighters
« on: June 19, 2006, 08:12 PM »

Chapter 1: Attack on hoth!

On the planet of hoth Commander Baccara and General Mundi begin their search for general grevious...

Commander Baccara: Captain Rho set your men up into their groups and search for grevious.
Captain Rho: yes commander.
General Mundi: Bacara bring your group with me were going to where the droid base is supposidly at.

Alpha B-15: how come Commander Baccara is always on are tail about this stuff!?
Alpha A-23: Yeah i know.
Captin Rho: What are you men doing get back to your posts! your lucky im alot nicer then Bcacara or he would have killed you by now! Now move it!

Alpha B-15: Man i just want to shoot some stupid droids head off so bad!
Alpha A-23: We all do Alpha.

Alpha A-23: Hey whats that?
Alpha B-15: Whats what?

Alpha A-23: Destroyer!
Alpha B-15: huh?

Alpha A-23: No!!!!!

Alpha A-23: It's an ambush fight to the death!

Commander Bacara: What happend here captain!
Captain Rho: I dont know commander.
General Mundi: An ambush. They were out numbered.

Commander Bacara: Well did you find anything about Grevious being on this planet?
Captain Rho: Nothing but an abanded ship.

Commander Bacara: Well at least give them a proper burial captain.
Captain Rho: Yes sir.

Captain Rho: Your deaths will not be forgotten i promise.

Commander Baccara: Medic how many casualties did we have?
Medic: Only that one group commander.
Commander Bacara: Understood get into the ship medic were going home.

Commander Bacara: Oddball get us off this ice colld planet.
Commander OddBall: Yes sir.

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