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Got the spam too. Disqusting... I deleted both PMs.

Collections / Re: My Collection - Warning! Clones Only!
« on: November 4, 2006, 09:06 PM »
You make Clones jealous...

Nice collection. I'd like to see some CIS in there!

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: Clone Commanders
« on: November 4, 2006, 07:24 PM »
As far as non-clone troops, does anyone remember the cameo appearence of Lorth Needa (Captain Needa in ESB) in the ROTS adult novel?

I'm guessing that Republic Navy must have been made  up of non-clones and the senior generation of Imperial Officers (Ozzel, Piett, Veers...).

That would have made a great scene in ROTS, OT officers in their 30s and 20s on the bridge of a Venator.

And there is one more Commander. Jag. He was the pilot who shot Plo Koon out of the sky.

Hey Hasbro! / Re: PLEASE DON'T MAKE: Worst Ideas for New Figures...
« on: November 3, 2006, 09:03 PM »
Pleeeeaaaaase don't make:

Put Vader back together: Ultra Edition With four dismembered limbs and blood transfusion droid or a Luke and 2-1B pack where 1B can put lukes arm on.

Hey Hasbro! / Clones wants Hasbro to make:
« on: November 3, 2006, 09:00 PM »
Jedi Generals
Okay, we have that wonderful SA Obi sculpt. Now, if Hasbro could repaint that and other good jedi body sculpts, add new heads and hands from human and alien characters. Hasbro is all about "cost effective" productions, try this.

Battle Droids 4 pack
Take that nice neat Boomer Damage Droid and cut out the boomer damage. Then repaint it and sell it and four packs with a few variations.

1-Commanders (4 OOM-9 type Droids)
2-Basic  (Normal)
3-Pilots (4 pilots)
4-Security (4 of the red guys)
5-Geinosian (Four maroon repaints)

Bf2 Promo Pack
Easy rehash for Hasbro. Evo Vader and three 501st Troopers.

And of course:

Clone Wars Multipack Hasbro will never make, $99.99
5 SA ROTS Troopers, 1 BARC Trooper with Speeder, 5 Battle Droids, Halfire Droid, and SBD.

Saga Collection '06 / The Best and Worst of The Saga Collection
« on: October 27, 2006, 06:13 PM »
Here are mine:

-Quality (For the most part)
-CLOOOOOONES (See the new "Battle of the Repaints" wave)
-New Scupts
-Old favorites
-Retools and Resculpts

-Price Hike
-Old Pegwarmers and bad figures
-Pin Head Cody
-Old out of scale figures
-UGH... UGH...


Saga Collection '06 / Re: State of the Hobby
« on: October 27, 2006, 06:10 PM »
I think the hobby is doing fine. Though, even though I despise the way that kid shoved clones, It shows someone is putting effort into the hobby.

But Clones thinks we collectors should live in harmony and share. Not HOG.


Saga Collection '06 / Re: OTC 2.0
« on: October 27, 2006, 04:04 PM »
Where'd you get that from? There is no OTC 2.0, it was just a rumor back when the OOT DVD news just came out.
CC showed all of the stuff coming out for the rest of the year.

I thought it was a rumor. And that list I clearly stated was my own ideas.  ;)


Saga Collection '06 / OTC 2.0
« on: October 26, 2006, 08:50 PM »
Where is the news? It's supposed to start soon, but I have yet to see pictures. I think the whole thing is a rumor. But if it's not, then this is my wishlist:

4 Waves 36 Figures 2 Battle Packs

Stormtrooper (VOTC repack)
Zero-G Trooper (CommTech Retool)
Rebel Sentry (New)
Princess Leia (Trash Compactor)
Han in Stormtrooper Disguise (VOTC Retool)
Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise (CommTech Retool)
Chewbacca (VOTC repack)
Obi-Wan Kenobi (VOTC with new legs)
R4 Droid (Tantitive 4 scene, R4-D5 repaint)

Snowtrooper (Saga1 Repack)
Bespin Guard (New)
Lando (VOTC)
Rebel Trooper (Saga1 with new legs)
Boba Fett (VOTC repaint)
C-3PO (TSC with no chair)
The Emperor (ROTS TRU repack with new arms and no saber)
Admiral Piett (New)
Luke Skywalker (Saga1)

Darth Vader (Evo repack)
Imperial Navy Trooper (DS Gunner with no armor and new head)
Rebel Pilot (VTSC Luke Retool + Red repaint)
Ewok Warrior (TSC Retool)
Lando (Skiff Guard)
General Madine (Saga1)
Royal Guard (ROTS with pike instead of rifle)
TIE Pilot (Saga1)
Luke Skywalker (NEW SA JEDI PLEASE!!!)

4 EU
Courascant Guard (New)
Jabiim Soldier (Empire comic)
Kir Kanos (Repack)
Carnor Jax (Repack)
Blackhole Stormtrooper (Repack)
Wedge Antilles (General)
Yuuzahn Vong Warrior (New)
Boba Fett (New armor from Dark Empire)
Solo Twins Twopack


Rebel Capture
-Darth Vader (Evo)
-Stormtrooper (VOTC)
-Rebel Trooper (POTJ)
-Princess Leia (VOTC)

-Royal Guards (ROTS)
-Luke (Saga1)
-Darth Vader (Evo)

Saga Collection '06 / Re: State of the Hobby
« on: October 26, 2006, 08:03 PM »
No, even though I'm a Clone-Lover, I can't afford to build armies the way this kid just heaved figures into his arms. I rareley, almost never buy dupliates, an exception being Scorch, which I bought one for a friend too.

I guess you could in a way still consider me a kid. Now I'm not posting my age, but my parents are still in enough control to not allow me to build armies.

It's silly to me too. I guess that's just me. I never at all dislike kids or other collectors, what I do dislike is hogging of figures. That's just downright silly.

I'm all in for kids buying figures! However they seem to rather video games, TV, and junk foods. My friend's little brother is a devoted fan and he's only 9! He reads Reblescum and his parents bought him Scorch and Cody early on EBay. He'll probably grow to be like all of us with a bit of army builders and repacks for seasoning.

And I'm not one to keep figures carded. I play around, set up scenes, but it's quite easy, even if you only get one of each figure.


Saga Collection '06 / Re: '06 Holiday Figure
« on: October 26, 2006, 04:39 PM »
i would love a two pack with santa poggle, a geonosian elf, and a two folded-up battle droids with bows around them on an assembly line. 'Geonosian Toy Factory!' holiday multi-pack...

...or a sings-with-the-push of a button Ackmena!
Yeah, THAT would make my christmas magical(ly terrifying!)  :D  :(

That would be awesome.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: State of the Hobby
« on: October 26, 2006, 04:36 PM »
So why are we all Vader for Halloween if he's lava burnt and mutilated?

My Target has a good amount of fans. It's good to see kids with their parents looking enthusiastically at SW figures.

However it was kids who ruined the hobby for me in ROTS! Once, some rich spoiled fat kid walks up the last row of NO. 41 Clones on the pegs and greedily shoves them all in his dad's face and the dad buys them!

I need Clones!

Saga Collection '06 / Re: '06 Holiday Figure
« on: October 25, 2006, 05:08 PM »
The following is merely an idea and not real...

Santa Squad: $24.99
x1 Santa Clone: Retool of the the ROTS No. 41 figure with metallic red + green with santa hat +pauldron and red and green kama
x3 Elve Clone: Matallic Green repaint of AT-TE Gunner (No pauldron or extra helmet armor piece)

That coming from a Hanukka guy. :P

But hey I'd buy  Santa Clones!

Announcements / Re: JD 2006 Loot Giveaway #10 - Lucastrooper!
« on: October 25, 2006, 04:49 PM »
501st trooper would be a good one for next prize. Anyhow, I've just entered.

Toy Reviews / Scorch Saga 21
« on: October 22, 2006, 04:11 PM »
Okay, first let me tell you heavenly the selection was at my Target. Two Sandtroopers, Two Scorches, Three Utapau Clones, the new vehicles and BPs, DS Gunner or two, AT-AT Driver and three Utapauan . I got two Scorches, one for a friend.

The Package: I'll be truthful with you guys, whenever I see that bright bubble blister hanging row upon row in the Star Wars aisle, my heart skips a beat, because you never know what is behind that exciting pack. I was lucky and found Scorch who has one of the coolest backgrounds for cards. That profile, however, is starting to annoy me. Ah, well, I'll live.

First Impressions: Openening the package was easy except for the jetpack, which is a chore to remove from the package. I got what I expected, truthfully, as I'd held a loose Scorch before.

Sculpt: A work of buty down to every notch and tube. Even the accesories are carved into exact likenesses of the their game counterparts. The torso joint is well hidden and the whole sculpt flows nicely with the figure's form, adding a great touch. Possibly, this could be one of the best sculpts this year.

Paint: While I'll always look to the Utapau Clone for perfect scuff marks, Scorch is up there with his neat scuff damage and paint job. The paint doesn't spread into the places it doesn't belong and is everywhere it DOES belong. Jetpack, Gun, boots, everywhere!

Accesories:Everything a Commando needs and that extra base. His rifle is a great sculpt and paint job as mentioned above. The jetpack is my favorite part, it has great paint and a cool sculpting job. The removable extra ammo pack is a good edition to this figure.

Articulation: Less then what other Clones have, but I think we've been harsh. I mean save your rants for Cody the pin head, this guy was EU, we're lucky to have gotten him! HE WAS ONLY IN A VIDEO GAME guys. Please cut Scorch some slack. The joints he has work wonderfully and can put him into magnificent poses.

Value: $39? No. $30? No. $25? No. $15? NO! $10? DANG IT NOOOOO NOOO NO! Pay $6.64 for this guy, that's what he's worth. Never pay scalper prices. By doing that you waste money and support scalpers. He's worth what I bought him for.  That's all, no more, no less.

Overall: We all owe Scorch an apology. We were harsh on him, and no I am not biased, but I do think an 8/10 is much appropriette for this figure. Buy him if you see him, it may be your only chance.

Overall Rating: 8/10

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