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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Name a one hit wonder thread!!!
« on: June 30, 2003, 03:54 PM »
Damn, I just can't win :(  I think I know something and I get shot down just like that.  At least allow me to boost my ego a little bit here, Matt  :-*

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Name a one hit wonder thread!!!
« on: June 30, 2003, 02:56 PM »
Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon (sp?)

Not true, he also had a hit with Lawyers, Guns and Money.  He might of had more, but those two are the most played on classic rock stations.

A couple of more from the past week:

1.  People who are to lazy to read:  As some of you who may or not know, I work for a construction company as an estimator.  Part of my job description is to solicite bids for any work we have going on.  This last week I sent out a ton of one page "Invitation to Bid" (ITB) faxes with project description, bid date, etc.  On the fax I specifically wrote in big bold letters "Plans are due to CorJen on July 11th and will be sent out to subs the following week"  And I still get calls asking when and where the plans are available.  If the numbnuts would just read you wouldn't be wasting yours and my time.  It's not like asking you to read War and Peace, it's a simple one page fax.  Lazy bastards.

2.  People who are too lazy to put their shopping carts in the "corral" after their done with them.  Why leave them all over the parking lot? Are you that lazy you can't walk a few feet and make everyone's life a lot easier?  Its not like they're all the way near the store, they're spread out through the parking lot.  Get some exercise you fat ass.  It will do you good.

Jocasta's Reading Room / Re: AM I MISSING SOMETHING??
« on: June 30, 2003, 09:06 AM »
It is definitely an e-book.  It will most likely be published when one of the recent hardcover books gets printed in paperback, as was done with previous e-books.

Finished it Saturday morning.  Unfortunely, I caught a glimpse of the huge spoiler and knew before it happened.  I would have definitely prefered to keep it a secret, but things happen and there is nothing you can do about it.

Onto the book;

1.  Huge setup for the next book, even moreso than GoF.  I just hope it doesn't take three years to get it.

2.  Every one of the main characters (Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, etc.) has a flaw that comes back to haunt them big time.

3.  The book doesn't follow the previous four's plot wise - bad summer, going back to Hogwarts, something magical happening, studies and Quidditich, huge revelation, plot wrapped up nicely.  In fact, this book does a 180 - still a bad summer, but that's because of the magical act happening which results in Harry possibly getting expelled.  No Quiddtich for Harry as he's kicked off the team, the revelation does happen but only after Dumbledore wises up (as explained very well in the book) and the plot is left hanging sort of.  Just look at the final chapter title for a hint.

All in all, not as good as PoA (my fav) or GoF, but a worthy addition to the series.

The Bullpen / Marvel Legends
« on: June 27, 2003, 01:14 PM »
Long time comic book reader (with a few breaks in between) to this day.  Marvel was always the fav publisher of mine but I do enjoy the occasional DC book.  I'm like you, mosnab, I as just started collecting this line and I'm glad I did.  Although Star Wars will always be my first collecting love, these figs are a welcome addition to my toy collection.

And if you're interested in getting back into comics, may I suggest Ultimate Spiderman.  The first 35+ issues are in TPB form (the latest being the Venom arc).  I just started reading this book about 3 months ago based on the recommendations of the guys over at galactichunter and am really impressed.  The writing and art is top notch and its an excellent spin on a well known and iconic character.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: What are you guys doing this summer?
« on: June 27, 2003, 11:41 AM »
Add me to the list of people who don't have summer vacations.  In fact, I hadn't had a true summer vacation since before high school.  Every other summer I was working and that trend continues this year and will for a long time to come(unless I hit the lottery for huge money, which most likely won't happen).

The wife and I have no real vacation planned, just a few days up in Maine, maybe visit my parents in NJ, etc.  We're planning on moving out of state, saving up for a house, etc.  We are, however, planning on visiting Vegas for our one year anniversary in October.  I have to stop procastinating and actually plan it.

Other than that, I'll play softball, golf and just enjoy the weather.  Good enough for me.

Star Wars Universe / Re: Star Wars Movie Quotes
« on: June 27, 2003, 11:28 AM »
Since it seems everyone has given up on this, the answer I was looking for is:

The dark skinned rebel pilot (who's probably named in EU) was the one that screamed "She's gonna blow" during the Battle of Endor.

If anyone wants to keep this game going, feel free to throw out a quote.

Star Wars Universe / Re: Trivia: EU
« on: June 27, 2003, 11:24 AM »
For anyone who's wondering, the six were:

-Luke Skywalker, an obvious one
-Emperor Palpatine, another obvious one
-Jorus C'boath, the third obvious one
-Grand Admiral Thrawn (Hand of Thrawn duo)
-Baron Fel (Hand of Thrawn duo)
-Bevel Lemelisk (sp?) - The tough one.  He was cloned numerous times after failing Palpatine.  Palpatine killed him gruesomely and then cloned him repeatedly.

OK, new question:

This dark skinned human of the Imperial Special Forces fought against Wedge Antilles and Winter on Ryloth.  Who was he?

The Bullpen / Marvel Legends
« on: June 26, 2003, 03:32 PM »
Nothing round these parts yet, but I expect them to hit soon.

Star Wars Universe / Re: Trivia: EU
« on: June 26, 2003, 03:29 PM »
Are we talking characters from the movies who have been cloned or can major characters that first appeared in the books that were later cloned count as well?

If its the latter, I count 6

JD Sports Forum! / Re: Golf
« on: June 26, 2003, 03:17 PM »
It's really not that bad when it takes 5+ hours to play 18 holes.  Plus I hold my liquor well. :-*

The Prequel Trilogy / Re: The Official Cast Thread
« on: June 26, 2003, 03:12 PM »
Sorry guys this has nothing to do with how hot that chick is debate because i'm a chick, therfore i have no opinion.  I just wanted to tell mikey d that his spiderman is cool ;D

yeah, I get that alot.  Thanks.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: Golf
« on: June 26, 2003, 03:11 PM »
Love to golf?  Yes.  Real good? No.  I can't hit my driver to safe my life but I have a nice 3 iron tee shot, about 240 yard if I hit it right.  I agree with Scott.  When I first started, I tried to kill the ball.  After playing more rounds and getting advice from way better golfers than I, I learned to relax and swing more smoothly and the improvement has shown.

And the best part about golf?  Drinking.  I'm good for at least a six pack on an 18 hole course.  :-*

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Top 5 Hotties
« on: June 26, 2003, 03:03 PM »
Never heard of her but the latest edition to Episode III (she's playing a handmaiden) is beautiful

Kristy Wright

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