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Sure! I would be glad to get these out for others to use!  ;D
I still need to get my customizing area sorted out more, get more molding/casting supplies and few other things taken care of first before I can do any of that, but it will be in the works.
Glassman's tutorial over at IronCow forums (Thanks go to master_phruby for posting link for me over at The Jawa) has helped me alot! I just wish I had been directed to that link before I screwed up tons of molds...LOL
@Glassman: Thank you!
The Galatic Marine just started out (over at The Jawa forums) as an attempt to make a movie accurate helmet for IncomT65, I just started working on some of the other parts to see if I could do it. (Incom, if your reading this, I am shooting for middle of this month to mail the Galactic Marine parts to you.)

I actually got a few other side projects I am working on, asside from the helmet sculpts.
One project that if successful, will drasticaly assist those who sculpt their own figures and the other one is my AT-TE project. I saw Coeli's AT-TE over at Rebelscum today and about weeped, for it was a thing of absolute beauty! It was the AT-TE I was dreaming of eventually making. (On that note, I just got back from the dollar store looking for parts for my AT-TE, asside from the current box of parts I have been scavenging over the last month for this project.) While I am working out the details for that, I might try working on a "little brother" four legged version of it.

EDIT - Just to make sure, you guys know that I am sculpting on a cast helmet with new details and not 100% from scratch? Just want to make sure everyone knew that. I use the base cast (though usually highly sanded down with a dremel) The Galactic Marine uses a sanded down Bakara head as the base frame work, the Clone Engineer uses a sanded  down stormtrooper cast as a base, the Parjai Airborne helmet uses an AT-RT driver helmet (mainly for "mouth" details) and the Artillery/Demolitions Clone uses a Cody helmet cast. (Though far more of the Cody cast is visible with that sculpt as I wanted those details to show with my sculpts as add ons.) In most cases that base cast as framework is there for something non-mushy for the sculpy to stick to and to help keep my sculpt to scale with other existing clone/stormtrooper helmets.

I did 3d modeling for a game (star trek armada modding) for six years prior to starting this hobby. Though working with clay and 3d modeling on a computer are two different worlds, I know 3d modeling helped me actually think in 3d terms. In reflection of my art from prior to 3d modeling was pretty much limited to a 2d perspective. Meaning I was ok at drawing, but suffered where shading and lighting was concerned. Now I can in my minds eye, see an object rotating at various angles with detail but six years ago my ability to envision such thing was very limited.

I kinda scorched my Clone Engineer helmet in the oven. It looks darker but should still come out just fine once I get it molded and cast. I am waiting till I have about six  helmets sculpted before I start making molds. So about two more to go.

By the way! Cool trick I found for those who do custom Casting. If you get parts that have small bubble holes in the cast part, there is hope! If you have some Sculpey, take a peice of it and lightly rub it over the areas with bubble holes lightly at different angles. This will help fill in the holes. I have to really look hard to find the areas that had bubble holes now! Next step, boil the cast peice to make sure the sculpy hardens.

The last helmet is still being worked on. I need to fix a few things and sand down some of the uneven parts of the "antenna". I used part of a paperclip inside the sculpy to give support for the antenna.
Ugh... just woke up and need coffee desperately.. I appologize if this last post did not make too much sense...

I agree about that torn fabric making this guy look more intimidating! That is an amazing Tuskan! Would be cool to see a diarama of this figure and his underlings plundering!

Considering some jokes my girlfriend has made about my clonetrooper figures, she will definitely get a kick out of that picture! hehe

Those clones are awesome! I always wondered what customs could come from the AT-RT body. Now I know...really great ones! I love the addons on the Urban Shocktrooper. Did you sculpt those additions?

Thank you!
I seriously never thought I would be sculpting like this within a little over a month of starting. I did make the occasional thing out of clay back in high school ceramics, but that was 14 years ago and nothing as small or detailed as what I am currently working with. However the ability to sculpt little bits here and there with sculpy and then bake it and add on more really helps me avoid ruining the project. (As opposed to working all details into sculpt all at once.) I figured I would still be trying how to make a helmet that did not look like a box...

I have heard of wax sculpting, but dont know alot about it. Do you know of any good links for a beginner to get started?
I dont know if I really have talent, but more like benefitial OCD and I am a stubborn workaholic...LOL

Glassman6, when I first started looking into the whole customizing scene, your name seemed to pop up everywhere I looked. To be honest, I have kinda regarded you as one of the great customizing legends out here. To get a compliment from you just made my day even better!  ;D

EDIT- Quick Update before rushing off to work.
Artillery/Demolitions Clone Specialist Helmet

Let me know what you think.

Looks great!
The brown and green go together well and the skirt adds a nice touch.

Thanks Guys!
I probably will eventually. I am going to mold and cast all the helmets I have been working on.
There is a new helmet I have been working on that I just pulled out of the oven (baking the sculpy).
This new (pics soon) is what I had envisioned as the eventual upgrade to my simple Bakara repaints.
It uses a cast Cody helmet as the base (because I wanted the face details and some of the odds and ends) but I sculpted it to have a Bakara like shell arround it as well as a few new details. This will be for my Demolitions/Artillery Clone specialists. Will try to post pics once I get my camera working again. Software issues with camera. (Eventually I will need to get an actual decent digital camera...)

I noticed as I was sculpting the face details on the Clone Engineer, in applying sculpey and flattening it, it looked like a Galactic Marine varient at first. So taking note of that, I will probably make a varient with face covering to supplement future Galactic Marine figures.

WEG star wars had so much cool stuff. I still got alot of the books.
These figures inspired me to do some searching at my local Wal-Mart today, and much to my suprise the 21C figures. Seeing what you have done with them shows that they would make excellent customs fodder.
What display diarama is the plastic rock from? The old Sandcrawler Diarama?

Newbies / Re: Hello from Straxus
« on: July 30, 2006, 08:14 PM »
Thank you! So far, the customs section at these forums are the most active that I have come across.
I will definitely chat outside the customs area as well.

Thanks BrentS!
I am now starting on a Clone Engineer helmet, from Star Wars Battlefront2. I will try to post some pics later on this evening (well, evening Pacific time that is...) on that project.
What follows is some of my previous stuff. (The playdoe sculpting attempts have been removed... a bit ashamed of them now, but it was only sculpting media I had to work with up until couple weeks ago...)

What follows is a cut and paste of some of what I posted over at YakFace recently. This is my older stuff, but since I dont have alot of finished (or started enough to take pics of...) I figured I would show these. I eventually plan on redoing the "Bakara" style Utapau troopers with fully articulated body and possibly some armor changes and slight helmet alterations as well.
My Galactic Marine peices I have been working on...
Helmet and pauldron. I am reworking the pauldron soon. I used a cast and sanded down Commander Bakara helmet as a base for this helmet.

The boots for the Galactic Marine... (used sanded down snowtrooper leg casts as the bast. This is still a work in progress)
I figured my old snowtrooper repaint could help display the sculpted legs.

My first custom attempts! Simple repaints.

Well, wanted to give the Clone Engineer a shot for some time. I finaly felt up to it today. Did alot of game pausing with my Xbox today to try to get some different angles. I pretty much just need to add some detail to the back sides of the helmet.
Let me know what you think.

Newbies / Hello from Straxus
« on: July 30, 2006, 06:10 AM »
Just wanted to stop in and say hello and introduce myself!
I have made a few posts here, but will be far more active in future. I got started with the whole customs thing over at The Jawa, but now I am also becoming more active on other forums as well.
I have been 3d modeling for last six (or more) years, and for a number of reasons (mainly that I was sick of being completely reliant on a computer being fully functional at all times to keep pursuing my hobby.)
Since I started customizing in May of this year, I am managed to learned to paint figures, sculpt, mold and cast, and now I am practicing vehicle and diarama creation methods... Its been a massive crash course in learning these last few months, but very rewarding! Thanks to all those who have helped me learn all this stuff!

I normally post primarily over at The Jawa, but I need to branch out a bit more. I started customizing arround the end of may this year and just started sculpting about a month ago.

Well today I wanted to give a fourth attempt at this helmet...
I used a cast AT-RT driver helmet with some dremel sanding down on some areas as a base to sculpt on. Partly cause I wanted the front "mouth" area to have some detail in it, and the AT-RT driver helmet had the middle/back detail I wanted included on the helmet (that I did not feel I was ready to sculpt with appropriate detail yet.)
Well here we go with the pics (sorry about all the fingers in pics, needed to hold sculpt support in place.)

next to the one that ended up too big, as comparison...

After I mold and cast this, I am going to modify a cast one so that I can have a Commander Keller helmet as well. (Sadly I have never read the comic he was in, much less know the name of it, but I see pics from it all over the place.)

I will post a few other things I have done so far in near future...

Looks great! The WWII feel fits in so perfectly with the Galactic Empire.
Oh the poor toasted sand trooper half buried. Great work on that!
Did you hollow out the snowtrooper torso to fit over another one or did you use it as is?

The Legacy Collection / Re: The Hasbro Willrow Hood "Joke"
« on: July 25, 2006, 08:05 AM »
Darn... I think it would have be really cool to have a X-tra crispy Beru and Lars Action(?) Figures. I am only half joking...I would buy a few of each just for humor value alone! The same would apply if they had made the Funeral Padme Action(?) Figure...

We need to do full customs of all figures on that joke screen, complete with package. As an addition to standard "Saga" formatting, we could add in a bold exploding image "Best Wave Ever!"
A blaster charred Aaya Secura corpse would have made that collection even better!

Yes it was a bad joke on Hasbro's part, but I seriously would have bought the entire wave of figures. Maybe they could make it an Entertainment Earth Exclusive collection...hehe

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: Jodo Kast
« on: July 14, 2006, 02:30 AM »
Looks great!
Sad... I never even knew about that comic... Though I left the comic scene back in 95, so that would be why...
I remember Jodo Kast from the old school West End Games D6 version of the Star Wars RPG... first appearance "Tatooine Manhunt" game module...

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