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The Original Trilogy / Re: Lando in ROTJ
« on: May 5, 2012, 01:54 PM »
I always considered Lando and Jabba just knew each other and Lando shows up like,
"yo, empire cramped my flow, gotta gig for an old scoudrel?..I mean I DID turn Han over to Boba for you and all..."
thugging scoundrelin and gangsterin is usually a small world.

That makes a lot of sense since Han knew and worked for jabba, and Lando was Han's old gambling buddy. 

The R9 domes are the orange one in the back wearing the blue Mickey ears and, judging by the RS rumor list, the blue one that is just out of frame on the bottom.

This is right, zoom in on the red dome and you can just see the groove/indentation that runs around the bottom.  That purple one that looks like an R5 dome with an R2 'eye' is the R6 dome.  The yellow one you have circled is an R7.

I don't know where those R8 & R9 droids are from, but they are being released in the Disney thing.  You can see some of their parts in the one big pic that is out.

What does an R8 and R9 dome look like?

Here's a picture that was put up on the otheR site.  I don't know which one is which, but can see the different types in the picture if you look closely. 

I think they said that that pic was of the "first group of parts" or something.  I guess they'll do it like lego does the build-a-figure thing at their stores.  Bins of each type of part (legs, torsos, hats/hair) that you put together and snap in a clamshell for buying at the counter.  Probably $10 or something for a single droid, so you can't just buy a dozen of the different domes or something.

I'll be really snapped if this truly is just an in-store thing for DW....heck, they haven't even announced it yet for Disneyland!  Scalpers will be selling these for $20 per on ebay.  Ugh!  Someone give us an official press release or something!

R5-013 (Shadow Squadron green R5)
R6-H5 (Kit Fisto)
R4-T5 (Shadow Squadron red/blue R2)
R2-C2 (Ziro's bartender)
R5-S9 (Republic Senate)
R5-P8 (Pirate)
R4-C4 (Darth Sidious)
R7-F5/R2-Y2 (shadow Squadron orange R2)
Barriss Offees's blue/pink R2
R5-L26 (Republic green striped R4)

The Vintage Collection / Re: Rebelscum Skiff Guard Poll
« on: April 17, 2012, 09:48 PM »
Cranks me off that they could run that poll without putting in the option for voting for the unmade bartender astrodroid on the sailbarge, which seems to have some pretty sweet red/white deco, including an odd vertical stripe on its dome:

Boo on them!  >:(

I ended up finding a second set in a store.   :D   The set looks so good with all the droids lined up in a row that I couldn't resist picking it up! 

I've been passing on the other set, though those pit droids have me really tempted.  You can't have too many pit droids.

Put an astromech or other droid in every wave.  Save money since it's only a repaint, but still get good sales by making them or new, unmade characters. 

The Vintage Collection / Re: Keeping Cardbacks
« on: April 3, 2012, 11:43 PM »
I put the terrible Saga Peasant anakin on my wave 4 AOTC Vinage anakin card
so i can still play with the good figure, the newer one
and still display a "carded" example, the terrible 2002 version
It makes us of both teh old card and the old terrible figure that got replaced
ive done about 2 or 3 dozen of these so far
another example is the bar2 d 2,  i opened it and put teh terrible potf2 version with the giant third leg and action feature on the card.
I put that terrible first greivous on the TVC Greivous card

so I get to plkay with the newer definitive versions, still have a carded version to display and get those terribl efigures out of my dios

That's awesome.

I'm going to totally do this with the old potf2 R5-D4 on the new vintage card...recards for retards, indeed.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Keeping Cardbacks
« on: April 1, 2012, 07:51 PM »
I kept mine with the bubbles on for the longest time - up until I realized I was filling a closet with them!  Now I've gone through and recycled a bunch and removed the bubbles from the rest.  Way easier to deal with now. 

I think I should save my $ for that rumored astromech BAD display that Disney is going to run at SW Weekends.

Finally got a set thanks to the tip put up on the main page!  Thanks guys!!!   ;D

My point here is that we can't definitively tie any specific astromech droids to either Tiree or Pops.  So out of the three pilots in this pack, the only one where we CAN identify the astromech is with Porkins.
They could have included one of the Yavin droids instead

Or, at least, if they wanted to do Porkins' droid, they could have come up with some different body deco.  The head is obviously R5-D4 in the movie, but they could gone someplace else with the rest of it.

Some of the shots of the Y-Wing models at Yavin had droids in their sockets.  In one shot, you can see a black R2 dome, in another, you can see what looks like an all gray R2 dome.  Both of these shots are during the approach to the Death Star.

Shots taken of the actual models themselves show one with a gray R2 dome (possibly the one seen in the movie mentioned above), one with a black r2 dome (same one seen in the movie mentioned above), and one with an R2 dome painted up to look like R5-D4's dome.  I have shots of them all up on my site. 

No shots of full size prop domes behind the pilots have been released, if they do exist.  I don't know why the droid slots are empty in the one repeatedly used trench shot, but the slot is clearly there.

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