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I figure if the subject was changed I might get more feedback.

I would like to take on a side project!

Novel Idea!!!
 I would like be able to do a web page that would be linked to the ugb site. It would consist of a map of North America with thumb tacks that would indicate the location of members. click on a thumb tack and get ***OPTINAL ***member info such as: a picture, screen name,  location, real name, Rank in the team? Email and most importantly projects (custom figs, terrain, vehicles)

Reasons for this:

1) A network can easily be visualy created in that products can be relayed to L.A.
ex I drive to Buffalo NY and meet somebody who will take his and my stuff to Illinoi and so on to Colorado then South to L.A.

2) More concreate organization to keep track of members and progress.

3) It would be cool !

I've been told I can go ahead and do .it  (By Chewie) May I go ahead and start a thread?

Is There any Info You can provide?

If there are objections please Notify me before I post anything

If You are interrested in being posted please PM me
withe the following  OPTIONAL info

Screen name

Real name


Email  (main one other than the affiliated web site's

Title (secretary/ project manager)

Field of experence  customs/landscape/vehicles

Current project work in progress

your own face and other pics you want to display

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