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30th Anniversary Collection / Concept Figure Wishlist Thread
« on: September 2, 2007, 11:11 AM »
So, all thirteen of the McQuarrie concept figures for 2007 have been revealed, but I still feel that there are around five-ish that still need to be made, if Hasbro keeps doing these.

1) Concept Shaak Ti
2) Concept Emperor
3) Concept Lando Calrissian
4) Concept Hoth Rebel Trooper
5) Concept Alta Ranga (Arena Jedi)

I'll provide pictures later for Shaak Ti and Alta Ranga, for those of you who don't know what they look like.

Am I missing any? Which concept figures would you like to see?

I know, I know, I could probably dig around the boards and find a super old thread about pretty much the same thing, but the recent Saga Legends voting really got me thinking about this. My favorite figures are always changing, and the ones on the list below aren't neccessarily the ones I voted for, just my favorites. In this thread, list your ten (or more) favorite figures and a reason next to each one.

My list:

1) TSC Nabrun Leids: Yes, this is my absolute favorite. I just think this such an interesting and different figure like no other. Great sculpt, great paint job, yet not overdone. I display him on my desk getting drunk...he does have four arms, you know.

2) TSC Foul Moudama: One of the cutest Star Wars characters ever, and in my opinion a very well executed rehash. I really like his little boots!

3) TAC Jawa w/LIN Droid: Jawas are hands down my favorite Star Wars aliens. And this is hands down the best Jawa sculpt ever. The articulation is all well done, al of the removable vests and gadgets are great, and he even comes with a LIN Droid with incredible detail under his removable dome.

4) VTAC Snowtrooper: The best OT army builder EVER! Who doesn't like that?

5) VTAC IG-88: While not my favorite figure, it is probably the best Star Wars figure ever made. All the articulation and little details like the separately sculpted wires and stuff is great. Awesome figure!

6) TPM Graxol Kelvyyyn: Best PT figure ever in my opinion, despite the weird articulation that shows up under his cloak because he's meant to sit in the chair. Outstandingly bizarre (and huge) alien.

7) VTSC Biker Scout: Second best OT army builder EVER!

8) POTJ FX-7: This Robo-Quack's paint job and sculpt are perfect, and on top of that they made every single leg articulated! He probably has the most points of articulation of any figure, and I won't be surprised if he holds on to that record all the way up to the line's end in 2018.

9) SAGA1 Jempa: Awww!! No articulation and pre-posed, but that toothy face is what makes me like him so much. I can't believe Hasbro even made him, so I'm glad they did.

10) TAC Darth Vader: The one from the Order 66 pack is probably the best Vader ever made. All of the countless others look like crap next to him. Well, some looked like crap in the first place, but, you know...


1) TAC Commander Bow
2) TAC Galactic Marine
3) COTIV Stormtrooper
4) VTAC Bossk
5) Saga Legends Clone Trooper (Ep. II)

What are your favorites?

Other Collectibles / First Annual Galactic Heroes Wishlists--EU
« on: August 1, 2007, 02:51 PM »
During the month of August, I will be running an informal poll to see which Galactic Heroes figures we most want to see made. Submit ten EU themed two-pack ideas here, in no order. The individual figures that earned the most votes will be announced September 1st. Get those votes in, and have fun!

1) Quinlan Vos & Aayla Secura
2) A'Sharad Hett & Aurra Sing
3) 'Shirtless' Kit Fisto & Clone SCUBA Trooper
4) Yoda & Kybuck
5) Roron Corobb & Foul Moudama
6) Shaak Ti & MagnaGuard
7) Captain Fordo & ARC Trooper
8) Scorch & Fixer
9) Boss & Sev
10) Dark Trooper & Mara Jade

Other Collectibles / First Annual Galactic Heroes Wishlists--OT
« on: August 1, 2007, 02:47 PM »
During the month of August, I will be running an informal poll to see which Galactic Heroes figures we most want to see made. Submit ten OT themed two-pack ideas here, in no order. The individual figures that earned the most votes will be announced September 1st. Get those votes in, and have fun!

1) CZ-3 & Jawa
2) Tonnika Sisters 2-Pack
3) Owen Lars & Beru Lars
4) Wuher & Feltipern Trevagg
5) Grand Moff Tarkin & Wulf Yularen w/Mouse Droid
6) ICMG & Lobot
7) Cloud Car Pilot & Bespin Guard
8) Admiral Ackbar & General Madine
9) Nien Nunb & Lando Calrissian (General)
10) Yarna dal Gargan & Tessek

Other Collectibles / First Annual Galactic Heroes Wishlists--PT
« on: August 1, 2007, 02:40 PM »
During the month of August, I will be running an informal poll to see which Galactic Heroes figures we most want to see made. Submit ten PT themed two-pack ideas here, in no order. The individual figures that earned the most votes will be announced September 1st. Get those votes in, and have fun!

1) Shmi Skywalker (TPM) & Padme (Mos Espa)
2) Watto & Sebulba
3) Kister & Wald
4) Boss Nass & Captain Tarpals
5) Shmi Skywalker (AOTC) & Cliegg Lars
6) Owen Lars (AOTC) & Beru Whitesun
7) Zam Wessell w/Kouhuns & Obi-Wan Kenobi w/Assassin Droid
8) Commander Bacara & Galactic Marine
9) Stass Allie & Speeder Bike
10) Commander Neyo & Speeder Bike

I like clone repaints...I love astro droid repaints...I need this set! Who else likes this? Who hates it?

What do you do when it's Saturday and you're bored?

You make a MYGEETO BRIDGE DIO for your growing squad of Galactic Marines, of course!

I decided to do this this morning, and I got to work, and finished it in a day! It still has tiny little imperfections here and there to be fixed and small additions and expansions I'd like to make in the near future (rubble for starters), but it is definitely my finest creation, up there with Jedi Mas-turd. Check it out and tell me what you think. Enjoy!

I am 13 so I have to thank my dad for driving me around to various stores to gather the materials for this project and my mom for cooperating long enough for it to get done.  :)

I finally decided to post some pictures of my collection. It is probably dwarfed by most of your guys's collections, but it's certainly grown over the years and I'm very happy with it.

And since a couple people have asked me my age since I joined I'll just confirm that I am one of the younger collectors on this forum at age 13.

Well, here it is.

Oops! Hey...are those some of my photonovel characters? Well, filming is in progress, so I guess the main characters just happened to land here.  ;)

My bearded dragon, Irwin. He'll be a year old in October. And whenever I'm gone, he always has his dewback friend to keep him company.  :)

Thats my collection, sorry I couldnt have commentary for every pic but this was just too pic heavy (and Im getting too tired) to do it for this post. Hope you enjoyed viewing my itsy bitsy collection.  8)

Modern Classifieds / Robo-Quack's items for sale
« on: July 5, 2007, 06:07 PM »
I am reorganizing my collection and, some items have to go. Please PM me if you are interested.

ATTACKTIX--All are loose (meaning out of plastic bag) unless specified.

Series 1
Plo Koon....$4
Shaak Ti....$8
Ki-Adi Mundi....$4
'Possessing' Emperor....$6
Grievous' Bodyguard (sticker peeling)....$2
General Grievous....$4
Battle Droid....$2
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker (from starter set--together)....$6

Mace Windu's Jedi Starfighter (loose w/stickers applied)....$12

I know, this is just sad, but I have a lot more coming in the next few days.

Toy Reviews / RQ Reviews VTAC Princess Leia (Combat Poncho)
« on: June 11, 2007, 12:24 AM »
Another wave of VTSC (even though its part of the 30th Anniversary Collection). And what a wave it is! My first review from this set of figures will be Priness Leia in Combat Poncho (what makes it a 'combat poncho?' btw)

The first time I saw pictures of this figure, I thought it was one of the best two of the wave, right up there with IG-88. I was sadly mistaken.  ;D

Pros: (this will be very short)

Articulation (what an improvement!)--This figure has twelve points of articulation, not too shabby, whereas the POTJ version had about as much as a paralyzed turtle.
But at least the POTJ version didn't look like crap (for the most part)! Heh heh!  ;D Here we go with the cons!


Sculpt/Likeness--The sculpt is so-so I guess but it has those wide legs like Moff Jellyjar! And it has a giraffe neck which is very hard on the eyes. And the likeness...she looks like she could be the Lipitor guy's daughter!

Paint Aps: As you saw in the picture above, Leia's paint aps are less than stellar. They clearly missed a couple of spots.

Accesories: She comes with a 'combat poncho' which btw is a pain in the butt to get back on her, a huge helmet for her tiny head, and a belt with a holster for her flimsy turd of a gun. Her 'sporting blaster.' At twelve dollars at Target (ten elsewhere) apiece, this is LAME.

So there you have it. The second worst figure of the wave, just barely, maybe just as bad as, Bespin Luke. My Wicket W. Warrick (George Lucas in Ewok Disguise) figure will not want to be seen with her. Save your money guys and pass, which is a shame because the POTJ version isn't great either. Ya know, maybe if they had just released her as a basic figure this would have been okay-er, but this is one of the worst excuses for a twelve dollar (eight dollar, when they mark her down because shes a PEGWARMER) figure I have ever seen. Keep trying, Hasbro, you havent nailed Endor Leia quite yet.

30th Anniversary Collection / What Sucked at Celebration IV?
« on: May 27, 2007, 03:42 PM »
All the exclusives being exclusives, Pharl McQ, Wave 4 Luke, Rebel Vanguard not looking like hes gonna have a bigass gun from the game, and possibly Darth Malak and Pre-Cyborg Grievous. Have you seen anything that bugs you yet?

The Original Trilogy / DS Troopers w/Rebel blasters...Why?
« on: April 29, 2007, 02:23 PM »
I couldnt find a pic example, but today I was watching ANH and I noticed the DS troopers on the detention level carrying Rebel blasters. has anyone else noticed this, and why do you think this is? I personally have no idea.  ???

Kubricks / Kubrick Newbies - Questions and Advice
« on: April 21, 2007, 02:55 PM »
Hi, guys! I thought you Kubrickaholics could help me out. I have seen pictures of a certain Admiral Ackbar, a certain Snaggletooth, and a certain Death Star Gunner over at yakface (well, and a certain yakface over at yakface!), and I've decided its time to begin getting me some of these!

But Ive never bought one ever before, so I cant begin to have any idea where to find them. I really really want to start collecting these, so Id really appreciate some help, JDers! Thanks.  8)

Here is my first batch of customs. Please tell me what you think, give me compliments or butcher me with criticism, any feedback is appreciated.  :)

This is a janitor. He doesnt have a name yet. I have recently joined Yakface forums, so I'll probably enter him in the Yakfinities custom challenge that is currently going on over there. This was a pretty easy custom, took about twenty minutes. The little cleaning accessory thingy was the hardest part to make.

This is Sela Orlan. She will appear in my photonovel as a pretty important character. Her story is explained in my photonovel's official thread, so if you're interested you should definitely check that out, she's a pretty neat character.

You may remember K-3PO from TESB and from the POTJ line, where they gave him an ugly battle-damaged chest. I decided to make my own sans damage. I took this custom as an oppurtunity to experiment with white-out as a painting method, and it worked pretty dang well in my opinion, I'm kinda proud of the job I did on this guy.

This one is for JJ. Now Jesse always said that Hasbro will someday throw an Obi-Wan Pilot cloak on a clump of turd and people will buy it because it's shortpacked in case assortments. Well, here he is in all his one per case glory...RQ's 'Jedi Mas-turd.'  :P

Tell me what you think, guys!  8)

30th Anniversary Collection / Most Anticipated Figure So Far
« on: April 15, 2007, 09:30 PM »
2007 looks very exciting!!!

Who are you looking forward to the most?

I can't WAIT for:

1. Holiday Boba Fett
2. VTAC Endor Leia
3. Jawa w/LIN Droid
4. CZ-4

These four are in a whole different league from any other figures EVER produced in my opinion, besides maybe Death Star Gunner, Sun Fac, Concept Boba Fett, and VTSC Biker Scout.

Well...what are YOU GUYS most looking forward to?  8)

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