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Nice work on the Boss. What did you use/do to outline the backpack and helmet?

Star Wars Action Figures / Re: CC1's Customs-Update 10/28-IB-209
« on: November 7, 2006, 01:21 AM »
I like the Cody dio. What did you use for the base? Looks like some kind of marble-like disc?

Excellent work, there. Now I know what I want for Christmas!

Any chance of trading/buying some of those? My customizing/casting/sculpting skills are Padawan style at the moment, so this would help in making an Airborne Trooper.

I have Republic credits.

"Credits will do fine." (waving hand around like some kind of Jedi).

Modern Classifieds / Re: Anyone have access to Target Snowspeeder
« on: October 31, 2006, 08:03 PM »
I've seen them in a Target in my area a few times. I've usually seen about 3 or 4. I will look for them tomorrow and will PM you if I can locate them.

Will only ask for actual price and actual shipping.  8)

Modern Trading / Re: saga saga!
« on: October 30, 2006, 11:31 PM »

Do you still need the AT-TE gunner? I have one unopened on the original Vader/lava card.

Only slight bend at top where it hung on peg.

Do you have a SCORH to trade it for?

Modern Trading / Re: WANT Padme & Aliens HAVE lots of Clones!!!
« on: October 30, 2006, 11:04 PM »
Email sent

Re: Padme Coruscant Attack

Updated 9/5: New stuff added, PRICES REDUCED, and new pics!!!!  :D

Selling (or trading) some stuff

Please read #3 below carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***BIG NOTE: I'm looking for figures from NON-SMOKING homes; if they smell like cigarette/cigar smoke, sorry, I'm NOT interested!***

1. Most figures loose/complete unless noted as incomplete.
2. Prices appear either above pics, or on list below.
3. Prices DON'T include shipping, which will be actual shipping, but you MUST pay for shipping---please don't make an offer for JUST the cost of figures. I have to ship them to you and it isn't free. 
4. ALL CARDED FIGURES CAN BE SHIPPED LOOSE IF YOU LIKE. I ship First Class. Delivery Confirmation, though, is and extra $0.80 cents. I'm flexible if you choose a different method.
4. PRICES NEGOTIABLE (reasonable).
5. I accept PAYPAL and money orders (of course will have to wait to get m.o. before sending stuff).

Feel free to ask any questions!

Scum Feedback

Jedidefender Feedback

If you want to go the TRADE route, my WANTS list is below.


The VINTAGE Collection
-VC Imperial Navy Commander x 3 (carded or loose/complete is fine) *PRIORITY*
-Hoth Luke Skywalker (carded or loose/complete is fine) *PRIORITY*
-Darth Vader #93 (on Star Wars card OR loose/complete is fine) *PRIORITY*
-Dr. Evanzan
-Aayla Secura
-501st Clone x 2
-Wedge Antilles

-Rise of the Planet of the Apes (bluray)
-Xmen: First Class (bluray)
-Zombie (Dario Argento one----bluray OR dvd)

Cds (origianl cds--NO copies)
-The Dark Knight soundtrack
-Batman Begins soundtrack
-Bang Tango - Psycho Cafe

ORIGINAL VINTAGE (must be complete and in good condition)
-Luke Skywalker (Farmboy) Brown hair
-AT-AT Commander

~~~~~~MY HAVES~~~~~~

CW Obi and Anakin (first versions) $3 EACH, Plo $4

ROTS Commander $4
Commander Neyo from Saleucami Pack $7This is STILL AVAILABLE!
ROTS Gree $5

VOTC Pilot Luke (still in clamshell--never opened) $12

Custom Obi-Wan in clone armor (helmet doesn't fit, but I might have an AT-TE gunner helmet that DOES fit) $8

TSC Sandtrooper $5, Ep I Darth Maul $6

-Stormtrooper $5
-Boba Fett $8

Mace and Kit both UNPUNCHED (got them off Hasbro Toy shop) $9 EACH

ROTS figures:
-Shaak Ti $3
-Aayla Secura $4
-Luminara Unduli (slight paint rub on nose) $3
-Zuckuss (not sure which line) $3

Realistic Clone Wars
-Saesee Tiin (has both leg and arm armor, though not sure if saber is correct) $5
-Kit Fisto (not sure if saber is correct) $5
-Plo Koon $3 (wrong saber)

Robot Chicken Seasons 1, 2, 3 (All practically brand new. All discs are perfect) $15 EACH SEASON or Up for trade as well.

AOTC Clone $7

Weequay Skiff Master (long neck) $9

VOTC Stormtroopers in clamshells. NOTE: Both have a bit of discoloration/yellowing on their torsos (see pic under this one). This is a common occurance with these. $10 EACH

Sullstan B-Wing pilot $5, Kesin Ommis $5, SA Bacara $4, Preggo Padme $3

Legacy AT-AT Driver $5, TSC Sandtrooper (no pack) $3, Sandtrooper from bluray commemorative set $5

ARF Trooper $5 (still in pack, but inserts have been removed)

Luke Kubrick complete $9, Vader with revomovable helmet pieces, saber and box $10

McQuarrie 3PO/R2 (sticker fell off front) $11

McFarlane "Monsters" -- Frankenstein set $5 (about the size of regular figures---Frankenstein is about 4 1/2 inches tall and other is like 3 1/2 inches tall)

Legacy Padme $4, Pilot Padme $3, Battle pack Hoth pilot Luke (no helmet) $4, Infinities Vader $5

Grass stands 0.50 cents each, name stands 0.50 each, small black stands 0.25 cents each

StarWarsShop Stormtrooper Army Builder w/original box and figures still taped $12

Mail away Spirit Ben Kenobi (original box/bag) $5

Comic pack Obi w/pilot Obi head $3, Saga Han $2

Stormtrooper and Darth Maul voice thingys $1 each

POTF2 Wedge $3, Arvel Pilot (missing helmet) $2

Saga Bariss (saber tip broken--will inlcude stand in pic) $3, Legacy Grievous $5

Obi (no POP or BAD part) $5, 3P0 $4

Regular Obi, Anakin, $4 EACH

Anakin (w/ PINK saber--see other pic below for close-up) $4 EACH

CUSTOM All of these are ones I did years ago. Some may need a couple of paint touch ups or if they have pauldrons and such, they may not be attached well. ALL CUSTOMS ARE SOLD AS IS, WITH NO GUARANTEES 

Phantom Menace pilot (Ric Olie base, w/Han head, sculpted beard/cuffs) $4

-Galactic Marine COIN ONLY x 1
-A-Wing Pilot (Tycho Celchu) COIN ONLY
-Episode II COIN
-Episode VI COIN

-Jedi Tin (just tin) $5

Action Fleet Micro Machines $5.00 EACH

VHS Episode I: The Phantom Menace
-Boxed edition. Comes with booklet and film strip cell. Great shape. $8

SPAWN/WETWORKS/YOUNGBLOOD/Etc (All carded, but condition varies into good to acceptable---probably better as openers. See pics below.) $5 EACH unless noted.

-Commando Spawn
-Cosmic Angela
-Bone Spawn (um, forgot his name)
-Pilot Spawn (white)
-Movie Spawn
-Future Spawn $6
-Violator II
-She Spawn
-Frankenstein (WETWORKS)
-Blue Guy (forgot his name too--WETWORKS)

KISS(carded--condition is decent) $4.00 EACH


HOLOGRAM Pack-ins $0.50 EACH, but will give you a ddeal if you want more.

-Obi Wan
-Rebel Trooper
-Amidala x2
-Emperor Palpy x2


Star Wars Comics $1.75 EACH
•Star Wars Empire’s End #1
•Boba Fett Enemy of the Empire #1-2
•Dark Force Rising #s 1-2
•SW Special Edition #s 1-4
•Episode I The Phantom Menace #s 1-4 (picture covers)

Star Wars Insider Magazine Issues (in parenthesis I'll put what is on the cover) $3 EACH, but will give you a deal if you want more.

•35 (tusken raider)
•36 (jawas)
•37 (emperor/ian mcdiarmid)
•38 (simpsons: bart skywalker/homer vader)
•39 (vader/Ep I anakin)
•41 (Ep I obi wan)
•42 (maul)
•43 (maul/qui gon)
•53 (Palpatine)
•54 (obi wan)
•55 (mace windu)
-56 (obi/qui gon)
-57 (jango fett/zam)
-58 (anakin ep II)
-62 (aayla secura)
-63 (AOTC creature)
-64 (jango fett)
-66 (kaminoan)

Star Wars Books and Magazines
-Annotated Screenplays (Ep IV-VI) $8
-Manga Books (4 in all--Empire and New Hope) $5.00 EACH
-Making of Ep I $10.00
-Cinescape Mags $4 EACH
-Sci-Fi Mag (Boba cover) $5

-Miscellaneous Magazines (Time, Entertainment Weekly) $1.50 EACH

Saga Collection '06 / Saga Boba Fett LOOSE ARMS! Can't pose!
« on: October 18, 2006, 12:42 AM »
Greetings all,

I recently picked up a Saga Boba Fett at my local Target. Once I opened it, I was disappointed to find that BOTH arms are VERY loose, to the point where they can't be posed at all  :-[

Does anyone know if this is the case with all of them? This is the first I've seen in my neck of the woods and now I have this problem with it.  >:(

Is this fixable? If not, I may as well return it if it can't be. Even though I'm not going to "play" with it, it would be nice to be able to pose it.

Any suggestions/feedback will be appreciated!

Modern Trading / Re: Have 3 Scorches and New Unleashed
« on: October 16, 2006, 11:48 PM »
I'm interested in the 3 Scorches you have.

What I have for trade are some Star Wars and non-Star Wars (Spawn, KISS, Youngblood, etc) figures. My collection used to be bigger, but due to space limitation I had to sell like 95% of my stuff---well I also just had alot of stuff just sitting around that I had little use for.

Anyhow, I also have a slew of comics, magazines, PS1 games, PC games, Super Nintendo games, N64 games, for those interested.

Some of the comics/mags include: Spawn, Star Wars, Star Wars Insider, Star Wars Galaxy Magazine (early issues), trade paper backs, and other miscellaneous comics and mags. Since I know most people may be interested in just figures, contact me if you're interested in any of the other stuff (i.e. comics, games, mags) for specific ones/issues/etc.



Figures for Trade:


--Yoda with Jedi Trainer backpack and gimer stick (POTF orange card)
--Yak Face (POTF green card)
--Princess Leia in ceremonial dress w/medal & flashback photo (POTF green card)
--Princess Leia in Ewok celebration outfit & freeze frame (POTF green card)
--Vintage Luke Skywalker Bespin Fatigues LOOSE w/no saber but does have blaster (circa 1980). It's in good condition. I got it as part of a lot I got on Ebay.

--Micro Machines Imperial Forces gift set IN BOX (tie, star destroyer, at-at, at-st, boba, vader, stormtrooper, emperor)
--Micro Machines Rebel Forces gift set IN BOX (x-wing, b-wing, falcon, speeder, luke, leia, han, ackbar)
**These were a gift and basically just sat on a shelf. Have a few dings, etc. on box, but they are IN the boxes.

SPAWN (all on card):

--Redeemer (Series 1(?) on blue lightning card)
--She Spawn (Series 1(?) on blue lightning card)
--Cosmic Angela (Series 1(?) on blue lightning card)
--Angela (Series 1(?) on blue lightning card)
--Commando Spawn (gold guns) (Series 1(?) on blue lightning card)
--Curse of Spawn
--Violator II (super articulation) (Series 1(?) on blue lightning card)
--Vertebraker (super articulation) (Series 1(?) on blue lightning card)
--Pilot Spawn (white) (Series 1(?) on blue lightning card)
--Future Spawn
--Spawn (The Movie) w/2 guns and 2 ammo belts

Wetworks (on card):

--Frankenstein (on purple lightning card)
--Assassin One (blue) (on purple lightning card)

Youngblood (on card):

--Crypt (on blue lightning card)

McFarlane Monsters on OPEN CARD:

--Frankenstein (some pieces missing, but mostly complete)

KISS (all on card, series 1)

--Ace Frehley
--Gene Simmons
--Paul Stanley
--Peter Criss

Let me know if you're interested in any of this stuff. If you are interested in comics/mags/etc. you can let me know too.

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