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Other Collectibles / Re: Attakus Star Wars Dioramas
« on: November 12, 2005, 02:45 AM »
It's ignorant of me, but I almost wish that was the case...   ;D  Knowing those dioramas exist out there and not having one will forever kill me.  It's like knowing the MR AT-AT exists and not owning it.

If it got canned that'd be funny sort of...  At the same time I'd feel bad for the people who were buying one and were really looking forward to doing so.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Jedi Temple Assault Battle Pack
« on: November 12, 2005, 02:39 AM »
For the record I was at 2 KM's tonight and saw nada...  They're the 2 closest to me but I thought I'd check since I was out and about.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: BigBadToyStore on
« on: November 12, 2005, 02:32 AM »
I agree Eric, I like BBTS a lot...  Good company and they really have been a great stop for military toys too.  They practically put Small Blue Planet out of business I think (given SBP's track record at times though it's no wonder really).

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Thanks to the Veterans
« on: November 12, 2005, 02:31 AM »
I was reading a thing on Yahoo last night about the forgotten World War I vets...  Man, you think that the WW II vets are dwindling in number...  France, one of the major factions in World War I, has no remaining veterans of a war that was even greater in scope and scale than World War II overall.

U.S. has few remaining veterans.  I had a long look at a local WW I memorial tonight thinking about that story.

Glad to see the thread was bumped once again.

Collector's Tips / Re: Storing Loose Figs
« on: November 11, 2005, 04:25 AM »
This thread is kicking me in gear to get back to my shelving and get my butt to Target for some of those cases you have there Jared.  I really need to start widdling crap down that I just don't really want displayed (not right now anyway) like the POTF2 figures.

JD Sports Forum! / Re: NHL 2005-2006 Thread
« on: November 11, 2005, 02:10 AM »
Pens had a good night and a win during a shoot-out tonight.  They've picked it up and had a good roadtrip including some hardfought wins like the one with the Rangers.

The Montreal Game tonight showed good goaltending though and that was a MAJOR plus.  We've been all over the place so a good performance from Thibault will be good for them...  Plus a win in OT isn't shabby either given our like 1 and 5 record in OT I think.  Crosby top-shelfed it after Thibault stonewalled Montreal...  He was hopping all over the ice.  He's been a major hit in Pittsburgh.  You see as many Crosby shirts as you used to see for Jagr around here.  :)  I love it!  Once he gets some size to him, Crosby's going to be a major MAJOR threat.  As it is, he's small and he's a threat.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Jedi Temple Assault Battle Pack
« on: November 11, 2005, 01:42 AM »
Dawwww...  shucks.

Nah, seriously if I'd have known this would've been a problem like this, I'd have tried to help everyone I could have since I did see 5.  I wanted more for myself, but at the $25 pricetag I didn't...  Too tough justifying all the Ani's I'd have had leftover.

I'll see what I can find.  I don't do much to help folks out sometimes (not my fault, honest, usually I'm the one in need) but since KM's are abundant here I was glad to try to give back a little.  I'll see what I can dig up guys.

Toy Reviews / JD Review: Royal Guard (Senate Security)
« on: November 11, 2005, 01:30 AM »

I love the Royal Guard (Senate Security) figures...  I do.  They're articulated heavily, they're sculpted beautifully, they're armed well, they had "the extra mile" from Hasbro by giving them softgoods and that holster...  They're great figures, and finally a really good red royal guard is out there...

So what could possibly wrong?  Well, not a whole lot really, so that's a plus.  Check the review out and lay down your own thoughts for us.

I will say, a flaw surrounding both versions is that you can't find them in any abundance.  I'm still short of my Red Guard Goal, though my blues have been amped up recently by sparce repacking of that variation.

The figures are great army builders though, and if a Rebel Fleet Trooper came out that was of this quality, you'd see me change my signature folks.  I love these figures. :)

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Jedi Temple Assault Battle Pack
« on: November 11, 2005, 01:24 AM »
I'll do some browsing...  I've heard tell of one here and there, but very little...  Generally speaking they flew off shelves.  I got my set the day they came out (with Brent's), and there were 3 when I left that day.  Next day those 3 were gone...  I didn't get to the other 2 or 3 semi-close KM's to look but others in my area seemed to imply they were going fast.

There's many KM's around my area yet, some in less than desireable parts of town, and so I'll maybe be out and about and check to see what I can find at those stores.  Pricey sets, but not the worst battlepack ever for certain.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Target Exclusive Utapau Shadow Trooper
« on: November 11, 2005, 01:21 AM »
It is a shame at the price and availability because I really do like this figure.  I'd buy a dozen if it was a basic carded figure.  I know not everyone likes "EU" but to me this is as believable as it could get.  The badass paintjob rocks.

The price and exclusivity make it such a waste really.

How the husband hasn't kicked her fat ass to the curb yet is beyond me.

I'm just guessing here, but it's got to be that beautiful set of pearly whites! 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention for any who missed her, basically she had the biggest gap in her teeth, or she was missing teeth...  Given how much she obviously eats, the lack of a tooth must be detrimental to her hobby.

It'd be like collecting without having a Target near enough for you to look for ****.

Anyway, thanks guys...  When I post, I post hard!  No 4-line synopsis from me baby, yeah!  I can't possibly express how much you had to see it to believe it though, seriously.  Who knows if it's real or not, but the reactions sure seemed like either real or academy award stuff.  SHE may have been playing it up for the camera though, but the kids looked genuinely hurt and shocked, and the dad just looked as ashamed as he should be.

I wholely expect him to be found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  His story was sad unto itself.  She is the only woman he's ever been with, he said as much, and said he wasn't proud of that...  I feel like getting a charity together to pull $ and get that man a hooker, STAT.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: VOTC and OTC Returns in 2006!
« on: November 10, 2005, 09:01 PM »
"The Ultimate Bounty Hunt Collection"

I don't like the sound of that one bit...  that sounds WAY too close to "Treasure Hunt" to me.  I know it's just a stupid rumor report at the moment, but I'm already starting to worry "what if" around a name that involves the word "hunt".     :-\

I 100% agree with this Jeff, and I'm a bit worried too.  Ultimate figures should NEVER be hard to find, but as we've seen in the past, Hasbro likes to prove the logical route as the one they're not going to travel.  If they're easy to find, that's 1 good mark for Hasbro.  If they're somehow less than $10 each then there's a 2nd good mark.  I'd be ok with $7 or $8 really...  $10's going to sting if this is an ongoing thing to get quality.  Hasbro can do better for a better price, especially with all the rehashes they're putting out there that they know will sell to carded collectors or kids.

I guess Hasbro only feels we "deserve" quality in the line if they can make more off it though so I'm not too hopeful on the price being anything but $10.  Making them hard to find is only a bigger slap in the face then, and I wouldn't doubt it if that rumor holds true from Yoda's News.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Battle of Geonosis Wave
« on: November 10, 2005, 08:56 PM »
I was watching The Colbert Report on Comedy Central the other day and man there was a great quote about Hasbro on it that I just can't recall.  Dammit, it was so appropriate to this moment too.   >:(

2006 could be a great year or it could turn into a huge cluster****.  I know I've never seen a Shocktrooper on pegs and 501st troops I have yet to see either, thanks to Hasbro lovely case ratios.

Hell, I barely saw AT-TE Gunners or Red Commanders and the SA Clone is only NOW starting to sit any ammount of time, so I'm not holding out hope for "smart" clone mixing in the future from Hasbro.  They've given no precedent that they will do this right.

Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Terminator the Series
« on: November 10, 2005, 08:47 PM »
All those franchises have potential...  But unless they're focusing on specific groups and stuff, I cna't see it working.  Connor's not important enough I don't think and a series seems dumb around her, but a series set in the robot wars around resistance fighters could work.

Same for Aliens/Predator...  A series around Colonial Marines or something maybe has potential, but not one around Ripley or something.  I dunno.

I'll give a synopsis...  So if you didn't watch, and don't wanna know, don't read this I guess...
OK, so the premise of the show I'm sure everyone gets...  Two generally different families swap their mom/wives to each other for like a week or two.

This week it was a MA "Zen Philosophy" type hippie family who do a relationship talk-show, celebrate/study astrological things, and all that kinda stuff, swapping with an ultra-christian LA family where the wife runs the household 100% and doesn't lift a finger while her ball-less husband does everything and her kids are kept under her thumb.

First, let me say that a complete irony here is that the ultra-christian family has a daughter that got pregnant at 16 and lives in the home with her now 6 year old (maybe slightly older?) daughter.  If that isn't funny I don't know what is.

Anyway, the swap happens...  The things mostly went ok down south for the hippie mom.  She was grilled by the LA mom's friends though when they came over basically just hang out and squawk (they do this a couple times a week it was said), and basically the woman's friends were really mean/interrogative (is that a word?) of the hippie mom, and basically established she's not "christian" in their eyes so they didn't want to really deal with her much.

So, other than that though the hippie mom totally tried to fit in and do nice things for the LA family, and took the one girl who was kind of beat down (like the father) out to shop and stuff because she's told what to do by her mother and older sister (the one with the kid) 24/7.

At the same time the morbidly obese Christian mom is up in Mass. hanging with Hippie dad.  She kept acting like the house was posessed and that there was horrid smells coming from it that caused her to gag (could've been the porkchop stuck in her gap in her teeth for two weeks though), and she kept this going for a while...  Looked like a moron.

She was anti-social during a "Summer Solstice" party thing the husband was having, even though everyone was nice to her.  She claimed it was dark and evil, and basically not christian.  She wound up basically not participating or trying to get to know anyone.

She agreed to go in and see this guy's radio show he does with his wife...  They went in, and he had a guy that was like a psychic on, and I'm thinking he was gay as well...  The Christian woman threw a fit on the air during the show, and walked out because she wouldn't even be in the same room as the psychic and claimed the guy as a satan worshipper even though he made every attempt to reach out to the woman.  OK, so she made the husband leave, and she was 100% ignorant to the "guest" they had on the show.

They went home and she went to each kid's room and started trying to preach to them about letting god into their lives and all that stuff people push on you at the airport.  The kids didn't want to hear it, but were listening...  The girl at the hippie house seemed to most dislike the fat christian mom, but the 2 boys were listening and being civil...

The christian mom insisted that they go to church and the kids didn't want to...  The father though did something VERY respectful and said "OK", simply.  The christian mom acted like it was gonna be a fight, but hippie dad basically said nothing more than "fine by me", and they went...  My god, someone open to hearing another POV.

So they went to church, and fatty christian seemed to appreciate that, but then they got home and when the hippie dad tried to just explain what his family was into with astrology and spirituality, christian mom basically plugged her ears and started going "la la la la la, I can't hear you!" (she didn't really do that, but said she'd "tried" and that she was done trying and stuff). 

The hippie dad wound up giving up because fatty christian was noticeably angry and saying that he was intentionally pushing her buttons.  Hardly fair that he did what she wanted but she totally ignored his attempt to show how he lives to her.

OK, so the time comes for moms to go home...  They meet first though before they both go home, and it was ugly.

Hippie mom had nothing but nice things to say about fatty christian's family.  She said how beautiful they all were, how she got to see the woman's daughters do their dancing thing they do, and how nice her family was...  Great.  Fatty Christian though said NOTHING, not one damn thing, about the hippie mom's family.  She only said that hippie mom's husband pushed her buttons and that hippie mom should let Jesus into her life.  Then she said she couldn't stand it and wanted to leave and basically just left the hippie mom...  Hippie mom was even taking fatty's side in the whole thing, and was mad at her husband thinking he was being overbaring with their religion or whatever it is.


Hippie mom gets home and the kids back dad in telling her what a baffoon Christian mom was in the house, how they did what she wanted to see her lifestyle but how she ignored them and treated everyone with disrespect.  Hippie mom realized something wasn't told to her by fatty.

Fatty Christian Mom gets home, she goes in the house and loses it...  She freaks out about how the hippies "weren't christians", how they "worshipped satan", and "dark things".  She said she hoped her family would never have to see the evil things that she say, including gargoyles (which goes to show what she knows considering Gargoyles were a christian thing if I'm not mistaken).  She said they were worshipping the moon during the Solstice party...

She really freaked out worse than even the commercials showed.  She wanted to make all the TV crew leave if they "weren't christian", and she tore up the money that she got from the show...  She yelled at her family and asked if they had been involved in any of hippie mom's stuff like hypnotherapy (something she does I guess) and other "dark" things.  The kids said she didn't even talk about astrology so they were in shock and the daughter of the fatty's oldest daughter was just scared looking the whole time.  The father looked like he was ready to actually grow a pair of balls and tell her to STFU finally, but he didn't (nutless turd that he is, his story depressed me the most).

Now, the thing about the money and the end of the show is this...  Each family is given $50k, however the mother of the other family is who decides how, and what it is spent on.  The fatty christian mom divided the money up unevenly, given the boys (who were more cordial to her generally) more money.  The daughter she gave $400 for herself and $1400 for her father to spend how he saw fit on his daughter.  She got everyone in the house King James bibles with their names enscribed in them (fine to me, but the family seemed sorta fed up with having her shove that **** on them).  To me though, they should've appreciated that more, but whatever...  And there was $ for a new washer that made less noise (fatty said their washer had like demons in it I think, and was serious), and the rest to home stuff or something.  I thought she was going to just make them give it all away actually so I was surprised.

Hippie mom was much more generous and thoughtful of how the money was divied up, however the fatty christian mom ripped the letter apart and said she wanted nothing to do with an evil family with dark ways.  She said something like "dark people don't need to be telling me how to spend this money and I don't want it" or some ****...  She was going ape****.

The funny way it ended was that the show, since fatty didn't read the letter, scrolled how hippie mom spent the $50k for the family...  She gave money generously to each member of the family, including paying for the one daughter's dance ceritifcation which was real expensive I believe and theyc ouldn't afford...  The kicker was the last thing though, which was she had put in that a large portion of the money was for gastric bypass surgery that fat-ass wanted but the family couldn't afford. 

The last line that scrolled on the screen then said that Fatty Christian Mom rethought the situation and accepted the $50k entirely.   ;D  I guess that money was only evil till it benefited her lard butt.

You had to watch it to believe it, seriously...  I looked at my gf after we watched it, laughed, and said to her how we think religious extremists are only relegated to the middle-eastern nations.  Yikes!  It scared me to know these people are here just as much as Islamic extremists do...  People are nuckin' futs.

I'm Lutheran and she just made me ashamed of Christianity as a whole.  She's a person who goes to church but gets absolutely nothing positive for the world out of it, and that's just pathetic.  My gf said it best though that anyone subjecting their kids to that show should probably be examined by CYS irregardless of how nice or mean they are.  :)  It was borderline abuse of the kids having that sow in their house.

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