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Saga Collection '06 / Re: Battle of Carkoon Wave
« on: August 25, 2005, 11:50 PM »
My heart skipped a beat...  And I had a sudden urge to go to TX and rifle around in people's garbage.

Saga Collection '06 / Re: Props Assortment
« on: August 25, 2005, 11:48 PM »
I think that'd be very cool CHEWIE, however that's pretty much a vehicle to me.  A Hoth one with a Vehicle maintenance engergizer would be nice too... 

Like someone said though, this is basically accessory sets at a higher price.  Those Target sets saw clearance in my area at $10 so I'd question how likely this would be to happen, but it'd be nice I think of what we could get.  Some of those would be nice dispersed among deluxe figures or small vehicle assortments though.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: NEW TIE Fighter
« on: August 25, 2005, 11:45 PM »
Measurements compared to source material on TIE's say it's about 1:19 scale which since SW figures vary as to 1:18 scale (some are, some aren't, some aren't even in the friggin' ballpark) then I think 1:19-ish is fair to say it's dead-on in-scale.  This has me giddy.

I got one tonight, it's a worthy purchase though the price stings for sure.  I think it's a $30 ship but such is the life of a Target exclusive.  I think you'd pretty well be happy with this one Brent.

I wanna extend my thanks to Jeff and Jared for getting the DCPI #'s up too because that's the only way I had gotten this ship.

It's big...  Fun to kidna "fly" around if you know nobody's watching.  Looks like it would eat the FX X-Wing for breakfast too since that ship's not near 1:18 scale (always a disappointment  :-\ ).  With an A-Wing though, this'll look great...  That's where my TIE's heading.

TIE Bombers flanking it look great too.

I did a toy run tonight and saw for the first time Bacara's in any quantity, but at most there were 10 total...  The RT Drivers were gone and when I was done I put all but 2 SA Clones on lay-away... 

No variant Clones to be seen though I noticed case-mates of theirs so I know they were there.  People are focusing on those now it seems.

The area I'm in I'd say the only things that we still consider pegwarmers are the Neimodian Gunner and some of the Zett Jukassa wave's sitting now.  ALl 3 of them are sitting actually.

Like I said, it varies by area, but I'd bet you those Clones start to move over time... 

Wookiee's were gone, but their reshipments are showing up around here Spuffy...  KFC Anakin's not a pegwarmer yet but I think he's getting there too.  Took a while, and I've never seen any variation on him.  :(

Only 2 Obi Pilots and 2 Mustafar sentries I spotted tonight and I got both Obi's and one Sentry. 

Stuff like that just isn't the pegwarmer here it seems to be elsewhere.  That'st he first I've seen of those figures actually.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: Anyone know the Target DCPI #s?
« on: August 25, 2005, 11:36 PM »
A big HUGE thanks to Jeff for helping me score a TIE Fighter tonight via the DCPI #'s he provided.  Thanks for that.  Got them written down to scamper around the various Targets and search.

Found a girl (she actually asked me if I needed help!  Holy ****!) and she got me one even amidst their inventorying they're doing.

Hell yeah!

An early birthday gift to me I guess too. :P  Yay

I have to say I like the ship.  Scale's right, it's a big mamojama, and the color is accurate to 2 of the 3 films so that's better IMO.

The pilot sucks...  no excuse Hasbro.

Cockpit could use a LITTLE retooling beyond the battery box too.  As I've seen MisterPL mention, it'd be ok if they did a uni-hatch on the cockpit that opened towards the rear, however I haven't seen anything definitive that makes me believe that the TIE Cockpit hatch doesn't open as 2-pieces.  That actually makes more sense for an ejection system which is definitely on TIE Fighters as seen in ESB.

The seat could be a little prettier inside then as well...  The TIE Bomber's got a nice set-up inside, very detailed, so it'd have been nice had Hasbro gone through a little extra effort on the cockpit interior when they had to basically retool the seat so it would lock inside.  I mean, they retooled it anyway so why not?

Irregardless, it's to-scale and even at $40 I'd like a 2nd but probably will settle for 1.  $40's this ship's largest problem though...  Two large wings does not equate a huge price jump since the cockpit is 100% re-used from a ship that they sold a lot of.  They should have had this for $30.

I wish Target would never get another exclusive...  Given their bastard ways of C-blocking collectors (hah, collector-block...  It wasn't what you were thinking!), but that's life I guess.

At $30 I'd buy 3 of these for a nice flight.  2 for an escort flight would be sweet though, even at $40, but I'm a sucker for good scaled classic ships.

My mileage on the scanners varies...

Tonight, one the keys were removed, another the keys were there but the thing didn't work.  The third one I hit finally would let me punch in the numbers.  I almost walked past it but stopped and thank goodness I did.  The TIE's sweeeeeeeeet.

Toy Reviews / Re: New JD Review: Captain Antilles
« on: August 25, 2005, 11:23 PM »
Thanks for the kind words Slothus. 

It does seem that Antilles is the Smith of Star Wars...  It seems plausible that people from various worlds would have similar names (if not identical as in this case) in some instances if not many.  Plus inter-cultural mixing and all that... 

I'm going to ask that we let the grammar policing remain in the hands of the staff here so that they can make the decision when they feel it's disruptive to the boards.  That's a call we like to make sparingly and under select circumstances as we deem fit so we don't want that spilling into a public fight between members.  You can take it to PM if you like, but it's probably not worth the anymosity so I'd suggest simply dropping the issue.

As far as the #41's, I think you're in the minority on them being a peg-warmer right now Darth Slothus though I coudl be wrong.  I know my area's devoid of them.  If I find one here and there I tend to buy it but I've only found 2 in the last month or so probably.

I did see a lot at TOys R Us one day though, but they were gone when I went back hoping to score some of them.  I should've just bought them when I had the chance.  I don't know too many people putting the pegwarmer label on them though, even the cali guys I know.

Whether the 41 could pegwarm?  I don't know.  In general army building figures sell steadily rather than pegwarm...  dependant on the quality at least.  Case-in-point, the Hoth Rebel Soldier sold piss-poor but was an equal in quality to its sales rate.  It just simply was a poor figure.  The Imperial Officer I saw in droves (the POTJ one anyway) out here but it sold very well even at marked up prices at K-Mart...  

Clone Pilots, Neimodian Gunners, and Wookiee Warriors were all 3 figures that sold well at first, then started to sit as they shipped more heavily...  But even those are drying up.  I'd say I went from seeing 30+ Pilots at any given store to maybe 8 at most.  The Neimodian Gunner's the only figure I see a little more abundantly and that could partially be that he's so obscure nobody cared about him getting a figure anyway.  The Wookiee's I only see one or two of here and there, I think the kid market after the film's release moved those...  I know my gf's kids each wanted one when they saw it anyway.

So would a #41 Clone "pegwarm"?  I think it'd start to sit to the point you could FIND it if they shipped so many...  It'd take a LOT of reshipping it though, and I still debate whether it would pegwarm or just move steadily.  I think almost any of the armor-clad troops of the Empire (or Republic as the case may be) would move if they're well made figures.  Even #6's are still sorta tough to find.  I see one or two now when I go out, but they're not out there in mass quantities...  Plus the new paintjob's on ANY Clone aren't sitting where I am so army builders are basically starting from scratch on any variant...  It's like they're brand new figures to many people.

As far as personal attacks and whatnot, I think MetalJedi wasn't attacking you.  No more than repeatedly posting "percentages" in various topics is an attempt to ruffle his feathers, so that's knocker-for-tat in my book.  I think Metal was being funny, but not malicious, about the smiles you used...  And likewise you replied humorously with all the smilies we have available and it wasn't insulting to him I'm sure.  

Like I said I'm probably one of the only people here who actively uses emoticons so it is a bit of an anomaly for our site I guess and he was just being humorous...  No big deal, and I think that any notion of it being a mean spirited comment is blown out of proportion.  Metal Jedi and yourself have both made your opinions known as to the topic and perhaps that's where it should be left then.

I'm along the same lines as you E...

I think my double-telescoping Luke was probably the highest I've paid for any single figure, but like my MR FX saber was up there (as it was an impulse buy at C3 too).

Without a doubt though, my most expensive buy was a MIB (Box c8 or so) Droids A-WIng.  All inserts, no stickers applied...  That cost me a pretty penney a long time ago.  It's sad to see how those dipped in price really.

Carded collectors have always felt that way Darth Slothus, that's nothing new.  Unfortunately when we talk about the line's overall "health" though, that concerns us all obviously.  We can get statues in packaging and it can make many carded collectors happy I suppose, yet is it "good" for the Star Wars line?  I don't believe it is as we see with the Saga line where a lot of pre-posed figures went by as generally unpopular.  That line in general was weak and saw buy-backs on Hasbro's part.

The ROTS line's been a much popular line...  I attribute it to a major bump in quality of the figures coupled with a better media backing.  Even the weaker efforts tended to be pretty good figures and DEFINITELY better quality to their Saga counterparts.  One need only look at the Obi-Wan's for this film release cmpared to those for the Saga/AOTC Line's release, and there's marked improvement in overall quality in the figures.  The ROTS line's popularity has relied on things being a bit more fun though out of the packaging as well as looking pretty within.

The balance is important to the line in general.  I don't think the 501st Clones will be pegwarmers.  The AT-TE Gunner isn't as he is, but that's not to say that if they shipped in droves, that perhaps it wouldn't sit maybe a little longer than some other figures.  I think if shipped evenly together and in high quantities, a TE Gunner variant, and a SA variant of the 501st Clone would see the SA variant move faster...  It's like the SA moving faster than the #6 clone sculpt (aside from its shocktrooper variant).  The better of the two wins out.

With the openers wanting the SA sculpt, and it being completely adequate in every way then, I'd think even most carded collectors would want "what's best" for everyone and not just what suits them since they don't open it...  The best way to look at I think.  Now if someone genuinely LIKED the AT-TE Gunner over the SA, that's of course their opinion.  It's a cool figure for sure, but I don't know many who prefer it over the 3 basic Clone sculpts we've gotten this year.

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS - #57 and beyond
« on: August 25, 2005, 05:17 PM »
I don't think metal jedi meant to insult you by the smileys comment as it obviously did to some extent, I think he was just being "funny" as I don't believe many use smilies here aside from me...  So no need for a back-and-forth on this.

As far as the attack on Coruscant set's Clone...  I don't see how people buying multiples of either version reinforces any "point" really.  Maybe I just am misreading something, but nobody's really said they're utterly disappointed, there's just a number of people who won't buy as many if the AT-TE Gunner's body is used.  It's just that simple.

Will they buy a lot?  I don't know since I don't track their spending habits.  I can only speak for myself that I'd look to get maybe a squad of the single-pack if it's the AT-TE Gunner sculpt...  Enough to set up with an Anakin figure so they look nice enough, but not my normal 30+ I'd want if they used the SA sculpt.

If the 5-pack uses the AT-TE Gunner's sculpt I'll get the obligatory one pack maybe...  It'd be enough to put a dent in my little "squad".  I'd be hesitant to buy a LOT of that pack because of the pilot and Anakin figures in there though, even if it was the 41 sculpt.  I'd get a few perhaps...  Depends how I figure I can use the extras from the pack.  The pilot doesn't bother me, but the extra Anakin's I'd wind up with would since it's not the best Anakin figure.

Site Feedback, Suggestions, and Help / Re: Suggestions from Chris
« on: August 25, 2005, 05:07 PM »
Hah, now that's appropriate.   :D

Modern Trading / Re: 12" Haves Trade List & Meager Wants
« on: August 25, 2005, 04:09 AM »
Bumping the 12" Trades up...

I'm looking currently for:

-VOTC Stormtroopers (Loose fine)
-Evolutions Clone Trooper (both variants)
-Evolutions Sith
-Evolutions Anakin (scarred variant would be nice)
-Super Articulated Clone Trooper
-#6 Red Shocketrooper
-Green Clone Commander
-Black Clone Pilot
-AT-RT Driver (both helmet paint variants)

Also will be selling the 12" figures but thought I'd offer them for trade as well.

Modern Trading / ROTS Clone 3-pack (Red) & KFC Ani For Trade
« on: August 25, 2005, 03:59 AM »
I have wound up with a Clone 3-pack (red) on a fairly good card (I have trouble grading modern stuff due to the wonky packaging) and a KFC Anakin.

If anyone's interested in these I'd love to trade them for Super Articulated Clones, AT-TE Gunners, Clone variants (Green Commander, Red #6, or black Pilot), or I'd trade them as a partial payment towards an Evolution set (Any of the 3 or their variants).



PS: I'd sell for their retail cost as well if someone needed them.


Since I'm assuming nobody wants these I'll pull them and perhaps return them. 

Revenge of the Sith / Re: ROTS - #57 and beyond
« on: August 25, 2005, 01:20 AM »
Well everyone has an opinion on what's good or not, so that's "who cares" I guess Darth Slothus.  It's collector tollerance.

You think it's unimportant and that's fine of course...  Obviously I and a number of others feel the AT-TE Gunner's inferior so it's going to determine some of our buying habits on this one irregardless of how tough to find it may or may not be.  I know a less articulated sculpt is a downer for me though.  I will build a small army if I can find enough of that figure, but I know I won't be looking to build a 30+ figure army either (if they're that abundant for me) if the AT-TE Gunner's sculpt is the final choice.

I'm hoping it's the super articulated sculpt though...  That'd be my preference.  Everyone's opinion differs, so the "complaining" is only because some people's opinion on what's important doesn't line up with your own.

Customizing Tips and Tricks / Re: casting snow trooper heads???
« on: August 25, 2005, 12:36 AM »
For those curious, Ashley (Delaton over at FFURG) has some complete Mygeeto Clone kits that you just glue together.  He'd probably gladly trade some of the casts for something or other he maybe needs.  Check out his trade list at the

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