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Photonovels and Movies / CHAOS! - Rykrof Enloe # 7 FINAL EDITION
« on: July 31, 2006, 10:14 AM »
Here is the 7th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe series.  I am very excited and relieved to get this chapter up!

Ideas, thoughts, feedback are appreciated.  Thank you!

Far away from the watchful eye of the Peace Officers on Coruscant, Tattooine is the perfect sanctuary for those wishing to not be found, and the ideal place for Trigg Fuuda to reorganize the Badoo Corba and train new recruits while forging an alliance with the Mandalorian Remnant.

Standing guard on another seemingly quite night, two Battle Droids scan the area for possible intruders.

But suddenly both droids are destroyed by a pair of laser blasts!

Moving quickly, Peace Officers Rykrof Enloe and Tylin Gere advance on the Badoo Corba camp. 

“This is Officer Enloe,” Rykrof says into his comm link.  “Forward positions advance now!  Team Beta, cover a potential Badoo Corba retreat on the left but put fire on the hill on the right immediately!”

“Did you hear that?” Trigg Fuuda hisses.  “Those were laser blasts!”

“That was Republic gunfire,” Ameed Hannil says.  “They’ve found us!”

“We will meet them head on,” he shouts as alarms blare throughout the terrorist training camp.

As the Badoo Corba waken from their sleep, the Republic storms forward, led by several All Climate Armored Crawlers; fitted with sled tracks for the desert terrain.

“Forward!” Zeedo Chissis shouts as he heads into battle against the Republic attackers.

Suddenly several Wookiee Warriors appear and begin to force the terrorists into a deadly crossfire.

Caught by surprise, the Badoo Corba forces begin to fall, the blaster assault from the Republic firing from so many weapons that it becomes difficult to pick out individual shooters.

The Wookiees show no mercy on the ruthless terrorists as they tear them apart.

A pair of Battle Droids then emerges and fires at the Wookiees…

…one blast strikes Brontar in the chest…

Choktarr does not need to check on his fellow Wookiee to know his life has passed on, as a deadly Mandalorian approaches the mighty warrior.

As Choktarr studies his enemy, Ferennik Isinn raises his Mandalorian blade of honor and prepares to engage in his favorite death ritual; the disembowelment of Wookiee Warriors.

In a swift motion, Ferennik releases his weapon; slaying the Wookiee with one stroke.

Knowing he has no time to relish in this victory, the masked warrior retrieves his weapon, in search of his next kill.

To his surprise, an even larger Wookiee stands between him and the battlefield.

“I will bood stain this wretched planet with your remains,” Ferennik Isinn hisses.

Running around a jagged corner, Rykrof and Tylin stumble onto the confrontation between Ralbarr and the Mandalorian.

Without hesitation, Rykrof swiftly fires a blast into the chest of the terrorist warrior.

As Ferennik Isinn lies dead at the feet of Ralbarr, the mighty Wookiee explains that he had the situation under control; but still thanks Rykrof for his assistance.

“I’m sure you could have handled him pal,” Rykrof says.  “But I need you to help us find Trigg Fuuda, he’s got to be here somewhere.”

Meanwhile, the Republic forces continue to crush the Badoo Corba resistance, who refuse to surrender.

Back at his ATL Interceptor, Trigg Fuuda prepares for a hasty retreat...

…and in moments escapes from the camp.

“Trigg has fled,” Zeedo informs Ameed Hannil. 

“We must do the same.  Live to fight another day!” he says.

The two fight their way out of the camp, lucky to escape with their lives.

“Fuuda’s gone, damnit!” Rykrof curses as he discovers the terrorist leader's escape pad.  “This whole operation was for nothing!”

“Sir,” an officer says to Rykrof.  “We just received an urgent message from Coruscant.”

Rykrof then speaks with his team.  “Geonosis?” he says in disbelief. 

“Yes Sir,” the officer says.  “They’re saying the Separatists have declared war.  An attack force has already been dispatched to Geonosis for some sort of Jedi rescue mission.”

“Geonosis isn’t far from here,” Rykrof says thoughtfully.  “I’ll take half the team there to see if we can assist.  The rest of you complete a sweep of the camp and report back to Coruscant.”

Rykrof and several of his team members then depart the planet.

On the nearby planet, the Geonosian Execution Arena holds the outbreak of a Galactic Civil War…

In the archducal box overseeing a scheduled execution of Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala; Count Dooku watches with amusement as a band of Jedi have intruded on the entertainment and struggle to prevent the execution.

Among the chaos, the Jedi cut down swarms of Geonosians and Battle Droids…

…and have taken the Separatists by surprise…

…but more droids quickly enter the arena and attack the desperate Jedi.

Back-to-back, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala fight back the advancing droids.

Meanwhile, bounty hunter Jango Fett rockets into the arena to join the fight.

But the legendary Mandalorian is no match for Jedi Master Mace Windu, who decapitates the bounty hunter.

As his helmet falls to the ground, the bounty hunter's body collapses.

Although Jango Fett has been killed, the droids continue to advance on the Jedi and encircle the survivors.

Suddenly, several Republic Gunships descend fast through the open area in the arena ceiling, landing in a cluster around the handful of Jedi.

Republic Clone Troopers spill out and start firing at the droids…

…as a hell storm of laser fire pushes back the droid army.

Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala dash towards a Gunship and scramble in… the remaining survivors board the Gunships.

The Jedi hang on tight as the last ship rises out of the arena to safety.

Count Dooku looks at the ground littered with dead Jedi and dismembered droids for a brief moment before departing for the Geonosian War Room.

Fleeing the arena, the Gunships join a number of Republic starships that have entered the Geonosis atmosphere.

A massed lines of parked Trade Federation Starships attempts to flee the planet, surprised by the superior Republic force.

Tens of thousands of Clone Troopers emerge from the landed starships…

…and the Separatists can only hope their droid armies can stall the Republic long enough for their leaders and starships to escape.

“This is not going well at all,” Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray says.

“Order a retreat,” Geonosian Poggle the Lesser demands.  “I am sending my warriors deep in the catacombs to hide.”

Angered at this outcome, Rune Haake recommends that the Trade Federation get the cores of their ships back into space.

“The Jedi must not find our designs for the ultimate weapon,” Poggle the Lesser says.  “If they have any idea of what we are planning to create, we are doomed.”

“I will take the designs with me to Coruscant,” Count Dooku replies.  “They will be much safer with my Master.”

Soon after, the last of the fleeing Trade Federation starships begins to weaken under the constant fire as it begins to fall and then explode in a fireball.

After the battle, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi enters a forward command center and receives an incoming transmission from Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe.

“You have your clearance to land,” the Jedi Master informs the incoming ships.  “I will see you at docking bay AA24.”

After landing, Rykrof and Tylin are greeted by their Jedi friend.

“What the hell happened here?” Rykrof asks.

“The war has begun,” Kala says softly.  “Dooku is behind everything… but what happened on Tatooine?  Did you find the Badoo Corba?”

“We located their base, but the mission wasn’t a success,” Rykrof says.  “Trigg Fuuda escaped.”

“Then this is truly a sad day for all of us,” Kala laments. “First the terrorists escape…”

“...and now the great Clone War has begun.”


Thanks for being patient with me guys on the newer stories as I go back and try to make the originals in this series a little better.  I have got #6 up now.  I hope you like it and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Although the memory of the Trade Federation's occupation of their planet many years ago will always be on the minds of the population of the peaceful planet Naboo, few in the capital of Theed believe such an aggressive act of war could ever happen again in their lifetime.

However, some have begun to speculate that the galaxy could be edging close to a civil war, as many organizations have seceded from the Republic and joined the Separatist movement, led by former Jedi Count Dooku.

Having recently returned to his home planet, Rykrof Enloe and his young bride, Royal Handmaiden Alyssa, are both all too aware of the dangers that threaten the galaxy. 

With his young love pregnant with their first child, Rykrof has become concerned about the security on his home world.

"I've spoken with Senator Amidala about your concerns," Alyssa tells her husband.  "But she doesn't agree with you."

"The government has been too passive on this issue," Rykrof says.  "Governor Bibble and I have urged her about this upcoming vote in the Senate.  But she won't listen.  She and Queen Jamilla must both understand that the Republic needs an army to defend itself."

Rykrof then kisses Alyssa goodbye before conducting his daily routine checks of the planet's defense systems.

After completing a routine inspection of the planet's missile defenses, Rykrof is informed of a holo-virus that has infected the online orbital radar. 

"It's probably nothing major, but it will take another 24 hours to clean and reboot the system," Captain Panaka tells him.  "Our other defense mechanisms were able to block the virus; it's only the radar."

"We shouldn't take any chances," Rykrof says in disagreement.  "I want you to put security on yellow alert.  The Queen or Senator Amidala may be in danger."

After warning his wife of the possible danger, Rykrof finds his Wookiee friend, Boracca tinkering with a pile of broken devices.

He explains to his friend about the virus and states his concerns about the inept security on the planet. 

"This virus may have been planted to allow for a ship to land relatively undetected anywhere on the planet," Rykrof says.  "We should be cautious."

The mighty Wookiee agrees, and offers to contact his good friend Ralbarr, a fellow Wookiee who owes his life to Boracca, and could offer extra protection for Queen Jamilla.

"That's a good idea.  See if you can reach them; the quicker they can arrive, the better," Rykrof says.

Later that evening, in the Shire Lagoon several armed warriors have landed in small ships.  The warriors take advantage of the cover of dark and make their way towards the capital of Theed...

After Boracca's contacts arrive, Rykrof informs them of a Gungan sighting of unauthorized ships landing in the Shire Lagoon.

Both Ralbarr and Choktarr are eager to find the mysterious ships.

"We need for you to stay here and protect the queen," Rykrof says.  "I've put all security on red alert and have authorized a public quarantine in the city.  I'll take a team to the landing site and see what we find."

Ralbarr then tells his longtime friend to be careful on their hunt.

"We better get moving," Captain Revner says.  "If whoever landed in the lagoon is hostile, they won't be staying there long."

Led by a Gungan guide, the small group then leaves the safety of the city walls in search of the mysterious invaders.

"Nothing yet," Captain Revner says.  "Maybe the ships aren't hostiles after all."

Suddenly Rykrof's comlink comes to life and a message from Captain Panaka back at the capital comes through.

"I think it's over Rykrof.  A group of Whipids was discovered trying to infiltrate the palace.  We were forced to gun them down," Captain Panaka says.

"That's a relief," Rykrof says as he looks up to Boracca.  "But we still have to find their ships."

Suddenly a laser blast rips through the air and smashes through Boracca's chest!

"No!" Rykrof yells in horror as his team takes defensive positions.

As Rykrof looks in the direction of the attack, he sees two droids, unlike any he has seen before approaching the group.  He then realizes that the Whipid attackers Captain Panaka referred to were either a decoy or the first assault.

The Super Battle Droids then make short work on the Gungan guide.

"How is the Wookiee?" Captain asks as he returns heavy fire at the attackers.

"I ...I don't think he's breathing," Rykrof says.

"We have to call for help," he barely manages to say as he realizes his friend is dead.

"It's too late for help," a Rodian says who has snuck up behind Rykrof.  "Trigg Fuuda will be most pleased to see you on Tatooine."

Captain Revner then sees the horrifying image of two Mandalorian warriors approach them.

With the two droids standing guard as well, Rykrof and Revner know there is no chance for escape.

"I am disappointed in you," the Rodian says.  "Master Fuuda has spoken so highly of your battle tactics.  I truly hoped for more resistance, but you are no match for Zeedo Chissis," the Rodian laughs.

As Rykrof is watched closely by the Mandalorian warriors, Zeedo speaks to Captain Revner.

"What is your name?" the evil Rodian asks.

"Jagred Revner, in service to the Queen of Naboo," he replies firmly.

"My master did not mention you as a potential hostage," Zeedo says as he kills the captain in cold blood.

"Now, what to do with you," Zeedo asks.  "Tell my master you were killed in the battle, or bring you back crippled?"

Suddenly both Super Battle Droids are engulfed in flames!

The group then hears a thundering roar as the powerful Wookiee Ralbarr charges madly towards the intruders!

Realizing he is no match for this Wookiee, Zeedo Chissis retreats in a sprint for his ship.

In a matter of moments, blood flows from one warrior's throat...

...while the other hangs dismembered from a tree; his lifeless body a gruesome testament to the unparalleled rage of a Wookiee.

Ralbarr then effortlessly picks up the body of his friend and howls a sad cry towards Rykrof.

"I'm so sorry," Rykrof laments.  "I'll call for help."

Soon after, Zeedo Chissis narrowly avoids a new search party and makes his way back to his ATL Interceptor. 

Although his mission to capture or kill Rykrof Enloe was a failure, he knows his master; Trigg Fuuda will be pleased to learn that the mighty Boracca has fallen in battle.

The next morning, the skies above the capital are abuzz with patrols in the aftermath of the attack.

After debriefing with Captain Panaka, Rykrof bids farewell to his wife, Alyssa.

"Captain Panaka's team found the remaining ships in the lagoon," he tells his wife.  "Trigg Fuuda is still running the Badoo Corba and I know for a fact he's on Tatooine ... after we return Boracca's body to Kashyyyk, I have to return to Coruscant and organize a team to find the Badoo Corba's hidden base."

"Just be careful Rykrof," his wife says solemnly. 

"The terrorists must really want you dead."

"What about the Separatist Movement?" Naboo Councilman Tason Push interjects. 

"Please contact us after you speak with Chancellor Palpatine."

"I will do what I can," Rykrof says. 

"But Senator Amidala has more influence than I do, especially with the Military Creation Act in consideration."

"You know where I stand on this issue," Senator Amidala says.  "Raising an army will only encourage a war."

"We're well aware of your concerns, Senator," Alyssa says with a smile.  "And we trust you will do what you feel is in the best interest of our people."

"Just be careful here and if anything happens, contact me," Rykrof tells his wife.

"I'm more worried about you," she says. 

"Don't worry; Ralbarr insists on following Boracca's debt.  He's been stubborn about it, plus he's a lot bigger than me; so what can I say?" he says with a smile.

"I love you," Alyssa tells him.

"And I love you," he replies. 

"After this is all over we'll be able to have our child.  We must stay positive and look towards the future; together we'll get through this."



Here is the 5th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe series, just got wrapped up tonight.  Hope you like it, was able to get this up a bit quicker than I thought.

Several years have passed since the small planet of Abridon had nearly been destroyed in an attack by the Badoo Corba terrorists; an attack many believe was linked to the occupation of Naboo by the Trade Federation. 

The long re-building process has been underway for over 18 months, and despite exceptional progress, few citizens have returned to their ravaged home world.

Having recently arrived on the surface, Finis Valorum’s team prepares to gather evidence that the Trade Federation was involved with the attack on the planet.

“Stay here in the central district and keep an eye on things,” Rykrof tells his good friend, Tylin Gere.  “We’ll first check where Ambassador Tame Heem was taken prisoner.  If there’s any evidence of the Federation being here, that would be the first place to look.”

Although their clearance codes allowed them to land, the group is confronted by a worker about their reasons for being on the planet. 

“As we stated earlier before our landing, we have clearance to be here,” Valorum tells him.  “We are to survey the extent of the damage in the northern sector and report our findings to the Senate; nothing more,” he lies.

“Finis, we’re taking an awful risk,” Rykrof says once they are a safe distance from the central district.  “If word of this gets out, we will face a harsh committee back on Coruscant.” 

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take,” Valorum replies.  “The holonet can spin the facts and the Senate can look the other way.  But we both know damn well that the Badoo Corba had help from the Trade Federation in this attack – we just need proof.” 

Boracca then growls his frustration with their investigation. 

“I know pal,” Rykrof replies.  “No trace of the Federation anywhere.  Not even a lousy busted up droid.”

Suddenly a laser blast rifles in front of Rykrof, narrowly missing him!

Rykrof’s commlink then heats up with an urgent message from Tylin. 

“Rykrof, several ships have jumped out of hyperspace, and they’re not friendly.  Looks like the Badoo Corba either knew we were coming here, or they’re here to finish the job.  They've got us pinned down here pretty bad.” 

Rykrof then curses to himself, “Blast this damn planet.  It’s cursed.  I swear it.”

“We’ve got a sniper somewhere out here trying to pick us off,” he states into the commlink.

“Looks like their leader is with them!” Tylin answers back as his troops return fire on the terrorist force.

"They've got the upper hand, I don't know how long we can hold out here."

With terrorist leader Trigg Fuuda leading his relentless Whipid mercenaries into battle against the Republic forces at the central reconstruction site, his force quickly gain the upper hand in the fight...

...and the meager Republic force struggles to maintain their position!

But back at Rykrof’s position, Boracca has taken out the sniper pinning the group down.

“Tylin, we’re secure here now.  Just hang on, we’ll be right there!” Rykrof informs his friend.

“Now what?” Valorum asks.

“You need to stay here,” Rykrof says as Boracca picks up a rusty war ax among the rubble.  "You know how to use a blaster?"

"Of course," Finis replies.

"Good," Rykrof says as he hands a weapon to the old man.  "I want you to stay hidden until this is over."

Rykrof then catches up with Boracca, who seems to have gotten wind of something…

Without warning, a bloodthirsty Trandoshan terrorist leaps over a pile of debris!

But before Rykrof can raise his blaster, Boracca decapitates the fierce creature, spilling its blood on the street.

The head of the Trandoshan rolls at the feet of the two.

“Let’s go,” Rykrof says in disgust.

Meanwhile, Tylin Gere’s force stands strong against the onslaught of the Badoo Corba.

Moments later, Rykrof and Boracca enter the battlefield and overwhelm the terrorist invaders.

With the advancing Republic forces, Trigg Fuuda then realizes his team is about to be caught in a cross fire.

"Trigg!” Liris Foil shouts, “Where are the Battle Droid reinforcements you promised?”

“Shut up you grub,” Trigg snarls in frustration.  “They’ll be here!”

But the Battle Droids promised to land in conjunction with Trigg’s forces have not arrived, despite assurance from Count Dooku himself...

…and the Badoo Corba operatives continue to be picked off by Republic troops.

A dawning realization then hits Trigg Fuuda; there will be no aid from Count Dooku this time.  This mission was a test, and he has failed miserably.  And he recognizes the Republic officer who has helped turn the table on him – Rykrof Enloe.

“Prepare to withdraw our forces,” Trigg orders his remaining henchman.

As quickly as it began, the battle is over as emergency crews begin to tend to the wounded.   

As Rykrof and Boracca survey the dead Whipids, they are approached by Finis Valorum and Tylin Gere.

“I thought you were going to stay back where it was safe,” Rykrof says to Finis with a smile.

“Old in body, young at heart,” Finis Valorum replies.  “Sometimes in order to understand the truth behind why we fight these terrorists, one must see the war with their own eyes rather than hear second hand tales.”

“That was too small of a strike force,” Tylin observes.  “Something went wrong in their attack.”

“I agree with that assessment.  Their leader was amongst them as well.  In my research of the Badoo Corba, it's against their nature to willingly go into a fight with such a disadvantage,” Valorum says. 

“This attack was reckless... it was unorganized.”

“Well if Trigg Fuuda is alive, we’ve got to find him and interrogate him.  He might be our only proof to the Senate that the Federation is involved in a plot against the Republic,” Rykrof points out.

“And he can face justice for another senseless attack.”

Meanwhile on Geonosis, the planet's remote location has made it an ideal base of operations for the Separatist movement that is spreading through the galaxy.

“Viceroy Gunray,” Dooku smiles.  “How good to see you.”

“Count Dooku!  What of the attack on Abridon,” Viceroy Gunray asks.  “Did the Badoo Corba succeed?”

"The Badoo Corba are no longer at our disposal, I am afraid.  The decision has been made that any links to a terrorist group may hurt our support in the coming movemenet," Dooku says.

"But our friends here have pledged their mechanical military forces to our disposal, just as my Master has forseen."

“But you promised me the Badoo Corba would kill Senator Amidala of Naboo,” Nute Gunray bellows. 

With a smile, Dooku simply tells the viceroy to have patience. 

“Her time will come soon enough.  But we can not afford for the finger to be pointed at you for her death; or for the Republic to connect us with the Badoo Corba at this time.  So, for all intents and purposes the Badoo Corba cease to exist.”

"Senator Amidala will be eliminated in due time."

That evening, Count Dooku meets with his master, Darth Sidious.

“The Force is with us, Lord Sidious,” he says as he takes one knee.  “The Badoo Corba have been wiped out by the Republic.”

“Good,” the Dark Lord hisses.  “Then their maniacal leader can not become a liability in your bid to acquire allies for the war.”

Meanwhile, Trigg Fuuda sneaks into his backup ATL Interceptor back on Abridon.  As he prepares to leave the system, he curses both the planet and Rykrof Enloe; who he swears will pay the ultimate price for forcing him into disfavor with Count Dooku…


Watto's Junk Yard / Yakface Forums Are Up
« on: July 3, 2006, 02:50 AM »
After quite a bit of work, and getting some bugs straightened out, the forums at are up and running.  It's still a work in progress, and we realize there will be a learning curve for our mods there, but we are going to give it our best shot and hope to have a great fan relationship with everyone here at JD at the outstanding JD staff.  

I am really excited about it, because I first starting going online to look at Star Wars stuff in 1996, and Yakface was the first site I knew about... and my first forum too, in 2000.  And now I have the wonderful opportunity to be part of a Star Wars fan site. 

So after the forums went away in 2001, there is a new team there and the forums are back.  We hope it's an enjoyable experience for everyone who joins.

So, stop on by when you get a chance and check it out.  Not to replace here or any other place, just another stop for you in your forum chats if you please.  For a bit I'll be spending most of my time there in trying to get things established, but will still be around here too.

Thanks my friends and hope to see you there!



Finally got this one ready and is up.  It's the 4th chapter in the Rykrof Enloe storyline, and is a redo of the orginal version.  I think that this is much, much better than the original, with a few minor changes and has been by far the most fun out of any of the redos.  Hope you enjoy.

In the far reaches of the Outer Rim, a lone Republic transport ship enters the remote Munist System, which looms large as the Republic struggles to maintain control of its outlying systems.

On board the transport, Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe expresses his aggravation to Tylin Gere over the recent events with the Badoo Corba terrorist organization's continued attacks, as well as the recent release of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray.

"Somehow these organizations are linked," Rykrof says.  "I know it."

"Agreed," Tylin replies.  "And I think the Senate is underestimating this Count Dooku's influence with all the commerce organizations."

"I don't know that Dooku would be associated with the terrorists though," Rykrof says.

"Maybe not, but he was once a Jedi.  After what happened with Shundi and Kollen's death, I don't trust a single one of them," Tylin says softly.

After a brief pause, Tylin continues, "There's no way in hell the Senate should have dropped the charges against that Jedi." 

"Over half the Senate agrees with you on that," Rykrof admits as he turns to a deck officer.  "But we should be thanking Master Shundi instead of blaming him for what happened in the Pojer District."

"Sir, your ship is ready," the crewman says.  "And Ambassador Tame Heem has agreed to stay on board and allow for Finis Valorum to be the one to talk to Belpointes."

"Good to hear," Rykrof says with a smile.  "Finis has always had a strong relationship with Belpointes.  This could work out well."

Meanwhile, Count Dooku meets with Trigg Fuuda and bounty hunter Jango Fett to finalize plans set in motion by his master, Darth Sidious.

"The time to strike is now," Dooku orders the two.  "This mission is crucial to our cause.  Belpointes must be killed at all costs."

"Understood," the Mandalorian bounty hunter replies.  "He will not live past this day."

"Good," Dooku says darkly.  "Everything is set in place, and the Whipid enforcers will have adequate support.  There can be no mistakes."

Back on Munist, Rykrof Enloe's team has landed on the surface of the planet.

There they are promptly greeted by Erleath Belpointes, the beleaguered head of state for Munist.

"Finis Valorum!" Belpointes declares.  "They didn't tell me you would be here!"

"I was hoping this would be a surprise," Valorum answers.

"Frankly I was dreading this meeting, but had the Republic told me you would be attending I wouldn't have pushed this off for so long!" Belpointes exclaims.

"Well it's very good to see you, old friend," Valorum says warmly.

"Old?  Take a good look at yourself!  You've got more gray hair than a frozen Taun Taun!" Belpointes jokes.

"Ah, I see you still have your sense of humor," Valorum laughs. 

"My friend, let us discuss the situation between our governments over refreshment," Belpointes says.  "If you were still running the Republic, I doubt these talks would even be necessary."

Over the next two hours, the two friends reminisce on old times and discuss their situations.

"I was surprised by the lack of security here," Valorum says once they open the topic to military matters.

"Officer strike," Belpointes says.  "It's slowed down production in the mining facilities even worse.  The economy is suffering too.  Kashyyyk has lent us several Wookiee guards however to ensure our facilities are safe for the time being."

Suddenly a massive explosion erupts in the western peak tower...

An emergency siren quickly alerts the facility of an attack.

"Sir, sir!" protocol droid E3-PO says frantically as he enters Erleath's quarters.  "The complex is under siege by a group of Whipid mercenaries!  You must get to safety immediately!"

Over the intercom, an officer updates all personnel that a legion of Battle Droids has emerged from a  second separate transport.

Rykrof finds Finis Valorum and Erleath Belpointes, and advises that they get to the Republic drop ship and escape to the Republic transport in space before more enemy troops arrive.

"It's the Badoo Corba," Rykrof says.  "They don't take prisoners.  They will kill you if you stay," he warns the two.

After agreeing with Rykrof's assessment, Belpointes asks for his Wookiee allies to fend off the attackers as long as possible, and then escape into the southern canyon, where he will organize a rescue team for any survivors.

Meanwhile, the Whipid attack force tears through the meager Munist defenses.

Only the heroics of the Wookiee guards pose a threat to the attacking Badoo Corba.  However, even the mighty Wookiees must fall back in the midst of the vast number of terrorist attackers.

As the main battle engulfs the complex above, Rykrof and Tylin lead Finis Valorum and Erleath Belpointes through an underground passage.

Soon they arrive at the hangar and realize their escape will not be easy... the terrorists have killed the Republic pilots and open fire on Rykrof's team!

As Rykrof and Tylin return blaster fire on the Whipids, several Wookiees enter the hangar as well.

In a matter of seconds both Whipids fall in battle.

"Everyone on board!" Rykrof yells once securing the ship.

But suddenly a group of Battle Droids, led by Jango Fett enters the hangar and opens fire on the group!

Struck down by the Mandalorian bounty hunter, Erleath Belpointes' lifeless body crumbles to the ground before Finis Valorum.

Narrowly avoiding blaster fire, Tylin dashes towards the cockpit, just as more Battle Droids enter the hangar.

In the chaos, the mighty Wookiee Boracca attempts to check the status of Erleath Belpointes but is struck by a laser blast!

"The prime minister's already dead!" Rykrof yells.  "It's too late for him!"

To Rykrof's horror, more Whipids enter the hangar...

...and the relentless Mandalorian warrior continues to close in on the ship!

With all other survivors on board the ship, Rykrof fires several cover shots before boarding...

...striking a trio of approaching droids!

With several of the droids down, Rykrof then drags the wounded Wookiee, Boracca, onto the ship.

"Tylin get us out of here!" he yells.

The ship then jets skyward to safety!

"They escaped," Trigg Fuuda snarls as he enters the hangar.

"The objective was to eliminate Erleath Belpointes," Jango points out.  "If you have an issue with my methods, take it up with Count Dooku."

Soon after, Rykrof's transport makes a hasty retreat from the Munist system.

Days later, the survivors arrive back on Coruscant.

Rykrof and Ambassador Tame Heem then rush to meet with Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

"Rykrof, I need for you to explain to me why you brought Finis Valorum with you on this mission.  Ambassador Heem was to be our voice of reason with Munist.  Now Erleath Belpointes is dead, along with any hopes of our forging a lasting alliance with the people of Munist," Supreme Chancellor Palpatine says.

"This was my decision," Rykrof says.  "Finis Valorum had a very strong relationship with Munist and Ambassador Heem did not."

"This was a reckless decision," Mas Amedda argues.  "For all we know, the Badoo Corba were targeting Valorum, and because of your decision the Prime Minister of Munist was killed in the process of a terrorist attack."

"Yes, it was the former Chancellor's policies that led to tax disputes in the Outer Rim; and ultimately led to an increase in terrorist activity," Palpatine agrees.

"You may be correct," Rykrof says.  "But I suggest we conduct an investigation on the resources of the Badoo Corba.  It's highly unlikely that they are capable of executing such an attack without the aid of another organization.  Someone is helping them."

"Your point is well taken Officer Enloe, as are your reasons for having Finis Valorum assist you in the talks on Munist," Palpatine says with a smile.  "Following a full report with the Peace Officer Judicial Board, you shall have whatever resources you require in your investigation of the Badoo Corba." 

"But in the future you will follow procedure and allow for this Executive Branch to make such decisions.  Failure to do so will result in your dismissal." 

Late that evening, Rykrof meets with Finis Valorum and Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi.

"I understand the Wookiee Boracca has sworn a life debt to you for saving him," Valorum says.

"Yeah," Rykrof replies.  "I'm not sure how I feel about it."

"You will find that the Wookiees are among the most noble of all sentient beings," Kala Mly Shundi tells Rykrof.  "This is a debt he and his companions will always honor, and one you must respect."

After a pause the Jedi continues, "Finis Valorum has explained to me what happened on Munist."

"There's more to the Badoo Corba than we realize," Rykrof says.  "Finis and I have decided to go back to Abridon to investigate their initial attack there."

"That was three years ago," Kala Mly Shundi says.  "What do you hope to find?"

"Proof of a connection between the Badoo Corba and the Trade Federation," Rykrof replies.

Meanwhile, Count Dooku makes contact with his master, Darth Sidious.

"Well done Lord Tyrannus," the Dark Lord of the Sith says.  "With Erleath Belpointes eliminated, there will be no political voice in the Outer Rim to oppose the formation of the treaty."

"Thank you, my Master," Dooku replies.  "But what of the suspicions of an organization assisting the Badoo Corba?"

"I will see to it that neither the Senate nor the Jedi make any valid connection," Darth Sidious replies. 

"In time the Trade Federation will pledge their unconditional support to you and others will follow," he continues.  "With Belpointes dead, we shall have no further use for the Badoo Corba.  Trigg Fuuda must now be eliminated."



Saga Collection '06 / Han Solo
« on: June 29, 2006, 09:39 PM »
Edit - The two Han Solo VOTC/VSTC figures -


Which do you prefer?  Which one is a better figure?

Also, are you happy that Han has gotten two versions already that are so similar while so many other characters have not had any figures made in this style yet?


Saga Collection '06 / Why no Battle Droids?
« on: June 29, 2006, 09:35 PM »
Anyone else a little frustrated that there's no mention of Battle Droids for the next year or so?  I know they're nowhere as popular as Clones... but they're the grunts of the Separatists...


Saga Collection '06 / Worst Ideas for Hasbro Thread
« on: June 29, 2006, 05:54 PM »
Just for fun, what are some really absurd ideas that would really tick you off if Hasbro did them?

Here's a couple that might really get under people's skin (including mine):

- No army builders for a year
- Soft goods on every figure


Just wondering... Hasbro has kind of hinted that they might make some of these styled figures for the prequels someday, but what about characters in the modern VOTC/VSTC line but never had a vintage counterpart?

I know there's some out there that are potential ones.  Like a Rebel Fleet Trooper for starters.



Saga Collection '06 / Collection Losses
« on: June 19, 2006, 02:40 PM »
Just wondering... has anyone ever "lost" stuff that you never could find again?  Or somehow threw stuff away on accident?

I am 99.99% sure that all of my POP's for the VSTC figures got thrown out by my wife.  Here is what I had -

Scout Trooper - 12 POP's
Tusken Raider - 6 POP's
Luke X-Wing - 4 POP's
Han Solo - 4 POP's
Greedo - 2 POP's

I had them all in a nice little stack on the coffee table, and I think in the shuffle of 3-weeks worth of mail, it got mixed in and thrown away.

Pretty frustrating.


Customs Community and Group Projects / Next Group Project
« on: June 18, 2006, 03:38 AM »
Are we planning on doing one of these in July?  If so, I was wondering about doing an ultimate Jango Fett and share ideas on a custom of him as Hasbro really hasn't stepped up to the plate with this figure... here is one of the better ones I'm aware of someone making, might be a good reference.


Photonovels and Movies / Rykrof Enloe PN previews
« on: June 16, 2006, 01:26 AM »
I really don't get much feedback on the previews when I put them in the cusotmizing section, so I thought I'd start that for this thread.  I'll do anywhere from 3-4 previews for each chapter here.

Chapter 1 - Crisis on Abridon

Chapter 2 - Underground Resistance

Chapter 3 - Anti Jedi

Chapter 4 - Slaughter on Munist


Saga Collection '06 / How many SAGA2 Sandtroopers do you have?
« on: June 14, 2006, 02:46 PM »
I am up to 5.... been hunting for these like a dog.  To me it's just a slightly dirty VOTC Stormtrooper and works well for Endor scenes.


Photonovels and Movies / RE #3 - ANTI JEDI (final edition)
« on: June 13, 2006, 02:00 AM »
Ok!!! A new photonovel is up, hope you enjoy.  I'ts the 3rd in the redo phase of the Rykrof Enloe series.

Following the events on Naboo, newly elected Supreme Chancellor Palpatine returns to the Republic capital after a recent trip to Corellia.

Upon his arrival, he is greeted by Jedi Master Mace Windu.

"Master Windu," the Chancellor says, "how good to see you."

"Chancellor Palpatine, welcome back to Coruscant," Mace Windu says as he approaches the new leader of the Republic.  "Your presence will be needed in the Senate as the Trade Federation's opening defense statement is scheduled to be reviewed this week."

"Thank you, Master Windu.  I am well aware of the proceedings," Palpatine says.


"It has also been brought to my attention that one of your elder Jedi has caused quite a panic in your Order," Palpatine says as the two begin to walk together.

"Yes, it is unfortunate that Count Dooku has chosen to leave the Jedi Order," Mace Windu replies.

"Indeed, it is a sad day for the Republic," Palpatine says with a frown.  "But for now it is important that I speak with you about aiding our Peace Officers in their investigation of the recent Badoo Corba terrorist attacks.  I have reliable information that Trigg Fuuda himself is here on Coruscant."


The following morning, Peace Officer Rykrof Enloe meets with his good friend, Tylin Gere, to discuss the recent attacks by terrorist groups on Coruscant.

"Seems like since the whole blockade thing on Naboo started, the Senate's forgotten about these terrorists," Tylin says.


"I agree," Rykrof replies.  "But Palpatine claims to have new information on a Badoo Corba hideout in the Pojer District.  We're being sent to investigate."

"That's a bad area," Tylin warns.

"True, but we have a Rodian informant who owes us for saving him from the Hutts," Rykrof says.  "Plus we'll have a Jedi escort, who says he'll have no problem accessing this supposed Badoo Corba warehouse."


Early the next morning, Rykrof's group cautiously enters the Pojer District in the Coruscant underground. 

Following their escort, Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi, the group keeps a watchful eye on the various inhabitants of the underground.


As the group proceeds, Rykrof tries to get a read on the mysterious Jedi Master, who appears to know his way around the area well.


The Jedi has no trouble locating the Rodian informant, and easily persuades him to reveal the encrypted access codes they will need to enter the Badoo Corba hideout undetected and find the leader of the Badoo Corba, Trigg Fuuda.

The lone guard watching the rear entrance to the warehouse is no match for a Jedi spell.

"We better hide the body," Rykrof says. 

"Yeah, and let's just hope we get our of this place as easily as we get in," Kollen Mane replies.


Once inside, the Jedi suggests they split into two groups.


"Dividing our force is a tactical error," Rykrof argues.


"It's alright Sir," Kollen interjects.  "We can cover more ground quicker this way and get out of here.  I'll go with Master Shundi and the three of you can stick together."

Reluctantly, Rykrof agrees and the group separates.


Soon, Rykrof's group stumbles upon a storage room holding several containment units. 

"Bingo," Tylin jokes.  "An endless supply of Correlian brandy!"

"Don't I wish it," Rykrof says grimly.  "But this is diyoxis; enough to kill an entire planet."

The group quickly documents their findings and takes a sample to present to Chancellor Palpatine.


Meanwhile, Kala Mly Shundi and Kollen Mane have run into a Badoo Corba security patrol.

Outnumbered and outgunned, the two take off in a hasty retreat.


The Jedi is not surprised to see Battle Droids used by the terrorists; as many organizations have been rumored to be increasing their stock in war machines from the factories of the distant planet Geonosis.


In the central command room, Trigg Fuuda meets with two most important guests, former Jedi Master Count Dooku and the new leader of a criminal organization known as Black Sun, Prince Xizor.


"It is my utmost pleasure that you have met with me here to discuss the future of my movement," Trigg says.


"We meet today in honor of a greater cause than yours or mine, Trigg," Count Dooku says with a smile.  "With your support we will rally thousands of systems the Republic has oppressed for decades."


"And Black Sun pledges our support," Prince Xizor continues.  "I have assured the good Count that you will do the same."

Suddenly, Kollen Mane interrupts the meeting and opens fire on the group!

Hearing distance laser blasts, the other officers quickly move forward to investigate!


Meanwhile, the Badoo Corba quickly scramble to evacuate the warehouse under orders from Count Dooku.

"Damnit!" Trigg Fuuda yells.  "There can't be many of them, I have enough droids to eliminate any intruders!"


"Trigg, I am sorry," Dooku says.  "But you know as well as I that the Republic will now send in a full scale security force to this complex.  We must leave now."

As the Badoo Corba prepare to evacuate, Dooku smiles to himself, knowing that his master will be pleased; as he has succeeded in forming the foundation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and can now move forward with a secret cloning project on Kamino that will bring the Republic to its knees.


Back in the central command room, Rykrof and his group find Jedi Master Kala Mly Shundi standing over the corpse of their comrade, Kollen Mane. 

To Rykrof's disbelief, it appears that Kollen has been struck down by a lightsaber wound.

"Kollen!" Rykrof yells.


The Jedi shuts down his lightsaber as the group begins to question him.

"That looks like a saber wound," Tylin says.  "What the hell did you do?"

The Jedi explains to the group that when he entered the room, Kollen was already dead.


"Do not pass judgment on me," the Jedi warns.  "I grieve for the loss of your friend.  Help me gather his body so we can leave this place before anyone else gets hurt."

"Liar!" Tylin yells as he raises his blaster.

In a blur of motion, the Jedi spins and renders Tylin Gere unconscious!


Before Rykrof realizes what has happened, he finds himself losing balance as the air around him violently pushes him and Ora Telle to the ground.

Early the next morning, a calm skyline dawns over the Senatorial District.


As Rykrof awakens with a terrible headache, he is dumbfounded to find himself being watched by a small frog-like creature.


"A headache you have, hmmm?" the creature says.

"Uh, yeah... I do," Rykrof says.  "And who might you be?"

"Senior member of the Jedi Council, I am," it says.  "Saved you and your officers from the terrorists, Master Shundi did."

"I... don't even know what really happened," Rykrof admits.


"Turned your back on the Jedi, you almost did," the Jedi says sadly as he leaves the room.



Saga Collection '06 / Who wants two army builder waves?
« on: May 30, 2006, 04:32 PM »
I do... I think if they insist on doing Hero/Villian waves, then why not an army builder wave or two? 


- x3 VOTC style Stormtrooper
- x2 Snowtrooper (new sculpt)
- x2 TIE Pilot (SAGA/OTC repack)
- x2 Rebel Fleet Trooper (new sculpt)
- x2 Endor Rebel (new sculpt)
- x1 Imperial Officer (POTJ/SAGA repack)


- x3 Galactic Marine
- x2 Tactical Ops Clone Trooper (#41 ROTS sculpt)
- x2 Battle Droid (ROTS repack)
- x2 Clone Trooper (AOTC SA sculpt)
- x2 Naboo Soldier (new sculpt)
- x1 Super Battle Droid (SAGA repack)

Thoughts?  Ideas?


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