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No, it isn't easy to enlarge images and maintain the quality of the image.

Really, this website is questioning that JediDefender stole some of their images? Is this a joke? Are we supposed to care what some new, regional fansite who is WRONG thinks? Whoever is complaining needs to do just a little bit of research about JD and how SW news collecting sites works. That, and perhaps direct communication via e-mail to us instead of posting fanboy slander in their own forum.

I can assure you, our reputation is most certainly not on the line with this one.

Chewie. Accuracy. Fact.

Which one doesn't belong?


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Paypal is **** anymore.

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People can come here for any reason they want.

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For what it is worth, everyone should at least be on IE 7 now (IE 8 is the latest). IE 6 really isn't supported much anymore. I run IE7 and everything looks fine. In IE8, if you choose compatibility mode it might fix the "problem."

I guess I'm actually curious if this will have any impact on the future of the Pit? 

Change is in the air for sure.

I hope it's a deathly change.  Somedays I can't tell if I'm on a political site or a toy collecting one - at least the way I "read" this site.

I fail to understand this. One forum is for politics, the other 25 or so are for Star Wars/toy collecting.

I won't comment on anything but negating the possibility of any RS partnerships, as I'm sure RS would agree.

How about redesigning the photo archives?  Group items up under the lines they were in, etc.

Just a thought...right now it's the only reason I might go over to RS from time to time.

Or partnering with some other site that already has really good photo archives... ;)


Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Big Changes Coming To JediDefender
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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: Big Changes Coming To JediDefender
« on: May 14, 2009, 03:57 PM »
Just don't merge with SirSteve...

I'll rephrase and say big positive changes are coming this weekend.

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