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New characters !! never-made-before figures !! Give a chance to bring them life in plastic !

my votes to :

1- Rabin / Kazak with catapult
2- Wompus / Lumat
3- Keoulkeech / Wuta
4- ewok musicians ( one with imperial helmet and another with swiss horn)
5- mother ewok w/ wokling   and  Nicki
6- real sculpt of Oochee and Widdle ( at-st hijackers)
7- Shasa tiel
8- Vul tazaene
9- Nizuc bek
10- Panno (dresselian dignitary)

 Give us real new figures !! Never made before characters !!!!!!!!!!

1- Toryyn Farr
2- Hoth soldier super articulated
3- Captain Needa
4- Bespin citizen woman
5- Bespin citizen man
6- Cal Alder
7- Luke frigate
8- Leia Frigate
9- Bespin guard (black ethnicity)
10- Bespin guard (with mustache)

The Legacy Collection / Re: Defender Wishlists 2008: A New Hope
« on: April 5, 2008, 08:45 PM »
fed up with re-edition of main characters ! Never made before characters please !!

1- Saitor Kal Fas

2- Rycar Ryjed

3- Garouf Lafoe

4- Tonnika sisters

5- Dice Ibegon

6- Mosep Beneed

7- Camie

8- Wioslea

9- Danz Borin

10- Fixer

Give a chance to them to be immortalized in plastic !

New figures !! Never-made-before characters !!!

fed up with re-edition of main characters !

My nominations to :

1- Cin Drallig

2- Whie MAlreaux

3- Bene

4- Queen Apailana

5- Queen Organa

6- Padmé ( delegation of 2000 - deleted scene )

7- Padmé ( Velvet cloak)

8- Padmé ( senate- birth of empire )

9- Giddean Danu

10- Fang Zar

Please don't vote for main characters that we are sure to be resculpt one day !
Give a chance to a never-made before character to be immortalize in plastic !

New figures ! New characters ! Never made before characters ! !!!!!!!!!!

Fed up with re-editions !

My votes to :

1- Joclad Danva  (from the circle of survivors )
2- Roth-Del Masona ( from the circle of survivors )
3- Sarissa Jeng ( female young jedi  " Aaaaah"!!! shooting battle droids)
4- Sar Labooda (female jedi - dark brown outfit- Arena )
5- Nicanas Tassu ( jedi who gives a lightsaber to Anakin)
6- Sephjet Josall (jedi who gives lightsaber to obi-wan )
7- Madame Jocasta Nu
8- Dormé
9- Padmé Amidala ( senate - deleted scene)
10- Padmé Amidala ( Palpatines appartement)

Please don't vote for  sculpts that we are sure to see one day... for example a ultimate obi-wan : it's an evidence that main male characters will be made again ! Give more chance to never -made-before characters to be immortalize in plastic !!  Thank you

Hey Hasbro! / Re: Questions for Hasbro?
« on: January 22, 2008, 07:09 AM »
This week, Hasbro will be starting a new weekly Star Wars Question and Answer feature on their website.

Every Friday, we get the chance to submit up to three questions that we would like posed to the Star Wars brand team.  All of the questions submitted by the Star Wars Collector Sites will be reviewed by the Hasbro Star Wars team and answers to a select few will be posted on on the following Friday afternoon. 

Though only a sampling of all questions received will be posted the website each week, Hasbro has promised to make their best effort to respond directly us with the answers to our submitted questions.  Of course, Hasbro may not be able to answer all questions every week (due to volume or questions that may otherwise divulge proprietary information related to future products).

What does this mean for YOU?  Well, we need your questions!

Each week we'll select up to three of the questions in this thread and submit them to the Hasbro Star Wars Team.  Once we start to get answers (or non-answers) back from Hasbro, we'll post them in a handy "2006 Hasbro QnA" Archive Thread!
So, if you have a burning question that you'd like to ask the Hasbro Star Wars team, please post it in this thread.  Please remember that we only get to submit 3 questions total each week, so please limit yourself to posting only a few "high priority" suggested questions each week. 


- The JD News Team
Dear Hasbro ,
I want to thank you for the wonderful sculpt of ewok warriors Graak and Romba. It's now possible to make diorama of battle of Endor with little furry warriors ! I hope that you will make other ewok warriors quickly... Is there a possibility in near future to see never-made-before ewok warriors like Rabin, Leektar, Wuta, Kazak ... with other weapons like sling, bolas and rock... and above all : a new catapult !!   Thank tou

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