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Watto's Junk Yard / Re: A Game of Thrones (HBO)
« on: May 9, 2013, 12:50 AM »
The Littlefinger / Varys exchange about the Iron Throne had me laughing harder than anything yet this season.

V: "It's an ugly old thing."

LF: "But it has its uses..."

V: "The Lysa Arryn of chairs!"

I'll be sad to see these two split up.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Star Wars Movie Spin-Offs?
« on: April 25, 2013, 12:10 AM »
There could be some really off the wall stuff that could be mined to great effect in the Star Wars universe. How about that old episode zero storyline? I'd watch a young Qui-Gon movie showing how he became so independent of the Jedi Order. A full-on Shadows of the Empire movie? I could even see something like a Nien Nunb movie that makes a fun story out of how he found himself as Lando's copilot out of seemingly nowhere (something I've wondered since I was a kid.)

Beyond the obvious onslaught of Marvel movies since 09, is there any precedent for a movie series like they've proposed? I can't think of anything that comes close. Thomas the Train maybe, he has a new movie (on video anyway) every year.

But of course there is an economy of scale to consider. If we get a new movie every summer, the chances that anybody would want an exhaustive collection of figures from any one movie is pretty nil. There's simply no time to gain an attachment to the background characters from last year's movie when you're poring over behind the scenes photos of next year's big event. At the same time I would expect some of these movies we've all cherished for 30 years to continue to have some support, albeit scaled waaaaaaaay back. We may never see prequel figures again.

Gauging by what was done for ROTS in its one year, we could see quite a depth to any single movie's line...with the caveat that Hasbro basically took a year off to prepare for that one.

Hasbro could give us a solid fifty 5POA figures a year for as long as the movies last, timing big pushes to spring/summer for the theater release and the holidays for the home movie purchase. That would leave room for some classic figures to take up some slots, maybe in waves that hit in the fall or new year.

...or we could see 20 different versions of Boba Fett (a la Iron Man) when his movie comes out. And, y'know, somebody here is gonna be thrilled by that prospect.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Disney Buys LFL
« on: April 23, 2013, 01:12 PM »
So if Dreamworks could do it, I don't see any reason why the Clone Wars couldn't have been better looking.
Lucasfilm Animation was laughed at for the Clone Wars because of their wooden looking characters. Just look at Obiwan's hair!

I thought the ugly appearance of the show was supposedly on purpose because Lucas wanted it to look like the puppets from Thunderbirds.

TV-9D9 / Re: Sequel Prequel?
« on: April 18, 2013, 11:23 AM »
Reading the treatment left me pretty underwhelmed and I hope it doesn't come to pass. An entire Jedi monastery that escaped the Emperor's notice...and Luke choosing to stand as a solitary vigilante? And Muffie!? I'd have to ditch my identity in shame!!

I'd guess Lando's 15 year old daughter would have been conceived right around the time he was infiltrating Jabba's palace...maybe her mom was a slave dancer? Or maybe that's the indiscretion Leia is worried will be discovered? Naw, not obvious enough.

Droids as bad guys is just too prequely to me...why not droids fighting their slave status (and the Jedi taking their side) if we need human vs droid conflict? And a mandalorian with an arm that transforms into a gun or a saber. Ugh.

I was gung-ho for the sequels, but if this is the direction we are heading...less so.

I have to say the TRU sale has really gotten me back in the game. Randomly went last Sunday and found 2 Dr Evazans on the shelf. Tuesday netted a Wedge amongst random TPM dregs. Thursday there was more TPM and a (ripped card) Barada. Today stopped in on a whim around 2 PM and as I entered the aisle a TRU employee was putting a case on the pegs. Turned out it was the "blu ray" wave so I picked up Cracken and the Mon Cal, two figures I had passed up a year ago due to the price.

They really seem to be moving through some cases out there. I might need to stop in even more often and finally plug those last few gaps in what I've wanted.

At the end of the day, I am buying these things now to complete my collection OCD and put 'em on display on a shelf. Articulation is barely a factor to me, but price matters A LOT if we are going above ten bucks each. I was happy to get hyper-articulated figures at a premium price as far back as VOTC if it was a mainstay iconic character that needed it. But then I collected the entire POTF2 line happily before that.

Cantina Alien #15 (let it be Ranat, please) can be 5 POA for all I'm worried, as long as I can afford it and find it at the store.

Now, do I understand this right--The figures that look like bootlegs come in the pretty packages, while the pretty figures come in the bootleg packaging?

What constitutes the "wow factor" 3000 figures into the line? What can they give us that we haven't seen before?

My greatest hope would be an all-inclusive line that very quickly covers the basic characters (Luke, Han, Anakin in iconic outfits) and brings in those last few remaining hold outs that have yet to be made. (15thCA, Cliegg Lars, etc) Something to get the toys set up to lead into the all new movie stuff.

I guess what I would like to see is a return to the OTC model, get a definitive line out there that can stand by itself as a collection of Star Wars figures with no need to borrow main hero figures from previous lines to make the collection feel complete. I don't mind having to borrow a Yarna from Legacy or Ben Quadrinaros from last year to bulk up the "one of everybody" loose collection. It would be nice and long overdue to have another line that could stand by itself, especially since this line is being put out as "for the collector."

I wouldn't balk at reissues of previous sculpts as long as they met the above criteria. I would want waves made up of twelve "new to the line" figures each. I would be happy with 4-5 waves a year, and maybe 10-20 of those figures being brand new, non-reissues.

I fear we will get the same old case ratios and the line will be difficult/impossible to collect like it has been these last five years.

The only time I saw the new Bespin Han on the shelf it was actually a POTJ swap, so I feel ya here. I turned it in and explained to them how they had been had. Never saw it again.

But I'm curious...if this problem has been ongoing and the store doesn't care, are their pegs filling up with swapped junk? Or are the clueless types still buying the swapped figures at 2013 prices? If so there's the source of your retail apathy.

I remember going into a comic book store a few years back and seeing a bunch of Cinema Scene packs on display with obvious swapped figures...stuff like old gi joes and x-men figures. They had 'em marked with sky-high prices and called them "factory errors." I shook my head at that one.

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: 6 Inch Figures?
« on: January 29, 2013, 11:28 PM »
Hmmmm. As a collector who hasn't bought a figure in two years (honestly due to cost and inability to find the few figures I would have bought) this is probably geared more towards me and my ilk. And my verdict? Errr, maybe.

One of the exercises I did when paring down the collection was to figure out the bare minimum of needed figures. I settled on a format of twelve figures per film. Of course, I kept a collection of about 400 essentials, but that 12-figure concept would totally work for this line for me.

The problem there is that I only want 1 of the first wave characters: Artoo. I guess I'll wait and see if the line has legs enough to get me the characters I want, and pick them up later on the secondary market. So it does keep me collecting, but it sure isn't gonna get me back in the stores.

I was thinking Hasbro would be filling 2014 with a return to the OTC concept to gear towards the new movies, and was wrestling with the thought of getting a carded collection of those if my thoughts panned out. I really regret not picking up all the OTC figures last time and having some sort of solid carded collection to go with the loose stuff. On that note, I wish these packages had a little bit of background art ala the OTC/Saga2 stuff. Black box is nice-looking, but the collector who leaves it in the box deserves more.

I really like the Luke, though. And small waves sound like a step in the right direction, back towards the POTJ era. Good luck, Hasbro.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VII
« on: January 24, 2013, 11:53 PM »
Y'know, that lens flare right at the beginning of AOTC has always bothered me. Likewise the silly overuse of it in Trek. But I'll take a movie that's set on the "lens flare planet" to have a director that is paying attention to what the actors are doing around the FX.

Looks like we might actually get a movie with an involving emotional thread. Super 8 (and for that matter Toy Story 3) was so well done I have a ton of faith here. Lets hope it pans out and all parties can keep this combination together.

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VII
« on: January 13, 2013, 09:42 PM »
As long as Artoo and Threepio are still highly featured, I am on board for whatever they have in mind. Make no mistake, I would love to see a story that leaves room for Thrawn stuff to still fit (and maybe some neat animated versions of the Zahn stuff down the road) and for the timeframe we're looking at I could be on board with a Darth Caedus story, but I am more interested in a great story that adds to the emotional arc of the movies thus far (the fall, the redemption, the casting aside of the material world?) than in following any of the EU.

But, yeah, to count as Episodes VII - IX, it's gotta have the droids right there in the thick of it. That's Star Wars.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2010 "Vintage" Collection Wave 2 - RotS
« on: September 6, 2010, 09:12 PM »
Saw this wave at Wal*Mart yesterday...and I have to admit, seeing the Sandtrooper on a Vintage Star Wars cardback was almost enough to make me buy it, just because that's something I dreamed about as a kid. Didn't get it, and now it occurs to me the picture on the card is actually a '97 special edition addition, so that wouldn't have been it back in the day, anyway.

But, man, that Vintage card stuff is really working for me, especially the straight up "Star Wars" look...can't wait to see more of those.

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