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Ok, according to, and a few gaming sites, the TFU game hits April 8th. I'd guess these will start hitting the last week of March, since Walmart rarely holds things for promotions. I know I found the 3 OT DVD sets before the release for both the singles DVDs and the box set a few years earlier.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Recent 30AC Purchases
« on: December 12, 2007, 07:39 AM »
I picked up Holo Vader from eBay for $7.00 BIN. I also got Pax, R2-B1 and Naboo guy for $6.99 each. Neither seller raped me on shipping either  :o
Since my Target, like most everybody elses, hasn't received anything past wave 5 revisions, I've had to resort to eBay (and my friend Dave that hits Wally at 5am) for the last 4 waves of TAC.
Now if I could only get the Vanguard and 4 each of the Hawkbat & 7th Legion, I'll be DONE this year.....oh, and the Y-wing and TIE Bomber.....oh oh, and the GH Jabba's palace......oh oh oh...nevermind.

I thought it was pushed to February?
I like the Palpy/Shadow set. I never bought the Evo set, because I thought Maul was a waste, Dooku wasn't any better than the ROTS version, and Palpy's robe was too funky.
I'm sure I'll buy both, and since I usually collect 4 of each trooper, I'll have an extra Vader (or 2) and at least one Palp to trade.  :D

Well of the Souls / Target DPCIs for Indy Toys
« on: December 7, 2007, 10:37 PM »
Thanks to staff member Jeff, I've been pointed in the right direction :)

I'm not sure if these are common knowledge yet, but here's some DPCIs for you IJ fans.

087-06-0427 - 3.75" Deluxe figure
087-06-0650 - Adventure Heroes
087-06-0651 - 3.75" Basic figure
087-06-1540 - 3.75" Basic vehicle
087-06-2003 - 12" figure
087-06-0235 - Indy's whip

Look for these closer to Spring.

So it's Target for me.  Exclusives and the occasionally unhelpful and pissy employee, be damned.  :P

Here here!! j/k

It almost baffles me at the problems alot of you guys are having. Maybe it's just a regional thing, or perhaps older stores with past "collector" problems...and by "collectors" I actually mean rude ass scalpers making good guys look bad.

Honestly, if you guys had to deal with some of these scumbags on OUR level, you may see things a little differently. I am in no way, shape or form making excuses for the way some of you are treated. I'd be plenty pissed off if someone did that stuff to me, Target or otherwise.

Before I started working retail, I used to get the "all we have is what's out" speech...but now, I find myself saying it to folks almost everyday, because it's the God's honest truth. Very rarely do we EVER have anything extra in the backroom. My flowteam usually fills the pegs over capacity..which puts those nice little nicks and scrapes on the cardback near the j-hook....or they just lay them on the shelf on top of the R2 laptops and lightsabers....lazy bums afraid they might have to backstock something.....anyway.

I would probably just avoid those stores if I had the option, like someone else said they do. Why would I continue to shop in a place that doesn't seem to want my business? I'm all for supporting Target, because they've been pretty good to me as a company, and especially at a store level. That's why I usually come to their defense I suppose....but I'm not dealing with the crap that alot of people seem to be getting, nor do I dish it out to collectors (or even HW guys) that shop at my store. Maybe you should all move closer and shop at my store ;) I'll treat you like you're supposed to be.....except I still won't pull stuff early if you have DPCIs, that's where I draw the line :D

I don't think it's the meager pay, or hating the job that these folks are dealing with, I think it's probably more of a power trip than anything.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Best of 2007
« on: December 6, 2007, 12:58 AM »
I think the fuzzy caterpillar eyebrows on the POTF2 Han make him look snazzy. If the POTF2 neck wasn't as "beefy", it probably would look decent on the VOTC body. Anyone here good with Photoshop?

Hey Pete,
 I wasn't trying to flame either, just asking questions. Text comes off a little dry sometimes. :D

I'm gonna PM you Pete to finish this post...some stuff shouldn't be out in the open.....sorry other guys reading this...just covering my rear.

There could be several reasons WHY they don't have them out.

1. They sold out before the set date due to collectors or scalpers using DPCIs to get them early.

2. They were put out on the Endcap and sold out due to collectors, scalpers and Moms.

3. They haven't built the Endcap yet, because they just haven't had the time.

4. They haven't built the Endcap because they don't have a Toy Team Lead (happens in a few stores around here) running the department.

5. They aren't checking their Planogram Set Dates, and don't even know it's supposed to be out.

6. They don't care about Set Dates, and just let stuff sit in the backroom until it gets Clearanced out eventually.

7. They hide the SW toys everytime you walk in the door, and wait for you to leave so they can have a laugh at your expense and post it on Youtube.....just a theory of course.

8. They never received the product because they continually sell Exclusives BEFORE the set date, and are being excluded from the program because of past infractions.

9. The toys are lost in the backroom, not scanned into a location, so they can't set the Endcap because nobody knows where it is.

10. The store is in a low volume area, where exclusives don't have a good sales history, so they are not included in the program, and the allotment for them was shipped to stores with better sales.


To answer your other question....if they haven't stocked in months, it could be for several reasons.

1. They haven't received any new cases, because they haven't hit their Minimum On Hand count.

2. Someone is beating you to the NEW stuff everytime.

3. They keep getting the same assortment over and over, because that's what the DC was shipping them.

4. They had the same assortment in the backroom, and kept filling it with the same old crap everytime it sold down a few pieces.

5. Someone has stashed a bunch of figures. It is affecting the systems On Hand count, because the Team Members see (5) on the peg, but the system shows (40) On Hand. They don't change the count in the system because it affects the inventory levels, and they just hope someone finds the missing figures, and either buys them or returns them to the pegs so the #s even out.

Everytime you change the count of an item, it throws off the systems accumulator, and can slow shipments to the stores until those missing items are tracked down or accounted for.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: Best of 2007
« on: December 5, 2007, 12:51 PM »
I'm going with a "worst list" like Chewie did. Everything else has been stellar except for these IMO.

Concept Stormtrooper: Why not bother adding articulation when the rest of the line is practically SA?

Luke Skywalker Yavin Ceremony: Bad likeness, paistier than a Goth kid, and the wrong hilt (again)

Luke Skywalker Moisture Farmer: Windswept hair and limited articulation ruined another Luke (that we didn't need)

Umpass-Stay: Too bulky, limited articulation....looks like a birthday cake topper.

Pre-cyborg Grievous: Those damn arms! The face looks like a villain on Scooby-Doo.

Han Solo with Torture Rack: A great accessory, sorry face sculpt and lower body disproportionate.

Holographic Darth Vader: I know Curto got to pick these for us, but a less actiony pose should've been used I think. Maybe the 500th Vader could have been used for the 500th time!

Padme Amidala: Crossed eyes, Polly Pocket body, no knees (or real legs for that matter). Another Padme failure.

I would have picked Jedi Luke from wave 4, too, but I think Hasbro got the likeness a little better, and the articulation is decent. That Umpass-Stay can Umpass-Go.

I'm convinced, after getting at least (by my count) 7 "new" Luke Skywalker figures this year, that Hasbro HATES Mark Hamill. Obviously Natalie Portman and Hayden Christiansen have death threats against the sculptors, to avoid having a figure that actually resemble them.....but Mark Hamill? Come on, you guys have had 30 years to get a nice face sculpt of the guy already. I suggest making one ULTIMATE Luke head, and just keep using it for all future Luke's you guys shove at us.

30th Anniversary Collection / Re: 2008 Rumors and Speculation
« on: December 5, 2007, 12:28 PM »
I'm sticking to Saga figures only. I haven't decided on TFU yet, but I'll be skipping CW line, unless they are Clones with cool deco made in the movie style.

This is pictured for $24.99 in the ad this Sunday, so save you receipt and get the $5 back if you've already bought it.

Other "selected" SW toys are on sale, but they aren't pictured or listed. I can try and find out tonight if there's anything good.

How often are exclusives ever even listed IN Sales ads?  Seriously?

Shuttle last year maybe?  The UBP's this year?  None of the AT-RT packs, or the Redeco ARC were in the ad this week...  I don't recall Order 66 sets EVER in a sales ad.  I don't recall a battlepack advertised that wasn't a general release item...  This is many years of collecting I'm running through my mind here, so maybe I'm mistaken, but usually the sales-ad promotional exclusives are VERY uncommon even, so the argument that "we want them there for the ad so we won't get them for you" doesn't hold up well to me either... 

How often you ask? I would say with 100% certainty, that everytime there is a Target Exclusive (or in most cases several at one time), at least 1 is shown in an Ad the week of or after the item is planned to hit the floor, with the caption "other slected Star Wars toys on Sale".

Here's a quick list of Target Exclusives I know for a fact that have appeared in previous Ads.

AT-RT Squadron (next week)

Ultimate Battle Packs

Imperial Shuttle

Boba Fett's Slave I

12" Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper

Those are a few I could find proof of.

I can tell you that these have also appeared in Sunday Ads:

Ambush on Ilum
Rouge Two Snowspeeder
Kit Fisto's Starfighter
3 3/4" Figure with Cup
Tatooine Skiff with Luke

I'll try and dig up images later.



I think it's funny that you see being treated poorly at a Target by employees "stressing over plastic and cardboard". It makes no sense to hold something in the store room and not sell it to a consumer. Target employees shouldn't lump any consumer in any category we are there to spend money in the store and it shouldn't matter if we're there to buy plastic men or toilet paper.

I don't think it's OK to be treated poorly at all, I NEVER said that. I told him to talk to the STL if he felt he was being singled out by employees. If that didn't work, contact the DTL (district manager).

Some things are SUPPOSED to be held in the stockroom, such as Exclusives before a Set Date. They can hold merchandise in the stockroom, managers office, AP office, wherever, if it becomes an issue. It's their merchandise until paid for by the Guest. Regular stocked items SHOULD be pushed to the pegs/shelf when empty or low. IF there is backstock, which usually isn't the case, they should be filling it to capacity daily. There is a automated system in place that "pulls" the merchandise that sells through the checklanes. If 6 figures sell, and there are 6 in backstock, the system tells the backroom team what item and how many to pull, in order to fill the shelf.

I don't think consumers should be lumped into any category either.....but after 5 or so years, you get to know who your regular Guests are, and who the royal pains in the butt are. It may not be YOU, but someone that visits your store has put a bad taste in those employees mouths about "collectors". It may have been a Hot Wheel guy, or a Marvel Legends guy, but someone has made an ass of themself enough, to make that store believe Collectors are an unsavory bunch.

I have about 5 regular HW guys, 4 regular SW guys, 2 regular TFs guys, and a bunch of Moms that visit DAILY. I know them all pretty well, and have no problem helping them out if possible. Since I too, am a Collector, I know how hard it can be to find stuff in the wild.

Maybe if all Target's had a Collector working in Toys, things might be a little more organized or run better...I don't know. Of course, then some people would complain that he/she was taking all the good stuff for themselves or accuse them of hooking up their friends, or cornering the market to sell everything good on eBay.

Anyway, I much as I love SW toys, and my two walk in closets and wife can attest that I do, I don't think getting upset to the point of being redfaced, yelling at a store employee, is really worth the effort or embarrassment. That's why I suggested trying Etailers vs. Brick & Mortar stores.

Sometimes it may be a good idea to just take a step back and reflect on WHY you're doing this in the first place. Is it the thrill of the hunt, is it building armies of plastic people to relive your childhood, is it (a worthless investment) because you hope it will put your Grandkids through college some day? Me personally, I do it because of my love for SW........and because I like have armies of plastic people to relive my childhood. I'm getting f-ing old man, I have to have something to cling on to.  ;)

Ok, I'm answering these as honestly as I can, as both a fellow Collector that's been on the outside, and as a Team Lead on the inside.

Darth Chuck - I see your point, but now please hear me out:

1. I have a Target in my area that "profiles" the collectors, puts out alerts that "no new Star Wars should be brought out for the next 30 minutes" when we enter the store and outright REFUSES to stock EMPTY figure pegs even though they have more in the back.

That is simply wrong. Not your statement, but the fact that they are doing so, and especially blatantly in front of you guys. Unless there has been numerous complaints from other Guests, about rude behavior from 8am Collectors (which happens more than you think), I can't justify WHY they'd adopt that policy....which ISN'T corporate at all. Some stores in my area DO wait to stock HTF items after a few of the regulars leave, only because these guys have been hassling Team Members and even Guests for years. Refusing to fill empty pegs when there is stock in the back should be brought up to the STL or Hardlines ETL if the Team Lead isn't helping. If that doesn't work, ask for the DTLs email or phone number.

2. I have spoken with Target Corporate Customer Service, and everytime I do they confirm to me that the price scanners with the keypads are to assist customers in looking-up items that are not out on the shelves/pegs.

Technically, yes. That's why they are there....the issue is, people are using DPCIs found online weeks before items are even due to be on the sales floor, and seeing them IN STOCK. Some are then demanding product be brought out and sold to them, or asking people that don't know any better, to pull the items so they can buy them early. Just because it's IN STOCK, doesn't mean they HAVE to sell it to you or that you're entitled to it. Until you've paid at the front lanes, it is Target's merchandise, and they can do whatever they want with it.

3. The same Target that I mention in item #1 will allow an 18 year old kid walk in with DPCI numbers, ask customer service for those items, get them for him and let him walk back out again. I know this for a fact - I've gone to the store with my stepson, I go in and I get denied. He'll go in after me and then call me into the store to meet him at the register to pay. WTF?

Again, it's NOT what they are supposed to be doing. I'm not being facetious here, but have you ever "caused a problem" at this store? You know, pitched a bit of a fit over a toy for any reason, that would make them single you out? I'm only asking since I can't think of another "valid" reason they may single you out.

4. Items ALWAYS leak out early, all you have to do is hit the store when the dictator who manages the area that includes Toys is not working.

Items leak out because of several usually has nothing to do with the "dictator" though. All stores have a Flow Team. Some work overnight 10pm-7am, some come in around 3am-11am. These people are pushed to work 1,200-2,000 piece trucks (and by piece I mean Cases) every night....sometimes 2 trucks. If a case with a "set date" slips by and makes it to the floor, instead of backstock, it may get put on a riser or flexed in where that BRAND normally resides. Accidents happen when people are overtired and in a rush. Of course, people using DPCIs to having stuff pulled from the Backroom doesn't help either. If they don't by the whole case, the Team Member usually walks over to the aisle, and just puts the leftovers anywhere to avoid having to Backstock them (since most don't know how, because they aren't trained to).

5. They never set limits in my area. EVER.

Limits are set per store discretion.

6. Why is it that Target seems hell-bent on lumping scalpers in with collectors? I should be able to get my two of everything w/o any hassle. Clearly I'm not buying in quantities to resell like the Granny you describe below when I'm only getting two.

The average Team Member really doesn't know the difference. They see 20-30 something year old men, showing up daily to buy toys, and naturally, after years of seeing it happen, assume that they are one in the same. The only reason I know the difference, is because I make it a habit to introduce myself to these crazy 8am'ers to find out who's who.

7. If Target finds these exclusives such a "hassle" - I'll be perfectly happy not having to worry about even stepping foot into a Target if you guys stop getting them from Hasbro.

Collectors seem to be making these more of a "hassle" than anything. If people wouldn't go into panic mode everytime me or some other Target spy slip DPCIs to let you guys know what's coming, there wouldn't be a hassle for anyone. If we say, "Target is gonna have Star Wars exclusive "X", and we don't leak the DPCI, people start slamming us for holding out on them and being jerks.

and last but not least...

8. I dropped over $500.00 on a single day picking up all of the exclusives and UBPs. I shop at the store for toys all year 'round. Where's the customer loyalty for someone like me? You make it sound like you'd rather let the moms who shops for toys once, perhaps twice a year get something before the toy department "regular" customers.

Just because you shop there daily, weekly, monthly, doesn't entitle you to anything more than the next guy. What exactly are you expecting for "customer loyalty"? I have Mom's DAILY that shop for Toys....some for SW, some for TFs, etc. The 10-15 minutes you spend in the store are a very small snapshot of who the "regulars" really are.

Look, I'm not saying Target is perfect by ANY means. I will say there are far worse stores you could have to deal with (at least in my experience). Walmart has NEVER checked the back for me, because they CAN'T. There stuff is shoved on pallets and shrink wrapped until they start stocking again overnight. Target can at least tell you "YES we have that!", and sometimes even go get it for you.

TRU, from my experience, has a built in Collector Ring in every store. Probably because the guys hired there are collectors to begin with. I'm sure quite a few flip stuff on eBay to cover the cost of their own collections. I personally know of at least 2 in the Orlando area that do this.

KB, well, not much else to say, they may be worse than TRU.

Kmart shouldn't even bother carrying toys, plain and simple.

If retail is bumming you out, busting your balls, or generally pissing you off, I'd say try Etailers or just find a new hobby. SW toys are supposed to be fun (as are all toys). I think people take them too seriously. When you're stressing this much over plastic and carboard, it may be time to try something new.

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