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Thanks Anton! I really appreciate the compliment!

Hi everyone! I am back with some more KOTOR customs for the week. I made another version of Bastila....lots of emails for that one, so I figured I would do another with the parts I had on hand. Also made Mission Vao, Zaalbar, and Juhani. More to come in the following week there will be a certain sith....not saying any names just yet...just incase I back myself into a corner with him. As always, more pics at my site,

Bastila v2....was made using a ROTS Luminara Body and a ROTS Pregnant Padme head. The saber was a green saber that was faded, painted in clear yellow. All of the add ons on the costume were made using vinyl!

Juhani.....made using the legs of ROTS Shaak Ti, arms of Luminara, and the torso of a POTC Elizabeth Swann figure, heavily modified. The head was Aurra Sing, with new hair, and the pointed ears were done using styren. Costume add ons were all vinyl! I put a piece of wire in the hair to make it articulated as well.

Mission Vao....Aayla Secura head, Mara Jade torso and arms, and Pilot Padme legs. All add on s were vinyl. This was a fun figure to make. I even put some removeable thermal detonators on her vest (on the back).

Zaalbar....made using the Preview wookie lower legs, and the upper body of the wookie commando. The head was heavily modified to make it less....tall. The harness was made using vinyl, and the Bacca's Ceremonial Sword was made using all styrene, and the handle was wrapped in vinyl! Bowcaster was a POTF2 version, just cause it looked different, and this is thousands of years prior to ANH.

The Kotor gang so far......

Also, I made a Marvel Legends Titanium Man using the Iron Man Movie Titanium Man body, and added a repulsor and a cannon to the arm. I think this paintjob is a better likeness to the character, and reminds me more of the Titanium man as we have seen him in comics...just more realistic.

Again, more pics at my site! . Comments and critiques are much appreciated!

Much appreciated guys!

Incom! Yep, you have commented on my stuff over at Yak mostly I think! I know I post everywhere at this point. I wish I could keep up with it all, but I just want to really showcase my stuff. Kinda advertising it in a way, yeah, but I am always looking for good critiques, and I get a lot, trust me.

Bastila....yep, the belt is the only real part that bothers me. I went with a more vibrant color scheme on her. Been trying to keep the stuff I sell as unweathered as possible. I have been finding a lot of the people that buy my stuff like the cleaner look. On stuff I keep for myself, I tend to weather it a little bit. Take a look at those HFG Arcs I did. I weathered those.

Thanks for the comments on the other stuff as well. I appreciate them trust me. On, guess what. You have read my mind. I am looking at making them out of a thicker gold thread when the Comic Pack Thrawn comes out. I may even sell some as kits for others to put on their Thrawns. Sculpting them is great and all, but I hate the fact that they have to be cut to make them retain articulation. Oh, and the white......definitely a pain, but worth it. Both guys that got my Thrawns love them. Thats what matters to me!

My other KOTOR characters....hmmmm. I am mostly going to shoot for the more main characters, but I know Mission is on the list, as is Zaalbar, and Ordo. Malak and Revan....Ill probably at least give Revan some decent articulation, maybe fix the mask to be more accurate, and on Malak.....well, that face has to go! Thats if I end up making those. May just do those and keep them for myself. I am going to be making doubles of these down the line to keep in my collection. I know Hasbro will take their time before ever getting to some of the characters.

Red Hulk....I actually used the pants that came on the Rotocast Hulk, which were originally blue, and gave them a watered down treatment of some primer gray. Took several coats, and it really was worth it in the end. I hope the guy that is getting him likes it as much as I do!

Again Incom, thanks for the compliments, and definitely the critiques.  I definitely need to get back in the swing of commenting on others work like I used to. Its just tough to do, and keep the customs I am doing coming like this. But I will find my happy medium soon....hopefully!

Hi all. Its been a while since I really had a lot of customs to show at once. I apologize for that, but there has been a lot of circumstances in my personal life that has kept my attention. Enough of that. I have several figures from many different lines to show off today, so prepare for a big one! Oh...and I have limited the pics here....there are a ton more at my site, with more detail!

Star Wars KOTOR Bastila Shan

Vinyl. I love Vinyl. It really helped achieve this figures look without a lot of bulky sculpting. The torso is from the comic pack Bultar Swan, the arms and legs are from the ROTS Luminara Unduli figure. The head was made using Padme Pilot as a base, with the hair sculpted to more accurately match up with Bastila's!

Star Wars KOTOR Jolee Bindo

The base body was ROTS Ki Adi Mundi, with hands from a 30th Mace, and the head from a Mace Windu that I cannot recall. Of course the facial hair was sculpted on. The outer robes were made using......VINYL! I love that stuff!

Marvel Legends Modern Hydro Armor Iron Man

This is my own imagining....I feel that the old Hydro armor, while awesome, is outdated. So I went with a redesigned look for him. The head is a new sculpt that I made. And the base body is a modified DC SUperheroes Lex Luthor. I went with a more comic based coloring for this figure.

Marvel Legends 13 inch Red Hulk.

This figure was made using a Rotocast Hulk from the first Hulk movie. It is perfectly scaled for Marvel Legends. I even went so far as to paint the pants on him a gray color.

GI Joe 25th Kamakura

For Kamakura, I wanted a more military coloring for him, so the green is darker, and more olive than the figures that Hasbro Has given us. Upper body was storm Shadow, and the legs are from the comic pack Hawk. The Sheath was cut from Storm Shadows backpack, and the forearm guards were made from a Valor vs Venom (or Spytroops....cant remember!) Kamakura shin guards. I love the overall look of the figure since Kamakura is a more Military guy, with extensive Ninja training due to his apprenticeship to Snake Eyes!

So that is about it. Please remember to check out my site for more images, and as always, these are all up for sale. You know where to look. OH, and while I am thinking of it....I am going to be attempting to make all of the KOTOR Main Characters...then I will move on to KOTOR2. Be patient with me on this one....I dont usually attempt a whole line of anything, so it will take some time!

Hi Everyone. I am finally back after some commissions I had to complete, and my son spending a bit of time in the hospital. He is fine, and finally, I am too, lol. Anyhow, I have some new customs to show off to you guys. Some are reworked from my previous versions, others are new to you.

First off Is my reworked Kyle Katarn. Not a whole lot of reworking, but I needed the head I used on him previously for a Thrawn Custom. Not to mention it was one of the things I hated most about the custom. His head was too large. So I replaced it with a GI joe Duke head. It is more fitting with the body style, and still retains the same overall look. If anything, to me, it is more detailed.

More pics of him at my site!

Next up is my Aotc style Obi Wan. Hasbro has not hit the nail on the head for me with this one. There have been several. I took a ROTS Obi Wan, resculpted the head (mostly the hair), and added the lower legs of the Jedi vs Sith Obi Wan  and sculpted over the holes in the legs, and the attachment points for the legs to make them more seamless.

Again, more pics at my site.

I will have pics of the commissions up as soon as I recieve the Okay from both of the customers.

And as usual, these are up for sale, you know where to look. I also took some updated pics of my DS2 Luke and my ANH Luke. Take a look below, and more at the site I mentioned selling stuff at. Please, post any comments and critiques you may have for me! Thanks for lookin!

Hi guys, back again with some customs. First off, I have repainted my Light Up Iron Monger. The original paint job I had on it was off quite a bit, and thanks to some generous emails with pics, I got a better idea of what Iron Monger would have looked like under better lighting. The pictures still turned out a bit lighter than what the actual custom is, but I assume that is due to the metallic finish. 6 inch scale for those that are not into the Iron Man stuff.

The second one is my favorite of all the Iron Man stuff I have done so far. Hulk Buster Iron Man.  Six Inch Scale. The Hulk movie is coming, and along with some other customizers, I thought it would be nice to see Iron Man show up in it. I doubt we will see that just yet, but this is what I can imagine the armor looking like if it were to be in it. I added some half spheres to the elbow joints to kind of differentiate between the Iron Monger and Hulk Buster, and gave it the absolute shiniest paint job I have ever done. You can actually see your reflection in this thing!

The last is a new Elite Long Range Arc Trooper. I went with a bit of a different design than my first elite, and instead of red, went with blue for the color scheme. Most of the custom was modified with vinyl that I finally found a source of. Base figure is an AOTC Super Articulated Clone.

As always, you can find more information on how these were made, and more pics on my site.... .....and please, comments and critiques are always greatly appreciated!

Iron Monger

Iron Man Hulk Buster Armor

Elite Long Range Arc Trooper

Again, more pics at my site, as well as a plethora of other customs I have done if you are just viewing my stuff for the first time!

Thanks guys. I really appreciate the comments. Patreek...I think you are right. I used the symbol from his sheath on the chest, and it didnt hit me til you said something. Wish I still had it to look at to verify...but the symbol came from the sheath on the new 25th Storm Shadow, if that helps.

New stuff in next post...sorry its been a while....give me a you want to see my non star wars stuff each week even if I dont have any SW stuff to post? LMK!

I'm assuming you mean the Arashikage symbol on Storm Shadow? If so, yes. I used the symbol that is on Storm Shadows Sword sheath...trimmed it off, and glued it to the torso.

Hey Everyone, here is my latest batch of customs. Remember, more pics and descriptions at my site..... Jeditaz's Dark Side Customs!

Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo) from Star Wars Legacy Novel Series

Iron Man Movie Stealth Armor!

Storm Shadow (GI Joe, Americas Elite, new costume WW3, Devils Due!)

Please, let me know what you think. Glad I finally got Caedus done, and hope you guys enjoy him as much as I enjoyed making him. As always, these are for sale, you know where to look. And dont forget, images, and descriptions at my site!

Thanks Anton! That comment has truly made my day, heck, week for that matter. I would never really want to admit this, but I hate clone customs, and the ones that I have done recently have inspired me and I really like them. Makes me think about the clone customs I see in a whole new light. I am happy, however, to say that I am going to take a small break....well, not a break, but my focus will be on some other stuff for a week or two. A clone or two may pop up, but that is just to satisfy the people who keep emailing me on evilbay wanting more. One of these days, ill run out of ideas, but thankfully not today. So with that, here is the latest....

Hey everyone, finally finished up those Clone Arc Commandos tonite. Along with their Jedi General....for those who did not guess....Plo Koon decked out in some light clone armor! Check them out below, and remember, lots more pics and some descriptions of how they were made on my check em out...... Jeditaz's Dark Side Customs. These are also for sale on everyones favorite (not) site as well for anyone interested!

Plo Koon

Arc Commando Sniper

Arc Commando Light weapons and demolitions

Please remember, more detailed pics and descriptions at my site, so please have a look!
Jeditaz's Dark Side Customs

As always, comments, constructive critiques are always welcome!

Hey all, I am back with some more customs.

First up is a pair of Arc Commandos, who will be part of a 4 man team (similar to Republic Commandos, but Arc troopers). Once completed, I will be making a Jedi General to lead them. I wont say who just yet, but here are a couple of hints....was in the movies (ep 1-3), the colors on the armor may give it away if you think of the equipment that their Jedi General uses. Hmmmm, and thats about it. Too much more and it would take away from the surprise! Anyhow, these guys were cobbled together from various different parts, mostly modified clone gear. The gatling gun was built from scratch, aside from the actual gun part. Made mostly from styrene, but some other found parts as well. The Macrobinoculars on the Republic Commando headed one are removeable, and have an elastic strap holding them on his helmet. The Rangefinder on the other is moveable, and scratch built and carved from styrene. More pics of these at my site! Jeditaz's Dark Side Customs

This is one that I did a while back, but kept put away and honestly forgot about. All extra armor was made using styrene, and there are a lot of found parts on him as well. I was inspired to make him based on the Spacetrooper from Timothy Zahns Thrawn trilogy. He was just a fun custom to make, and I would like to update the design for him at some point. More pics of this at my site! Jeditaz's Dark Side Customs

Up next is non Star wars, but fun nonetheless. I made him a while back, but most of the comments I got were that he didnt match up to the game...which was not my intention, but the more I have looked at him, the more I wanted to darken areas of the skin to match what was seen in the game. Kratos is in the Marvel Legends Scale, and ready to kick Ares tail! Soft goods skirt, hand sculpted Blades of Chaos, and real metal chains on this one! More Pics at my site! Jeditaz's Dark Side Customs

As always, they are for sale for anyone interested. You know where to check. And as always comments and critiques are more than welcome! And for those that have been asking, dont worry, Darth Caedus (Jacen Solo) is still on the way. I ran into some problems, and am definitely not going to make something inferior to what I have in my mind for him to look like. He won't disappoint, and should be done within a week. Again, keep checking back at my site just incase I forget to update here!

Thanks Incom and Darth Anton! Glad you went and created your page with easy, unlimited bandwidth, and 100 Megs of space....there are no free sites like that anymore, so I was glad to stumble upon it.

Update ...two new arcs!

Got a pair of Arc Troopers I have been working on for ya tonite. They are for sale as usual, you know where to look if interested. Also, lots more detailed pics on my site. If all goes well, up next will be Darth Caedus!

After the days of the Great Jedi Purge, certain Arc troopers decided to remain in service of the newly founded empire as Jedi Assassins and hunters. Each of these Arc troopers operated in stealth, and aside from the meager equipment given to them by the empire, they started to customize their gear. This Arc trooper in particular, nicknamed "Six" by his fellow Jedi Hunter Arcs, managed to come upon a stash of Cortosis, which he decided that he would keep to himself, should he ever need more of it. He built a Cortosis staff, with a Vibro-Axe on one end, and a blade on the other. He equipped his helmet with a night/infrared vision enhancer, as well as a frequency scanning antenna, and a rangefinder that was tied into the vision enhancer. He also built a cortosis strip into his chest armor, as with his experience, Jedi tended to go for the heart. His main weapon of choice however was obtained from an unknown humanoid body that had bits of delapidated green armor and a gold visored helmet on his remains. (Okay, okay, yeah, Halo, but the gun came from Halo, and I had to include it somewhere in the story!)

Includes moveable rangefinder and antenna, Cortosis Staff with Vibro Axe on one side, and cortosis blade on the other, removeable shoulder armor, and medium blaster with soft goods type strap and sling. Also the half kama is soft goods.

These Arcs specialize in urban warfare, where there are possibilities of local citizens getting in the way of fire. They use the crowd stun to knock out the innocent bystanders so they can go to work on the separatist armies. Their armor is designed to blend in with the durasteel and duracrete that adorn the cities on the various worlds of the Republic.

Includes several holsters for Removeable accessories. Modified blaster pistol, 3 thermal charges, and stun prod. Also includes a Blaster Rifle which has an alternate ammo pack that attaches to his belt until ready for use. Then you can attach it to the gun, which turns the bolts into a crowd stun.

Thanks for looking, and let me know what you think....remember, lots more pics at my site, so head on over there....

Updated, check the first post!

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Bump for the update!

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