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1999, 2002, and 2005 were my least favorite years of collecting since the restart in 1995, due to the HEAVY focus on the prequel film of that year.  It took years to get away from that formula, then we get a Clone Wars line out of new media, which again takes away from the traditional OT releases.  Finally, Hasbro dumps the themed wave idea this year, after having some composed of nothing but Prequel characters... then we're back to the goddamn prequel themed waves again due to the 3D release.  Actually, it's more like a midnight madness than a themed wave because of the sheer quantity and focus.  Maybe in 3 years when I'm less interested in collecting, I'll see a heavy focus on ANH 3D.

My story is much the same in SE Louisiana, it seems!  I was in NY for the week leading up to X-Mas, and when I got back I was shocked to see how empty WM and Target's SW sections were.  Could they have sold out the Landspeeders and Tauntauns, or did they in fact pull them into the back?  I hope retail sales were as good as they seemed- that's great for the health of the hobby!

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Ewok village BBQ
« on: December 16, 2011, 11:32 AM »
Just finished another dio!  Calling this one done, though I need more ewoks (to customize and production figures) and I think I forgot to hang some vines down from the shelf above.  I'll probably update when I do both!  First up is the background painting I made.  I took a large sheet of blue art paper and spray-painted stripes of white for mist and brown for trees, then went in with acrylics and a brush to make some details.  I tried to get the hut on the tree to be at a height with the walkway I made in the rear part of the dio.

And here it is in place with the dio and all of the figures.  Please note that many of the ewoks are at least slight customs (like hood repaintings) or whole body repaints.  I also slightly lightened the stripes on Logray.  Thanks for looking and hope you like the pics!

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2011 "Vintage" Collection Wave 9
« on: November 4, 2011, 07:32 PM »
Haven't seen hide nor hair of this wave in weeks.  Looks like a one and done in this area. 

Yeah, me too.  One case at a K-Mart weeks ago, and nothing since.  I just think the backlog is so high it's going to take several more weeks to trickle down.

Got my coupon printed and ready for tomorrow- I hope to find at least one of the 5 or so RFTs there last weekend (didn't buy any since I had 2 from earlier and don't "need" more.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Beasts: Resculpts, Repacks & New
« on: November 2, 2011, 11:28 PM »
I'd like a newer version of the Bantha actually.  I've always felt the existing one is too "narrow"- that is, not bulky enough- and the horns are much too thin and not looped enough.  I'm surprised the Dewback gets so much more attention when the Bantha was visually more prominent in the original film.

I can't really get to TRU except on Sundays, and the sales never seem to extend to then.  It's too bad because I saw at least 6 RFTs today as well as a Logray and Wicket, all of which I could have used extras.

Disney Parks Droid Factory / Re: Disney Star Speeder 1000 playset
« on: October 28, 2011, 05:16 PM »
Hmmm, this is making me begin to regret selling off the droids I had a few years back!  I still have one of the boarding party members though.  Not sure yet if I'm getting one- I'd prefer to make a full diorama of the ride if I do get one.

I had originally intended to sell off the Han when I first got the set, but I just really like the way he fits on the saddle- so I put a drybrushing of brown across all of the blue, and wet-painted some brown onto the soft goods.  Really can't see much blue now, and he looks much better!  As for the Tauntaun, the sculpt just grows on you.  I have the POTF2 Luke version one shelf over, and after a week of visually comparing, the older sculpt is definitely starting to show its age.  I wasn't going to buy the new Luke tauntaun, but I just may now.

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2011 Hasbro Fans' Choice Poll
« on: October 23, 2011, 03:09 PM »
I voted for Mosep!

No sculpt differences other than the broken tusk- though the paint apps are a little different.  I think the appeal of the Luke Tauntaun is the box though; if that doesn't interest you, definitely go the BP route for the second one!  Check out the BP thread for some pics I just posted  :)

Hey guys- here are several comparison pics and a couple other ones:

The Vintage Collection / Re: 2011 "Vintage" Collection Wave 9
« on: October 19, 2011, 11:36 PM »
I found one of each of Ponda and the Rebel trooper at K-Mart, and hated paying $10 each for them (but I figured just in case...).  I'm glad to hear they're showing up at WM though, because I need about 4 or 5 more rebels!

Despite the gorgeous box artwork, I think I've decided to skip this and just get the Han BP instead.  I have no problems with the older Tauntauns, but I'd like to replace one for variation.

Star Wars Dioramas and Displays / Rancor Cave
« on: October 5, 2011, 09:32 PM »
A new one done!  Here are several pics from all angles.  After putting the last of the boulders/rocks in place, I hot-glued a dark brown pillowcase behind the dio to create shadow and not allow any light through.  I then poured sand across the floor, threw in a couple Hasbro bones and some older sculpy bones and skull I made, and placed the VC Jedi Luke in as a placeholder until the Deleted scene lightsaber Luke is released. 

And here's a view showing the support struts underneath, raising it off the ground somewhat so that it can be viewed more effectively:

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