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Other Collectibles / Funko Pop Bobbleheads Star Wars
« on: July 1, 2015, 09:54 AM »
Anyone else collecting these? I couldn't find another thread on this. I got R2D2 and R2B1 over the weekend. Interesting that these cost roughly what Mighty Muggs cost like 5 years ago and are almost all unique sculpt + paint. I doubt I'll get am all, but these are fun.

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Recents Finds and/or Purchases
« on: March 5, 2015, 07:13 PM »
I saw Chopper, have one, and Agent Mall is at WM, I got the agent. Now to find the walker and walker driver(s).

The Black Series 3.75" Figures / Re: Recent purchases
« on: January 1, 2015, 04:02 PM »
I stopped at WM today and they must've just put out a case because they had two of the droids, a Malgus, a Starkiller, etc. We got Starkiller for my "son" for Christmas, and so I got Malgus today. Nice looking figure.

Collections / Re: My Collection Updated 8 Feb 11
« on: November 3, 2014, 07:04 PM »
Fantastic collection, loved the hangar look how you had the BMF and rebel ships arranged, must've taken up most of the room though.

I saw that Bravo Team rereleases were shown at Toyfair; Tiger I, Sherman, plus some soldier single packs. Im new to these; my Wife bought me the Sherman and Tiger I a few weeks back. Here's to hoping these come to retail so they can do some new ones: Panzer IV, T34 or maybe a Panther.

TJ Maxx near me is moving to a new location. All clearance was an aditional 40% off. So the MTT was about $34 + tax. Not a bad price for this monster. My son and i had putting it together this morning. I guess i gotta find the littler speeder thing that goes with it now...

Star Wars Rebels / Re: Star Wars: Rebels - Class II Vehicles
« on: February 17, 2014, 07:55 PM »
I'm loving that AT-DP! Looks to be a good size.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Amazon Vintage TIE Interceptor
« on: December 17, 2013, 06:34 PM »
Its a Squint, but I blinked and its now at $49.29

How about an updated Endor bunker?

Full price in Albany. :(

I got a Naboo trooper for $3, an AAT for $8 and a 3 pack with the Gonk, etc. for $8 at Target yesterday.  I already had the AAT, but its generic enough that I could get two :)

The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: February 3, 2013, 07:47 AM »
Picked up the Blue AOTC Clontrooper and the Red ROTS Shocktrooper for $5 each at Target on friday.  There wasn't any clearance stickers on any of the Star Wars toys, but they scanned at $5.

Other Collectibles / Re: Angry Birds Star Wars - The Toys
« on: January 5, 2013, 07:51 AM »
I guess I'm in the minority thinking these are fun nick-nack type of things to go on my desk at work...  Probably futile, but has anyone seen a listing of which characters are in the Series 1 blind packs?

So far I've found:
Darth Vader Pig
AT-AT Driver Pig
Rancor Pig
Han in Carbonite
Panda Baba Pig
Rebel Hoth Trooper

I think there is also:
Leia Boush
Luke Skywalker Bird
Snowtrooper Pig
Stormtrooper Pig
Han Solo Bird

Any others?

I think I'm going to have to get the early bird pack to get the Chewie and R2D2.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: December 14, 2012, 08:15 PM »
I found 2 Gamorrean Guards at Five Below.  I'd never seen any before.  My son's Rancor monsters appreciate me buying them lunch.

The Vintage Collection / Re: Recent Vintage Collection Purchases
« on: August 5, 2012, 05:21 PM »
Didn't buy it, but I saw a couple of the Vintage box KMart exclusive B-Wings at TJ Maxx.  I think they were $20.  I hadn't seen that before in Marshalls/TJ Maxx.  So if anyone missed this on clearance at KMart, might want to look for it at the closeout stores.

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