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Power of the Jedi / Re: Masters of the Darkside
« on: June 1, 2003, 09:09 PM »
This was a hard to find item.  I saw 5 of them at a Wal-Mart in a little burg town about 45 minutes from Austin.  Had no $$$  that day.  Stashed one, and came back the next day.  ALL GONE!!!  

Episode 1 / Re: Name of red astromech droid?
« on: June 1, 2003, 09:05 PM »
You guys should have contacted me back in Nov. when I started selling my collection.  I had 3 of these guys.

Vintage Kenner / Re: Some guys have all the luck
« on: June 1, 2003, 06:14 AM »
I'll have to start practicing my Jedi mind tricks.  (you WILL sell them to me a 70's prices!)

Vintage Kenner / Some guys have all the luck
« on: May 30, 2003, 12:48 AM »
I just talked to my buddy whom I scored all of the loose vintage figs from.  He went to his parents house this weekend, and his mom hooked him up BIG TIME!!!  Well, his mom gave him the 4 Beatle McFarlane figs (1st series), and the 1st series of Simpsons, all on card Near Mint.  No big whoop.  Here's the kicker.  Apparently his cousin had a vintage carded SW collection which he had to end due to a family tragity.  The figs were boxed up and put in the attic.  Well today he showed me all 12 of the 12 backs.  All were carded in NM to VF condition.  His mom says she has 2 or 3 more BOXES of these in her attic.  My buddy didn't even collect toys until 2 months ago!!! After this, I've decided to put my parents in a home for throwing out all of my toys. >:(  

Other Collectibles / Re: Installment Plan at Master Replicas
« on: May 29, 2003, 11:00 PM »
Cool!!!  Now I won't have to sell my bodily fluids to afford one!!! ;D :D ;)

Vintage Kenner / Re: Who collects vintage?
« on: May 29, 2003, 10:58 PM »
I just began collecting Vintage about 2 months ago.  I scored all figures except for Vader, Yak, C-3po w/ net, and Blue Snaggletooth for about $200.  I got about 107 figures, and 3 ESB vinyl cases!!!  Some days you just fall on you butt into luck!  I'm not really into the vehicle, playsets, and etc.  I did snag a Jabba, and would like to get the Droid Factory R2, and the wind up R2.  The carded vintage are a bit out of my price range.  I like the vintage alot better than the newer stuff.  I was so stoked to get a Vader and Greedo.  I haven't had these guys since I was 5.  I'm working on getting a few weapons that were missing, and I eventually would like to have all of my figures in C8, or better.  I hate repro weapons with a passion, and I don't really mess with variations.  Vintage variations vary depending on who you ask.  I'm wanting to get some figure stands and protectors, so I'm sourcing those out now.  Does anyone have any extras for sale at reasonable prices???

Vintage Kenner / Re: big kid weapons
« on: May 28, 2003, 11:49 AM »
I used to have the Luke Jedi and Vader lightsaber with the sound effects.  I like the Master Replica stuff, but it's a bit out of my range.  Besides, I would be tempted to walk aroud with the saber hilt on my belt, but I would never meet any women. :o  :(    I made a saber out of various construction parts.  I'll post a pic, when I have time.  I do have a Dune Fremen tarpal gun, and a Dune Crysknife.  The gun is cheesy, but the knife rocks!!!  I would post a pic, but in the Fremen custom, if I were to you show my Crysknife, you would have to be Fremen, or I would have to kill you.   ;D ;)

Newbies / Hey Everyone
« on: May 28, 2003, 11:39 AM »
Greetings!!!  It is I, Hung Solow!!! ;D ;) :)  Just wanted to stop by and say hello to everyone.  I got the invite from OCB.  Thanks!!!  I've been a bit peeved, to say the least, at the way things have been going around RS.  Since the instalation of the "4th Reich", aka new Mods., thinks have gotten a bit fuzzy.  The "no non-SW" thing, and the deletions of replies have made it so that I can no longer take the RS site too seriously.   I really only visit, RS, the Austin Fan Force site, GH (once in a while), and now this one.  So, I'm glad to see some familiar names here, and hope more will make the exodus soon.  Later!!!

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