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TV-9D9 / Re: Star Wars Rebels - Season 3 (Spoilers)
« on: March 20, 2017, 03:26 PM »
Wasn't able to catch the full episode, but did find an excerpt of the Obi Wan/Darth Maul confrontation scene elsewhere online, which was what I really wanted to see.  I loved it.  Stephen Stanton did an awesome job recreating Alec Guinness' voice and the OT Obi Wan's character.  Despite the fact that the character was animated, it was a believable characterization that fits in with the OT films.  The more "limited" fight seemed very fitting as well...  It plays into Episode IV well where his fight with Vader was pretty static.  It would not have made sense for him and Maul to have taken out across the desert in a wild fight.  Obi Wan is older and presumably has had time to reflect and practice his sword arts into a fine craft...  I enjoyed the reference to him guarding Luke - the "Chosen One."

I came across the new AT-ST at a local Walmart today - the first time I've seen one in person.  The packaging is attractive and its great to see a proper 3.75" vehicle back on the shelves withou the nerf cannons ;)  However, the new AT-ST looks almost identical to the Legacy Collection version.  I have a TLC version MIB plus another loose as well as the K-Mart one.  No need to get this one I felt...

The Black Series 6" Figures / Re: Walgreens Black Series 6" C-3PO
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:25 PM »
I was in a road trip for work today and found 3 of the Walgreens-exclusive C3P0 figures at the Walgreens store in Patterson, CA.  I've been searching the stores in my area for weeks, but never found anything until today.  I've had good luck finding figures in Patterson before, and once again, it didn't let me down :)

I'm personally divided about these new 40th Anniversary figures...  I do like the look of the carded figures, but since I've been collecting the Black Series 6" figures since the beginning, I have all of these figures, save the newest ones like the Tusken Raider, Jawa, etc.  I have Luke, Leia, Han, R2D2, C3PO, Vader, Stormtroopers, etc.  Do I get a set of the vintage carded figures or just stick with what I have?  I'm tempted just to stick with what I have, though I'll probably get another Han and of course the new-tooling figures  ;)

I've preordered both the single Baze & Chirrut figures as well and am very glad Entertainment Earth gave us the option.  I did not want to have to buy a full wave of mostly duplicate figures to only get a couple new ones...

I was at a Walmart in Bakersfield, CA yesterday and saw several dozen 6" figure boxes all up on the top shelf, but oriented so I couldn't see which ones they were (naturally).  Being a somewhat short guy, and not wanting to bother store staff with a silly request, I went and got a patio chair from the nearby garden section, which gave me plenty of height to check out the hidden figures... Unfortunately nothing new, just a bunch of the wave with Dir. Krennic and TFA C3PO. 

I've never been a completist with the Star Wars toys, usually just trying to get those items I like best, army building certain figures, and leaving what I didn't care for.  Hasbro's re-introduction of the simple 5-POA style made my collecting much easier as I don't really collect much of the new figures.  I do like the Walmart-exclusive Black Series figures, but even then only collect ones they are new characters from the new films.  (For example, I got the new TFA and RO figures, but have left behind the Landos and Admiral Ackbars as I have those figures already). 

After TFA and RO, I have been further disappointed with the 3.75" scale ships for the most part, with exception to the TIE Striker.  They are just nowhere near as detailed as they were 5-7 years ago and really not worth it to me.  Everything from the extreme underscaled sizes, the weaker plastics, lack of details, and nerf dart guns has really wrecked what had been my favorite part of the Star Wars toy collecting since I was very young.  Unless Hasbro pulls out all the stops again for Episode 8, Im really not going to go after the vehicles anymore...

The figures I have really been enjoying are the Black Series 6" figures.  At first I was a little unsure about them, but I have become much more of a completist as time has gone on. My collection has greatly expanded with those and I will frequently get doubles where I can do I have one to display and one to keep packaged.  Given that many of the 6" figures tend to go up in value, it seems a good idea to keep some boxes.  However, even with the 6" figures, it's rare I'll get a complete wave, especially if the wave is mostly duplicate figures.  There are also no vehicles apart from the lovely First Order TIE Fighter and Imperial Speeder Bike.  Still, my Black Series 6" collection continues to grow and I'm starting to run out of display and storage space for it ;)

The Sequel Trilogy / Re: Star Wars Episode VIII (SPOILERS)
« on: January 24, 2017, 02:01 AM »
Number of words or not, it just seems a blunt and sort of final-sounding title.  Like we're going to wind up with only one person standing in the end or something along those lines.  But there may be more to it: Yoda called Luke the last of the Jedi in ROTJ and since this is going to be a Luke-centered movie, perhaps that is what the title refers to?

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Rogue One (SPOILERS)
« on: January 7, 2017, 07:08 PM »
Haven't seen much mention of the score here but I thought the theme presented which is "Jyn Erso" according to the Soundtrack sounds really similar to Across the Stars from AOTC.  In fact I kept waiting for the melody to come each time the Jyn theme played during RO...I really liked the score though to this and Giacchino is more than ready to take the torch if/when Williams decides to pass it on

I have to agree with you about the quality of Giacchhino's work with the musical score for Rogue One  :). I've been enjoying listening to the soundtrack over the past few weeks.  His main themes (Hope, Imperial March, etc.) are great additions to the Star Wars musical compendium but He also showed a lot of skill intertwining John William's classical Star Wars themes into the new score.  Williams used the Wagnerian leitmotif technique with his scores - basically using a certain musical theme to represent a character, idea, or action - and Giacchino used the same technique to quite good effect.  I mean, it just wouldn't be right if the classic Darth Vader/Imperial March theme did not play when Darth Vader entered the room during his confrontation with Krennic, for example.  But the use of certain Star Wars musical themes was even more subtle in the Rogue One score such as the flare of the Rebel Fanfare when R2D2 and C3PO make their cameo and you even hear the original theme for Vader from the ANH score and even some of the same string instrumentation heard onboard the Tantive IV from ANH.  Overall, I am just well-pleased with the Rogue One soundtrack- as well as the entire movie overall  ;D

Other Collectibles / Re: Revell Star Wars Vehicle Models
« on: January 5, 2017, 03:50 PM »
I didn't see any recent thread about this, so does anyone build/collect the Revell Star Wars models? 

Over the past couple years, I've gotten more and more into these models and find them a great way to get correctly-scaled and detailed Star Wars vehicles for relatively low cost. Some of the models are definitely kid-oriented and basically toys with lights and sounds that require minimal construction.  Others are more formal kits with multiple parts that need to be removed from plastic trees and assembled.  There are a lot of pre-painted snap-tite options that make decent-looking models when built straight out of the box or which could provide a good base for customization.  My only gripe is that scales can be inconsistent between different ships (i.e. they'll make an X-Wing in 1/48 scale and then the complimentary TIE fighter in 1/35 scale or something like that).

One of my most recent purchases was the massive 1/30 scale X-Wing.  I built it straight from the box (no paint mods) and have been very happy with it.  The model is wonderfully detailed and functional.  It looks like a proper X-Wing and has different display options with removable panels, etc.  The model is reasonably scaled to the Unleashed figures from 10 years ago, so it can potentially be used in diorama displays.  It also shows just how underscaled many of the classic 3.75" vehicles are!

Comparison shot with a Hasbro X-Wing:

I recently got this wave from a small retailer as I wasn't having any luck finding a trace of it at mass retail.  Fantastic wave with all new/original figures and no repacks.  Glad to finally have an ANH Leia and Obi Wan to add to the collection - with the bonuses being the AT-AT Driver and Snowtrooper.  Nice to see Sabine looking more realistic than the cartoon version.  I'm debating whether or not to open some of the figures or leave them alone for now and order another case. 

Wow!  Interesting development with the re-release of one of Hasbro's best vehicles...  Glad to see it, though, as it could bode well for future releases.  Hasbro must see there is still popularity with the 3.75" Black Series line to expand to doing vehicles...  I have a couple of the original Walmart AT-STs, one still sealed in its box and the other where the legs cracked apart.  I also have the Kmart one, but eventually glued the legs in place as the rubbery plastic lost its strength...  That one is my display piece.

Star Wars Anthology / Re: Rogue One (SPOILERS)
« on: December 16, 2016, 05:41 PM »
Saw the movie first thing this morning (couldn't make it for the first showing last night - and then it was pouring rain so I was glad I wasn't standing in line).  I'm still trying to digest it all at this point, but it was definitely awesome and is the Star Wars prequel that George Lucas never delivered.  Lots of action and a gritty feel.  It was different than any of the other Star Wars films, yet very much the same.  It felt like Star Wars from the classic ships to the locations, just the scale was bigger.  I loved all the cameos - Tarkin, Leia, Vader, Gold Leader, Red Leader, Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, R2D2 & C3P0...  Was great to see all those characters in their classic forms on the screen once again.  The transition to ANH was done very well...  Really you could play this movie and then go right into ANH almost as one long film.

I need to see this again soon  ;D   

I'm in California.  The Scarif Stormtroopers were found in the small community of Kerman, CA, about 20 miles outside of where I live in Fresno in the central part of the state. 

Sorry for the double post, but I went out today to one last Walmart in a neighboring rural community and found 10 of the exclusive Scarif Stormtroopoer figures and took home a couple of them.  I've had better luck these past two days checking Walmarts and other stores in more rural, isolated communities than I have in more urban areas.  Possibly a good strategy to employ if you are looking for these figures and can't find them in your area.   

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