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Joe Defender / Hasbro G.I. Joe Q&A
« on: March 2, 2010, 12:35 PM »
I like the idea Paul - thanks a lot for offering it up - and your "contest" idea is a good one too.  I too am also happy about the subject restrictions Hasbro is going to be implementing in the future.  Now we get hints and sneek peaks instead garbage jibba-jabba that many people are posting.

Although I do hope Hasbro continues to "research" by checking into collection websites to hear how their fan base is doing so they still can hear the complaints when they do arise.

As for questions regarding Joes - I don't have any at this time.  However, I am now curious to see/ask if has a section to ask questions about the Marvel lines - Marvel Universe imparticular.

The Bullpen / Re: Iron Man 2 Toys
« on: March 2, 2010, 12:23 PM »
I was half expecting to see Whiplash out in my hunt yesterday and today but no dice.  I went to a WM on my lunch break and while they only had 3 pegs jammed packed with figures in their respective plannogram space, I also noticed after walking around a bit that they also had a ton of figures on several side endcap spaces.  So, you may wanna check those areas for "overflow" figures at WM.

The Bullpen / Re: Iron Man 2 Toys
« on: March 2, 2010, 09:30 AM »
Went on a toy hunt yesterday since these were supposed to be officialy released:


Comic version WM.  They also had all of the figures I had previously purchased at TRU days before.

WM - they probably had 8+ pegs jammed packed with every figure I had previously seen plus the new ones I got below:

Movie WM with from what I can tell has red eyes and a red circle around his chest thingy - there are reports of there being a blue variant, and I also got Mark IV, V, VI.

when I got home I had a kinda buyers remorse type feeling on all the Mark figures - how many IM suits do I need?  Especially when on 2 (Mark IV, and Mark VI) of them the only difference is the center of his chest?  So I dunno if I am gonna keep them.  I am really kinda waiting to hear more info on those Target armory light up base packs I think before I make a final decision.

The only figure I have opened so far is Mark I.  I kinda regret doing it for the reasons stated above.  I am thinking Target will be doing a pack for all the armor models, and it would be pretty sweet to have them displayed that way.  I would return all of my single cards for those exclusives - given the right price of course.

Only complete passes, no double takes,  so far are animated Mark I, Classic IM, Stealth IM, and yuck - Inferno IM

Maybe their tagline for this season should have been "Rise of the Mandos"...

yar - week after week now I have been asking myself wtf happened to Cad Bane.  I was expecting him to be featured a lot but he is been getting the shaft imo.

The Bullpen / Re: Iron Man 2 Toys
« on: March 1, 2010, 09:53 AM »

The comic version of War Machine is so good that I don't even want the movie version.

wow - I will have to do a comparisson when I see them in person.  I would have never suspected that.

edit:  just saw a pic of the comic version online at HTS (if you click the borken links the pics show up) - and yeah, he does look real nice.

and if this thread gets any more pictures of Scarlett Johannsen in it - I won't be able to work for the rest of the day.  she is so hot....

edit:  just went to HTS to see if they have these up yet - and they do.  no pictures of the product yet - but it looks like they will be holding on to their toys for this line, as they all look to be priced at $7.99.

Sorry HTS - you won't be getting any order from me as I am sure these will be plentiful at retail.

ps - how much is WM selling IM2 figures for?

The Legacy Collection / Re: Legacy Collection Comic Packs
« on: March 1, 2010, 09:29 AM »
I really only want even though I have no clue who they are:

1x DH: Tales of the Jedi Dark Lords of the Sith #6: Exar Kun & Ulic Qel-Droma
1x DH: Republic #65: Jedi Masters Tholme & T'ra Saa

If I see them at retail I will buy:

1x DH: Routine Valor: 212th Battalion Clone Lieutenant and Trooper
1x DH: Republic #83: Bogey Squad Scout Trooper & Clone Trooper

If I am lucky enough to catch them when they go up on HTS I will scoop the above 4 all up at the same time.

I already have the repacks and the Blackhole is a complete pass for me - so no pre-order here because honestly, I could probably live without scoring any/all of them.

Yeah, her name was/is Koo Stark.  Softcore.  Now she's got an action figure.



sorry had to.  in all serioursness though, I never knew anything about Camie/Fixer, but I will buy this pack to +2 my SW fan skills and support the comic pack line - this is of course despite the fact that is going down in flames.

The Clone Wars '08-'13 / Re: Recent Clone Wars Finds/Purchases
« on: March 1, 2010, 08:48 AM »
grabbed Thi-Sen and that Tactical Droid from the same wave at Target yesterday in South Bend, In.

The Bullpen / Marvel Universe
« on: February 27, 2010, 07:59 PM »
Dressel Rebel, thanks for posting those pictures.  I tried to see where you got them from but I had no such look.  Has Hasbro posted clearer pictures of the exclusives yet?  Particularly the Target MU 2 packs, and the Iron Man Target light-up armory packs.

Other Toy Lines / Re: 2010: What Are You Collecting?
« on: February 26, 2010, 02:14 PM »
Star Wars - all vintage, some CW not all, AT-AT, snowspeeder, cloud car and the comic packs - probably all of them.

GI JOE - uncertain how many from the P.O.C. line (not really feeling the vehicles) - and leaning towards the resolute packs

Marvel Universe and Iron Man - most all and also Rhino from the Spiderman line

Also, the MOTUC is kinda tickling my fancy - I haven't jumped into it yet - but I am kinda liking them...

It is listed as "tlc exclusive" - and has different paint apps than the TAC version - so, from what I can tell from the presentation slide pics - this one does appear to be the same to me as the one in the upcomming ewxclusive pack.

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: 2010 Disney Star Tours Box Set
« on: February 26, 2010, 09:27 AM »
I think it's a matter of Hasbro knowing they have collectors by the balls, and of course knowing this will sell like everyone's mentioned.  The Disney Park stuff moves to the kids wanting souveniers and this will too.  I'm pretty set now on not getting one myself.  I just can't see me caring about Teek or Taint that much.

while this is a "souvenier set", you gotta remember this is also a "goodbye set" - and in that sense it has more of a collector nod to it.  This set is coming out in the end of May iirc, and and Star Tours is supposedly closing down for its upcoming re-vamp in October - and then will not be re-opening until 2011.  If the kiddies/collectors don't gobble these up before October (roughly 5 months) - I would think Hasbro/Disney will be sitting on them because the kiddies/parents of kiddies won't buy a $40 souvenier set for an attraction they know nothing about and is now closed if they are "newbies".  

And I am just gonna go ahead and bet right now that Teek nor Kaink won't be in the upcomming attraction, and the clown colored imps won't be there either - nor Ree-Yees.

edit:  just saw that Tunghori has 1 whole set up for auction now - it is already up to $31 plus it is going to cost $20 shipping...  wow - some people REALLY want this whole set!

The Bullpen / Re: Iron Man 2 Toys
« on: February 25, 2010, 11:18 AM »
I ended up seeing and buying Deep Dive last night -  I like the look, though I do agree with your argument Jedijman about the air/water tight armor - I guess it doesn't make too much sense.

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: 2010 Disney Star Tours Box Set
« on: February 25, 2010, 10:31 AM »
I would agree with you about this set and the intentions as you describe if it didn't have Teek in it.  When else do you think Hasbro is going to pack Teek in a set?

Hasbro knows they have some collectors buy the balls on this one. 

Shadows of the Dark Side / Re: 2010 Disney Star Tours Box Set
« on: February 25, 2010, 10:03 AM »

The more I think about this set the more I see it as a slap in the face.  Certain collectors have been wanting Teek for sooooooooooooooooooo long, self included, and now, from what I understand, I will be paying $40 plus tax and shipping if I decide I want to get him via buying the whole set route...

Clown imp trooper - no thanks

ancient Chewbacca - I might be able to sell him at a garage sale for 50 cents

ree-yees - again, ancient figure - but at the same time I don't have him so I am not too hurt by this - but then again, I bet I can pick him up loose mint from someone on the interwebs for $2   and ooo he comes with a unique camera......

Kaink - I woulda loved this figure - it is a slap in the face to me as a collector that Hasbro skimped out so much on her.  Cloth hood - she'll stand out like a sore thumb from the rest of the Ewoks - no staff?!?!?!  Her staff and her unique outfit was what made her.  It makes me worry what the hell hasbro will **** up when they do get around to finally do Chukha-Trok.

But watch, this set will fail due to the incredibly horrible price and sub par figure selection - Hasbro will claim there is no market for Chukha-Trok - and they won't do him....   >:(

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