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Hey Hasbro! / the viceroy newt gunray
« on: December 6, 2009, 05:04 AM »
The most important figure that is missing is the viceroy newt gunray episode 3 version

Since there was a episode 1 version and a episode 2 version but a completely overlooked episode 3 version.

If you want a reason why he has a different hat and clothing.

Hey Hasbro! / scale issue
« on: December 6, 2009, 12:52 AM »
I believe that scale issue is a big issue.

When you love something like starwars and you devote a lot of time to actionfigure collecting and you are in your late 20's and you have spent 35 thousand Australian dollars on it scale is a very big issue.

As an example if a scaled AT-AT were released it would not bother me not one bit to pay 400 Au.
(these pics are from a website

Ide soon get that much money together if it were out.

I have 3 AT-AT's (kenner mould) and hope every day for a scaled re mould of it and many others.

I think maybe some vehicles should be made in 2 sizes collectors edition (large to scale) and medium edition (under scaled).

For example the big millennium falcon and the old small falcon.

Then hasbro should run a poll on howmany collectors edition (large to scale) collectors there are to gauge howmany to build of each.

this picture is not mine

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